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  1. I just don't understand the variation in services. 5.5, low 3 star on Rivals. while 247 has him as a highly rated 4 star and #74 player in the nation. I want to assume that Rivals is WAAAAAY behind in this evaluation
  2. according to Kiffen, they didn't throttle back because of the turnovers the week prior. Kiffen wants to throw (and as you mentioned, still threw 28 times). Steele sent out a defense that was dropping 8 frequently unless it was a clear passing down. Kiffen's words .... "if that is how they are going to play us on defense, it is our job to run them out of that formation" - Steele was betting that they could not score enough on us by running on first and second down. Steele knew we were not going to win a shootout like Bama did against them, so could not let it turn into that kind of game
  3. As many times as Gus has me frustrated and scratching my head. I will praise him until the day I die for his timeout, putting in punt return team .... and as soon as Davis catches the ball, you can see the linemen pulling left already, while Bama is still watching. His intentional first steps to the right..... that was possibly the best coached play I have ever seen, at the biggest moment - we may run a dive play after every first down... we may not know how to use a tight end... we may not know how to throw the ball in the middle of the field... recruit OTs... or many other th
  4. a kid is not just pulled over, not ticketed... but arrested and spends jail time twice in two weeks - and you see nothing the guy did wrong? I want to think the best about our players as well - but clearly the kid did something wrong. we would be mocking any other fanbase if they said something like that about a player of theirs that was arrested twice in two weeks Hope he gets things strait.... young kids with too much free time without school, without sports, - lose discipline. hope they get back on campus soon
  5. It is somewhat insulting to those of us working in healthcare and fighting to identify, treat, and protect patients/families/those we work with - that we continue to try to disregard the impact of what is going on. This is not about total deaths, this is about people dying unnecessarily due to complete overwhelming of hospitals, ICUs and ventilator capacity in Many urban areas. If you want to compare this to the flu - go to NYC and look at the 1000 bed tent hospital in Central Park. Go to NOLA and see that they do not have ICU beds or vents - you can look at data in a vacuum, but the
  6. My thoughts on this.... Bama is not our measure of success at AU - but they are the gold standard right now. For all of Gus's failures, I would like to point out a pretty significant fact - make 3 lists for me. 1) list of other SEC coaches you would prefer to have over Gus (I anticipate several) 2) . List of coaches (from anywhere) that you think have an interest in taking a job right between the empire at UAT and the one growing quickly at UGA - having their success judged by their ability to beat these two programs NOW, immediately - knowing the expectations of this fan b
  7. 1993 Iron Bowl ... if I have to say anything further about that game, then you should just lose you membership to this website.
  8. He is the assistant head coach at the University of Kentucky. He appears to be doing well there.
  9. May i ask.... Other than saban.... who on this list do you feel lives up to their top 10 ranking? Urban is not the most successful coach in the country - he is up there, but I am sure people at OSU look at his success since arrival and at Saban and ask why they are paying him more for significantly fewer trophies. harbaugh is worse off than Malzahn in a much easier conference - but getting paid more. Has never won his conference and never sniffed the playoffs. Smart has 1 year of success with someone else's players (to this point - he is no more deserving than Tiny
  10. The fact that you think that determines the "type of person you are dealing with" - says a lot about you my friend. No piece of paper on a wall or color of jersey you are wearing (either in the stands, in your living room, or on the field) determines anything about the "type of person" that you are dealing with. But the fact that you allow such trivial things to determine your perspective on the quality of a person - points out that your reality is greatly skewed.
  11. My biggest issue.... is that we have stroked this topic into a 7 page discussion - without a single original thought posted in it. I hate the off season. Soooo long between spring game and fall practice.
  12. I thought he handled this perfectly. If you can't smile at this, perhaps we take some of this a bit too seriously. I am glad he carried out his end of the bet, and I love that he did it with a good attitude and had fun with it. Other than the jersey he wears, I have nothing but respect for this kid, the way he carries himself, the way he plays the game, and the way he has handled some very difficult circumstances. He is a winner - he may not be the best QB, but he is a winner.
  13. do you even read a thread before you post? or do you just see a thread that doesn't have your name in it so you feel the need to add your complaint. I am just disappointed that you did not manage to blame Gus or Jacobs a) for not signing the kid and b.) for the kids stupid decision and new criminal record. The kid almost killed someone being stupid and it may cost him any chance to play college football. too bad we didn't sign him? pretty sure that everyone else here (while wishing the kid the best and hoping that he learns from this mistake) is very glad that AU is NOT
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