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  1. So many of us wanted to be on the bus but being on the bus and being comfortable on the bus can be entirely different things.
  2. Wow, beating OU wouldn't be any more exciting than beating Missouri for you? There's little history between Auburn and Oklahoma but there is plenty of Oklahoma history. That's a big time program, sixth all time in wins. Pretty stoked to see Auburn playing them every other year.
  3. If he'd change gameplans before the game then this makes perfect sense.
  4. Why does that sound like a Jimmy Buffett lyric? Come to think of it this thread title sounds like one of his Albums.
  5. Didn't want to give the thumbs down to the entire post but the dictator reference was the issue. It's not the disagreeing that is an issue. I just think there are better ways to handle and address it other than resorting to name calling and piling on. That's why I originally said that it's best to walk away. I didn't even pick a side as such, I was actually referencing either or both. As far as you and Dag go, you both bring a slant or thought that I may get never consider. It probably doesn't matter to you but you (anyone for that matter) lose me when it starts going back and forth. Thanks fo
  6. Since when does a topic have anything to do with a thread on page 24?
  7. That's pretty standard for this bunch, minus the apologies
  8. So the Big 10 becomes the Big 16 (nice adaption to logo) and the Big 12 becomes the Big 16 (again the logo). Sounds confusing, unless they are just called the 16.
  9. Not fair. Tide has been doing the pod thing for a while now. I call foul.
  10. It would help if a lot of people would quit responding to try to prove their point. Obviously after a couple of back and forth posts, neither is going to change the other's mind. Of course both sides could walk away but they both actually enjoy it too much.
  11. Big Nose Kate's in Tombstone AZ in '18 after a Grand Canyon vacation. No story to tell other than just soaking up the town with it's dirt main street and just thinking how cool it was to be there in the same location that all that Western history went down. Met a biker there, super nice guy, especially that he talked to me after knowing I'd never owned a motorcycle in my life. Bought a holster for my 100 year old revolver.
  12. One that starts before breakfast.
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