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  1. Man this is exactly how it should be done. I hammer Gus pretty regularly on football related stuff but I always give him and the team as a whole credit on never quitting. It’s things like this and you see why they play so hard for him. Well done.
  2. An icon and a legend in his own time. His importance to our University as a whole cannot be overstated, as his impact changed everything. It went well beyond wins and losses. I am sad that he’s gone as an important figure of my childhood in the 80’s is no more, but I’m glad he had a long and successful life and that we had him as long as we did. RIP Coach.
  3. Claim every one that the ncaa says we have, it’s a no brainer. No more, no less. Its all legit that way and should have been like that from the start.
  4. When we flip this guy, I do hope some of you on the ledge decide to come on back and enjoy yourselves.
  5. Hard to be mad about a position change that leads to 8 years in the league and 2 All-Pro seasons. Yes, he would have more than likely been more successful under other AU coaches, but I think in the end his pro career went about as good or better than could expected. Tremendous overall baller and a team player no doubt.
  6. Could be, good a guess as any. But why even mess with him to begin with if you already know the outcome?? Not like he’s gonna grow 6 inches into their version of their ideal Guard. I dunno.
  7. I’d take Jared on my team any day. I don’t know what else he has to do to make a squad. Dude does nothing but win, great leadership, and still puts up the big stats.
  8. Coach Dye rocking the short sleeve button up with a tie and ball cap. What a guy.
  9. Boom definitely has his flaws, but dude can flat out coach some D and I always love his attitude. His players always seem to run through walls for him.
  10. I do think it’s pretty funny that folks are injecting whether they personally like the Nike product or not as a valid reason to go or not go with them. I mean, stuff like that has no relevance what so ever with these endorsement deals.
  11. Whoever pays the most, pretty simple.
  12. Well, there’s obviously a reason you felt the need to reach out like this so I’m so glad you did. He is one of my favorite posters as well and has certainly fought a good fight. All my prayers and good vibes out to you sir.
  13. Oh doubt about that for sure. That’s why you can’t compare Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds or The Beatles to Jay-Z, etc. Different eras, different standards of greatness, technology, etc. That I’m definitely in agreement with. It was more your take on 2009 and later years being used to validate your point. I think we can go back several decades before you get to the almost laughable times of Harvard and Army dominating the landscape. For example, we as a fanbase don’t consider our success since Coach Dye to be irrelevant at all and that’s been almost 40 years ago since he was hired. Anyway, I think we are saying similar things, I just think it should be expanded more than the last 11 years.
  14. If it is certain there is going to be second wave, it really doesn’t make sense to just delay the season. I imagine it would be easier to simply cancel it and keep all normal time lines in place. Plus, if it’s that dangerous that the season can’t start on time, pushing it back a few months doesn’t seem worth the risk imo.
  15. I’m interested to see how MLB is gonna handle this upcoming season. I think it will be very telling on what the possibilities will be for all other sports this year.