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  1. gr82be

    Post a picture

    On our way to the Grand Canyon we stopped by the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.
  2. Price switching is unfortunately a very common retail theft. I've been in retail for 35 years and I've seen it, caught it and had charges filed. Retailers these days don't fool with filing charges in a lot of cases, just give me my stuff back, you can go is more common. Then ban them from the store. She switched over $300 from the way it reads so she definitely messed up. A mom and pop operation might pursue this more than a big box retailer. Corporations are scared of lawsuits. Not really sure why this thinking took over. Can't even stop people until they pass the point of sale in certain retailers. The point is that if they get that far they are at the door and gone.
  3. I don't know, Florida wasn't too happy with McElwain and Louisville has Petrino. I'd be buying my son a hooded parka too for the cold winters if that was my choice. But I get what your saying in regard to football reputation.
  4. gr82be

    NCAA Makes 2 Huge Rule Changes

    I read that statement that I referenced as it applies to any transfer, not just the grad transfer. That's why it seemed odd to me. You just made a new rule and then you allow conferences place restrictions.
  5. gr82be

    NCAA Makes 2 Huge Rule Changes

    Conferences can still make rules that are more restrictive than the new national rule.. This seemed odd to me. How restrictive could they get? I guess we have to get Saban's input and thoughts on restrictions first.
  6. gr82be

    NCAA Makes 2 Huge Rule Changes

    It wouldn't pass in the SEC if the coaches voted. One thinks it's a good idea and the other 13 would vote in support of him.
  7. gr82be

    NCAA Makes 2 Huge Rule Changes

    The 6 year plan should factor in for Bama too. 😁
  8. Sad to see her name continue to pop up under troubled circumstances. Hopefully she will learn soon. On a side note I had no idea she was the size girl her arrest record states. Probably have to think twice about tangling with her.
  9. gr82be

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Got to be pulling for MSU. It's my wife's school so we have each other's back when not playing each other. Actually got to liking the team this season.
  10. A GOOD DEFINITION OF OUR BALLCLUB': TEAMMATES EMPATHIZE AFTER SUPER REGIONAL June 12, 2018 By Jeff Shearer GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Judd Ward arrived first, racing across the outfield to console his teammate and friend. Within seconds, the gathering grew. From the bullpen, bench and infield, Auburn Tigers descended on Steven Williams, their presence saying more than any words of comfort ever could. A minute earlier, Auburn's freshman right fielder had sprinted to the warning track, giving chase to a sharply hit ball. Williams leaped and outstretched his left arm, attempting to match his outfield mates' game-saving grabs from prior innings. Williams looked in his glove, but the ball wasn't there. In an instant, it had caromed off his glove and over the wall. While Florida dogpiled, celebrating a 3-2 win in 11 innings that clinched the Gainesville Super Regional, Auburn's players and coaches embraced. "I think it's a good definition of the ballclub," Auburn coach Butch Thompson said. "The ballclub immediately went to right field and congregated there to be with Steven, and I think that's a good definition of our ballclub." Without Williams, Auburn would not have been in this position -- one run away from the program's first trip to Omaha in 21 years. Matching the defending national champs pitch for pitch on the Gators home field, needing 29 innings over three days to determine a winner. Williams homered Sunday in Auburn's 3-2 win. On Monday, he delivered again, driving in the Tigers' first run with two outs in the third. Drafted by the New York Yankees as the country's No. 3 rated catching prospect, Williams chose Auburn instead, filling a need in the outfield this season before transitioning to catcher in 2019. He led the Tigers with 45 walks and a .409 on-base percentage. His 12 homers ranked second and his 51 RBI were third. "It won't define him," Thompson said. "It will be part of his journey. He had a heck of a year. A special ballplayer. Our whole club knows it. It'll be a part of the journey that he'll look back on." Like many of his teammates, Williams shared his feelings on social media, expressing his appreciation for being part of Auburn's program. "They call it the Auburn Family for a reason!" Williams wrote on Twitter. "Love this team wouldn't want to go war with anyone else." "Our guys have done a good job of not blinking, especially in the postseason," said Thompson, who has increased Auburn's win total from 23 to 37 to 43 in his three seasons. "One more. Keep fighting, and stick with it. Keep trying to make adjustments, keep trying to develop, keep trying to grow, keep trying to attack, keep trying to believe in everything you're doing. "I'm glad we were here. I wanted more for our guys. I wanted another week with them, another two weeks with them. It'll end tonight but the message won't change at all. We get our hearts ripped out, but at the same time, this is living. And this is awesome to be part of."
  11. gr82be

    Weekend Visitors & Camps (June 14-17)

    One of my favorites ever.
  12. gr82be

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    gave that a ride.
  13. gr82be

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Successful bunt would have paid off there.
  14. gr82be

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Wow, what a play