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  1. Man HBC not punting was absolutely awesome. I remember his post game where he just flat lined it to the reporters about it and pulled no punches. Miss that dude on the sidelines and his one liners.
  2. All parties involved did apparently. It didn’t work out, is what it is.
  3. Yes and yes of course and it wouldn’t totally be beyond the realm of possibility to say Chris Todd thrived in his one year. I was more referring to the offense and various players in general though.
  4. Meh, it’s got its issues but to say we haven’t had some players thrive in his O would be a massive exaggeration and a severe injustice to several. Stats don’t lie.
  5. DC for sure and maybe even Randy Campbell. Would have been interesting to see.
  6. Do we ever not play Clempson? ? 😂
  7. I don’t mean this to sound bad or condescending in any way, but I literally forgot he was on the team. The most interesting part of the article is the 5 teams in 5 years. Man that’s impressive.
  8. Whoa, holy blast of the past. I had forgotten we had a women’s program until I saw this thread revived. Flo has lead us to total non-relevance I suppose. Out of sight out of mind I guess.
  9. That whole thing is just so goofy. Required on the sideline but not while you are playing...actual physical contact. Not tailgating and fans required to wear masks. It’s just so laughable and pathetic really.
  10. Man I think this is awesome! First, taking over for the GOAT is a task that few are up to. Although I was stoked to have another AU QB starting in the league, I was not looking forward to what Stidham would have gone through had they not had immediate success, he would obviously be a lightning rod for criticism. Secondly, if anyone is capable of stepping in and being able to even somewhat replace what Brady means to the Pats, it’s a healthy and motivated Cam. He’s on a 1 year deal so if he has a good year he can move on to another team with a blockbuster deal and Stidham gets a year of tutelage under him. If Cam stays, Stidham continues as backup another year or two before taking over. May even get traded to another team to start for them as well which would be great. Regardless, this is a great situation for all imo.
  11. Wow this is a tough one. I went with Fullwood/Lawyer but wouldn’t argue against any I don’t guess. Tre/Sammy and Carnell/Courtney were my other finalists. Love these threads too by the way.
  12. Oh man I hate to see that. I have so much respect with how you guys have handled this. Hang in there sir.
  13. I personally know someone who had tested for antibodies in April but was not currently infected. Yesterday as part of his job requirements he was tested and came back actively positive. He is now on 14 day quarantine. Anyone on either side of this debate who claims to know all the answers or is full denial of what someone is saying or experiencing is full of shite.
  14. This can be said for every freshman for that matter.