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  1. It's not uncommon for a walk on to be in that role.
  2. A lot folks never understand the limits of their coverage until they find out what it doesn't cover. But I'm all for getting the insurance companies out of it-- sounds like we agree on that. Obamacare was based on the same Heritage Foundation model Romney Care was based on-- the Republican Think Tank from when Republicans used to think. They wanted to preserve the "marketplace." Frankly, I think if insurance companies have a valid role to play it's with significant regulation as in Switzerland. I'll bet whatever they had that covered pre-existing conditions had a lifetime limit before ACA-- al
  3. "Crammed down our throats." Months of hearings followed by legislative votes. Don't worry, the new S.Ct will over turn it and they'll either "cram" some other system "down our throats" or say goodbye to protection for pre-existing conditions thanks to your voting habits.
  4. Obamacare did away with plans that had phantom coverage. Maybe it insisted on too much coverage for basic plans. Maybe we should have a baseline of coverage that's lower. It's hardly perfect. Still waiting on the Republican alternative that covers pre-existing conditions and eliminates the lifetime cap. They keep saying it's around the corner. The reality is, they don't care and have no interest in taking part of the difficult act of governing. Governing ain't easy.
  5. The Q adherents need to be the face of the GOP, just as the GOP portrays “the Squad” as the face of Democrats. Reject them or own them.
  6. The standard is “reasonable” doubt.
  7. Do you think the police acted properly?
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