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  1. We didn’t buy one player.” At least there was some truth in what Saban said.
  2. Just dumbfounded for me. Never would believe if anyone had told me Boston would have been outscored by 25 in the third. Such a winnable game looking at the rest of it. Hard to understand but on to game two.
  3. I don't get + either. YouTube TV, not an option.
  4. Is he a Guru? If he's not a Guru then I'm still skeptical.
  5. Good logic. Agree 100% on Leach.
  6. In the real world this happens to almost everyone. I've been a "grunt O-lineman" most off my working life and I'm not upset with the QBs of the places I've worked because they make more money. That's just real world stuff and everyone is not a CEO.
  7. We've only ourselves to blame..we've treated him badly.
  8. If you read his couple of post, regarding Phillips being Auburn bound, in the voice of Eeyore, it brings some clarity.
  9. Yes it was. I was sitting in the opposite end zone but I remember Burger sneaking in for the last score when they thought he was taking a knee. I loved how he always played with a chip on his shoulder.
  10. No, your earlier point was whining about the schedule being unfair. Go ahead and facepalm again. That's a good look for you.
  11. If anyone wants an easier schedule then pick another team in another conference. Auburn needs to get better. Mike Shula isn't coming back and Smart isn't going anywhere.
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