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  1. I don’t mean this as a smart a$$, but I didn’t realize this guy was even on the team.
  2. Usually we have quite a few guys sign immediately after the draft. This is not a good draft class for us to say the least.
  3. I’m sure even the worst programs don’t let their best players leave without a fight, unless they don’t want them stay for some reason. Seems kinda common sense to me.
  4. Pays to have a good attorney, that is proven time and again. This whole thing has been a incredibly tragic event. It’s still hard to accept and probably always will be.
  5. So he wanted to clear things but basically just said we parted as friends but did not address the whole didn’t keep their word thing?? Mmkay kid whatever.
  6. 8 teams and no byes feels right to me. Big enough to include all the real contenders but without getting watered down with the ones with no legit shot. Byes are a bad idea IMO.
  7. He really needs to come back to AU. One more season and then try the league route again. This just seems like it’s kinda forced and not gonna go like he hopes. JMO.
  8. Is the Head Coach the one that is responsible for color shadings and varying styles? Seems like he’d have a whole more important stuff to do if so. No wonder Chiz crashed and burned then. Let the Marketing folks handle that or go all in and hire a team stylist for goodness sake.
  9. With this team that Bruce is putting together and the home crowds that will finally be back, Auburn Arena is gonna be a madhouse.
  10. No need to overthink this one, a move that seemed obvious and needed to be made. Sometimes if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck..it’s a damn duck.
  11. Man this kid is dynamite, I don’t care if he’s considered small or not he’d have a spot on my team.
  12. Sounds like we need to get that freshman then.
  13. This post should be pinned and posted in all the forums as the benchmark for common sense.
  14. Yep, just being born really tall doesn’t cut it. I’m fine either way, but there is no doubt in my mind we could find a stronger player to fill his spot.
  15. Would not have been my first choice but an excellent hire nonetheless IMO. Another fine job by Greene and company. Nothing is guaranteed even with a rock star hire, I’m good with it.
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