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  1. 1auburn1

    Playing Akron in 2021

    Too bad Teh-rey won't get to make a return visit to the Plains.
  2. 1auburn1

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    Bovine growth hormones don’t really help kickers.
  3. 1auburn1

    Prince Tega returning

    Very glad to see a known “project” player is hanging in where we might get some real benefit. Very nice!
  4. 1auburn1

    Rich Rod to be new Ole Miss OC.

    I’ll never forgive him for turning down T-town.
  5. 1auburn1

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    Gus’ fault, not ours.
  6. 1auburn1

    Music City Score Prediction

    Did you get a bootleg copy of Gus’ opening drive script?
  7. 1auburn1

    maddest I’ve been at a restaurant

    Side note but has anyone noticed that the cable/satellite provider commercials always throw UGA and UTk love during their clips? Uga is understandable...huge TV market but tennessee? I guess they’ve always been somewhat of a regional team.
  8. 1auburn1

    Goodman says reports were fake

    Sorry Chiz, 3-9 or consistent 4 to 6 loss seasons get you fired from Auburn or anywhere else that is worth a flip, regardless of what's happening across the state.
  9. 1auburn1

    2019 4* OG William Putnam (Clemson)

    Dabo vs Gus. Not equal. Go look at Clemson’s class so far. Recruiting nationally to a little, rural town in SC that makes Auburn look like a metropolis. Man, we need some “kick butt” HC leadership rather than “cold oatmeal” Gus.
  10. 1auburn1

    2019 4* OG William Putnam (Clemson)

    SWING, and a miss.
  11. 1auburn1

    Darnell Wright

    He must be too mean. He hurts people’s feelings.
  12. Fields has no grounds to base a waiver on so he will have to sit a year. If not, we will have free agency break out all over CFB. And AU likely won't get a sniff of him which is quite telling considering this is the coach that brought in Cam.
  13. Why wouldn't you take advantage of extra practice time to get some of the younger guys more reps and get them excited to step up in the spring? (Rhetorical question of the day)
  14. 1auburn1

    Bowl Preparations

    Gus' seat is scorching, win or lose in the bowl game. I don't think his approval rating will change much at all with a win. We the fans have been burned too much in the past to forget about the deficiencies this guy has.
  15. The "relaxed and confident" fresh-off-the-extension Gus stunk it up so "desparate Gus" can't get much worse.