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  1. If that kind of talk knocks our players off of their game then we have bigger problems than just Gus. We are the better football program of the two and we need to act like it and play like it. We didn't play like it.
  2. I was able to stop reading at Barfield being 2-0 in Athens. That's all I needed to know.
  3. Wrong Gus, against a big rival on the road, every game is more alike than different.
  4. This is probably not the year for that but hopefully Green would wish him well and tell him to take his hot air and go.
  5. AUwent actually liked your original post as did many others. It's not your OP, it's that Gus has worn his welcome out with most of us. It's a sore subject at this point because we aren't getting better and we know it. We're all sitting at the table craving steak while Gus keeps serving us hamburger. Folks are going to be upset on these feel good threads because most of us do not feel good.
  6. Jordan Hare under the lights is awesome but with attendance restrictions it's not quite the same this year anyway. Still, previous points made are accurate, Gus has made us the Brunch Bunch this year.
  7. Did you see the scores of those games with Bama? UT- basically the same score. Ole Miss- they actually hung in there with them. Miss. St.- worse beating but a blowout is a blowout in reality. Yes, we beat Tenn and OM but things aren't trending up for us. Tier 1 is the only one that matters. Tier 2-4 are runners up.
  8. Worried about being like Tennessee. Good Lord, we better start worrying about the fact we have become Tennessee, Mississippi(s), etc. At this point it's just freaking time to breakup with Gus. If someone made a movie about his Auburn coaching stint it would air on Lifetime. His neighbors would be saying things like how he seems like such a nice guy, and how they never thought he would ever kill a football program.
  9. The unannounced elite doesn't usually turn out well for us. Hope they didn't watch this game to help them make a decision.
  10. That only makes sense. You shouldn't go to war without your Tank.
  11. Who is Smith? Drawing blank there. Is it supposed to be Smart? If so, Gus is probably the best Auburn coach in Georgia program history too.
  12. I don't have an issue with your thread as much as the tangents that these threads get off on. They tend to run full circle and repeat a lot of things in other threads. And they may or may not be your threads, that wasn't really the point of my post because I wasn't directing it at you. You aren't the only one posting. Just in general some of the arguments and excuses are tired.
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