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  1. oh wow! Somehow I totally missed that last year when I thought I was keeping up with baseball news! Thanks for helping me out!
  2. Sorry if I should know this but I've not kept up with baseball news to this point. I'm wondering about Edouard Julien. Where is he?
  3. I didn't go to the game but listened to it on the radio with my dad who was a high school basketball coach. My dad just kept shaking his head and saying "I can't believe that rascal!" every time John scored again. Everybody who did something great like that was a rascal to my dad. I seem to remember that John had the flu that night though he didn't mention it in the article. I think I remember the announcer (Gary Sanders maybe?) saying John almost didn't play. Anybody else recall that?
  4. I actually thought we played pretty well in first half except that shots wouldn't fall. Defense and rebounding were good. FT shooting was stellar. The second half was a different story. Defensive breakdowns, poor rebounding, and still couldn't shoot. Hard to understand playing so much worse in that half. No mental toughness? Loss of composure? No leadership? Really disappointing. If we'd lost playing like we did in the first half I'd be frustrated by our shooting but not disappointed.
  5. 1977 (I think) Sanford Stadium when I was at Auburn. 2 friends & I didn't decide for sure to go until about 6 am that Saturday morning. We took off towards Atlanta, had to stop at a gas station to ask how to get to Athens. Had to park, as 1 of my friends, said, "on the other side of Egypt" once we got to Athens. Our seats were in the bleachers in the end zone (yes, there were bleachers there then), & so low that when we were down there to score once we could hear Charlie Trotman calling the snap count! We had to ask someone how to get down there. We got to our seats & literally had just sat down when the PA guy told us to rise for the national anthem. We just laughed, & about then I said, "What are we doing? We're probably going to get killed!" And we beat their eyes out! Turned into 1 of the best days ever!
  6. I sure don't have any inside info or anything, but it appears to me as I've read up on the situation that we're just not in the same category as those other schools. We didn't have shoe companies/agents trying to get players to come to Auburn. Chuck was trying to get 2 players already at Auburn to agree to sign with an agent for his own personal gain. That's not good, but it's not nearly the same thing as has been leveled at other schools & coaches. Unless there's stuff we don't yet know, it sure seems to me that the things we've already done ought to be punishment enough, but since when has the NCAA had a reputation for fairness? Has anyone seen Under Armour named as part of this scheme? I have not. And I would sure love to know what explanation Will Wade gave to LSU about the phone calls that came out in the FBI trial last spring that convinced them to let him come back & coach.
  7. I add my thanks too, E! Not just for what you do today but all recruiting year long!
  8. I understood Gus to say he was surprised we didn't handle the noise better, not that he was surprised by the noise itself. FWIW. I, too, feared there would be a game where Bo looked like a freshman. Some of us are old enough to remember Pat Sullivan's first SEC road game in Knoxville. Here's hoping Bo responds as well as Pat did who never had another game like that.
  9. I had the same thought about Mond's passing in the 4th quarter. We covered well but he was throwing it on a dime. I kept hoping he'd be off a bit on one of those passes and we'd get it. He didn't so props to him. But I was pleased with the play of our DBs and of the whole D. Appreciate Coach Steele so much!
  10. I really hate the number of times he's gone in only to have the other team call time out or we have to call time out for some reason or there's a penalty and we have to change the play and send Bo back in. Seems like that's happened 4 or 5 times and has kept Joey from contributing even more. I'm looking forward to that NOT happening in the future.
  11. I used to have a lot of respect for the Oregon program & fans, but I'm having to reconsider. Whining about Michael Dyer's run after all these years is kinda pathetic. I'm sure they think he was down (though the refs & the announcers that night disagreed, & they weren't Auburn fans), but geez! And if Michael had been down that wouldn't have given them the game. We still had the ball, still had time, still had Cam. Now they're going to whine about Bo's 4th down run? I, too, thought Bo got a bad spot--I thought the replays showed the ball was clearly past the yard marker when his knee was down so that he made the 1st down clearly. As others have pointed out, that play only happened because of the awful no call on PI against Sal the play before, so they need to just give that a rest. But here's the clincher on this reconsideration... Many of my family members went to Dallas, & as they were in line to get through security & into the stadium, an Oregon fan told them that their basketball team was better than ours & should have been in the Final 4 instead of us! Wow! 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Glad you're back with your analysis, Coach. I always enjoy your posts, & I always learn something. I appreciate you taking the time to write out your thoughts. War Eagle!
  13. Mentioning the MSU and UT games reminds me painfully of an area where the D must improve, and that's 3rd downs. I'd love for someone who really understands defense to explain why we were so often so bad on 3rd and long. I got to the point of praying for a 3rd and 2 rather than a 3rd and 12. The UT game was excruciating in this regard. Why were we so bad on 3rd and long? And will we be better?
  14. There have been articles in the news & statements by TV commentators about the ncaa basketball scandal generally & about LSU & Will Wade specifically wherein references to Auburn were included. One in particular claimed LSU & Auburn are causing a decline in ethics in the SEC. I'm glad Marshall has gone to the trouble of setting forth how unfair such claims are. Bruce has obviously not done what Will Wade appears to have done, but neither did Chuck. As the prosecutors said explicitly during his recent court appearance, Chuck did what he did for his personal enrichment. He took bribes to get players already at Auburn to sign with a particular agent. I'm still mad at Chuck for what he did, but that's not in the same ballpark as what appears to have happened with shoe companies, schools wearing their gear, & recruits. It infuriates me when we're linked to that scandal. Good for Marshall for setting forth how wrong that linkage is.
  15. I didn't think anything or anyone could make me smile today but you have! Thanks for reminding me how good we have it even after a loss like this! War Eagle fellow hurting Aubies! We're still Aubies!