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  1. I guess the “Defensive Run Game Coordinator” title was given since they weren’t giving a “Co-DC” title with Mason in charge.
  2. Glad to see so many folks stepping up to help out!
  3. Mason will be a great asset to the players, on the recruiting trail, and as a sounding board for Harsin. Sevens years experience as a SEC Head Coach could prove very valuable to CBH.
  4. Before you start using ALL CAPS, go back and read the original quote. I never said anything regarding fan reaction. My comment was in regards to scouts opinions on his desire, not fans.
  5. Hurt his draft stock? Doubt it. Did he miss an opportunity to improve it? Possibly. Maybe he watch D’Eriq King tear his ACL in his bowl game and decided the reward wasn’t worth the risk. Is Kyle Pitts desire to play being question since he didn’t play for UF? I haven’t heard if so. He has his reasons, not our place to judge from the outside.
  6. Man, I missed the math class where they taught that 9 wins as a head coach was a higher win total than 76. Some coaches are better coordinators than head coaches. If Steele’s resume was so good, why have no other teams tried to poach him?
  7. Done. War Eagle! Thanks for all that everyone does behind the scenes to make this site what it is!
  8. I agree. Harsin being an outsider is definitely and attractive aspect of this hire. Coaches can overcome a lack of experience recruiting a particular region. Winning solves that problem quicker!
  9. You sir are a troll. Please see your way out. You aren’t fooling anyone.
  10. Venables has not interviewed yet if you believe what’s been “reported”
  11. So his agent was contacted and they are going to schedule the interview after the Notre Dame game?
  12. I always find Pat Forde's articles in relation to Auburn comical. I do not know who from Auburn hurt his feelings in the past but apparently that wound runs deep. If there is anything good he has to say about AU it is generally made in a sarcastic or flippant way.
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