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  1. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Georgia).....

    Wonder if it irritates you like it does me that tv announcers often call him "Brandon" rather than "Braden." They did that the whole game on Saturday. Ugh!!!
  2. FINAL: Auburn 40 Georgia 17

    I don't care if an undefeated Bama is better for us. I'm not pulling for them today, tomorrow or ever!!! What a joyous, complete, dominating, happy happy win!! WDE everybody!!!
  3. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    I don't know if your comments are in response to what I wrote earlier, but if so, I'd like to clarify my remarks. I didn't say the situation has "nothing to do with the AD." I assume, in fact, that the AD is very involved & plenty mad if Bruce isn't cooperating with the Firm we hired to do the investigation. I even wonder if the info was leaked from the Athletic Dept so that, if Bruce is fired in the next couple of days or weeks, all of us will know why. But my earlier remarks on this Board reiterated that the reports say that Bruce isn't cooperating with the Firm the AD hired to do the investigation, not with our Compliance Dept & Rich MacGlynn.
  4. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    As I understand it, the "problem" isn't between Pearl & the Compliance dept but between Pearl & the Firm we've hired to do the investigation. So, I'm not clear that any pissing contest is between MacGlynn & Pearl. At least not directly. But whoever it is, & whatever is going on, it's worrisome. And demoralizing. I also wanted to make one comment about the Purifoy situation from 2 years ago. I live in Memphis & remember when Derek Rose was cleared by the NCAA to play for the U of Memphis Tigers & led them to within seconds of a national championship. 2 years after Rose had left for the NBA, the NCAA rule that he'd cheated on his ACT (his score jumped like Purifoy's apparently did), that the university should have known he'd cheated (though Memphis folks protested that they didn't know how they how they could have known), & so all the games in which he'd played had to be forfeited. If Memphis had won the NC, they'd have had to vacate it, which would have been awful. I tell this story for those who were wondering why Purifoy wasn't allowed to play even if the NCAA had cleared him. NCAA clearance isn't necessarily the final word. Auburn may have been trying to be as sure as possible. Anyway, just passing this along...
  5. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Texas A&M).....

    As I said after the Arkansas game, I appreciate so much your "column" after each game. This week is no exception . I enjoy your knowledgeable observations. So, thanks again! 1 thing surprised me about your observations this week. I thought you'd have something to say about the 96 yard drive after the D held at the 4 yard line. Obviously a PI call (a clear call, unlike the later one on Carlton) gave us our 1st first down, but after getting that 1st down we moved steadily, even forcefully, down the field, keeping the ball for nearly 8 mins, mostly running the ball, & scoring a TD to pretty much seal the win. I thought at the time that a drive like that is potentially important not only for yesterday's game but also going forward, a confidence builder for the offense. Am I being too optimistic?
  6. FINAL: Auburn 42 Texas A&M 27

    Appears to me that on 2 of their big plays (long run in the 1st half that led to a TD; the slant for a RD in the 2nd half) that the D couldn't get lined up. I don't recall us doing that all year. I sure hope we don't do it again!
  7. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Arkansas)....

    Coach, count me among those who look for your "column" each week & really appreciate it. Today I especially appreciate you mentioning the officiating. I, too, could not figure out the no-call on the 1st Arky punt where Roberts appeared clearly to be interfered with. I, too, thought KJ clearly made a 1st down on the 1st run & that there certainly wasn't "indisputable video evidence" to overturn the call. I wasn't even worried about it until they actually overturned it. Until reading your thoughts, I figured I must be the crazy one. If you have time at some point, I'd love to know your thoughts about differences between the 1st half & 2nd half. It appeared to me (& I don't have nearly the ability to see things like you do, which is why I'm asking) that the O line performed much better in the 2nd half. Do you agree? If so, do you have thoughts as to why that would be? Just curious.
  8. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Ole Miss).....

    I think many of us noticed the D not being as sharp as in past weeks. I note that Ok lost yesterday to a huge underdog while neither Bama nor Clemson won as big as expected. Meanwhile we were playing a huge underdog who got humiliated the week before. And it's midseason with the biggest games ahead. I can't help but think it was something of a let down day for a lot of teams & players, including our D. I think Gus was concerned about that. Under those circumstances, we should perhaps praise the offense more loudly for their play in the 1st half which put the game away. Or at least I hope that's what why the D was off a bit. I expect watching film will light a fire for them for Saturday, as watching film of the 2nd half should prevent any complacency on the part of the offense.
  9. What happened yesterday? Sunday persepctive.

    Love your analysis Stat. I particularly appreciate you pointing out that Bama's depth is still greater than ours. I'm hopeful that we're improving to the point where our primary rotation of players is right there with them. So, we have to stay healthy & keep getting better each week. May that be the case this week on the bayou! War Eagle!
  10. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Folks keep mentioning the contract extension, but 1 poster noted that the montgomery advertiser said there was no extension. Does anyone know which it is? Changes things a bit if there wasn't one.
  11. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    I work in higher ed, so I can report to those who're saying that the relationship was (apparently) consensual & he did nothing illegal that you don't understand "intimate relations" policies, nor do you seem to understand the Title IX issues that are in play. I hope like anything that administrators didn't participate in any cover up because Title IX stuff is serious. But I'll also point out that players sending anonymous complaints did nothing to help resolve the situation. An administrator simply cannot act on an anonymous complaint. Anyone can say anything about someone if he or she isn't required to attach their name to the claim. I can understand why the girls chose anonymity, but administrators can't act on that. Just an awful situation.
  12. Clint Myers Resigns

    A number of places don't allow hiring family members (no nepotism). Any other assistant coach who had an affair with a player would likely have been fired forthwith. But he doesn't fire his son and a bad situation gets worse and worse.
  13. Clint Myers Resigns

    I can't decide if I'm more sad or more angry. Sure didn't sound earlier this summer when Coach Myers was talking about going about teaching hitting differently that he was planning to retire. After the mess with Corey, Carlee transferring, lots of talk about things being handled badly... well this news after Coach Myers did NOT sound like he planned to leave just raises again the sense that something went horribly wrong in the running of the program. And here we have this great recruiting class... Sigh... Come on Jay! We need a great hire here!!
  14. Four years later and I'm still mad

    What I'd have loved for him to do is not go down on the 1 (scoring is never guaranteed) but to get inside the 5 & just stop or run laterally or do some jumping jacks, anything to run 13 more seconds off the clock! Which of course no RB could be expected to do. But I had that thought b/c I feared the time left on the clock. Still sad...
  15. ***SECMD17 - Auburn Day***

    So, whenever discussion turns to coaches on a hot seat, we hear about Gus & Sumlin. Maybe Butch Jones. Why not Beliema? I live in Memphis with Ark across the river, & I can tell you that Hogs fans aren't in love with the guy. They find him obnoxious. I don't know if he survives a mediocre season; there's a really good chance he doesn't survive a poor season. So, why isn't he on that list when people start talking about it?