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  1. We can respond better to hurricanes, we can prevent (delay) some funerals, we can prevent Some fires and respond better to others.
  2. “You use these...things...they confuse me. These things called “facts”— objective data points based in reality— what am I supposed to do with those? They have no place in my MAGA world,” exclaimed an exasperated Sweet Sue.
  3. Is the opposite ignoring any governmental responsibility in how we address them? Because that’s the Republican approach you embrace.
  4. Trump’s grievance culture— him and his followers see every incident as part of a plot against Trump. But don’t call that a cult.
  5. Anyone hear any info? Testified all day and pushed back on WH privilege claims since it doesn’t apply when there is government misconduct.
  6. Got any energy source that doesn’t have any downsides?
  7. That’s one approach to avoiding facts! Dismiss everything you don’t want to believe! 👍🏻