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  1. I’m looking forward to the contributions of Bono. Heard he might bring the The Edge.
  2. I really hope he stays— love his passion and skill set. Whatever he does, however, he’s earned my respect. I think this offense is a great place for him, but whatever he decides, I wish him, you and your family all the best.
  3. Ngo is an ass. The protesters (all making a fuss, not just those on site) are giving him and his book great publicity.
  4. The problem with Portland goes well beyond Antifa. Btw, I’ve heard folks claiming Antifa would be at my door if Biden was elected. The greatest threat to political violence in the US has long been from folks on the right. That’s only getting worse. Right wing threats dwarf Antifa. Antifa still exists in small numbers, is problematic and may increase in response to the MAGA mob violence we’ve witnessed which will likely get even worse.
  5. Ngo is an attention seeking exaggerator. But the folks doing this are far worse.
  6. Versus going pro. Those folks currently have better nfl prospects.
  7. Why announce you’re staying if you haven’t publicly said you’re leaving?
  8. Not approved and being possibly delayed.
  9. True, but this situation was qualitatively different.
  10. Portland was obviously mismanaged. I didn’t defend it.
  11. I think when 5 star QBs with prominent Dads are recruited most places assurances are often given, e.g. Chris Sims at Texas. Wouldn’t surprise me if there had been assurances here. In any event, every position needs to be open. Hopefully Harsin and Bobo can bring Nix along, but the best man needs to play.
  12. I doubt new coaches feel any sense of obligation to Patrick Nix.
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