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  1. NoALtiger

    The starting lineup part 2

    I would go with this lineup as well. Samir should not be starting at this point. Purifoy, Samir, and Horace, and McCormick off the bench. I have no idea about Wiley at this point. He is really a non factor at the moment and that’s a shame. Very unfortunate all around for him.
  2. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Our patented dominant performances come against teams that aren’t very good and Arky isn’t very good. I’d say we are due for one.
  3. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    I was at this game and it was a struggle as I recall. It’s always a struggle at this gym. Seems like Porter had a big dunk at the end that sorta sealed it. Good times. Cliff and the boys was rolling then. Had no idea what kind of slump we were heading in to a couple seasons later.
  4. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    And Bryce with the bad YMCA move. Wow how selfish.
  5. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    And just like that Vandy is back in it.
  6. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Yeah, only against lowly Vandy would we be leading at this point.
  7. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Geesh, everything seems like a struggle.
  8. NoALtiger

    Do we have a 5* Curse?

    How about the 5*’s that do pan out? I’d like to think it about equals out but I wouldn’t know for sure. I’d imagine everyone has guys that don’t work out.
  9. NoALtiger

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    I’m more interested in our per signee ranking than anything else. We simply didn’t sign as many recruits as other teams. Outstanding class all around.
  10. NoALtiger

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    This just hasnt felt right for a long time so I’m not even remotely shocked. I know sometimes a “no news is good news” situation works out but this seemed like a flip situation. I’m honestly not even mad because I guess I was kinda expecting it.
  11. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Florida - game thread

    Man Harpers range never ceases to amaze me.
  12. NoALtiger

    Men vs. Florida - game thread

    Much love and respect for Horace, but you’d think that a guy that’s been playing basketball his whole life would be a little more comfortable when he actually gets to touch the ball.
  13. NoALtiger

    Mark Sears

    And Arron as well I’d imagine. Russellville crew.
  14. NoALtiger

    The starting lineup

    May be time for CBP to reassess his options. I have tremendous faith in him but something is clearly off.
  15. NoALtiger

    Grad Transfer HB Jay Jay Wilson Commits to AU!

    I have no idea but it’s a pretty good little caveat there. If DTR doesn’t want to claim it, I will.