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  1. He can also talk about Auburn being key to him getting to the.NFL. And he can say that credibly.
  2. I'll add my thanks as well for your columns every week. As others have said, I appreciate your insightful analysis and your attention to the positives. The negatives are out there to be sure, but I don't see what is gained by dwelling on them. I've pretty much abandoned reading the football threads except for yours. So, thanks. War Eagle! And please do the write up again next season!
  3. Always appreciate your honest responses, even when it's not what we want to hear. ☺
  4. Coach, I always appreciate your insights, even in a rough season. In case you check in again, I hope you might answer a couple questions from your perspective as a coach. 1st, it seems to me that some of the kinds of mistakes we've made the past 2 games (Jarrett's overthrow & Boobee's fumble last week; Jarrett's interception after a blocked field goal followed by a botched coverage leading to a UT touchdown, a scoop & score, Darius' drop, etc.) are particularly deflating. In addition to the points we don't get, we hand momentum to the other side & totally deflate ourselves. On top of this, the very guys we need to count on to pull us out a downward spiral, are the ones making these mistakes. That's how it seems to me, & my question is whether or not you'd agree, or if you have a different take on the intangibles which happened in these games? 2nd, your comments about the continuing failures of the O line are depressing. Coach Grimes has the reputation of being a great teacher of linemen, & his lines in the past were strong. So, my question is, are some guys just not teach-able? Or maybe I should ask if you had experience as a coach when things that always worked before don't work with some players? If so, did you have a sense that there was anything you could do to change that situation? 3rd (ok, more than a couple), I think it's fair to say that all of Gus' teams in the past improved during the season. But not this one. As a coach who's "been there," are you able to speculate on what might be different with this team? Now that's I've written this out, I realize that all my questions are about the "intangibles" with this team--morale, confidence, leadership, teach-ability, etc. Right now all of those things seem to be working against us. Fundamentally I'm wondering if or how coaches can affect such things.
  5. Momma Worm, so glad you're not letting the negative Nancys get to you (though I'm sure it can be tough when they're talking about your son). Several of my family members don't read a whole lot about the team, so I was pointing out freshmen to watch during pregame warm ups last Saturday at the stadium. I pointed out Worm, told them his nickname & how fast he is. When he made his 1st down run we were all so excited for him & also for what he brings to the team! What a great way to start your college career--big 1st down run against a top-10 opponent!! We're looking forward to watching him & pulling for him as he gets more opportunities to contribute. I'm guessing you'll be on the Plains tomorrow for the home opener. If so, I hope you & all your family members have a great day! There's no place like Auburn on a football Saturday!
  6. Hello? Chris Davis? A play called Kick 6? ? Ok, even if you don't want to count that one (& it was unique), he returned a punt for a TD against UT. I think we also had a kickoff returned for a TD in that game because I think that's the only time we've done both in 1 game. But your point is still well taken. I don't remember us returning well since then, 5 years ago.
  7. I'm delighted to have Shaun and Momma join the Auburn family (and other Shivers too). Reading about Shaun with those kids and Momma's comments here, it's clear to me that the family is even better for the presence of the Shivers. War Eagle Momma! We're all pulling for your son!
  8. I think the coach who said we "exhaled" after beating Bama is probably right. Remember how Gus talked about winning 5 in a row? We did that. We accomplished that. And then I think we took a breath, relaxed a moment like anyone does when a goal is achieved. And then it's hard to get back to the "driven-ness" you had before. Add KJ's injury to that, & we have the disappointing seccg. (Even so, we were only down 13-7 going into the 4th quarter. The final score makes us forget that.) So, if I were to offer Gus any advice (no, I don't expect him to ask), I'd tell him next time to talk about "6 in a row" or whatever number including the seccg would be (13 right now!) But I also think that coach was wrong that "exhaling" meant we were complacent or satisfied with beating Bama. I sense that our guys still "taste" how close we were to the playoffs & are motivated, at least somewhat, by that taste.
  9. Great! Thanks so much for the info. I figured it represented something significant. I'm glad to know what it is.
  10. Anybody know what the purple ribbons the players are wearing in their hair are about? Both teams are wearing them.
  11. I gotta agree with you. I thought when Anfernee got hurt that he was probably the 1 guy we could not afford to lose. Yes, our guards are our stars, but we have several of them who can light up the scoreboard (& usually have). Not so with our bigs. With Wiley out, we were already playing our 2nd team big man. With Anfernee out, we're essentially down to a 3rd team guy, & it's just not been the same, especially on defense. So, as others have noted, even when our shooters were off, with Anfernee we could play D well enough to keep us in games until shots started falling. Since he's been out, we've needed the energy of Auburn Arena to get our guards, & especially our freshmen, to play even better. Outside the Arena we've not been the same at all. Seems to me our young guys must learn to find that energy within themselves. Even so, the lack of fight we showed in the 2nd half today is disheartening & puzzling. We've gotten down big on the road--at SC & at Ark for ex.--& fought back to make a game of it. But today I saw no fight at all. I hope our guys take this to heart for themselves. Being mad at SEC selections didn't help. Maybe they need to be mad at themselves. Win or lose next weekend, I want us to play with the fire we've showed all season until today. We have a lot to be proud of, so I sure don't want the season to end feeling like this feels today.
  12. I was afraid we could come out flat in this one. We had Kentucky last Wed, then Bama next Wed, so this 1 looked like a trap game. We came out tight against Kentucky but played good D which kept us in it. We didn't do anything well in the 1st half today. Then we lost Anfernee. Really tough but we fought like hell in the 2nd half even though we still couldn't shoot it in the ocean. I love this team's heart! Come on UGa! We need a break today!!
  13. Just read an article on ESPN about the FBI probe. Of the 3 cases they're prosecuting, it may be that the 1 involving Chuck is not the same level of seriousness (not that it isn't serious) as the other 2. The other 2 seem to involve Adidas (obviously the Louisville case does) & agents who work for them & tons of money. And it seems the FBI has lots more material (wiretaps, bank account records, etc) from which to draw evidence in those cases. I'm hoping that means less impact on us.
  14. I noticed Kennedy's demeanor when we played them a couple of weeks ago at our place. He just looked angry the whole game. I also commented then (as someone did here about this game) that I was surprised he conceded the game so early. Down 9 pts with a minute to go is tough but not so impossible that you don't even try. If they foul us a couple times, we miss a couple, they manage to hit a couple 3s, then maybe we get really tight going back to the line in the last 20 secs. I'm actually pretty confident that we would handle that scenario just fine, but I still don't understand not even trying. Then there's the perfunctory handshake thing... I wonder about him. Glad he's not ours.