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  1. Absolutely. The large state/small state compromise was a short-term solution to a problem which isn’t holding up well. Still, I hear many folks being derisive for other reasons. The fact that several founders owned slaves didn’t doom the document or lessen the genius of many of them. The Civil War amendments (made possible by the original document) addressed most of those issues, but didn’t repair the damage created by our original sin of slavery. We have a large, diverse and very difficult to govern country— no other democracy has our challenges. We may not make it. Our Constitution wasn’t built to last through the polarization that prevents us from fixing it. But when someone writes an article like this, I rarely see them offer a workable alternative.
  2. Like I said. If you still can’t see it, you’ve got no business voting.
  3. That same Constitution provided the framework for the greatest expansion of human rights in the history of the world. What would you replace it with?
  4. Republicans in Congress are planning legislation that outlaws abortion after 15 weeks. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/06/24/politics/republican-reaction-abortion-congress/index.html What if the bill also prevented states from outlawing abortion before 15 weeks and only allowed it after that time with two doctors agreeing the health of the mother warranted it? This is similar to the law in many European countries? If you’re opposed to abortion would you support this compromise? If you’re pro-choice would you support it?
  5. The absolute lack of Christian compassion for women, or any other kind of compassion, that I routinely hear from most forced birthers is pretty telling. Tons of misogyny. Some outright hatefulness. Considerable indifference. When not hatred, it's clearly seeing women as less than-- not first class humans with bodily autonomy. Mere vessels.
  6. A lot of folks really hate women who don’t realize they hate women.
  7. The “pro-life” movement once focused on the most “brutal” abortion techniques to gain support. Now that over 50% of abortions are achieved through medication do you find that more “acceptable”?
  8. I think we’ve ruled out the red men on Mars, Mikey.
  9. This is what you resort to when an argument is over your head.
  10. You seem to overlook that the number 820 has an 8 in it— easy mistake. 😉
  11. Maybe better to say you don’t appear to grasp the concept.
  12. Just shows how much weight I place on your comments. 😉
  13. I cited common law precedent. You’re citing right wing talking points. Keeping your legal training on ice or is it on display? 😉
  14. I think compromise is essential on such a divisive issue.
  15. A. Were you forced to get a Covid shot? B. Have other immunizations actually been required and did you refuse them or feel very violated? C. Being forced to carry a baby to term is tantamount to a vaccination?
  16. Whether their minds are changed or not, they probably developed their jurisprudence starting in law school. Law schools and law journals are where theories get challenged and minds may change. This is where future jurists form their thinking. Also, now that Roe’s overturned abortion laws will need to be challenged using a different argument not overtly inconsistent with the Court’s decision.
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