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  1. Like stated previously the portal isn't the cause of transfers but it might cause an increase. Hopefully Auburn never finds out but it could have an effect on the schools APR if the player's GPA doesn't meet the requirements due to lack of retention.
  2. I just found @Carnell submission for the football facility. Can't imagine why they left him off the working group.
  3. Owen was listed as the starter on the graphic during the Arky game tonight. Small is a tough customer for State. We need our A+ game.
  4. Tide commit Demouy Kennedy shares Nick Saban recruiting pitch, Gus Malzahn reaction to decommitment Today 5:59 AM By Mark Heim | Once committed to Auburn, Theodore linebacker Demouy Kennedy gave his verbal to Nick Saban and Alabama on Sunday. On Wednesday, he shared the biggest impression Nick Saban left on him, while discussing how Auburn coach Gus Malzahn took the news of his decommitment. “I loved the visit and the (Alabama) campus,” said Kennedy, who joined me and Lee Shirvanian on “The Opening Kickoff” on WNSP-FM 105.5 on Wednesday morning. “I like how they treated me. They took care of me there. They are going to make sure I’m alright.” The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Kennedy had been committed to Auburn last summer but announced in March he had decommitted. He was asked about the process of decommitting from Auburn. “I told (Malzahn) I was just excited, and I didn’t know what to do,” Kennedy said. “I said, ‘recruiting was new to me. I was just excited and didn’t know what to do with it.’ He said he understands, and he thinks I’m making the right decision.” Theodore 4-star linebacker Demouy Kennedy commits to Alabama Kennedy released a Top 5 last week that, along with Alabama, included Auburn, LSU, Georgia and TCU. Of the recruiting trips Kennedy took, he was most impressed with Alabama’s facilities, citing the barber shop, game room and weight room as examples. Perhaps even more memorable was Saban’s pitch to Kennedy during his visit. They were standing next to two tables, he said. One was clear of anything. The other had championship rings on it. “I liked when he said, ‘Would you rather gamble on this table (pointing to the ring table) or the other table?' I said, ‘I’m gambling on the ring table.’" Kennedy finished 2018 season with 100 tackles, including 15 for a loss, and 12 sacks. He also intercepted two passes for the Bobcats, who won the Class 7A Region 1 title.
  5. Fan since 1970 here. Not sure whether or not the expectation of the fans are that different regardless of length of fandom. We all just want to win. I can say this about mine though. My expectation isn't how many wins we will have or not have each year. My expectation is that our guys can line up and whip their opponent more times than not and if they can do that then winning will happen and it should be more than 8 times a year. Anything else does not meet expectation for me. In my opinion there should not be 4-5 teams on our schedule that are better than us any year. We shouldn't be in that situation and call ourselves Auburn University.
  6. I read the article that was linked but didn't read your post. My bad. It's still very concerning.
  7. 250 of 300 schools? I can understand that most schools might have a player in the transfer portal. We may be the only one of them with a list on the list.
  8. That loss not only changed Gus but it changed the fans too. Gus was on the field for both NC games within a 4 season span. I know I absolutely thought we were on our way at that point. I was at Starkville when we lost in '14 and I admit that I walked into that stadium feeling sure about the win and walked out feeling like I got punched in the gut. That was a very good MSU team but I think AU fans felt confident before that loss. Then after A&M it's never been the same. My point is that my expectation was raised in 2013 and I didn't realistically think that would be the norm being in a NC each year but I also never expected 8-5 to be the norm. Gus gave us hope that year. He hasn't been the same since and neither have most of us. If Auburn had won the NC game Gus is still questionable today with many fans in my opinion. You can't follow up a Steak and Lobster dinner with repeated trips to McDonald's and keep your date interested very long. Now I'm hungry.
  9. It won't matter if we have more playmakers than 2010 if our main rivals also have more playmakers than they did in 2010. Sure it will make a difference against maybe 2/3 of our opponents but we've basically got to depend solely on Gus out coaching Saban, Smart, Fisher, Mullen, and even Orgeron which for some reason has been inexplicable. Not going to bash our coach but I am going to reiterate what we all know and have said. The recruiting losses on some we wanted and the passes on some who would have helped has taken a toll. Please tell me where it became okay to accept that another team will beat us on our home field and make us get used to it. LSU has and Georgia and Alabama have for the most part. The mindset of Auburn football has to change. Basketball and baseball have changed the mindset. The expectation is now different. Football needs to get on board.
  10. He did give a clue. It's a matter of time...Ryan Day from OSU. Sorry just kidding, I just like riddles.
  11. I was just getting ready to post in a similar context. Auburn is averaging 8.5 runs per game in the tournamentwhile allowing a little under 5. This with a depleted pitching staff. The other teams aren't looking forward to Auburn. At least I don't think I would be if I was them.
  12. My first thought was Ali's rope a dope... hopefully Gus can get his swagger back like this.