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  1. But we also have the President issuing PR tweets for the Saudis in a way that doesn’t suggest a cautious wait to gather facts.
  2. I find this very concerning:
  3. Not sure what you mean. I don’t see them as allies at all. We have relationships with a variety of countries out of necessity, but our allies are typically those with whom we have a greater alignment of values. I would think Canada and the UK are two prime examples of our closest allies.
  4. He rode Whitlow until he couldn’t.
  5. Gus has given no indication he can meaningfully innovate his offense. Yes, he returns. Yes, I always hope for improvement despite his track record of insufferable stubbornness.
  6. I especially worry about the kids of parents who never worry about them.
  7. Why assume something that isn’t true? That said, take the doctored “transcript” released by Trump, his own statements, his Chief of Staff’s own statements and Vindman’s testimony of his first hand knowledge, you have a pretty compelling case.
  8. Yeah, they should only pursue crimes you can track with minimal effort.
  9. You loving this stimulus driven, debt raising economy, deadbeat?
  10. This case is instructive: