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  1. Another pick 6 would have been classic but the latest kicker meltdown just plants it in their heads even more going forward. And we would have missed lil' man's screwup.
  2. This is exactly what Les and LSU did NOT do correctly when they had their 1 second a few years ago. Didn’t get lined up in time to snap on the whistle.
  3. Nicky will claim that substitution infractions present a safety hazard and should outlawed
  4. Incredible that Gus pulls out genius every now and then for an IB
  5. Popped that little “Easter bonnet” right off that boy’s head!
  6. One of the biggest stories....Anders getting his mojo back!
  7. So winning at the highest level and integrity cannot possibly coexist? Didn’t know that.
  8. And some assume he would field the same caliber team at an ACC school. I don’t think he would. But theories like this are pointless. He coaches in the SECw and finds ways to lose consistently to the teams that matter. It’s not that hard to figure out.
  9. I’ve never considered starting a GoFundMe page until now.
  10. This and "appearances". Some don't want him gone because the "appearance" of Auburn firing what some would consider a successful coach would just be intolerable. Is Auburn considered a Power Program in the landscape of CFB? Check Can you win an NC at Auburn? Check Think of the rather short list of schools that can check both of those boxes. How many of those schools would endure 4 or more losses 6 years running (most likely) without a coaching change? I can't think of any other than Auburn. I would say we're a very tolerant fan base.
  11. Or be savvy enough to find ways to keep your former 2nd string QB on the roster who would be uniquely talented for situations like this where a true run/pass option would increase your chances for success greatly.
  12. “Just gotta run the ball better”
  13. No doubt about this. We’ll have to drag UGA and UAT down in the mud and hope the O can slog their way out to score enough points to win.
  14. If it’s not already in Gus’ best-selling novel, it ain’t happenin’.
  15. And Auburn only mustered 20. Yay.