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  1. Yep, that's who I thought it was: https://www.auburnvillager.com/news/former-au-football-star-rod-hood-finishes-what-he-started/article_0dc45724-86cd-11e4-a6d0-efcfb0eb1bc1.html
  2. If he's the one I'm thinking of, R. Hood was basically a walk-on at every level of football he ever tried. Was buried on the depth chart in HS and fought his way up, walked on at AU and made a name for himself and went undrafted and had a long NFL career. I think that's correct.
  3. Well, at least we know our rivals aren't behind this.
  4. Maybe this was all the player's doing but I was highly skeptical of this happening in AU's favor considering this falls right into the tricks CKS has used in the past. He's a dirty little turd at his core and stuff like this happened when he was at Bama and has happened since he's been at UGA (see George Pickens). Hopefully the AU staff didn't expend much effort thinking this was going to happen.
  5. I don’t think we have ever signed anyone straight outta IMG, have we? We got a couple who made stops there, the RB from Decatur (can’t remember the name) who stayed a year and transferred comes to mind. IMG is a true football factory and AU probably doesn’t market itself that way to recruits and certainly isn’t viewed that way at IMG. Over the years a TON of elite talent that grew up in the AU footprint has gone thru IMG and then doesn’t even have AU as a top 5 consideration. I would love to see a list of where IMG grads have ended up over the years. I’ll bet all the major P5 schools in the southeast have had at least 1or2. Huge miss in the perception game IMO
  6. Well, there’s really not going to be such thing as a violation of rules anymore outside of criminal activity so they’re all good!
  7. Yes he was. Josh Chapman. Like I said, he worked to get him delivered and then landed a job with Saban
  8. It's a Family Tradition at Bama. Go back in history to all the former assistants under "Bahr" who became head coaches and eventually got hammered for major NCAA violations/probabations. Charley Pell, Danny Ford and our own Pat Dye to name a few. They were just doing what they had seen done in the past but made one big mistake. They weren't coaching at the untouchable UAT. BTW, for those who don't remember, Pruitt was a key "deliverer" of players to Saban when he first got the machine rolling. Landed himself a staff position because of it. Again, he got sloppy and forgot he wasn't coaching a Bammer anymore.
  9. Yep. My thought is that AU, if Harsin doesn't make it, should just let the money guys pick the next coach, more or less. Come together on a short list with the AD, and let them decide who they want to back because if the big donors aren't behind the HC, especially in this day and age, he's doomed.
  10. It’s not a rumor. It was on TV and the booster was JR. not sure about banned part afterwards.
  11. Firing Harsin and paying millions to his replacement will be pointless unless an alpha dog (new HC, AD, Pres, or a big booster) can whip the factions together and get a wholistic plan put in place to encompass staffing, recruiting, NIL, facilties, etc. Saban was the a-hole who got them to come together with his arrogant attitude but you know he would have been out in his butt in 3yrs just like anybody else if he hadn't started winning big. Playing nice doesn't cut in HC world. Dye wasn't a "sweet, nice guy". Bruce is a great guy but he's as headstrong as they come and knows what he wants and how to get it. That's what it's going to take on the football side along with all the money guys pulling in the same direction. Anything short of that will lead to ceiling of mediocrity in the cutthroat SEC no matter who the HC is.
  12. Tim Cook is reportedly worth $1.3B and Jimmy Rane right at $1B. It's their money to spend as they wish but I would hope AU is courting them very hard for the NIL war chest. Not sure how well-versed Cook is with the whole NIL saga but you know darn well Rane knows all about it.
  13. The trip is getting shorter every day....
  14. Top 100 DL from far away Phenix City. Can’t blame him for being offended.
  15. Just wait 'til Penn State feels that humidity! *sarcasm*
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