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  1. Mississippi State knew they were going to be running with scissors when they hired him.
  2. Nice video but the clip of Virginia basketball 😠 I miss sports I miss normal
  3. He is all powerful and loving for sure. He doesn't create the problems we face but He assures us we do not have to face them alone. Prayer is a conversation with God. No Thou's or Thy's are needed. What happens here is of no consequence. I am not a careless person by any means but I am not worried about my life here or the afterlife. As 72 said, anyone who believes and accepts what Jesus did for us as our Savior will live in eternity with Him. Times like these bring people closer to Him. If you're a parent then you want your children to trust you and He wants the same from us. I can't explain it all but I am sure He loves us all equally. The question is really how much we love Him.
  4. Well stated and just flat out spot on!
  5. The state of Mississippi and the city I work in has gone back and forth on what is essential and what isn't. The company I work for closed all stores down to the public on March 18 with a tentative date to reopen 10 days later. The Mayor then made a stay home order in effect from the 22nd to the 28th. The Governor defined essential and non-essential and we fell in the essential category. On the 30th we went back to work in small groups of 5-6 at a time practicing safe distancing (which is really hard to get into that habit) but we did not open to the public. We extended the tentative date to April 1. Then yesterday the Governor placed the state under a shelter in place order until the 20th of April. He also clarified essential and non-essential business again and now we are non-essential. So now we will all stay home again and hunker down and stay as safe as possible. By the way, I work for retail clothing company who has been great to us. Whether we have worked or not we have all been paid. I manage the store and I have a few other FT assistants and the rest are PT. The PT have been paid right along with the management. We still have benefits too. There have been a couple of changes but it's nothing we cant live without. I am blessed beyond words that I work for a caring company, Kontoor Brands, who not only says it but who demonstrates it. So if you're ever so inclined, shop VF Outlet. They're all over the place and we sell Lee and Wrangler jeans and shirts. Shameless plug but the leaders of this company do things the right way.
  6. I baked cookies from a recipe last week. Chocolate chip but not the regular kind... gluten free. I finally found flour that taste normal. Everything tasted like crap before Pillsbury saved the day. My wife and are are doing a backyard project. Moved a chain link fence week before last. The original owner of the house poured a footing around it so it was anchored in 5 inches of concrete. I used a jackhammer for the first time and it was pretty awesome. Not nearly as rough as I imagined. I thought I'd be sore but nope. I broke up about 24 feet of it. My dog has a smaller run now but it works. We gained more backyard which was the goal.
  7. For sure. I have always been a big fan of John Cusak but his call today for workers to strike in political protest really cost him a fan. It's not the politics of it, that's everyone's perrogative. It's the fact that a millionaire is telling blue collar workers to strike in a time that 75% of them are going to struggle to pay bills. Plus how the heck do you strike from a job that is shut down. All of this coming from a guy who will not have to change his standard of living one bit.
  8. Honestly when I read it my first thoughts were about other things we have either put on hold or not addressed. It may not come from the same fund but the FOF and additional stadium upgrades not to mention our Women's Basketball situation. I know fund raising is a big part of the funding for projects but it's a bottom line thing for me. We get excited with a bit of success, overreact and then we pay the price for years. It's a vicious cycle.
  9. And this is why we can't have nice things as quickly as we would like to. According to the study, Auburn has spent $26,169,701 in severance packages in both sports over 11 years, making it second in the nation. Nebraska has spent $27,914,154 over 15 years to take the top spot.
  10. Just checking the thread today trying to keep abreast of the situation.
  11. Is your first name Oscar by any chance?
  12. Thank you PTB. I'm sure that it was comforting for them having you with them. You all are heroes.
  13. The invisible plane would be a huge advantage during the recruiting dead period. You really need to make this happen.
  14. I'm a believer in a side by side comparison in situations like these.
  15. Definitely. Many don't vote because of that fact on both sides. Just saying that the votes that don't technically matter are in every state. Hawaii is basically the elections Mr. Irrelevant.