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  1. I wish I could say the same thing but I did not know this guy was even alive until this post was made.
  2. I think we ran out of assistant coach money. I fine with it but there’s no way Harsin thinks this guy is the absolute best he could get. I think it’s more like he’s the best we could get with what we can pay.
  3. I really hate to see us choke a 19 point lead away, that’s not a good look and something that’s been super rare under Bruce. Im chalking this one up to youth and would just move on. We are sooo much better overall than we were at the beginning. It’s all good.
  4. Yeah but it would be bittersweet. No post-season means he would be playing for nothing other than trying to not get hurt.
  5. I mean clearly this isn’t going to get any better. If this was a higher profile sport she’d be gone long ago. She’s been a failure quite frankly.
  6. He’ll get it dialed in as we go. Heck, he’s only 3 games in to his college career and had to jump straight in to the SEC at that. No warm up games to get his feet wet. I know he’s used to playing high level AAU but I can’t imagine the speed and quality of that matches the UK’s and Bama’s of the world. He’s got a super high bball IQ and I have no doubt he’ll continue to improve and adjust rapidly.
  7. We should clearly raid USCe or Troy. Duh.
  8. Go with what ya know, I’ve got no problem with that. Ultimately Harsin will be held accountable for his success or failure. Since that’s the case, I’d absolutely go with what I’m comfortable with.
  9. What other schools were bidding for his services? That’s another way to look at it. Maybe we are just smarter than everyone else though.
  10. Well of course the guy doing the hiring sees something he likes. Nobody purposefully goes out to make a bad hire. It may end up being the greatest hire in modern football history for all i know, but right now it’s underwhelming compared to what it could have been.
  11. What a let down from the names being thrown out. Feel free to spin this one however you want.
  12. Yep that is an epic moment, great stuff there. He definitely etched his name in AU lore with that.
  13. I certainly would rather have him back than not, but it’s not earth shattering either way really.
  14. Ha, that’s a fantastic rating scale! I’m gonna have to borrow that one from ya as my go to.
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