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  1. So, whenever discussion turns to coaches on a hot seat, we hear about Gus & Sumlin. Maybe Butch Jones. Why not Beliema? I live in Memphis with Ark across the river, & I can tell you that Hogs fans aren't in love with the guy. They find him obnoxious. I don't know if he survives a mediocre season; there's a really good chance he doesn't survive a poor season. So, why isn't he on that list when people start talking about it?
  2. I'd be glad to hear some comments from those who know about our recruiting class. I know how highly ranked it is. Seems to me that we need hitters, a LF, hitters, a 3rd baseman, SS, hitters, 2nd baseman, & hitters. So, I'd love to hear someone's take on how the class might meet our needs. I'd also like to hear what some of you might think about the development of our young players. Is Greenwood capable of being a solid contributor? Perry? Crocker? Those are the freshman who played the most besides Rivera. At times they looked overmatched. Is that just being freshman, or is that not good news? Thanks for sharing insights.
  3. The announcers keep talking about this being our 2nd consecutive 15-hit game. Does anyone remember if we had any extra base hits in the game yesterday? Seems to me that we had all singles in yesterday's game, which was 1 reason we struggled to score. Today we've had 2 HRs, & 2 doubles.
  4. Just a month or so ago opposing pitchers were pounding the outside part of the plate when Rivera was batting & she couldn't handle it. I remember thinking at 1 point that if I were the opposing team I'd throw her nothing but outside pitches. What a great job she & the coaches have done with learning, adapting, etc. She's killing the outside pitch now. Good for her & for us!
  5. When I was there last weekend I thought they looked better than at any time since the re-plant. That made me happy!
  6. On the issue of depth at QB which has been raised here.... The Memphis paper (where I live) had an article a month or so ago about coaches not naming starting QBs in the spring after Butch Jones wouldn't do so at UT. Essentially the article noted that there are a number of reasons why coaches don't name starters early, but the newest factor is the heavy threat of transfers. QBs, especially those who were heavily recruited, always think they should be starting, so if the coach makes it clear that they're not going to be, then they start looking for another place to go (see Alabama last year). My point in bringing this up is to note the challenge coaches face with quality depth at QB. If 2 good QBs are on the team, keeping both of them is hard. Then, if the starter gets hurt... well, we know what can happen. Decisions like Woody's are becoming the rule, not the exception. So, I don't know that recruiting 2 good QBs a year will solve anyone's depth issues. It almost seems to me that the key to anyone's season is having 1 good QB & keeping him healthy. Where would Clemson have been if Watson had gotten hurt? Or Bama if Hurts had gotten hurt? Or OU if Mayfield had gotten hurt? What Ohio State did may never be done again! Maybe we should recruit 1 good QB a year & use that other scholly for another O-lineman! (Just kidding. Sorta...)
  7. That is very cool indeed! Glad to pass it along.
  8. I was there yesterday celebrating my niece's graduation (the 16th member of my family to graduate from our beloved university, if I might brag a little) & noticed the historical marker on the brick gates at The Corner: placed there by the class of 1917. So, the Corner as The Entrance to Auburn is 100 years old!! I think that's worth noting & celebrating! I wonder if anyone "official" at Auburn has noticed, & maybe they haven't because surely that would have been a story somewhere. At any rate, to all of us Aubies on this Board, Happy 100th!! War Eagle for the next 100!!
  9. Just have to note after my comments last night... We hadn't hit a HR for a long time in SEC play, but then we hit 3 in 2 innings. Maybe I need to complain about things more often!
  10. haha! Hope you saw I laughed at myself over that! Good for us! Coming back like we did might be a big moment for this team.
  11. Well, now!!!
  12. Does anyone remember the last home run we hit during SEC play?
  13. I think Rivera--& the other freshmen as well--are going to be great Tiger players before they're done. But right now they really look like... freshmen. I keep hoping practice & reps against SEC pitching are going to finally click for them.
  14. This game feels like last Sunday's shut out at SC. Our bats are anemic. We haven't hardly even made loud outs (as my dad used to call balls that were hit fairly well but were still outs).
  15. Is anyone starting to be concerned that our freshmen just look overmatched at the plate? Maybe they're just going through a tough spell, but I'm starting to be concerned that it's more than that. Just wondering.