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  1. gr82be

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Haven't seen this mentioned before because it's pretty way out there but I like the thinking. I like the Petrie Hall suggestion. You could even make a large walkover from the second floor and keep Heisman Drive running under it.
  2. gr82be

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Great name indeed. Pretty sure it was a student. Cliff gave us some fun basketball to watch for sure.
  3. gr82be

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    I remember a sign someone brought to the game that read "Nobody packs your lunch like Momadou." One of the best signs I've ever seen.
  4. gr82be

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    Auburn University, founding member of 7 on 7 major college football... Nice.
  5. gr82be

    Time for a little Sunshine Pumping

    The VW Beetle (Beatle) also had a license plate that read 28 IF. Supposedly Paul was 27 at the time he was rumored to have died. He would have been 28 if he had been alive at that time.
  6. Hadn't seen this before today. This would definitely add a twist to OT. If both teams aren't going to be guaranteed a possession as the NFL does then I like this much better. Apologies for the portion that's a little hard to read because of font size. The perfect overtime format was proposed 17 years ago, and it's time college football adopted it By Tom Fornelli Jan 31, 2019 at 12:20 pm ET • 9 min read Overtime in football is a popular topic these days. With both of the NFL's conference championship games going to overtime a couple of weeks ago, some have been wondering whether it's time for the NFL to change its overtime format. The fact the Chiefs never got the ball in an overtime loss to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game made fans question whether it was sensible for the NFL to have an overtime format that makes it possible a team never gets the ball. Many have suggested the NFL adopt an overtime format similar to that used in college football. In the college game, each team gets a possession starting at the opponent's 25-yard line in each overtime period. They then either score (whether a touchdown or field goal) or do not, and if both teams are still tied after the period, they go to another overtime. If the game remains tied after two overtime periods, teams must go for a two-point conversion following touchdowns. More often than not, this leads to games ending quicker in overtime, though last year we saw LSU and Texas A&M go seven overtimes before settling things, and even though that's a rare occurrence, it has the NCAA wondering whether or not it should reconsider its overtime format. And the NCAA should debate that concept, but not because of the Texas A&M-LSU affair. College should change its overtime format because, even if it's better than then the one used in the NFL, it's far from perfect. I've always felt that the smartest thing the college game could do would be to have the offense's starting field position move back with each overtime period. So if the teams start at the 25 in the first overtime, the second overtime would begin at the 35, the third at the 40, then the 45, and should it extend that long, as far back as the 50. I doubt many games would get that far. While I liked that idea, last week, by sheer chance, I came across an overtime concept I'd never heard before. It was an idea that struck me as brilliant and the absolute best way to settle things in overtime at both the college and professional levels. I came across the idea via a tweet from Matt Hinton, but as Hinton informed me, the idea first surfaced way back in 2002 from an electrical engineer and Green Bay Packers fan named Chris Quanbeck. The idea was simple. Overtime should begin with an auction of the football. View image on Twitter Of the options available in the proposal, the silent auction makes the most sense. The coach of each team would inform the officials of where they'd be willing to begin overtime with possession of the ball without the other team knowing. Then, whichever team is willing to start furthest from the opponent's goal line would get the ball. So, if Nick Saban said he'd start at the Alabama 30 but Dabo Swinney said he'd start at the Clemson 25, Clemson would get the ball, and the first team to score would win. Both teams would have had a chance to possess the ball that wasn't dependent on the flip of a coin but their own choice. It would bring a whole new level of strategy to the game as well. If you have a fantastic defense, you could tank the auction process. You could tell the refs you were willing to start at your opponent's 10-yard line and hope your opponent says it will begin at its own 25. Then, you'd hope for a quick three-and-out and much better field position following a punt than you would have had if you had bid with your own 20-yard line. Of course, you'd also run the risk of your opponent saying they're only willing to start at your 15, so now you've given them the ball at the 15, and they're a 32-yard field goal away from ending the game. I mean, it's easy to envision coaches losing their jobs over this. That's horrible for coaches -- who already get fired for a billion different reasons as is -- but it would be fun as hell as a fan. This is the overtime format football needs to adopt.
  7. That hurts to even look at.
  8. This is what Bill Walsh had to say a few years ago. He is talking NFL so college play would presumably add weight and muscle but height should change very little. Really depends per scheme. Here is Bill Walsh talking about how he views each position. He adds what he thinks today's ideal sizes are. Edit: For the NFL now I would say QBs: 6'3''-6'5'' 220-235 (Andrew Luck 6'5'' 235 ) RBs: Doesn't matter TEs: 6'3''-6'7'' 245-270 (Gronk 6'6'' 265) OT: 6'4''-6'8'' 310-325 (Joe Thomas 6'7' 312) OG: 6'3''-6'5'' 300-330 (Marshall Yanda 6'4'' 307) 😄6'2''-6'4'' (Nick Mangold 6'4'' 307" For defense it is easier to assume for a basic 4-3. DE: 6'3''-6'6'' 255-275 (Robert Quinn 6'4'' 265) DT: 6'3''-6'6'' 295-320 (Ndamukong Suh 6'4'' 307) OLB: 6'2''-6'4'' 235-250 (Khalil Mack 6'3'' 250) MLB: 6'2''-6'4'' 240-250 (Luke Kuechley 6'3'' 241) CB: 5'11''-6'3'' 190-205 (Richard Sheman 6'3'' 200) S: 5'11''-6'3'' 190-220 (Harrison Smith 6'2'' 215) ST: Doesn't really matter.
  9. gr82be

    Men vs. Florida - game thread

    Yep, Florida is 12/12 tonight
  10. gr82be

    Men vs. Florida - game thread

    How do you call a foul and you don't know who was fouled????
  11. gr82be

    Men vs. Florida - game thread

    Lol Horace trying to join the Gator huddle.
  12. gr82be

    Men vs. Florida - game thread

    Wondering the same. If he doesn't hang on the rim he falls on his rear.
  13. gr82be

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    Read this 👆thought this👇
  14. gr82be

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Ok Doc, it's actually Rogers.
  15. gr82be

    2019 3* OT Ira Henry

    Yes but he signs his LOI with his hand and his hands are wearing Auburn gloves.