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  1. Stidham passing charts

    A lot of short/mid left side throws. Definitely need to break that tendency and look to the right more or that will be exploited.
  2. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    You stated what a lot of the AU fanbase feels. Of course, you're assuming there is some "at any cost" stuff going on. Maybe it's just tenacious recruiting and good player development. If Kirby is cheating, there's a good chance he WILL be caught. Similar to the numerous Bear proteges who got their programs on probation, you can try and do things the Bama way at other schools but you'll get burned because you aren't Bama.
  3. Opinions on how UGA has owned us lately?

    Because freaking Mark Richt knew the importance of having your team prepared for rivalry games. It makes your fan base happy and lets you keep your job longer. Somebody notify Gus.
  4. #1, #2, (with prayers) sec championship

    Both UGA and UAT will maul an offense that runs the same plays they have all year. Saban uses his cast of a thousand "analysts" to pick apart tendencies. Did you notice how there were usually 2-3 players waiting on LSU 's jet sweep? My hope is that the Chip and Dip show has saved some wrinkles off of the 5 plays we run that will keep both defenses honest. That said, both of those teams are beatable. We have player talent......
  5. Special Teams

    Uh, ya think he's analyzing the difficiencies in our special teams?
  6. Wiley and Purifoy

    Who knows at this point but if it's just the parents then that's three high-profile ex-players involved. I see where the glimmer of hope is creeping in that this is like the Cecil situation though. I doubt this will end as favorably.
  7. Wiley and Purifoy

    "im as disappointed in Wiley’s parents as i am with person. They know better, as well. They also were in a position with their relationship to the auburn program to put a fast halt to persons actions." THIS^^^ Two ex-star basketball players' son allegedly engaged with another ex-star player/coach in a money scheme. This is a bad look. A VERY bad look.
  8. AD Replacement Candidates (merged threads)

    But...but....JJ won (one of) the national AD of the year! Im sure the rival SEC ADs pushed to get him that win!
  9. AU @ TAMU set for 11 AM

    If there is any advantage at all, an 11am kick should favor the visiting team since the crowd should be subdued at first
  10. Backup QB

    "He's young...."
  11. The TN program is a mess

    Well, time for Saban to pull the plug on the offense and run the ball 17 straight times on first down. That's what all the great coaches do, right?
  12. In Order to Beat Georgia and Bama

    A violent stomach flu hitting the opposing teams' locker rooms... or Gus hits his head and remembers how to coach
  13. Games are won or lost on a handful of plays

    This^^. Some of the insiders on the board have been down on Gus for a couple of years now, maybe longer, saying he is in over his head. It's obvious now so we either cut bait and move on or we'll be stuck with the same or worse next season.
  14. A Look at the Current Coaching Staff

    Put Russell in the Get Em out of Here category. Non-contact, soft tissue injuries abounding in key players makes me think he's fit for high school duty