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  1. I wonder if they ever lose recruits to the University of Clemson?? 🧐
  2. If I recall correctly, they were a no-show after the 2013 game and showed but didn't sing the AU fight song last year.
  3. Not impressed. E plays soft, doesn’t bend at the waist, seems out of shape, allegedly has grade problems and his handler is on the take. Hows that for negativity?
  4. O. Brothers, Where Art Thou??
  5. I like having the "name" back but Caddy's, or any other coach's, ability to teach, communicate and motivate will be the biggest factors in his success. It doesn't sound like there is much of a track record in these areas so it looks to be an OTJ learning experience hire........just like Gus.
  6. This 100%. Being satisfied with how we recruit RBs is being satisfied with 8 win seasons because that’s where we are currently.
  7. If you look closely it’s not a full sized helicopter but an RC drone
  8. Too bad Teh-rey won't get to make a return visit to the Plains.
  9. Bovine growth hormones don’t really help kickers.
  10. Very glad to see a known “project” player is hanging in where we might get some real benefit. Very nice!
  11. I’ll never forgive him for turning down T-town.