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  1. LSU jumps out big, we scratch and claw to score late and try to get an onside kick in order to score and get the 2-pt conversion to tie. Doesn't work, futility against our rivals continues, and Gus gets to say how proud he is of the team. LSU 31 AU 23
  2. On the sunny side, since Tenn and FSU have stunk even more than we have, you could say AU has done the most, after doing the least with the most. WDE!!!!
  3. I know. Sickening. A change probably won't happen this year but the continued slide in recruiting will ensure that it WILL happen. No coach outside of one's named Nick, Dabo or Jimbo had more job security than Gus did 3 yrs ago. "Security" supposedly being the Holy Grail to achieve recruiting success. As is Gus, he can take something good and make it mediocre.
  4. I’m not sure how much of a target he was for Bruce but thankfully he’s not reliant on Gus to get him blue chip recruits.
  5. Situations like this are the proverbial “nail in the coffin” for a coaching tenure.
  6. Agree with this. With the next coach, I don’t want six degrees, I want 12 degrees of separation from Gus.
  7. I felt sorry for Bo when he signed with Gus.
  8. Here’s the only position worth analyzing - HC
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