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  1. AU hardly ever recruits well at the HS football factories
  2. it's really a Milo's Tea problem. The Defense drank too much before the game and had a sugar letdown. Which, of course, is all Bo's fault.
  3. Yes, running it straight out from the half made absolutely ZERO sense.
  4. A rollout having your stud RB as an under and a WR as an over to give you the run/pass option was the obvious call. I don’t see how there was any options on the play unless there was a presnap look that led Bo to do something he’s Ill-suited for.
  5. Yep. Literally aligned every weakness into one futile play
  6. We need this guy at AU…like now.
  7. It’s troubling that Bobo called that fade and Harsin agreed to it
  8. We have had some good recruiters over the years but not many good developers. By early results, appears we have some good developers and the recruiting is TBD.
  9. Bad injury. Must have been a partial tear because you're not coming back in 12 wks from a full tear.
  10. Goodman used to be the average puff sports writer. Now he’s trying real hard to be the woke, “relevant” social commentator. Fail.
  11. Please apply my $1 winnings towards an NLI deal for an OT
  12. This thread is self-explanatory so let me explain it everyone.
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