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  1. I was looking to see which East teams they play this season and I saw this. They actually don't even acknowledge that we win last year's Iron Bowl. They stop after Western Carolina and skip straight to this season. Lol, they not only make up NCs but they just erase losses.
  2. Kentucky is a beautiful state. The horse farms are really pretty in addition to the scenic landscape.
  3. As my wife is a teacher these are our concerns as well. The problem us that we can all be exposed anywhere we go and that goes for the students parents as well. Based on what I'm seeing in some areas many people don't seem to give a flip about being in a crowd with no protective mask on. The mask is the least we can do to stop the potential spread. People are careless and I don't think that school will be any more at fault than Walmart, the neighborhood Mexican restaurant or the baseball field. This teacher raises valid points about the cost of testing and such. The working parent will probably roll that dice because school is the cheap daycare for their little ones. They won't want to stay home and miss the income from their job not will many want to pay childcare if school is not in session. The distanced learning is not going to work long term and that's the delimia. It's tough.
  4. Got home yesterday from a few days in Kentucky with my sisters and our spouses. After our mother passed in April we decided that we would not be a family that drifts apart so we plan on taking vacations together a couple of times a year. Went to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. The Ark is enormous. I gained some insight on dinosaurs that I had always been curious about. Great times and great company. I had to laugh at the photo of Noah talking over the plans of the Ark with a man who appears to be Keanu Reeves.
  5. @bigbird, Just seeing this tonight and I'm so glad to see that the surgery went well and that James is now home. Will continue to send up prayers for all of you as well as praise to God for all that He has done.
  6. Thanks, I guess I should have read the article before posting. My bad.
  7. So who the heck is Notre Dame going to play when all other conferences only play conference schedules?
  8. At first glance this seems like it could work. Bonus points for a V-8 moment there A4E. Kudos
  9. Honest answer from me that is also a question - Do you think that convicts deserve second chances? Normally any second chances are probably not in the same career field. That's what is critical here. Wrong is wrong whether legally or morally but at some point I'd hope these people move on from their past. I would hope he/she has a partner that the Sheriff's Dept. knows can be trusted to keep this officer in check. They'd have one strike and they'd be out. You're right about the risk.
  10. gr82be


    @AUsince72, I saw this today and immediately thought of you and your family's upcoming move. Prayers continued for all of you.
  11. Thank you Cole. This is a very good Cliff's Notes summary of things This makes a lot of white people upset too. Ignorant and poorly equipped comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.
  12. gr82be


    @AUsince72, no need to apologize for a heavy post if that's what you call it. You got a lot going through your mind but just continue to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Here's something to hopefully give you a laugh. I just had an Ole Miss fan make a snide remark about them not being as good at cheating as we are. God loves them too, but man...🙄
  13. There will always be people (either side) who do this no matter what. I don't care much for the politics or viewpoints of many that you listed but the all out resentment and hatred that many are showing each other needs to stop. This board is a microcosm of the nation and it's really discouraging how some go back and forth. If we don't care to seek a solution then it won't seek us. The communist countri of the world are watching and laughing at us and they are loving it because we are doing to ourselves what they have wanted for ages. Divided we fall and they haven't used a single ballistic weapon against us. "We have met the enemy and he is us"- Walt Kelly... and it's not satire this time.
  14. I don't feel any differently than you about whether the mask is helping or not but I wear one anyway at work or out and about. I do know that many of our customers have told us how much they appreciate the lengths we are going to trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. Now if the masks are helping then we are all the better for wearing them. If we make people around us feel safer in the meantime then it's a plus. I've heard some lame excuses as to why someone doesn't wear one. I am not one who is on a crusade to get others to wear them. I just choose one myself and would rather avoid those crowded places that don't require them.