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  1. You would have preferred they had succeeded?
  2. Yeah, I'm on the side of truth and America. You're with Russia and BS. Hint-- the emperor ain't wearing clothes.
  3. Your "news" sources are generally quite limited.
  4. Zerohedge or whatever is your favorite. Pure drivel.
  5. You prolifically vomit up links to right wing propaganda without comment like you get paid for clicks and expect folks to respond like Pavlov's dog?
  6. Not if there's probable cause.
  7. Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson If Hillary Clinton's son-in-law wanted secret back channel comms with the Russians, I and every other GOPer would be going full nuclear.8:28 AM · May 27, 2017
  8. "“You can’t get a job, you can’t get a car, you can’t get a license, you can’t sign a lease,” she adds, “so why allow someone to marry when they’re still so young?”" https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/05/26/opinion/sunday/it-was-forced-on-me-child-marriage-in-the-us.html
  9. You would think there would have been a basis for tracking all communication.
  10. If you're just playing games, don't waste my time.
  11. Google's amazing! You can find all the best people there, believe me.
  12. Do you think Trump's behavior has any broader consequences, or does it meet your standards?