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  1. I'm just wondering how long it will take for AU students to moon Calipari (i.e., take off their shorts). It'll be so deserved!
  2. With NIL money now available, I'm wondering if those who follow this kind of thing have any sense that players who are not considered a "sure thing" in the NBA will be more likely to stay in college another year? Take Kessler, for ex. To my non-expert eyes it appears he needs to add size & strength for the NBA. Might he be more likely to choose to work on that at Auburn & enjoy another year of playing in front of the Jungle since he can make NIL money? Barkley has long been an advocate for those players staying in college another year. I not only hope that's the case for Auburn basketball, I also think there are some things about the college experience that you won't encounter anywhere else, like the atmosphere in the Arena last Saturday or getting to do the "Crimson Crain" in Coleman Coliseum last week. If NIL money allows kids to make money AND have more of those experiences, I'd consider that a win for everybody involved.
  3. I lived in Louisville for 8 years & encountered KY fans too up close & personal, & I've always said what you just said: Their basketball fans & Alabama football fans are the worst fans in college sports & for the same reasons!
  4. I live in Memphis, & I can assure y'all that this statement is true. Also, when he was at UT, Memphis fans hated him. But when a rumor started that he was being pursued by Memphis after Calipari left, Memphis fans got seriously excited & would have loved to have him. Aside from the NCAA issues, Bruce also seems to have 1 of those personalities that no one is ever neutral about. You love him or hate him depending on the colors you & he are wearing.
  5. My sister saw a sign in "Pearlville" that read, "Kentucky, you're not special. You're just next!" 😂
  6. I think we all know the OL needs a significant upgrade. I think we all know the WRs need to be better (though I'm encouraged with the improvement we're seeing with Kobe). So, yes there are talent & depth issues. And yes, Harsin deserves time to establish his culture, recruit his players, & build the program according to his vision. The recruiting improvement was encouraging, & I hope it'll improve still more in Feb. But with all of that, we were 6-2, had beaten Ark at their place & Ole Miss. Folks on here were starting to talk about getting a rematch with UGa & whether we could win this time (& get in the playoffs?). Even those of us who thought that was a stretch were still pleased & excited & hopeful. Even a poor showing at ATM was more of a come down to earth than a disaster. Next thing we knew we were up 28-3 against MSU, & then... What the hell happened? Even before Bo got hurt our 2nd half offense stagnated, & then got worse without him. We had leads & couldn't hold them. Could not make a play when we needed it. There were some questionable coaching decisions (going for 2 against MSU? fake punt? 4th & 1 call against SC? not going for 2 in the 1st OT against Bama--a questionable decision in the minds of many us; etc.). I want to be sold on Harsin. I want him to be the guy. I'm pulling for him. But I can only say right now that I have concerns.
  7. I appreciate your perspective here. Makes sense & makes me feel a bit better about the OC search & the seeming likelihood of something less than a "splash" hire.
  8. Shaun Shivers is a great Auburn Tiger! Always played with heart & soul whenever he got opportunities. His greatest moment will never be forgotten by those of us who got to witness it. I'm sorry he won't be in orange & blue next year but I hope he finds a great place for a last college year, & I'll be pulling for him.
  9. Several posters have mentioned some players who need to be gone due to negativity, attitude, etc. I'm wondering if those of you who are nearer the program than I am are hearing things like that? I'm genuinely asking, not challenging anyone for what they've posted. Because it's just so odd to have had a really good, really encouraging October & then a disastrous November. Some of y'all will remember, as I do, the Jermaine Whitehead "situation" which derailed the 2014 season by causing the wheels to come off the defense (that's the year we scored 44 points--or was it 48--in Tuscaloosa & still lost to Bama because the defense had just come apart). When I look at this season, at the utter disaster that is the last 3 games, I just wonder. Of course, something like that doesn't "explain" going for 2 in the MSU game or the 4th & 1 call in the SC game. Still SMH over those.
  10. As 1 poster said earlier, I'm not jumping ship after 1 game in Harsin's 1st season. But I am now concerned that the guy now piloting the ship may not know how to right it. I hope he does, but I'm not nearly as hopeful as I was 2 weeks ago. We had a really good October, very encouraging, which allowed us to play 2 important games the 1st 2 weeks in Nov., & we crapped the bed in both of those games. The 2nd even worse than the 1st. There's just no way to sugarcoat blowing the biggest lead in our history, & doing it at home. And personally, I need to hear more from Harsin than harping on being consistent & preparing "each & every day" again. Because apparently that approach isn't working so well. I need to hear more than "I thought we started well but didn't finish." Thank you Coach Obvious! I don't want him to call players or coaches out or anything like that. But I'd like him to show that he's upset. I'd like him to say that he's embarrassed to now own the Auburn record for a blown lead. I'd like him to say that he's going to look into what we're doing at halftime because we've come out poorly in the 2nd half in several games. I'd like him to show that he knows Auburn people care so much & therefore are really down & disappointed after a loss like this one. I want him to be the right guy, I really do. But today just did a number on my confidence that he is. I hope he can persuade me otherwise.
  11. Definitely encouraged by Coach J's 1st class! I also enjoyed reading recently about past players, especially Ruthie, getting involved & wanting very much to see the program become strong again. Coach J's solid 1st class looks to be a step in that direction. Looking forward to the opener tonight & seeing improvements already. BTW, for me Ruthie is right up there with Bo & Charles as Auburn legends & ambassadors. She's a treasure!
  12. In the FWIW category, my nephew is in class with a guy who plays on the scout team who said we had a bad week of practice leading into the A&M game. I've heard many coaches say that a bad week of practice leads to a bad game on Saturday. Lord knows Harsin harps on "consistency" & doing what's expected "each & every day." I'm hoping the offensive performance last week (& boy was it "offensive"!) allows Harsin to gain or re-gain their attention during practice this week leading to a better performance on Saturday. I'd really like to see us play 4 good quarters beginning Saturday. I daresay we've not done that yet (see the beginning of the LSU game, the middle of the Ark game, the offense during the 2nd half against Ole Miss). I also noted that in yesterday's presser Harsin said we have to have better offensive play & "better offensive play calls." At 1 point he mentioned needing a better game plan (on offense). A couple of other times he mentioned the "staff" improving when he mentioned players improving. Did anybody besides me wonder if he was letting his displeasure with Bobo & the rest of the offensive staff show? Bobo has gotten a lot of well deserved praise for the the offense's improvement in Oct. But Saturday was different. I hope he gets his mojo back for Saturday as much as I hope Bo does.
  13. Coach, thanks as always! In case you get back on here & check responses... I just noted that Harsin, in his presser today, said we need better offensive play AND better play calling. I think he also said once that we needed a better plan. He didn't linger on those points, but he made them. We've praised Bobo over the past weeks for developing this offense, but I find myself wondering if Harsin's words indicate he was not pleased with the offensive staff this week. To my very untrained eye, it appeared A & M had scouted us well (as you said), were well prepared on defense (as you said), & we didn't seem to make many adjustments. Or maybe we did but just didn't execute worth a crap. All of which is to ask if you think the offensive game plan & play calling seemed "off" this week? In fact, I'm wondering if you were hinting at such with your comments about us running into the boundary.
  14. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed a thread where the discussion was all about the game & things people saw & things they wondered about without anyone getting into a pissing contest. This thread is fun to read. Thanks to everyone who shared insights, observations, questions, etc. As far, as UGa goes, it's been my experience in sports that it's hard to play nearly perfect 2 games in a row, & they were nearly perfect last week. So, I'm hoping they're a bit off this week. If that happens, & maybe we get a special teams play, an unexpected turnover (because right now us getting turnovers is unexpected; geez, why is that?), Bo does some more magic (we really need a name for THAT play) or Worm or Jarquez busts one, & we go to the 4th quarter tight... JHS going nuts... You know, maybe...
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