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  1. Folks claiming no politician could have known is revisionist history. Republicans accused those who took it seriously as overreacting. Trump was the foremost denier.
  2. Indeed it does: ”The decision to place shipments on hold for review came after U.S. officials reportedly discovered that items they planned to ask officials in Thailand to contribute to the U.S. were already on the way out of the U.S. in the form of a USAID shipment to Thailand.”
  3. You have to work overtime to not see how Trump ignored hard facts as long as he possibly could. It took an 18 wheeler full of body bags in his old neighborhood to finally get his full attention. South Koreans are returning to school today.
  4. That may help us with Thor. Hope it doesn’t hurt us with Jalen.
  5. Of course we need to focus on next steps. But the notion that nothing could have been done is patently false and assumes quality of leadership doesn’t matter. A few facts:
  6. That and location will be what tips it if he goes there.
  7. Not a guarantee. But these 5 stars have tremendous confidence in themselves and each other. Bring 3 together under the coach that won big during what promised to be a rebuilding year— I suspect that’s what Sharife is selling.
  8. He and his father have said going some place with a chance to win big is important.
  9. AU’s best bet is if he wants a realistic chance to win a natty in his likely one year of college ball.
  10. Actually, 45 countries banned travel from China before Trump. At that’s what he supporters point to as his early action.