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  1. TigerTennis80

    Softball vs. Arkansas game 1

    Great! Thanks so much for the info. I figured it represented something significant. I'm glad to know what it is.
  2. TigerTennis80

    Softball vs. Arkansas game 1

    Anybody know what the purple ribbons the players are wearing in their hair are about? Both teams are wearing them.
  3. TigerTennis80

    Men vs Alabama

    Yes, I feel flat. Sigh...
  4. TigerTennis80

    Men vs Alabama

    I gotta agree with you. I thought when Anfernee got hurt that he was probably the 1 guy we could not afford to lose. Yes, our guards are our stars, but we have several of them who can light up the scoreboard (& usually have). Not so with our bigs. With Wiley out, we were already playing our 2nd team big man. With Anfernee out, we're essentially down to a 3rd team guy, & it's just not been the same, especially on defense. So, as others have noted, even when our shooters were off, with Anfernee we could play D well enough to keep us in games until shots started falling. Since he's been out, we've needed the energy of Auburn Arena to get our guards, & especially our freshmen, to play even better. Outside the Arena we've not been the same at all. Seems to me our young guys must learn to find that energy within themselves. Even so, the lack of fight we showed in the 2nd half today is disheartening & puzzling. We've gotten down big on the road--at SC & at Ark for ex.--& fought back to make a game of it. But today I saw no fight at all. I hope our guys take this to heart for themselves. Being mad at SEC selections didn't help. Maybe they need to be mad at themselves. Win or lose next weekend, I want us to play with the fire we've showed all season until today. We have a lot to be proud of, so I sure don't want the season to end feeling like this feels today.
  5. TigerTennis80

    Men vs. South Carolina

    I was afraid we could come out flat in this one. We had Kentucky last Wed, then Bama next Wed, so this 1 looked like a trap game. We came out tight against Kentucky but played good D which kept us in it. We didn't do anything well in the 1st half today. Then we lost Anfernee. Really tough but we fought like hell in the 2nd half even though we still couldn't shoot it in the ocean. I love this team's heart! Come on UGa! We need a break today!!
  6. TigerTennis80

    Basketball Probe

    Just read an article on ESPN about the FBI probe. Of the 3 cases they're prosecuting, it may be that the 1 involving Chuck is not the same level of seriousness (not that it isn't serious) as the other 2. The other 2 seem to involve Adidas (obviously the Louisville case does) & agents who work for them & tons of money. And it seems the FBI has lots more material (wiretaps, bank account records, etc) from which to draw evidence in those cases. I'm hoping that means less impact on us.
  7. TigerTennis80

    Men vs. Ole Miss

    I noticed Kennedy's demeanor when we played them a couple of weeks ago at our place. He just looked angry the whole game. I also commented then (as someone did here about this game) that I was surprised he conceded the game so early. Down 9 pts with a minute to go is tough but not so impossible that you don't even try. If they foul us a couple times, we miss a couple, they manage to hit a couple 3s, then maybe we get really tight going back to the line in the last 20 secs. I'm actually pretty confident that we would handle that scenario just fine, but I still don't understand not even trying. Then there's the perfunctory handshake thing... I wonder about him. Glad he's not ours.
  8. TigerTennis80

    Changes at Toomers Corner

    I was in my dorm in the quad when the Kopper Kettle blew. The building shook. My roommate & I looked at each other, eyebrows raised in surprise. I remember saying, "Earthquake? In Auburn?"
  9. TigerTennis80

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    After the disappointing performance by the O line in the Peach Bowl, I said to family members that what we needed on the O line was a Reese Dismukes, somebody tough & mean. Now I read that Reese says Coach Crimes will bring the tenacity back to the O line. Bring it BACK since it hasn't been there. That alone makes me glad to welcome Coach Crimes back to the Plains.
  10. TigerTennis80

    This is what it's all about!

    So proud of those guys & of Auburn's connection to Schmid! May it continue & may it spread!
  11. TigerTennis80

    Wiley and Purifoy

    Regarding Wiley moving on to the NBA this year... I live in Memphis & have become something of a Grizzlies fan (tough year this) where I've seen the truth of Charles Barkley's view on players going to the NBA early. The crucial issue (says Chuck) is whether or not a guy is ready to be in some NBA team's regular rotation. Very few (says Chuck) of those who leave early are. So, they either sit on the bench, which does nothing for their development into successful NBA players, or they're sent to the D league where they play in some sketchy gyms before 25 people & nobody cares which team wins. Far better (says Chuck) for them to stay in college, play & develop skills, face pressure & learn to win, & have the experience of the Big Dance. So, I've watched Andrew Harrison with the Grizzlies, who left Kentucky after 2 years, played an entire year in the D league (when he could have been playing at Rupp & going deep into the tournament), & who still hasn't shown that a long NBA career is there for him (though, granted, in 3 years he's certainly made more money than I'll ever make). His brother Aaron has done even less. Kobi Simmons left Arizona after 1 year & is playing D league this year (I think the Grizzlies may have brought him up for a couple of games recently as a sort of "tryout" with the big boys since this season has gone off the rails, but he wouldn't have been there otherwise). That's better than playing before Arizona fans & going to the Big Dance? And you can look at him & tell he's not physically ready for the NBA. Then there's Dillon Brooks who played 4 years at Oregon & is 1 of few bright spots in a dismal Grizzlies year. They're calling him "the future." I think we'd agree on the front end that Chuck knows NBA basketball, & my minimal observations do nothing to disconfirm that. So, with all that, I hope the question Wiley is pursuing is whether or not he's ready to be in a team's regular rotation. If not, I think he'd be better off coming back to Auburn. And, FWIW, last year Chuck said he thought Wiley needed at least 2 years of development in college & probably 3.
  12. TigerTennis80

    What players are out of bowl game?

    I'm really flip flopping in my response to players who choose not to play to preserve their draft status. Those of you who note the financial considerations of a player in an injury prone sport make a good point. Those of you who note the consideration they owe teammates especially but also the university & fans also make a good point. Let me note 1 other consideration. Bowl attendance is dropping already. If more star p!ayers skip bowl games so that fans believe their team has no chance to win, I would expect attendance to drop more steeply. What would that do to the whole bowl system? For those who say good riddance, I remind you it's a primary way for players to be rewarded for a good year & to begin preps for the next season (I'm clearly not talking about the CFP). I'd guess college football officials, TV sports officials, conference officials, etc. are significantly concerned.
  13. TigerTennis80

    My thoughts from outside the stadium

    Really appreciate & agree with all you said, esp your analysis of the seccg game & that that game needs to go if the selection committee isn't going to value playing in it. I also think we're trending upward. Looking forward to what we're building. As always, IGTBAAT!
  14. TigerTennis80

    Teams punished for playing in Championship games

    Apart from hating Bama, the primary reason I feel like their selection is wrong is the championship games yesterday. If they don't matter, then let's do away with them. Prior to yesterday we were in & Wisconsin was in. But both of us had to play while Bama sat home & watched, risking nothing, & get rewarded for that. Another poster suggested only conference champs should be considered. I'd be glad for that. Or maybe only those who make the conference championship game. But punishing those who make a championship game just seems wrong to me.
  15. TigerTennis80

    Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    As tough as the loss today is, it doesn't diminish a 5 game win streak, especially one that came after such a disheartening loss at LSU. And nothing ever takes the shine off beating Bams! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!! (Now if the situation with Bruce & the basketball team could just get worked out!)