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  1. The SEC

    Ok, how about a QB that runs so well that you can design running plays to intentionally allow him to be a primary ball carrier. Oh, and he needs to be able to be reasonably accurate throwing as well. I would call that a "dual-threat". Cam and Nick would fell into that category. SW and JJ did not. JS might fall into that category but we can't afford to run him much now. The point being that since Gus moved to Auburn, his best offenses had that feature and could put pressure on elite defenses enough to win. If he backs out of the sideline meddling, maybe CCL can get a true passing game going. Gus doesn't have that in him anymore. That's my point.
  2. The SEC

    The Gus offense isn't the problem, it's that he lost out on recruiting the right QBs to run it. Then he wasn't capable or willing to adapt to the talent he had on hand. That said, the RPO is a lot more popular today than it was a few years ago so defenses are catching up to it. You must be able to adapt your offense constantly if you want to be successful in Big Boy football.
  3. ESPN analyst new theory for AU offense struggles

    Plan around it. There's ample 4 and 5 star talent on the field. It's coaching. Period.
  4. On this day 9 years ago

    A road win. Ah....the good old days. 😏
  5. Our own worst enemy

    I don't have stats handy but just look at the last 8 years of records against bama, LSU, UGA, and Clemson versus the all-time records and it will show you how the program has slipped overall against the best teams during the Chiz/Gus era.
  6. How Many of You are Willing to Admit...

    Gus got a pass at first and everyone knew he was (supposed to be) learning on the job. OJT is over and this is what we have. It's not getting any better folks.
  7. Can we go ahead and get a true WR coach?

    Kodi is a "True Auburn Man"!!! He shall not be touched!!!
  8. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Can we go ahead and move this thread to the Rivals page?
  9. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    I said after last season 2017 would be 8-4 until proven differently. No proof yet.
  10. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    This team has contender talent with a pretender coach.
  11. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    Turning yet another promising QB into a pile of goo
  12. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    Ok the Bama hayseed >> than our supposed "Genius"
  13. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    Dabo >> Gus
  14. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Same "O"le, same "O"le
  15. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Head says Clemson, heart says AU but I will be very disappointed if we lose this one. CU isn't dropping back to 8-5 after winning the NC and losing its best QB ever and I'm just not sure about us with Gus. Are we (and Gus) a contender or a pretender? Gotta win this one to be in the conversation.