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  1. So Gus doesn’t know what’s the best option for his own offense? If that’s true, he’s got bigger problems than this.
  2. I was thinking maybe Gabe Gross in ‘98 (awful season) but I think maybe Ben started the first game and then Gabe took over later on. Only one I could think of that was even a possibility.
  3. I don’t see how he’d get that much more exposure by transferring to a another school in-state, Muscle Shoals is plenty big and has had a lot of exposure with this run they’ve been on past few years. I don’t know what his plan is but I’d say it won’t simply be another state school. Just guessing obviously.
  4. It was the easy hire of course but I’m fine with it all in all.
  5. We will be fortunate to be 4-1 come UF week. I hope the UF game is as pivotal as the op thinks.
  6. Not gonna list everyone as it would be too long, but here’s the highlights for me: @bigbird- would love to watch a football game with him and just hear his thoughts. @AU64- would love just to sit and pick his brain on AU in general. His knowledge and experience is second to none. @Tigerbelle- the voice of reason when I’m in the heat of the moment of a JABA. @ellitor- recruiting guru from way back. @StatTiger- all facts no bs. @augolf1716- a wealth of AU history and perspective @passthebiscuits- his quick and accurate responses on key issues is always appreciated.
  7. Welp that does it. Interesting season for sure.
  8. Nice bomb there. Better late than never.
  9. I hope so. I think Davis Daniel is gone and won’t be surprised to see Holland and Julien gone. Pretty clear Gunnar Henderson won’t ever be an AU Tiger.
  10. Are you factoring in the underclassmen that were drafted? The Seniors may be non-factors but to think we aren’t losing some big time talent isn’t quite correct.
  11. Is Tanners shoulder issue the reason he threw nothing but fastballs? Bad situation.
  12. Fullwood Mason Rocker I know Tracy wouldn’t have won because of his position but if we are using the word “best” as indicated in the op, no way I could leave him out. Brent and Tre were obviously and rightfully so true contenders.
  13. Absolutely right, total team effort on all fronts. Coaching staff has done a whale of a job.