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  1. I will too. I typically listen to the TV announcers because I just don't like the delay but I'm going with Burcham next week. Exciting but still sad too.
  2. How I wish I could think of a way to rebut this.
  3. One of my favorite songs ever. Thanks
  4. Exactly. One of the things I notice is the angle of the sun during the later part of the afternoon being different. The length of shadows cast just look different and that just remind me of fall.
  5. Why would Bo be affected by what @GwillMac6 does in his spare time? I kid gwillmac, you're one of my faves. 😁
  6. I never knew the peace that I could experience with a loved one passing as I did last summer with my father. He was my first immediate family loss and through the years I always imagined it would be a devistating loss because of my love, respect and admiration for him. As I grew closer to God that dread subsided because I knew that this life is merely a blink of an eye. It sounds like Wendy was prepared to leave this world and Blake has the knowledge and comfort of her being whole and we'll again and he will see her again. It's a comfort to those left behind to have the strength of our Lord to lean on.
  7. Makes sense when you factor all of that in. His throwing motion did look odd to me but I was just thinking it was mostly the lefty thing. Thanks. I admit that I don't spend as much time as a lot do on HS footage and such. I guess over the years the can't misses who have missed mixed with a few walk-ons who have shined have made me take a wait and see approach for the most part. Thanks.
  8. So he's still wearing two gloves now. 😁
  9. Agree. I think the best part is the team reacting like they did. That's special. I know that God blesses and rewards those who are faithful. When one door closes another one opens. Voids left by transfers have given these young men an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts. He never misses and opportunity to turn a negative into a positive if you are patient and faithful. So happy for these players.
  10. I hate to ask this but exactly why did we sign Cord again?
  11. This actually reads like one of our threads so it's not anything that should surprise us. We are Unpredictable U. The reason that this stuff bothers anyone at all is that there is a lot of truth in there. As many on here have been saying all along, Auburn has to change the reality before the perception is ever going to change. BTW I had no idea Gus was installing a new offense. This should be exciting. πŸ™„
  12. My bad, I thought they played together in HS. Thanks for correcting me.