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  1. James Graham QB Va Tech

    He's committed to Tech. His rankings are very similar to Malik's last year. Supposedly the fastest QB in GA. Had listed AU in the top 10. Anyone know if there's any ongoing interest by AU as a backup offer? Did he visit? https://recruitgeorgia.com/players/james-graham-athfitzgerald/
  2. Ulm injuries

    Looked dazed as he walked off.
  3. Bergdahl Goes Free

    When a nation goes to war there needs to be true buy in on its necessity.
  4. Bergdahl Goes Free

  5. Bergdahl Goes Free

    It engages a society to a much deeper level than merely telling the few who make all the sacrifices "thank you for your service." It makes us really question the need for a conflict in ways we don't do now.
  6. Bergdahl Goes Free

    Volunteer force doesn't meet demand, obviously, of continuous war. Bergdahl was never up to what he signed up for. There was ample indication of that.
  7. Bergdahl Goes Free

    Or we could reinstate the draft and think a bit more about the conflicts we get into instead of having that burden fall exclusively to a small group of Americans.
  8. Moore or Strange?

    Cultists. Facts don't matter.
  9. Moore or Strange?

    Maybe they just expel the state of Alabama in disgust.
  10. I know he has a successful track record, but if I had an appointment with him, I suspect I'd cross him of my surgeon list assuming something must have happened since that reputation was earned.
  11. By dumbing down I mean appointing unqualified folks. Many unqualified folks may be intelligent. I guess Ben Carson must be even though I've never seen him demonstrate it. But he's totally unqualified for HUD.
  12. Bergdahl Goes Free

    If we didn't keep taking guys like Bergdahl who lacked the temperament for service, it would be easier to hold them accountable. Unfortunately, we're going in the other direction: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/11/12/army-lifts-ban-recruits-history-self-mutilation-other-mental-health-issues/853131001/
  13. UGA forums

    My favorite: They did with one running back what we do with five. Defense was tired. They plain just stopped our run.
  14. Norfolk State- Season Opener