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  1. If we are just in the market for unproven, no big boy SEC football type experience cats that are successful at the Iowa States of the world or pick your “insert flavor of the month” guy, then I humbly will throw my hat in the ring. Sincerely, Turner Gill
  2. I’ll also add that barring a complete nose dive, we aren’t changing coaches after this season. These things are still fun to discuss though and there a always an abundance of similar threads to rummage through.
  3. I don’t see any of those other than Big Game Bob I would consider a proven upgrade over our current HC. I do like Bill Clark a lot and think he would do well here. Not sure how much $$ we would want to spend to get him though. Could probably wait a couple years barring a complete disaster and still get him while saving a ton of dough. Homerun hire or nothing.
  4. If this isn’t a post of the year candidate then I don’t know what one is. Outstanding insight on this one Flex.
  5. Here’s to the inevitable “next man up” and other over used and cliched terms that are bound to start popping up here and elsewhere.
  6. I don’t think Rane was impacted by last nights loss at all. He’s not gonna go out and start making calls after losing to UF...heck with this one game, he’s not stopped trying to get Gus replaced. Process has been on going and the loss to UF is not what started it.
  7. I cannot see how any reasonable person could argue against this.
  8. Maybe you have a different definition of what the rest of the world considers a fact to be. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from this statement.
  9. Freshman or not, this is an awful stat line. QB play, soft OL, play calling, under utilized play makers- just a cluster all around.
  10. That is a travesty, no wonder why Gustav is always in hot water. He makes himself such an easy target.
  11. Gus should have had another option other than a redshirt Freshman with little to no experience. It’s all on Gustav.
  12. And yet another over throw by Bo.
  13. Wasted away a really good defensive effort. What a crap show on O. What a crap show on play calling. What a crap show on offensive adjustments.