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  1. Is it too early to call for Wade Christopher as HC?
  2. Yeah, a lot of time and energy went into getting this guy on-board. Could have been spent on someone else.
  3. The frustrating thing for me is that from 2013-2015, it was "if we only had a defense". Now we do and we've still haven't gotten over the hump. That's why this year is so crucial.....a bunch of talent on D that could be on NFL rosters right now - how will we take advantage??
  4. I was in the car for some of the game so I listened to the broadcast for about a quarter. I was impressed. AB sounded pretty polished.
  5. Gus gets to say we got 3 100-yd rushers
  6. Air....I mean.....Ground Gatewood!!! A&M should put 11 in the box if joey’s in
  7. Ready in three years?? Better debit Gus’ bank account now!
  8. I thought everybody was happy with Gus.......
  9. How about about rather than being mad at Gus, how about directing anger toward the administration and board that gave Gus an absurd contract? It’s the same ol’ Gus. He isn’t going to change. Same yesterday, today and likely tomorrow. He’s a pretty good coach who runs a clean program and is a good, decent person. The results show that. We’ll never consistently compete with the top tier programs as long as he’s at AU but we won’t be the worst program around. It’s like criticizing a rock for being a rock. Unless AD Greene, the Prez and the BoT understand the fan base is completely fed up with this crap, we’ll have a 4-4 conference record at best just about every year. Otherwise, let’s just enjoy crisp autumn afternoons without the worry of polls, pundits and championship runs. So much more relaxing!
  10. The constant robtic buzz in CGM's head, "Must Run Boobie......Must Run Boobie.....Must Run Boobie....."
  11. Undertalented and undercoached
  12. Gus dusted off his trusty Malik Willis playbook for Joey.
  13. Glad to see Gus, yet again, did absolutely nothing to prepare our backup QB for real duty