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  1. Ha, I’m sure you’ll see many of those as this thing progress. Just year one.
  2. For the record I recognize 24 obvious names.
  3. I think this is frickin awesome! I can’t believe it’s not been done before. Good to be able to bring back guys every year too. Assuming it continues of course.
  4. I selfishly wish you’d have been right but Jared coming back would have been a waste, at least from a business perspective. Dude is hot as he’ll ever be. May not be NBA but he’ll be making money somewhere.
  5. I think this is fantastic. His stock is not going to get any higher and outside of having fun, it would be a waste to come back. Bruce has totally lived up to his end of the bargain and is starting to get guys to the pro ranks. Win win for everyone. Good luck to Jared. Dude has made himself into an all time great AU baller.
  6. Well seeing as we now know how the movie would end, I’ll pass on it.
  7. I mean it sucks but he did bump him.
  8. We are playing YMCA ball for the first time in forever. Wow.
  9. Playing UVA game and getting whipped.