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  1. Oh wait, that was a previous years thread. Sorry. 😂
  2. I think we should look at Jon Gruden or Bob Stoops personally.
  3. We didn’t play good, got the W, hopefully learned from it, move on to the next game.
  4. Holy crap, take the W and live to fight another day.
  5. Who’s saying what? I don’t do any social media and out of the loop on, well basically everything.
  6. So the question is why is Kenpom so off then.
  7. UK does have a really good team and I can sort of understand the fans frustration a little given their history. Let’s face it, they’ve won a lot for many decades now and have been the standard for the league basically forever. Unfortunately none of that matters at this point and we are legit as it gets. None of their excuses hold water and it’s kinda funny seeing them whine. I’d love to play them again later and really lay the smack down. Like a Season ending, you out of the tournament smack down.
  8. We could likely bring in a more polished player as well. Bruce isn’t gonna rely on Stretch IMO. The bar has been raised too high now.
  9. They’ve just been so totally swamped by the men’s success that I kinda feel bad. Maybe we can ride that wave in to some recruiting success and get the wbball program built back up.
  10. I forgot about that OK game, what a weird time in the schedule for a big name non-conference game. Also, I’m not sure there are anymore trap games for us. Bruce already played that card for the Ole Miss game and we can’t have a trap game every week. We are so far along now we are everybody’s super bowl. Really odd to think of AU basketball like that but that’s what Bruce has done. Truly remarkable.
  11. He’s already playing with fire. He needs to man up and admit his ignorance.
  12. I mean it was close but looked like a clear blocking foul to me.
  13. Little to no rest too. Dude has been out there almost the whole game seems like.
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