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  1. But if the NCAA pulls out the "You should have known what you didn't know" card then AU basketball/Pearl could receive penalties
  2. Can you please give the alternate definition?
  3. If Durkin was the hire, looks like he MAY be headed to UM.
  4. Just an opinion. Where is your proof....."Sean would have to be the second coming of Dan Marino to be better than Jeremy" I haven't seen that level of play from JJ even though he does seem really good. JJ starts one game this year and AU's only one half. He is 12-16 for 243 and two tds. I'd say his future is bright. JMO
  5. I think UGA gets his signature. I would love for it to be AU, but after reading things about his visit to UGA I think he signs there.
  6. Great news. I knew about 2 weeks ago he was seriously considering flipping. He was semi worried about the backlash he would receive for flipping and was working through all that. I only know this because I have a cousin at OHS who is a good friend of his.
  7. When Tre asked Casher "how has Auburn been treating you lately" I laughed just because of all the stories surrounding his situation.
  8. For those who may not have seen, throughout the year DeShaun Davis has gone around Mobile interviewing players at other scools for the Press Register. His last episode was filmed at St. Pauls with Tre Williams and Josh Casher. You need to watch it. The things they say to/about Casher are funny
  9. Anyway, saw that he got offered Tuesday I think it was. Seemed excited about the offer. He is Tre Williams teammate at Saint Paul's.
  10. Ok. Well maybe there isn't one. We can make this his thread then. I have had problems searching before so I assumed it was my fault.