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  1. I read back over the thread and didn't see an announcement date othee than when the season is over. Have you seen anything certain?
  2. For... Auburn to be physical on the O-line and push defenses around again. To develop a mid-range passing game. We did see some slants last year so maybe there is hope. Gus to be a CEO coach and let Morris do his job. If he doesn't then I hope to win the lottery. As long as I'm in Fantasyland I'll add...
  3. Aubie should win every year but I'm biased because I think he's hilarious. By the way, looking at your screen name, were you by any chance ever an Aubie? I went back through the thread created by @ToraGirl about name origins and didn't see you in it. Just curious if this post had more than just a casual interest for you.
  4. Basically if you make the field you have a chance to win it all. Top 4 is it in football, 5-25 are consolation prizes. I'm much "happier" having a chance than not having one but maybe that's just me and not you. Pearl has been more consistent in that to date.
  5. I think the trend has been upward for Pearl every year. The trend has been up, down, down, down, up repeat for Gus. That's another reason. That said the back to back blowouts are concerning because we can't shoot our way out of a wet paper bag right now.
  6. Not even close to the same and 64 teams make the playoffs in basketball.
  7. Sounds like something that usually happens to us instead of the other way around. Glad to have him though.
  8. This team isn't playing with heart right now. Bama loss broke their spirit. Looking lost on D and sloppy on O.
  9. Thankful we're making the FTs. We would be in a world of hurt without those. The sloppiness has continued. Very frustrating.
  10. I know they have financial advisors speak to them but it doesn't take with some of them. Sudden money can change anyone if they aren't prepared. You read about lottery winners going broke all of the time. If the leagues would take a percentage of the salary and place it in trust fund or similar for at least five years it might give them time to adjust to having money in their pocket. The wise ones will be fine and the naive ones might learn something. As far as the ones that act a fool, they will still end up broke, just a little later in life because unfortunately stupid doesn't come with an expiration date.
  11. Good Lord don't let Gus see this. The defense already knows whether we're running or passing. I can see Gus now, sending in Worm with Bo's glasses because we're rolling him out.
  12. Been considering getting one but I will just have to take your word for it on this.
  13. Lol, you probably have too many teeth to get the front row of the Finebaum show. This thread didn't stand a chance of staying on the tracks...