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  1. Bah, that Texas connection rearing it's UGLY head again! Who needs the headaches of dealing with these bluechip, 5* recruits!!
  2. Definitely likes to impose his will on the opponent.
  3. This train is pulling out whether AU is on it or not. We’re a wealthy program with wealthy supporters. I would hope there is an aggressive campaign in place already to court business owners who can fund NIL endorsements. Otherwise, we’ll get smoked in recruiting.
  4. Clever.... He was also focused on academic “achievement” while at Hoover.
  5. I agree to an extent. Dabo definitely blew up the “you have to be a blue-blood” and even more the “you have to play against top teams” narratives of recruiting elite talent. Assuming Auburn can’t match recruiting with the University of’s that surround us, we must have the better coaching. Assuming we play ball this year, I’m really excited about CCM taking over the offense and truly have hopes it could push Gus over the top.
  6. “Auburn's only chance to have a winning record vs our top rivals is better coaching. We will never have superior talent (1st and 2nd string), year in and year out. ” This.
  7. That. Was. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Never thought I would be this excited about an OG recruit. So THIS is what real OL recruiting looks like? Gives me hope for the future. This dude is a Maaaaan!!!
  9. At least Bama got UT Martin bumped back a week and has TAMU the week before AU.
  10. He should’ve gone to Bama. He would have been Legendary and a “saint” the whole time he was there. (R. McClain approves this message)
  11. AU has better follow the money for whichever brand is going to produce the most NIL endorsement money which probably means Nike. Like it or not, the cat has been let out of the money bag so we better get in front of this or we’ll get trounced for elite players even more than we are now.