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  1. TexasTiger

    What was your first Auburn game?

    14-7, I believe.
  2. TexasTiger

    Kathy Griffin is an Ugly B***h

    And turn their vulgarity toward libruls. Btw, saw where Republicans prefer Kim Jong Un to Nancy Pelosi. Most successful propaganda campaign in history.
  3. TexasTiger

    Kathy Griffin is an Ugly B***h

    Yes, both of those celebrities engaged in gross vulgarity— I don’t see them being elected President any time soon.
  4. TexasTiger

    Kathy Griffin is an Ugly B***h

    I don’t know anyone ready to put her in charge. You embrace Trump despite, and to an extent because of, his gross vulgarity.
  5. TexasTiger

    Kathy Griffin is an Ugly B***h

    She’s never been funny and is raging angrily like the folks she criticizes. I’m tired of the vulgar behavior regardless of who does it. But underneath her vulgar approach, she has a point at least. Too bad she buries it.
  6. TexasTiger

    Great Unemployment Rate Report

    The improvement in the economy was actually far greater. It just hadn’t peaked yet. When the recession hits in 2020, who will you blame?
  7. TexasTiger

    Great Unemployment Rate Report

  8. TexasTiger

    Saluting the boss

    Glad you approve. Not surprised. #cult45
  9. TexasTiger

    Saluting the boss

    Yeah, he didn’t wait.
  10. TexasTiger

    Saluting the boss

    Putin would be angry if he wasn’t laughing so hard.
  11. TexasTiger

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    4 years later.