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  1. Then act like you know and quit spouting nonsense.
  2. Stay ignant. It was a Heritage hatched program that was Romneycare before it became Obamacare. Now there's only one party that can change it. You're a typical modern day Republican-- just wanna bitch and whine, and never be accountable.
  3. Works better in blue states where repugs aren't sabotaging it. Republicans control all levers of power and polls show most folks want it fixed. Republicans will demonstrate they are incapable of governing. Their call. They own it now. Brit Hume‏ @brithume Political reality: the GOP majority, after trying and failing to undo it, now owns Obamacare as it gradually collapses. On them now.3:09 PM · Mar 24, 2017 from Florida, USA
  4. Flynn appears to have the most exposure at this point.
  5. If Trump would sign a bill Ted supports, he'd take it. You don't refuse to legislate because the President is a moron.
  6. Yep. Unwatchable. Instead of surrogates, have a panel of credible journalists across a range of publications.
  7. If he's willing to sign a good law, Dems should work with Republicans on good legislation and give him the opportunity. At the same time, call him out on everything that warrants it.
  8. Hardly. Read again. You voted for the let's make a deal guy. Let him get to work for a change. Bipartisan fix.
  9. Time to fix it. Who's in charge? Who knows how to deal? Who knows how to govern?
  10. Thanks. Context is key for honest conversation.
  11. What a stupid conclusion.
  12. Link?
  13. Gotta a link to why the SOS would have said that?
  14. Who exactly said that thing you have in quotation marks? btw, Republicans would have voted on a pulled together crap pile no one had read if they could've mustered the votes . Everything you guys complain about 100x worse. Grow up. Own it.
  15. Ayn Rand ideologue-- self serving is central to the ideology.