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  1. And yet, you’ve turned your back on your country. They love getting guys like you.
  2. Ah, the extreme projection. A MAGA cult trait. Putin thanks you for your loyalty and dedicated service to his cause.
  3. Please ignore me. I’m tired of your strange obsession with me. I understand you’re lonely, but you need to find someone else.
  4. But if Trump said, “Gee whiz, Putin tells me he has a valid claim and I believe that over every American expert that tells me that’s insane, so I’m handing it over more than 150 years after we bought it. He also makes a convincing case that due to compounded interest, we owe him Texas, too.” You’d think that was fine?
  5. Thoughts on these? They seem pretty straight forward.
  6. Trump/Putin supporter calling ANYONE else a useful idiot. 😆🤣
  7. This thread addresses the breadth of impeachment.
  8. Absolutely. I think hypotheticals highlight the breadth of what the founders intended. Can a President beholden to a foreign leader just stand down and not defend a state from being taken over? The federal government does not owe defense to the states from a foreign power? Are you saying you agree with Dershowitz?
  9. You apparently didn’t read much of it. You pro-bribery?
  10. No floor. No standards. No ethics. MAGA!
  11. But Republicans tell me Obama was a secret Muslim who was sympathetic to terrorists. One was targeted, one accidental. There was outrage— mostly from Democrats and progressives. Trump needs to make the FACTUAL case for his actions. There’s a rationale for the killing— make it in a straightforward way without making up “facts”. Some will disagree with the legality. Some will disagree with the wisdom. Folks did vigorously disagree with the al-Awalki killing. Obama provided his rationale. Folks argued with it. Trump can’t just do that. He pathologically lies about the matter every time he’s asked. That’s my issue. Present the facts and legal arguments and then folks can decide if they agree or not. Many won’t— that’s always the case.