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  1. Georgia Recruiting

    Seems to be high time to bust out of the AL, GA, FL recruiting triangle and at least become more spread out in the SE and Atlantic coast. Times have changed and it's time to evolve into a program that convinces more elite players that AU is the way to the NFL.
  2. Weather effect on bama game

    When the game is in Auburn, not tonight.
  3. Weather effect on bama game

    If the game was in Auburn, the Bama SGA would stay home due to “safety concerns”
  4. Malzahn wants 8-team playoff (Merged Threads)

    Couldn't agree more that Gus needs to drop the old HS coach banner. He needs to embrace the "I'm a top-notch COLLEGE coach with a direct pipeline to the NFL". Whether that's true or not. Couldn't agree more that the 8-team playoff favors those that stockpile talent. Look at that W AL team this year. If other schools had experienced that many injuries, most would end up with 4+ losses. Going to 8 teams makes it an attrition game. Those with the most talent on the bench will be the big winners. If i were Saban, I would vote for this all day long.
  5. Bammer destroys runner up trophy

    The long-range forecast shows cloudy skies which will keep them at home.
  6. Bammer destroys runner up trophy

    In the context of life, I couldn’t agree more. But in the context of football, it really is about winning as long as you’re not cheating to do it.
  7. Demographic Curiosity

    53 male Huntsville ’87 My wife and I, two grown kids are grads and one at AU now. If you see my “ALL5AU” tag around, give me a honk.
  8. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Yeah, I mean at a higher level. Referring to previous comments about him being promoted by Auburn past his experience level. I don't hear of any outside influences for him and that is, like you say, by his design and detriment. Like running one RB in the ground and then running the next one in the ground. Very antiquated way of thinking and doesn't attract the top-tier talent as you would expect for a high-profile, run-first program.
  9. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Another possible issue, who does Gus have as a peer to bounce ideas off of? His best two HC buds that I know of are Freeze and Briles and they've both been bounced out of the profession. Gus seems to be an introvert without a wide network of coaching friends who are removed from SEC play and will give him constructive advice. This may be wrong but that's my impression.
  10. Peach Bowl Game Report Card

    Have we ever run a variation of the tunnel screen where the blocking WR fakes the block and goes long? I don't recall ever seeing that and it would seem to be a simple variation to get DBs off of our screen play.
  11. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    You need elite play makers to be able to play ugly and still win. The players that can, when everything else you're doing on the day stinks, take the handoff or take a short pass and run it 80 yds for a winning score. Think tOSU and LSU under Miles. Unfortunately, we don't seem to attract many of these and some that we have the past few years have been head cases.
  12. Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    Well,I guess Kam Martin will have to carry the ball 35 times a game now.
  13. Season in review

    I predict 8-4 every year and with Gus it’s never far off
  14. Season in review

    Gus’ “learning” curve has been way too slow
  15. First "to do" for the new AD

    Nope. Thuga and Bama have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are