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  1. Maybe a Sophomore class-wise and Freshman athletic-wise??
  2. An Athlete is Only Recruited if He: Was provided an official visit to the campus; Had arranged, in-person, off-campus contact with a coach; or Was sent an NLI or other written scholarship offer. The status of recruited or un-recruited is also school specific. So a school could call an athlete an unlimited number of times, have them on campus for unlimited unofficial visits, and evaluate them as many times as possible without changing the athlete’s status to recruited.
  3. Kind of like a pre-season poll, not really relevant until the results are in.
  4. @McLoofusand @cbo, in reference to the "off topic" in this thread, I don't spend a lot of time listening to music that is not in my '70s and '80s collection. Though I've most certainly heard of Drive By Truckers I don't think I've taken time to listen intentionally. That may change. After listening to a couple of songs by Patterson Hood, I definitely want to hear more. Could be the fact that he conjures up my Tom Petty leanings but I like what I hear. Thanks.
  5. No doubt some guy just broke up with Mac Jones sister after seeing this.
  6. In case anyone needs some understanding of NIL. Below are potential guardrails the NCAA listed as to help monitor and regulate any potential student-athlete NIL earnings: Any compensation received by student-athletes for NIL activities represents a genuine payment for use of their NIL, and is not simply a disguised form of pay for athletics participation. Schools and conferences play no role in a student-athlete's NIL activities. Student-athletes are not being compensated for uses of their NIL in situations in which they have no legal right to demand such compen
  7. They may have had millions of viewers but many of those viewers didn't gave a crap about Alabama other than to see them lose. Most watched team?.. like the opponent had no one watching them.
  8. I knew that. Just having fun. Clark made a fool of himself.
  9. When Bill Clark turned us down the search started spiraling out of control from there. Every time I drive past the oversized carport UAB has for an indoor facility it becomes crystal clear.
  10. My wife loves flowering plants in the yard. I let her do what she wants with them but inwardly hate the extra weed eating. I'm sure your yard looks really nice in bloom.
  11. I'm no gardener but by the picture and your description I'd say it was of the genus Narcissus Corndogisus. They come out annually but they don't smell that great.
  12. Agree fully. The deal with rules and limits are that when they are enforced it doesn't give you any room for negotiation... 2 minutes late? May as well be an hour late. You still pay the price. Some people learn the hard way.
  13. George Pickens to the Packers.
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