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  1. No, it does not guarantee longevity, but highly rated, blue chip prospects want to get to the league first and foremost and whoever can help them achieve that the best is usually in the drivers seat. College coaches are supposed to win games for their school and get guys to the NFL, after that the player has to make it on their own. I never fault any team or coach for how a player performs in the league. Jmo.
  2. It's funny what we have to hold on to when we are getting dominated by multiple rivals. Our recent draft history is laughable compared to theirs. Just is.
  3. Problem is we haven't been winning enough on the field so may be time for Gus to re-evaluate what he's looking for. Personally, I'd take my chances with a college roster stacked with future NFL talent every time but that's just me.
  4. Oh he'll be fine. They don't need him to break down quadratic equations or ponder the meaning of life. See ball, destroy guy with ball. Makes for a funny story though.
  5. Classic Gus. Oh course he will coach, of course he will.
  6. It's a conspiracy man. They are watching.
  7. Cool, he will be playing against UNA.
  8. Don't forget Dameyune. I think he still holds the single season passing record, over 3K yards in '97. Statistically, I think Stidham could be more along the lines of D.C than any of the other guys you mentioned.
  9. Yeah, that read could be taken several ways for sure. It's an odd situation down there, not sure I've seen the likes of this before. And you are absolutely correct that JG needs to be the guy at QB this year, he needs to raise his experience level a lot or it could really hinder him in the future.
  10. Ha, this is awesome!
  11. Got a lead off runner, need to plate him.
  12. About 85K or so give or take a few.
  13. So what's the difference in pass efficiency and completion percentage?
  14. Alrighty, as long as your sure then.
  15. Good luck to the kid, maybe one day he'll be injury free and reach his potential.