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  1. 247sports.com Ranking SEC schedules toughest to easiest in 2021 ByBrad Crawford 9-12 minutes Manage live New CBS Sports Store: Shop 247Sports Branded Gear! live Shop For Dad: Fanatics Pack Summer-Themed Gift Box
  2. Alabama news anchor who broke news of Clinton tarmac meeting dead from apparent suicide at 45 Kate Feldman, New York Daily News Sun, June 13, 2021, 6:17 PM·1 min read
  3. we need to get that one to charles. jj i want you take me for a spin in an aeroplane but i am afraid you would take me for a hell ride! my old heart could not take it.
  4. if it is too serious jj we might have to ground dat azz..............grins. and they never said what it means when you pee on a tree and it dies............lol
  5. i believe you mr cole. and let me say i am glad your op went well. i was taking a break from aufam because i honestly thought i was banned. i am almost 66 and in my heart i am weary of all the hate in this world. anyway i enjoy your insights cole. i think it would be interesting to see you do an aufam column like weekly or something for football or basketball.
  6. man you just made my day! i never heard that before. but i remember vividly dye was upset about the fbi thing. he said curry did it to embarrass auburn and that it was normal for a death three or two before most games.
  7. this tells your heart i hope. you have always seemed like a decent guy. i wish the best for you
  8. i am not a token anything. i am an old pot smoking hippy that wishes we could find a way to bring love into the equation. do not make this out to be more than it is. i stand by 78 and memorial day. i do not think what 78 said was racist. military are very sensitive about the difference between memorial day and veterans day. they are often confused to mean they same thing but if googled it is not. memorial is for the dead killed in combat, period. veterans are celebrated living, wounded, or dead. i even understand cole. he said he salutes all honorable men that died on memorial day. they snatch
  9. cole me and 78 have tied up more than anyone on this board. he is coming from a military angle and i understand it. i would rather be friends than enemies with anyone. maybe i am wrong but i was trying to defuse the situation.
  10. i think the thing with 78 was a misunderstanding. it took me a minute but you are misunderstanding completely what 78 is saying. because i agreed with you. it is hard to think clear when you are mad. if you care to go back i have seen 78 speak out on racism a couple of times.
  11. you as well 78! i am sure you sacrificed way more than i ever did. i know a lot of what you gave up so remember when i say thanx i understand the sacrifice.
  12. part 2. i never set foot on a ship in four years. and i have never forgotten how the majority of civilians treated troops. then i did not understand. now i get angry. we circled the wagon so to speak and we were fine. anyway going to save the world on elder scrolls online. have a great one...................
  13. i was a seventeen year old squirt who was homeless. i stood up but nam was pretty much over and i just made a lot of coffee.
  14. hell 78 we might have more in common than i thought. just for the record you are like me you hate to lose an argument and often stubborn. but at the end of the day we might differ on things but we both loved and served our country and want her to do well. and i can say the military honestly gave me more than i ever gave them. i have never forgotten that.
  15. i am all about the truth 78. will you be willing to admit there are liars on both sides of the aisle? what branch were you in? navy here
  16. i am probably mistaken but i believe he said this years ago? anyone correct me if i am wrong. he forgot to mentions they drag their butt across the carpet with their front legs, lol i dislike jawja fans more than the turds...........
  17. i will bite.....why? i hope you can make this funny jj
  18. 78 you throw anything not fox under the bus but you had no problem believing trumps bull**** for years. the scary part is i am afraid you believe the propaganda they feed you.
  19. dude you reek of dishonesty when folks give you proof of stuff and you ignore it. you have been doing it for years. i still love you and your "no doubt in my military mind" thing.
  20. i am still upset i found out santa was not real on the political forums. hell i still carry tissue in me pockets.........
  21. i read the other day where shelby said she is the first person running who is actually the best qualified to run for years. if she lets off the trump crap i might support. i will have to wait and see.
  22. Auburn Football ‘Georgia the only school that they named their mascot after the women’ Updated Apr 27, 2021; Posted Apr 26, 2021 US basketball player Charles Barkley arrives for the 2019 NBA Awards at Barker Hangar on June 24, 2019 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by LISA O'CONNOR / AFP) (Photo credit should read LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images)AFP via Getty Images 2,363 shares By Mark Heim | mheim@al.com
  23. i am not defending gus for the last time ok? i am defending class. and i am defending mikey. the point is we all have differing points of view. god forbid if someone should disagree with anyone about gus. i understand there was some gus sunshine pumpers. i will always love the highs gus brought us. now i am fully behind harsin. hell i want to play ucf and i will fully expect to spank gus. but no this is not a sunshine pumping thread. what? we cannot even talk about the man anymore? the kick six is not any luckier than punt bama punt and that is a moment i will cherish. both actually. and if an
  24. i never got that from him. i do get where if he disagrees with you guys you hammer him and hammer him and it is not a good look to me. lets not forget at one time we were all huge gus supporters. have i missed mikey showing his ass or hounding anyone? not to my knowledge. he just keeps posting his opinions like everyone else. and with my understanding of mikey from his posts he will pull for harsin just as hard because he loves auburn and is a loyal fan. bookmark this page and i mikey makes me out to be a liar then i will come on here and and eat all the crow you guys can muster.
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