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  1. I used to have a lot of respect for the Oregon program & fans, but I'm having to reconsider. Whining about Michael Dyer's run after all these years is kinda pathetic. I'm sure they think he was down (though the refs & the announcers that night disagreed, & they weren't Auburn fans), but geez! And if Michael had been down that wouldn't have given them the game. We still had the ball, still had time, still had Cam. Now they're going to whine about Bo's 4th down run? I, too, thought Bo got a bad spot--I thought the replays showed the ball was clearly past the yard marker when his knee was down so that he made the 1st down clearly. As others have pointed out, that play only happened because of the awful no call on PI against Sal the play before, so they need to just give that a rest. But here's the clincher on this reconsideration... Many of my family members went to Dallas, & as they were in line to get through security & into the stadium, an Oregon fan told them that their basketball team was better than ours & should have been in the Final 4 instead of us! Wow! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Glad you're back with your analysis, Coach. I always enjoy your posts, & I always learn something. I appreciate you taking the time to write out your thoughts. War Eagle!
  3. Mentioning the MSU and UT games reminds me painfully of an area where the D must improve, and that's 3rd downs. I'd love for someone who really understands defense to explain why we were so often so bad on 3rd and long. I got to the point of praying for a 3rd and 2 rather than a 3rd and 12. The UT game was excruciating in this regard. Why were we so bad on 3rd and long? And will we be better?
  4. There have been articles in the news & statements by TV commentators about the ncaa basketball scandal generally & about LSU & Will Wade specifically wherein references to Auburn were included. One in particular claimed LSU & Auburn are causing a decline in ethics in the SEC. I'm glad Marshall has gone to the trouble of setting forth how unfair such claims are. Bruce has obviously not done what Will Wade appears to have done, but neither did Chuck. As the prosecutors said explicitly during his recent court appearance, Chuck did what he did for his personal enrichment. He took bribes to get players already at Auburn to sign with a particular agent. I'm still mad at Chuck for what he did, but that's not in the same ballpark as what appears to have happened with shoe companies, schools wearing their gear, & recruits. It infuriates me when we're linked to that scandal. Good for Marshall for setting forth how wrong that linkage is.
  5. I didn't think anything or anyone could make me smile today but you have! Thanks for reminding me how good we have it even after a loss like this! War Eagle fellow hurting Aubies! We're still Aubies!
  6. I'm so incredibly proud of this team. To get the deck after bad losses at home to Ole Miss & a butt-whipping at Rupp and regroup to win an SEC tournament championship, to regroup after Chuma's injury and won a Midwest regional championship, to play Virginia to the wire without Chuma-- all of that is amazing and worth every accolade they get. I love them! But all of that is why losing like we did hurts so much. Not a judgment call but a.missed call that would have sealed the game for us. My nephew called it immediately. Ja Morant called it immediately on Twitter. Apparently so did a bunch of other people on Twitter. So how do those refs.miss that call in a game like tbis? This team just didn't deserve to have their great run end this way. But it was indeed a great run! They're terrific! I love what they accomplished! The greatest ever & the continuation of what started last year! I can't wait for what comes next!
  7. Don't mind admitting I'm way superstitious! I wore my orange sneakers for the UT game in Auburn & have worn them for every game since! Will definitely have them on tomorrow! 😁
  8. Nobody picked us to beat UT in the SEC championship game. I didn't hear anyone pick us to beat Kansas, NC, or Kentucky except Sir Charles! So please let no one pick us against UVa!
  9. So a couple of questions for those of you who understand the x's & o's really well. Does it help us against the packline defense that we have multiple shooters? Obviously we'd love for Bryce to take most of our 3s (and oh! how I wish Chuma was playing! he's been deadly from 3 during this streak) but we're ready for Samir, Anfernee, Danjel, even J'von to shoot, & Jared as well if he's not the one driving & kicking (though I hope he's been in the gym this week; his long range shot has been off lately). So, does that help us against the packline D? 2nd question... In a tight game late or with the lead late we like to spread the floor & put the ball in Jared's hands to drive & score late in the shot clock or get fouled. Can we do that against the packline D? It looks to me like we can't, so we'll have to employ a different strategy to finish a game. Am I right about that? (Hope I'm not.) Thanks to the knowledgeable ones who can shed some light for me.
  10. JwgreDeux, really appreciate your analysis. You show how we.have opportunities. The low point of the season for me wasn't the blowout at Rupp but the loss to Old Miss at home. My memory is that we took a bunch of bad shots and couldn't hit a thing. As someone else mentioned, we're playing much less selfishly now and shooting much better. If our shots keep falling we have, as Sir Charles said, a shooter's chance! Your analysis confirms that. Thanks!
  11. He can also talk about Auburn being key to him getting to the.NFL. And he can say that credibly.
  12. I'll add my thanks as well for your columns every week. As others have said, I appreciate your insightful analysis and your attention to the positives. The negatives are out there to be sure, but I don't see what is gained by dwelling on them. I've pretty much abandoned reading the football threads except for yours. So, thanks. War Eagle! And please do the write up again next season!
  13. Always appreciate your honest responses, even when it's not what we want to hear. ☺
  14. Coach, I always appreciate your insights, even in a rough season. In case you check in again, I hope you might answer a couple questions from your perspective as a coach. 1st, it seems to me that some of the kinds of mistakes we've made the past 2 games (Jarrett's overthrow & Boobee's fumble last week; Jarrett's interception after a blocked field goal followed by a botched coverage leading to a UT touchdown, a scoop & score, Darius' drop, etc.) are particularly deflating. In addition to the points we don't get, we hand momentum to the other side & totally deflate ourselves. On top of this, the very guys we need to count on to pull us out a downward spiral, are the ones making these mistakes. That's how it seems to me, & my question is whether or not you'd agree, or if you have a different take on the intangibles which happened in these games? 2nd, your comments about the continuing failures of the O line are depressing. Coach Grimes has the reputation of being a great teacher of linemen, & his lines in the past were strong. So, my question is, are some guys just not teach-able? Or maybe I should ask if you had experience as a coach when things that always worked before don't work with some players? If so, did you have a sense that there was anything you could do to change that situation? 3rd (ok, more than a couple), I think it's fair to say that all of Gus' teams in the past improved during the season. But not this one. As a coach who's "been there," are you able to speculate on what might be different with this team? Now that's I've written this out, I realize that all my questions are about the "intangibles" with this team--morale, confidence, leadership, teach-ability, etc. Right now all of those things seem to be working against us. Fundamentally I'm wondering if or how coaches can affect such things.
  15. Momma Worm, so glad you're not letting the negative Nancys get to you (though I'm sure it can be tough when they're talking about your son). Several of my family members don't read a whole lot about the team, so I was pointing out freshmen to watch during pregame warm ups last Saturday at the stadium. I pointed out Worm, told them his nickname & how fast he is. When he made his 1st down run we were all so excited for him & also for what he brings to the team! What a great way to start your college career--big 1st down run against a top-10 opponent!! We're looking forward to watching him & pulling for him as he gets more opportunities to contribute. I'm guessing you'll be on the Plains tomorrow for the home opener. If so, I hope you & all your family members have a great day! There's no place like Auburn on a football Saturday!