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  1. TexasTiger

    So which moron buys this?

    Besides that moron. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/10/19/saudi-arabia-admits-journalist-jamal-khashoggi-was-killed-after-a-fight-broke-out-in-consulate.html
  2. TexasTiger

    Soros Backed Group Fires Operative After Attack

    Must be nice to be young and math literate.
  3. More fake news from Proud.
  4. TexasTiger

    No practice today

    Team’s regressed— maybe they figure we can’t afford more “practice.”
  5. TexasTiger

    No practice today

    We were on the quarter system then— no school till late September.
  6. You’re a more irredeemable jerk than I thought— and I already knew you were scrapping the bottom of the humanity barrel.
  7. TexasTiger

    The Stock Market

    For all the crowing over the stock market, here’s a few facts.
  8. TexasTiger

    Another Russian with info on Trump killed

  9. TexasTiger

    Another Russian with info on Trump killed

    If someone wants to start a thread where you layout what you think is a convincing case for the Clintons killing Vince Foster, go ahead. Don’t derail other threads with mindless, substance-free crap. I don’t think you can make a case because if you could, it would have been made already— Lord knows the Right would love to convince the Clintons of something, anything. But knock yourself out. But keep the crazy stupid off other threads on other topics. If crazy stupid is all you got, stay on the smack forum where stupid crazy thrives and you’re at home.
  10. TexasTiger

    Another Russian with info on Trump killed

    Only the ones with a functioning brain.
  11. You should be glad I’m respecting the legal profession.
  12. TexasTiger

    More winning

  13. Counsel. Not a hack.