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  1. Ronnie is clutch.
  2. Bet he's noticed now.
  3. What time frame do you consider not "dragging out"?
  4. Wow, looks like the whole gang pitched in. Good.
  5. Very true, that's an awesome example of that happening once.
  6. Now that's a great thought, I'd love for that to be the reason. Never know what's up behind the scenes. I don't at least.
  7. I can understand that I suppose but it is odd that we offer him at a position he's hardly played since Middle School. Middle schooI?? Really?? I mean, no matter how ya slice it, we are offering a very accomplished player at a position he really doesn't play and it's not even on the same side of the ball that he made a name for himself. Just has screw up written all over the place potentially.
  8. So looks like we have officially offered the State's all-time leading tackler as a H-back. Not saying it's good or bad but so classic AU.
  9. 1-4 now in league play...but at least this one was expected. Just gotta chalk this one to the fact that it's UK and this is what they do to teams, and we gotta move on.
  10. Well, personally I totally get what the OP is talking about and truly to me it has nothing to do with us really. To me, it's just the constant crap with the Updyke crowd, a never ending grind that can wear down even the most ardent AU fan. Look, everyone here is a big AU grad and/or supporter so the easy answer is to say something like "it's never a bad time to an AU fan" or something similar- so sure there's that and that's totally true, but there's also been a whole lot better times too and that's a fact. To the OP, keep your head up man. As others have said, this current state of affairs will pass and all will be right with the world again.
  11. Great effort, simply not on UK's level yet. Good game though.
  12. Harper shooting pretty good so far.
  13. We shall see.
  14. I'm starting to think Gus will just make Hand OC and then go have some steak and eggs at the Waffle House and call it a day.
  15. Well I would submit that just because it's not known to beat writers or message board posters, perhaps someone is waiting in the wings and for a potential variety of reasons, hasn't been announced yet. Maybe the person is already agreed upon but has to take care of something on his end before the public is informed for example? Maybe it has something to do with maximizing recruiting impact or something? There's tons of valid scenarios and rarely is something like this as cut and dry as the regular Joe and Jane's of the world would like. I dunno, just my .2 cents.