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  1. Yeah, that pic doesn't look like 2-fity but I love that we're getting out early on potential talent that's in our backyard.
  2. Agree with Patrick Willis. Best LB I ever saw play in person.
  3. I had the Super Bowl VI electric football edition, Cowboys vs. Dolphins. It's completely scary how many hours I played with that game.
  4. This. Drove. Me. Crazy!!! How we managed to get through several seasons being basically one-deep on the QB chart is an absolute miracle.
  5. I just don’t have much optimism that college football is going to resemble the sport we’ve grown to love within the next few years. It already doesn’t now in actuality due to the talent concentration at the top. I don’t see how expanding the playoffs is going to help anything except make TV deals bigger. #4 isn’t competitive with #1 now...#8 certainly won’t be. And I loathe the idea where “making the playoffs” is the Holy Grail for programs which is what it will turn into for all but the same few programs over and over. The more games it takes to win a championship just favors the scho
  6. Yeah because you know Memphis police would NEVER know how to identify a homicide scene. 😠
  7. Adding to that point, I believe it made Gus believe he was a lot better of a HC than he really was. Can’t blame him for that really. Win a couple of big games, get a fat check, yeah I would believe that myself. The main takeaway for AU is to never fall into this trap where we feel the coach has all the power. I cringe as I write this - Gus having the power to put AU in the position to make a bad choice. Ugh.
  8. Did we have a genius or a guru? I can't remember. Which one is better? I wonder what AU had on the job application?
  9. Which is why we need to sign a guy like Gray and show we can be creative with a 2-3 back rotation with Tank, not run these guys legs off, and put them on track to be high round draft picks.
  10. I never understood. He could recruit. I guess that was his thang.
  11. If so, he better stay away from salad forks....
  12. If CRG is coaching there next year, UTk fans (what few are left) will get to enjoy watching the D-line technique of avoiding swim moves, locking up with the O-lineman and try to bull-rush every play. So wonderful to watch.
  13. Yep. Same as it was with "Bar" Bryant. Coaches who learned all of their "skills" under the head man became hot coaching commodities. And if you look at the coaching tree under Bryant, a bunch of them ended up getting their programs on probation, including CPD. There's one skill you can't take with you and that's the air and ground cover from the REC. They are the best in college football at what they do. A complete network of non-boosters (per the NCAA definition) that take care of the dirty business in recruiting and do it without getting anyone caught. ThUGA won't hav
  14. When I think about how wealthy UAT, Clemson and UGA have gotten in recent years on the talent within a 50-mile radius of Auburn it’s enough to ruin my breakfast.
  15. I have a distinct feeling this staff will lock down elite recruits better than the previous staff. Need to get this one committed and build around him.
  16. Watch for semi-late or late shots from the Bama D on some QB ribs
  17. It’s funny that we’ve been “going through the motions” in bowl games since , oh, the 2014 Rose Bowl?
  18. That was Mac Jones I believe. A Masters in that degree. A 4.0 student who got his BS in 2.5 yrs. I’m sure the guy is bright and all but my son and daughter had friends who went to Bama and got multiple degrees simultaneously whereas AU appears to be the same when my wife and I went there. You gotta bust it to get ONE degree in 4 yrs.
  19. Man, I hope so! Having an impartial HC come in and evaluate Bo vs DD would be boss. Having Bo pushed by someone other than a mid-major transfer and a 48-yr old baseball player might be helpful too!
  20. Anyone who says Bo doesn’t have arm talent is crazy. The fact is he has all the intangibles (arm, athleticism, family pedigree, confidence, toughness) and none of the tangibles that are learned (footwork, receiver selection, pocket presence, throwing motion, etc.). I don’t know if Harsin will be able to unteach all of his bad habits.
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