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  1. So what's the difference in pass efficiency and completion percentage?
  2. Alrighty, as long as your sure then.
  3. Good luck to the kid, maybe one day he'll be injury free and reach his potential.
  4. I would totally be on board with it. Could only help imo.
  5. 32-15 NCST at the half. Less than the offensive juggernaut I'd like to see from us to say the least. Wolfpack having little difficulty with our press.
  6. Now that's a pleasant surprise. Hope we make the most of it.
  7. Yup, and we chose right behind home plate. Up top of course. Kids.
  8. We jetted after the 6th. We were up 6 and figured they guys could handle it from there without us.
  9. Dude it is cold out here! Great seats cause you can sit wherever ya want so that's cool. Top of the 5th and the wife and daughter have already given up and have gone to sit in the car. Ha!
  10. So glad Bruce made what many consider the obvious call. Love how he just flatlines everything and calls it like it is. Onward to next season.
  11. Yep, they progressed and we regressed.
  12. Classic way to end this season. We got beat by a very bad team tonight and there is no excuse.
  13. We don't even deserve the CBI. It's a crap tournament and we'll just crap the bed again. Call it a season and move on.
  14. That's the thing, we won't learn from it.