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  1. Yeah, that’s it. Trump is the truth, the light and the way!
  2. Yeah, they are. And y’all’ve never met.
  3. Can’t stand a guy who apologizes for racist comments? He can’t be a real conservative? Thanks for finally clarifying how you and your buddies have redefined conservatism. So you endorse campaigns working with Russian intelligence. How about China? Iran? Any limits?
  4. This guy’s as conservative as they come.
  5. Obama certainly wanted Hillary over Trump. Hillary conceded the next morning so it didn’t take much urging: https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/4564480/read-hillary-clintons-concession-speech-full-transcript/%3famp=true Trump hasn’t conceded yet. McConnell waited until the electoral college voted. Obama urged acceptance the next day: But you @SaltyTigerand @bigbird and others keep believing your hyper partisan fantasy. Facts don’t penetrate.
  6. That’s an absolute crock. HRC conceded right away. Obama recognized it right away and graciously welcomed Trump to the WH. How many Dems voted not to certify the results? There’s no comparison and any one claiming it as such has been brainwashed by some medium.
  7. David continues to bend over backwards to defend Trump by glossing over the fact of his working with Russians after previously claiming it didn’t happen.
  8. So which nominee are you guessing engaged Russian intelligence 10 years ago?
  9. Any examples of where that’s happened since you think it would naturally occur?
  10. 10 years ago if you’d been told the nominee of either party was sharing polling data with Russian intelligence would you have been as likely to dismiss it as unimportant?
  11. Most folks I know who favor arming to the teeth as part of their identity are more fearful of their fellow Americans.
  12. Well, I’m pretty confident that you view most any restrictions as a transgression on individual rights. The best question may be in what societal arrangement do folks actually have the most meaningful freedoms? In a state with largely consensually agreed upon rights that are enforced or a state of nature where every man is for himself?
  13. I don’t think others dance around it as much as everything pointed in that direction but they weren’t provided confirmation from intelligence. The assumption was that Mueller was conducting two investigations— one a counterintelligence investigation that was still ongoing even after his report. Later turned out Rosenstein quashed that. The choices appear to be that the intelligence was there, but not provided before or the current TD is just making it up. Why would the Russian operative not share the info with Russian intelligence? How likely is that?
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