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  1. Last Chance

    Ha, I sincerely hope I’m wrong.
  2. Last Chance

    Great post sir. I’d go one step further though and say that, barring major catastrophe, I think Gus retains his job at year end. I don’t think that bar is even set at an SEC title game for that to happen matter of fact. For a variety of reasons, I think odds are he stays.
  3. Another mind boggling quote

    Gustav has the exact opposite philosophy of what I want the head of our football program to have.
  4. Al Borges?

    He breaks down opposing defenses film, has nothing to do with Steele.
  5. Al Borges?

    I forgot he was here. What a waste of resource by Gustav.
  6. Anyone talk to Gus

    It does us too.
  7. Kyle Davis (update)

    I assumed video games, pool table, that sorta thing. Entertainment room.
  8. Name your method of protesting.....

    Well, in recent years I’ve only been able to make a game or two each season and I’m not gonna not take my 9 year old down to experience AU gameday. Life is too short and we are not gonna miss those experiences. So whatever little I spend in the stadium will go to wherever it goes and I’m fine with that. Doesn’t mean I like what’s happening but there is always a bigger picture with these issues.
  9. Passing charts

    Wow that seems like a lot work. Is that even possible?
  10. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    I never go against Heath Evans. Ever.
  11. Stidham not allowed to audible

    Al Bundy once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High School.
  12. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Mad and getter madder. After the usual Gus blunder, I’ve rebounded by now, at least somewhat. Not this time.
  13. Stidham not allowed to audible

    Ha, is anyone surprised? No way Gustav Malzahn is gonna let a mere QB change one of his called plays. Not gonna happen. Makes my blood boil when I think how his stubbornness has wrecked this program and how we’ve missed some huge opportunities.
  14. Key Difference in Malzahn and Sumlin

    Good points in this thread. I had never thought of it really, but Gus isn’t all that likable and I do think that plays a part in this whole thing. If you win, nobody cares and you can act however ya want, but when you are losing, and losing the way we do, you better have something to fall back on. Gus has nothing and in times like this, all his quirks really piss folks off.
  15. Moving Forward

    It’s still the same as before the season started imo...Gustav has to at least split the UGA and UAT games to save his job. The LSU debacle only cemented that I think.