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  1. Great season but wish we gave a better account of ourselves at the big boy table. As said earlier, we’ve made obvious strides but need a little juice to get to the next elite level. Here’s hoping Butch gets what he needs to keep this thing going and go just a little bit more. Helluva job by Butch and the whole staff, exceptionally memorable year.
  2. Well I missed most of it but did get to catch the last couple innings. Fantastic bounce back win and nice to get another CWS win and break the streak. Looked like a completely different team today. Very proud of the guys.
  3. I don’t think anyone is suggesting it’s easy, just making obvious takes on what the problem may be and lack of adjustment. I think it’s fair to say we are in a bit of a slump and these comments are what happens on a fan message board. It’s literally the reason everyone comes to this site. WDE.
  4. Plus if there is pressure it’s on all teams. It’s the frickin CWS for goodness sake. We played a crap game and we just aren’t a threat at the plate right now- and the offensive slide didn’t show up in Omaha, been a couple games now.
  5. Awful performance tonight all around, didn’t look like we belong on the big stage and that’s unfortunate considering the season the guys have had. There are a lot of folks that doubted we’d be much of a factor here and I hate they will all be writing about it tomorrow. We need to beat Stanford and at least gain a little respect back.
  6. That’s embarrassing and unacceptable at this point.
  7. Too many of our boys are total non-factors at the plate right now. Not really even competitive at this point and we’ve been sliding the past couple games. This isn’t a one game thing anymore and it couldn’t have come at a worst time.
  8. Very anticlimactic ending there. Hope that wasn’t our only shot. I would have loved to have gotten at least one more there.
  9. Average hitter and below average in the field. Is what it is.
  10. We don’t look good at all. Would be nice to at least be competitive.
  11. Swinging at balls in the dirt and over your head but letting sliders down the middle go all day long.
  12. Would be nice to get a hit at least.
  13. Damn go talk to him if this guy gets on.
  14. Flat hanging pitches get hit hard by good hitters.
  15. Nice play by Bello on keeping that run from scoring.
  16. If this wasn’t so serious it would almost be comical at this point. Of course I wake up today to see a headline involving this guy. Regardless of what happens with this, it won’t be the last time his name comes up in a headline.
  17. Lots of folks questioned it. At least with Lior you aren’t left in utter frustration with all the clanking shots we got from the other 2.
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