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  1. You don’t need a traditional cable subscription to get the ESPN suite of channels.
  2. That’s also helped us get two teams in the playoffs, though.
  3. Stanford and Berkeley are good academic gets and adds the Bay Area. Arizona has a growing tv audience. It wouldn’t surprise me that Oregon and Washington legislators may want to assure their other schools aren’t left out.
  4. If the Big 10 has a countermove, it’s not taking on Kansas, OK St and Iowa St— it’s merging with the PAC 12
  5. If additional teams include Ohio State, MI, Clemson and FSU, it makes perfect sense financially.
  6. MI for basketball. FSU for circus training .
  7. But let’s leave Notre Dame out. 😏
  8. Nick has clearly positioned his team better for the fall thus far. Hopefully Harsin catches up.
  9. Nick Saban has added to his talent advantage by leading his guys to be best prepared for a known problem with a readily available, although imperfect, solution. That ain’t virtue signaling, brother, that’s smart leadership.
  10. This is just you rationalizing the fact that you don’t think you have to give a damn about anyone other than yourself.
  11. The problem with waiting on folks to acquire the virus is that every person getting it becomes an incubator for mutation of the virus and mutations may not be as well prevented by the vaccine. Reaching herd immunity more quickly through vaccination makes mutations far less likely and hastens getting “back to normal,” or close to it. The current situation with large segments avoiding the vaccine allows for a series of mutations that continue for some time.
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