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  1. Ha, we just found out we had an opening. I bet it won’t take long regardless of who it is though.
  2. Extremely well deserved. DB has capped off an awesome career and I look forward to watching him on Sunday’s.
  3. My goodness this would be an awesome turn of events. This could potentially be a perfect scenario for all.
  4. Ah, I forgot this guy was on staff. Well good for him!
  5. I honestly don’t see where all these extra plays can come from folks. Depending on the poster, either DJ, Joiner, or Worm all have “earned” more carries. Let’s also factor in MAR who a ton of folks are high on and the newest incoming 5* Tank as well. Factor in Boobie and maybe the occasional QB run while we are at it. Everybody can’t all be right at the same time I don’t think.
  6. What an awful shooting performance by us tonight. This is hard to watch.
  7. Every year he was here I thought would be “the year” he breaks out. He was obviously way down the pecking order for whatever reason. Will be interesting to see if he ever breaks out or simply exhausts his eligibility and moves on.
  8. January 24 will be 10 years for me. Had to look it up. Time flies.
  9. Excellent pick up for sure, he’s the kind of difference maker we must continue to recruit and sign. Gonna have to get that boy a new number though, the ole #7 at AU is not, nor will ever be available at AU.
  10. It’s certainly possible I’d say. If I were him, I’d at least have to take a hard look at things and get outside counsel. He’s in a unique situation for sure. Whether the nfl is a real possibility or not would play a role too obviously.
  11. Plus we roll trees with toilet paper after EVERY win for God’s sake. Toilet paper!! You guys understand that most normal people across the country would think that’s weird right?? It’s one of those either get it or you don’t.
  12. I’m totally down with it as a new tradition. Nobody is saying this is as big a win as ‘13 and it doesn’t have to be, it has morphed in to something else at this point. It has nothing to do with little brother syndrome or any of that crap either, that’s a tired argument and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We beat Bammer, we get on the field. Simple as that. This is how traditions start.
  13. I think we win and it won’t be a shocker. You don’t have the D we have and it be a shocker.
  14. No doubt about it. - Gus M.