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  1. Men vs. uat

    The walkons were very good high school players and work their butts off to help improve this team.
  2. Auburn Offense Needs to Change

    We ran that. Twice.
  3. Should these guys be pardoned?

    I think pardons that preempt due process are almost always a mistake.
  4. Should these guys be pardoned?

    Okay, but shouldn’t a pardon in advance of a day in court come with a strong rationale?
  5. Should these guys be pardoned?

    Authority, not rationale. He has the authority to do many things. What’s the rationale for pardoning Flynn? Manafort? The authority is rarely excercised— each use of the authority has a rationale.
  6. Should these guys be pardoned?

    Two more words you don’t understand.
  7. Should these guys be pardoned?

    That answers neither question.
  8. Should these guys be pardoned?

    Of all crimes that may have been committed? Rationale?
  9. The first link didn’t work.
  10. Flynn? Manafort? Gates? Others? https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/19/trump-russia-pardons-mueller-flynn-417094
  11. You think the problem is evil. The problem is almost exclusively American. Thus, you must think we have an unmatched level of evil in this country.
  12. So you think USA is overwhelmingly the most evil country in the world?
  13. Mueller Indictment

    Nothing. It’s a nothingburger.