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  1. My thoughts on this.... Bama is not our measure of success at AU - but they are the gold standard right now. For all of Gus's failures, I would like to point out a pretty significant fact - make 3 lists for me. 1) list of other SEC coaches you would prefer to have over Gus (I anticipate several) 2) . List of coaches (from anywhere) that you think have an interest in taking a job right between the empire at UAT and the one growing quickly at UGA - having their success judged by their ability to beat these two programs NOW, immediately - knowing the expectations of this fan base. (I anticipate very few) 3) . List the active SEC head coaches that have a win vs Saban head to head. (there is only 1) I hate what our offense has looked like most of the past 3 years. The failures of RB and OL recruiting are nauseating. The lack of use of tempo for years is beyond comprehension. These and other decisions have led to losses that the auburn teams of the past several years should not have lost. There are things about Gus that make me crazy. But we do have to take a rational look at the world around us. I am fine with Gus being gone if he continues to drop the ball in 2019 - however acting like he is under qualified for this job is a bit laughable. Since there are 12 SEC coaches with 0 wins vs Saban and Gus has 2 - and they have both been in the middle of this dynasty in Ttown. my thought is... bama fans and Saban will both be happy the day Gus leaves auburn.
  2. 1993 Iron Bowl ... if I have to say anything further about that game, then you should just lose you membership to this website.
  3. He is the assistant head coach at the University of Kentucky. He appears to be doing well there.
  4. May i ask.... Other than saban.... who on this list do you feel lives up to their top 10 ranking? Urban is not the most successful coach in the country - he is up there, but I am sure people at OSU look at his success since arrival and at Saban and ask why they are paying him more for significantly fewer trophies. harbaugh is worse off than Malzahn in a much easier conference - but getting paid more. Has never won his conference and never sniffed the playoffs. Smart has 1 year of success with someone else's players (to this point - he is no more deserving than Tiny Tot (94) or Chiz (10)... they won with others recruits too) Mullen? has never even won a division or sniffed a chance to play for anything meaningful in the post season. Also, based on your logic - Gus is the 3rd highest paid coach in our DIVISION of our conference. So we should expect to finish 3rd every year? FYI - he won in last year.... Top 5 pay does not mean top 5 results. This is much more a commentary on WHERE they are coaching, (OSU, Bama, Michigan, A&M, ...) and what it takes to keep a coach at these schools - not their results ... The SEC makes more money than any other conference - year in and year out. You should expect that the SEC should have the most on this list every season - because of that. but it is also the toughest competition year in and year out. So if 5 of the top 10 payed come from the same conference - they cant also be 5 of the top 10 winning programs. That is just not how this works. I am all for high expectations, but lets at least keep the discussion reasonable.
  5. The fact that you think that determines the "type of person you are dealing with" - says a lot about you my friend. No piece of paper on a wall or color of jersey you are wearing (either in the stands, in your living room, or on the field) determines anything about the "type of person" that you are dealing with. But the fact that you allow such trivial things to determine your perspective on the quality of a person - points out that your reality is greatly skewed.
  6. My biggest issue.... is that we have stroked this topic into a 7 page discussion - without a single original thought posted in it. I hate the off season. Soooo long between spring game and fall practice.
  7. I thought he handled this perfectly. If you can't smile at this, perhaps we take some of this a bit too seriously. I am glad he carried out his end of the bet, and I love that he did it with a good attitude and had fun with it. Other than the jersey he wears, I have nothing but respect for this kid, the way he carries himself, the way he plays the game, and the way he has handled some very difficult circumstances. He is a winner - he may not be the best QB, but he is a winner.
  8. do you even read a thread before you post? or do you just see a thread that doesn't have your name in it so you feel the need to add your complaint. I am just disappointed that you did not manage to blame Gus or Jacobs a) for not signing the kid and b.) for the kids stupid decision and new criminal record. The kid almost killed someone being stupid and it may cost him any chance to play college football. too bad we didn't sign him? pretty sure that everyone else here (while wishing the kid the best and hoping that he learns from this mistake) is very glad that AU is NOT getting the publicity from this incident. At this moment I am very glad that AU did not sign him.
  9. Let me get this strait.... you are proposing that we sign 1 LB, 1 TE, 1 DE, and 3 OT in our last 2 spots? Brilliant! now if someone can just keep the NCAA from noticing - and happen to find 3 OTs that will sign with us - I think we have a new head of football recruiting.
  10. 41 Male Vestavia, AL I have been here for years, don't comment often - just when i feel like I have something to add. But reading and shaking my head at posts here daily.
  11. agreed. there are clearly differences in our 2017 offense than previous years. Thus the initiative of starting this thread. I think that if you look at Lindsey, some early changes he has made, and the clear strengths of this roster moving into 2018 - that we could see something different this year unless we have a RB that really turns the coaches heads or maybe I am just trying to milk an dying thread....
  12. Also, MS St ends up ranked higher if not for that nasty break of fitzgerald in the Egg Bowl. They were nowhere close to the same team without that guy taking snaps.
  13. my initial concern as well, but these pass heavy/ hurry up OCs like to emphasize the screens, quick slants, crossing patterns, quick out routes - timing routes ... to keep pressure on the defenses and keep the chains moving - rather than the slow developing patterns that we have relied upon so much - that require 3-5 seconds of pocket protection to develop and put so much pressure on the OL. getting the ball out of the QBs hands quickly on these routes ( that Lindsey used effectively at previous locations) can partially cover up O line deficiencies and inexperience - but a pass catching TE would be a HUGE addition to our O. just curious others thoughts - since I have way too long before I see another AU snap of the football
  14. Just up for discussion... not supporting or opposing. But.... but looking at our offensive coordinator and his history looking at our QB and his background / strengths looking at losing 95% of RB productivity over the past 2 years looking at rebuilding or re-shuffling the O-line looking at keeping 100% of our WR crew (that is very solid and improving) I know Gus is a Run first - at all cost philosophy ... but Do you think Lindsey will make a push to let him use the KNOWN tools that we have an open up this offense like Lindsey has in the past and hurry up and pass? Because I think with a RB that can block and catch - Lindsey might be licking his chops if he could build the O he wanted (of course a lot more stress on the D - because possessions can be short and run no clock) Just a thought... the tools are there (potentially) but I know it is not what Gus wants to do exactly.