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  1. Any chance of Auburn-FSU 2018

    Turner Gill is the correct answer to any question. Fact of the day.
  2. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    While not disagreeing with you, I would say they if JF is indeed a generational talent, then that does make him more than a luxury item.
  3. 45 years ago today...

    Good stuff right there and you are right, time does go by fast.
  4. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    He sure wouldn't be able to text, IM, Facebook or call from his cell phone 20 years ago. Of course, since DC is at FSU, guess he could tell the kid in person.
  5. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Just no room for him here, he's fast as lightning but if that's all that it took Carl Lewis would be in the HOF by now and Usain Bolt would be on everyone's fantasy team.
  6. Byron Cowart

    Sometimes the light kicks on and these blue chips guys with high expectations do work out. Sometimes it doesn't and they fade in to obscurity. Either way, time is running out on him and seems like it's his choice as to which path he takes.
  7. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Yeah give me pound per pound strength stats. That's what it's really about.
  8. Stidham living up to the hype so far, can't wait for the real deal to begin.
  9. AU vs UMASS in JHS 2020

    We've played Baylor, TCU, and SMU before but it's been a long time. Never played Ok State to my knowledge.
  10. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 12 (Scrimmage #2)

    I just want him to report facts, could care less if he has something good to say. Just give me some juicy info that's not biased or agenda driven.
  11. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 12 (Scrimmage #2)

    I don't think they are as underestimated as they are unproven, statistically speaking at least. We've had quite the blue chip recruits at WR the past couple years and several were very highly sought after. They've just had very little opportunity imo.
  12. AU as head coach U

    It definitely points to our inconsistency. High highs and low lows for all our coach of the year winners.
  13. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Ha it's all good. Yeah, I hold down the North Alabama portion of the AU kingdom.
  14. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    AU folks praying we don't.
  15. European Tour

    I know those guys must be pretty crappy but dang, wasn't expecting that. Wow in a good way.