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  1. Sometimes it just takes an assist.
  2. Eli Manning comes to mind for me. He's won't be remembered like Peyton but he won 2 Super Bowls against the GOAT.
  3. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your loved ones during this time.
  4. Happy Birthday my friend. You have received the greatest gift of all.
  5. 1989 Iron Bowl. I was fortunate in that I lived in Auburn from 1987-1990 and saw a lot of wins during that time but nothing compares to this game for me. Auburn was not going to be denied that day.
  6. There is a saying about the devil you know being better than the unknown. (I'm not comparing Gus to the devil folks, just the situation) I imagine it's a little scary to know you want change but not sure what the change will bring. At least there's a little familiarity where he's going. To me this just says that MAR is aware of the reasons he didn't see the field much at all and apparently he doesn't blame Gus.
  7. Well they at least would be playing in the SEC tourney but yeah, we've lost to some pretty bad teams.
  8. Not intending to make excuses and I admit I am unable to watch most games due to work so I don't see what a lot of you do. I'm wondering if the lack of a postseason has anything to do with it at this point. After all they are still young men who signed with Auburn because of what has been building the past several seasons with Coach Pearl. Knowing at this point that there is nothing beyond the regular season may not be enough when the going gets tough for them in certain games. That attitude can snowball. It's not intentional when it happens, sometimes it just happens. It's got to be frustrati
  9. It is but he just wanted the message to be seen. Not a bad thought.
  10. Prayers fifty. Hope it's not too bad for you today. I try to take as many precautions as I can due to having a fair complexion. I can look at the picture of the sun and get burned it seems. Long hair as a protectant hasn't been an option since my 30's lol, so I wear a cap or wide brim hat if I'm out for any length of time.
  11. Grades won't be an issue with Duke and Vandy pursuing this kid. Congrats to the young man on that part.
  12. @Dual-Threat Rigby, another last name first, first name last recruit for the Tigers Auburn.
  13. Space exploration has always fascinated me since I watched the Saturn rockets as a kid. I missed the live touchdown but thanks for the link. A touchdown on Mars, that's what you call scoring in the red zone.
  14. "If we're going to play for championships, everything we do matters" Looking forward to the upcoming season for the first time in a long while.
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