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  1. Never thought I would be this excited about an OG recruit. So THIS is what real OL recruiting looks like? Gives me hope for the future. This dude is a Maaaaan!!!
  2. At least Bama got UT Martin bumped back a week and has TAMU the week before AU.
  3. He should’ve gone to Bama. He would have been Legendary and a “saint” the whole time he was there. (R. McClain approves this message)
  4. AU has better follow the money for whichever brand is going to produce the most NIL endorsement money which probably means Nike. Like it or not, the cat has been let out of the money bag so we better get in front of this or we’ll get trounced for elite players even more than we are now.
  5. Also proposed but voted down was a measure to make the goal posts more “springy”.
  6. None around here. There will be a black market for TP. Or...maybe brown.....
  7. Waaaahhhh.....Pig.....Sooie!!
  8. ThUGA will have the most roided-up kicker in CFB history!
  9. Adoption is a wonderful alternative
  10. It makes you understand why most coaches don’t fall to pieces over a loss. The deck is stacked against them. Then $ome other coaches scream “ unfairness” when they lose because they’re playing with 2 full decks and a few hidden cards.
  11. The refs definitely got intimidated by the Arky crowd and made some of the most absurd calls on AU that I've seen in a while. In fairness, the crowd usually intimidates the officials at Arky which is part of the reason it's so hard to win there. That's why I thought last night's win was YUGE!
  12. We get jobbed every time we come to F'ville. These calls go exactly the opposite way they should go. incredible.
  13. Exactly. If someone has the evidence, take to the NCAA. If not, chest-thumping about how they are going to get their's is pointless.