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  1. ThUGA will have the most roided-up kicker in CFB history!
  2. Adoption is a wonderful alternative
  3. It makes you understand why most coaches don’t fall to pieces over a loss. The deck is stacked against them. Then $ome other coaches scream “ unfairness” when they lose because they’re playing with 2 full decks and a few hidden cards.
  4. The refs definitely got intimidated by the Arky crowd and made some of the most absurd calls on AU that I've seen in a while. In fairness, the crowd usually intimidates the officials at Arky which is part of the reason it's so hard to win there. That's why I thought last night's win was YUGE!
  5. We get jobbed every time we come to F'ville. These calls go exactly the opposite way they should go. incredible.
  6. Exactly. If someone has the evidence, take to the NCAA. If not, chest-thumping about how they are going to get their's is pointless.
  7. The same thing was said 10 yrs ago and nothing happened. Nothing is going to happen because the PTB is fine with things just the way they are. Those are the “right” people to bring this to the NCAA, FBI, etc but they’re too chicken #@&* to do it. The last time I checked, the NCAA wasn’t camping out in Athens. Or Tuscaloosa. Or Columbus. Or Baton Rouge. Or Clemson. Yet they still pick off all the elites. Either play the game, report the cheating, or quit hoping that the justice gods will rain fire down on the evil doers.
  8. Well, if this is common knowledge, IS this getting out to the right people?
  9. Apparently “hope” is the only OL recruiting strategy we have.
  10. Jvon just gets stoned 30 feet from the basket most possessions
  11. Gotta get some penetration. We’re all out around the 3-pt line
  12. O is crying all the way to the bank with his Natty and Coach of the Year awards. Humility works.
  13. Trust, but verify. Actually....just verify.
  14. Kids these days just don't respect Offensive Gurus the way they should...