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  1. I bought the ones that were waterproof/resistant and really like them. I hated the white bottom look though so I bought the blue ones with the blue soles. So light weight you forget your wearing shoes.
  2. Yeah, let's switch to Nike basketball shoes. Zion highly recommends.
  3. My wife is a big Winnie the Pooh fan and over the years I've noticed that the little guy is quite intelligent for a self described bear of very little brain. This is where I hope Auburn is with these two coaches..
  4. We used to do that in the backyard as kids. We'd call out "pass punt" because we could throw it further than we could kick it at that time. Not that I'm buying Harsin doing that but at this point I don't think we can discount anything. I'll say one thing, no more comparisons to Barfield... we need to show some respect to Barfield. Even he wasn't this inept.
  5. I kinda feel bad for not feeling bad. I didn't want to lose I just don't expect to win anymore.
  6. It's hard to admit this but I do agree. Harsin isn't even trying at this point.
  7. We have a few Harsin fans on here that apparently think it's a breeze. They are comfortable losing.
  8. Sounds like you may have the best setup. 😃
  9. Just saw a commercial on ESPN stating that ESPN was no longer on Sling and Dish and to contact Disney. Who do they think they are reaching with that if the Dish and Sling customers can't see it???🙄
  10. Sorry to hear that. Understand though. I used to have a Sprint phone for work and it had no reception at home. Sounds like a good thing but when one day was a work from home day it sucked.
  11. I have the ESPN channels. It might happen at some point but looks like Dish and Sling we're the ones affected for now. The best thing about YouTube TV is there is no contract. You can leave anytime you want.
  12. I switched to YouTube in April and actually have more channel options for less money. I recommend it. I was hesitant for over a year but finally decided to switch and I'm glad I did.
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