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  1. Like Jared said, lack of quality bigs is a killer for us. Plays in to taking those bad shots that helps lead to the other team making a run at clutch time too. Another quality big or two combined with the experience our freshmen are getting and we can really roll. This season isn't going to work out like we all wanted but I'm still excited about the future.
  2. Ha, LSU isn't drilling anyone this year. Wish we could play them a couple more times.
  3. I wish we could play LSU every game.
  4. I realize he's tight with Lashlee and all but I think as he gets to know Chip and how he will be used at QB, it will all pan out. Gotta keep this kid.
  5. Ha, what else is he gonna say that hasn't been said?
  6. UF is no doubt a better program but we sure can give up 60+ per half with the best of them. Same song same dance.
  7. Our D is laughable.
  8. Nice we could help UF set their new school record there. We are very hospitable for sure.
  9. Bruce T'd up.
  10. I notice a lot of teams "get hot" against us. Strange coincidence I'd say.
  11. This one is close to getting out of control for us. 15 point deficit against these guys is mighty long odds.
  12. Another good first half. Maybe we break the second half meltdown streak tonight.
  13. We've gone stone cold.
  14. Raining 3's.
  15. Bad, bad loss. Simple as that.