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  1. Huh, I did not realize that then I don’t guess.
  2. I fully expect him to be more a starter than a “energy boost off the bench” guy. Malik was perfect for that role for sure, but I think Jaylin is on a different level. Yes, I know you said new and improved and I agree.
  3. Ha, yes my observation is nothing new for sure. It is blatantly obvious though. Stats don’t lie in this case.
  4. I can’t wait until new blood comes in at guard. We are extremely limited in our talent level there.
  5. Doggone it? Language man, this is a family site. 😎
  6. Hell of a comeback and effort to finish this one up with a W. This team definitely has its issues but we are light years ahead of where were at in the not so distant past. Well done men and War Damn Bruce.
  7. I would say anything you can name is a strength over us jacking up and missing threes all game.
  8. Yes, in theory that’s a fantastic and common sense idea that should work and I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately at this point it’s obvious that’s not gonna happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s open or not if you can’t make the shots at some sort of respectable clip, and there’s more than enough evidence at this stage of the season that’s not gonna happen. I would rather play to our strengths and make someone stop us than take a chance on playing to an obvious weakness.
  9. This is basically said most every game unfortunately. Good looks or not at some point you’d think that maybe that’s not our strength.
  10. Bruce has said all year that we are a good but not great team. Take the best player away from a good team, playing on the road, and this is what you get. It’s really that simple to me. We are a good team that will definitely win more than we lose but clearly we can’t make the difference if Issac is out. Happens to a lot of teams.
  11. Our shooting is awful, it’s gotten to the embarrassing stage. We don’t look anything like a top 20 team right now. I’m so ready for some new talent to come in.
  12. McLemore, Flanagan, Cambridge, and Johnson definitely did not rise to the occasion today. Next man up does not apply. Sorry performance from them all. Danjel didn’t help either but at least he has been sick and maybe gets a pass. Maybe.
  13. I’d love to hear the “overrated” chant right about now. Come on guys!
  14. At least Wiley is getting to pad his stats a little. Maybe this will do us good. This crowd is giving it to us, as they should.