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  1. FWIW, I know for a fact that pretty much every major program has been on this kid since 9th grade or before, including Saban and Alabama, and Gus never seriously reached out to the kid. Us landing Bobo is the only reason we may be in the running.
  2. Florida just scored more in the first half than we have in total in the past 4 games against Georgia.
  3. I'll add my $.02...like another poster said, the Dogs never really bothered me until about 2002. I actually thought we had a pretty good, civil rivalry with them until then. Ever since then, for whatever reason, they seem to think they are better than everyone else, with a strange sort of superiority, both football and academically. Academically, they think UGA is on par with UVA/UNC and just barely below Vanderbilt, and as a result, they think they are better than you because they went to UGA. Very strange. I received full Hope scholarship but had no interest in attending school there. Impossible for them to fathom. Football-wise, as the old saying goes, UGA football can be described as Alabama arrogance, LSU talent, and Ole Miss results. Yet, for whatever reason, they think they are better than your team despite years of mediocrity. Oh, and of course, they are morally superior to every other team in the country despite the numerous times they have lead the SEC in player arrests. Finally, I will share this story...when we lost the 1996 game in 4-OTs, me and some buddies were sitting in the end zone student section lamenting the loss. After the game was over, several of the UGA players ran towards the student section and taunted the Auburn fans, yelling obscenities at us. Front and center, leading the charge, was none other than their current head coach, Kirby Smart.
  4. I posted this the other day in my score prediction, but here it is again: Since the start of the 2011 season, Auburn has won a grand total of 3 games against teams that finished with less than 4 losses - South Carolina in 2011, Alabama and Missouri in 2013. Even more sobering is our last 4 games against Power 5 opponents: 2016 UGA - 164 total yards of offense and 7 points scored 2016 Alabama - 182 total yards of offense and 12 points scored 2016 Oklahoma - 339 total yards of offense and 19 points scored (248 yards/13 points if you exclude our last drive against their scrubs) 2017 Clemson - 117 total yards of offense and 6 points scored Very disturbing.
  5. Since the start of the 2011 season, Auburn has won a grand total of 3 games against teams that finished with less than 4 losses - South Carolina in 2011, Alabama and Missouri in 2013. On the road against the defending national champs, unfortunately, I will go with Clemson 27 - Auburn 16. Hope I am wrong.
  6. Could it be that our red zone issues are largely related to running this play every time for no gain or 1-2 yards on first down? With the field shortened it is much easier for the defense to stack the box (not that they don't know it is coming anyway), and we are essentially requiring the offense to get a first down with 2 downs instead of 3.
  7. So, with the whole Roquan Smith deal, why would any future recruits sign a NLI? Admittedly, I don't know all of the rules, but on the surface, it doesn't seem to make any sense to sign a NLI.
  8. One thing I haven't seen today are any tweets by our recruits/committs. I don't do Twitter, but was wondering if there were any out there.
  9. 4* http://auburn.scout.com/a.z?s=6&p=8&c=1&nid=5796221
  10. Nice summary - I think I would have waited until Thursday to post it though.
  11. Scout never had him at a 5* but if they did it was a year ago when they did their first ratings. He has been a 4 * on there a long time. I think they changed it in the past day or so. Our ranking dropped, that's how I noticed.
  12. Just a reminder.....There is NO CURE for the shanks.......just sayin' happens to the best of us....
  13. i think frazier... will be comeback player of the year next year. the guy has the tools, just lost all confidence last year. kind of like getting the shanks in golf.
  14. Sans 2010 when we had Superman as quarterback, the cumulative score in the past 10 games (3 Ark & LSU, 2 UGA & Bama) against our big 4 opponents during Chiz's tenure is 338-140, or approx. 34-14. I am sure we will get blown out by UGA and Bama and it will be even more lopsided. That's simply unacceptable.
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