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  1. And the AU fan base will scream “Hells Bells!”
  2. Yeah, well, he did the same thing to us the year before.
  3. This just seems like a "look at my right hand while pop you with a left" diversion. No way is Dabo leaving Auburn-with-an-easy-scheudle to come to the real Auburn.
  4. 1). Top notch recruiter of HS and the Portal that knows the South 2). Have a list of well-seasoned assistants that will come with him 3) Saavy understanding of how to use NIL 4). Proven ability and willingness to adapt offense or defense to meet current demands 5). Not be a scumbag
  5. I’ll start thinking about dinner…..
  6. I can’t stand jimbo but there must be more to the story
  7. Guess who beat S. Miss in 3OT, UAB by 7 and Gardner Webb by 1pt. Yes, Hugh Freeze and the Flames. Very inflated record. Let's stop with this. Please.
  8. Poor kid started having knee injuries in high school. Good luck to him.
  9. It’s a non-story. unless Auburn hires him
  10. Yeah but those weights aren’t going to lift themselves!
  11. Are there any dumpsters left? We burn through so many.
  12. I agree that it is quite possible that this was only a show of support for his friend and boss. But since it was so lame-brained and inappropriate, it put the university in a bad spot and shows me that he’s not fit to represent our school and run our football program. Other past indiscretions aside, but not forgotten.
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