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  1. You’re such a sensitive, delicate flower.
  2. Pretty sure she’s just talking about you weak, insecure, ignorant guys. You know who you are— the ones who feel insulted. 😆
  3. Nola thinks anyone challenging the Mars/Moon relationship is incoherent— full blown cult territory!
  4. AU 64 making lame-ass excuses for his cult leader as expected! He’s like Cruise is to L.Ron Hubbard...
  5. Salty’s all in on the Moon/Mars comparison just you would expect from an alcoholic cultist!
  6. Now at least 85% of Republicans will claim this is true.
  7. Utterly unpatriotic. Totally self-centered. Incredibly weak and insecure. And he’s your kind of guy?
  8. Sounds like UGA and OK have the edge right now.
  9. Y’all used to clutch pearls over this stuff.