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  1. TexasTiger

    A Heads up for Late NSD.

    Take care of yourself, E! 👍
  2. TexasTiger

    The vindication of Nancy Pelosi

    The president can’t sign it if they don’t pass it. McConnell is the worst majority leader ever.
  3. Tiffany left out again.
  4. TexasTiger

    Take That Pelosi

    The oldest child on the site endorses the infantile President. Expected.
  5. Or hotel/resort/golf club “fees.”
  6. TexasTiger

    Trump recklessly sabotages economy

    When did I call him stupid? Dishonest, a con man, incompetent and probably a career criminal. Amoral, narcissistic, hateful, vindictive, mean-spirited— but stupid? Nah. He’s intuitive. He’s got a certain genius. It ain’t stable, though. He’s your kind of guy- I guess you see yourself in him. He speaks for you. He’s so incompetent he won a Presidency he didn’t want. He’s so incompetent he’s slowing the economy because Americans don’t want to go in even more debt for a useless wall that he swore Mexico would pay for.
  7. TexasTiger

    Trump recklessly sabotages economy

    Classic con man. Still amazed people can’t see that.
  8. TexasTiger

    Trump recklessly sabotages economy

    No made up speculation. He’s doing his best to mess up a decent economy . But you stay ignant.
  9. “While the economic gashes aren’t enough to derail the recovery, now in its 10th year, they appear to be at least temporarily diminishing the vigor of an expansion that was already projected to slow in 2019. Output is now expected to grow at a 2.2% pace in the first quarter, less than an estimated 3.1% growth recorded in 2018.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/shutdown-pinches-economic-growth-11547423636?mod=hp_lead_pos3
  10. TexasTiger

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    He’s staying until he leaves.
  11. TexasTiger

    The Beginning of the End?

    I’m sure he’ll be absolutely lousy. Hopefully sane. Hopefully loyal to the USA.
  12. TexasTiger

    The Beginning of the End?

    Depends on what was done.
  13. TexasTiger

    The Beginning of the End?

    I have no confidence or respect either— but we know what he’d replace.
  14. TexasTiger

    One Real Concern with the Shutdown

    Trump has no meaningful plan to assess, just rhetoric.
  15. TexasTiger

    The Beginning of the End?

    He’s out there and I’ll not be happy with him. Is he a Russian asset? Will he reject our closest allies? Will he totally disregard his Republican colleagues in the Senate? Act like a mob boss decrying “rats” that “flip”? I don’t expect to often agree on policy, but is he a pathological narcissist?