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  1. I guess we should look forward to final scores like this again, if we're lucky:
  2. That's not correct. I looked up the USA/Coaches Poll: There's clearly 8 #1 votes and the 22 he's refering to is the low point ranking for the season. I checked last week's poll and it had 4/22 by Auburn since we had gone up the #4 that week.
  3. Not a championship so I say “no”.
  4. Are you saying he’s no good at recruiting without a McDonald’s sack lunch to offer?
  5. It wouldn’t make sense since at all unless they had been forced to out of necessity. Pro baseball decided long ago that they weren’t satisfied with the quality of player coming out of HS and college and wanted to tightly control that quality. At great expense. Football isn’t as much of a skills based sport as baseball. More of a molding raw athleticism sport which colleges got very good at. And since colleges take so much pride in their football programs, they sank lots of money into them, and they became very watchable and started bringing in insane amounts of money. Which the university heads got addicted to and became willing to allow huge budgets to keep it rolling. It’s natural capitalistic flow which is fine but is finally reaching the boiling point where none of the participants will be amateurs at the big schools which I find a bit sad.
  6. Sorry, I don’t follow but the NIL definitely benefits Olympic athletes. Suni Lee gets to be a professional gymnast and collect boatloads of endorsements without sacrificing a college experience.
  7. About half of the NFL players having degrees is pretty good, I guess. Most of them did have to spend 4 or 5 years on a college campus after all. And the NIL and unrestricted transfers are indeed great for the players so why not a real professional league for an 18-yr old who just wants to play ball while his body gets prepared for the next level? That would also be great for some players and the nfl could use some of their bountiful money to pay for it.
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