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  1. Agree it's crucial. It shouldn't be an "or" situation at this point.
  2. If the article is to be believed then it's not the NCAA they're waiting on, it's the SEC according to Stoops. I certainly don't blame them for not saying he's cleared by the NCAA and then having the SEC pull back at the last minute. I mean, what head coach would get a kid all excited about playing in a big game and then dash his hopes and dreams just at the last second by pulling him back? Who does that? 🙄
  3. Well since you've piddled around this long on Joey you may as well wait until after Saturday now.
  4. 38-17. I don't think it's all that close after the first quarter.
  5. Not Keesler here but it's pretty close. The "feels like" temp should be about 87.
  6. Lord that is so sad that that is "crazy"...but your right and should be safe with that one.
  7. I know what you are saying. After I grasped what had just happened watching it my evil conspiracy half started looking for the targeting call on Auburn...not that they'll ever call offensive targeting on a back, but if they do it will be on us in the Iron Bowl. Nick is working on that addendum as we type.
  8. Hats off to the Captains, especially Shivers!! Sincerely Xavier Mckinney
  9. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2020/09/watch-malzahn-barkley-pearl-re-live-prayer-at-jordan-hare-with-georgia-alum-ernie-johnson.html Charles grinning like a big kid. Hilarious. Love Bruce and Gus and how they continue to support each other.
  10. Was in Kentucky in July, went to the Ark Encounter. Beautiful country up there. Seeing the horse farms was a treat for me. Meanwhile I'm here on the hot humid plains of Mississippi but that's okay, God put us here so we good!
  11. Not sure why you got a facepalm for this post on an observation. 🙄
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