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  1. If you've got young children and can watch every play of every game, even in a great year, then kudos to you. I'm not that talented.
  2. We got a couple gonna break it soon me thinks.
  3. Yeah, the last player that is considered drafted out of AU was Jamison in '01. That's embarrassing and we gotta break that streak. I have no doubt Bruce will do that and soon.
  4. It's got real bits of Panther, so you know it's good.
  5. Do they assign the star rating based on actual game performance, predicted future performance, summer camp stats, or possibly a mixture of all perhaps? Thx.
  6. Since the question posed is "best", gotta go with Frank. No question really. Favorite for me is Lawyer though. I was 85 in middle and high school because of him.
  7. Ha, the backup QB is always better...when he's the backup.
  8. The sports talk radio folks sure seem to think he's gonna take the money and go pro. I would tend to agree as well.
  9. Super stoked Tanner will be at AU, he's gonna slot nicely in to the rotation and jack some HR's as well.
  10. And that's the only stat that really matters to most kids. Who gives a crap about individual stats when the main goal is to get to the league and be drafted in a high enough round to bank some jack.
  11. Love the Cubbies getting Keegan!
  12. Heck, he was laughably underrated by our own staff. They only started playing him when they had no other choice and then he exploded on the scene.
  13. Most cases don't involve a 5* QB brother.
  14. No relation to my knowledge.
  15. Last nights missed opportunity looming large. Classic scenario.