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  1. I actually have come to believe that the run up the middle on first down is actually Gus's huddle for second and even third down. I think it gives him time to think and hey, if it gets him a few yards in the meantime then great.
  2. It's like waiting for the Great Pumpkin. You've never seen it, don't know anyone who has, and yet you still stand there afraid to admit it because of what might be if he comes.
  3. You found the Hundred Acre Woods!! That would be a lot of fun to hang a sign over the door that reads "Mr. Sanders" and then take my grandson to see it. Sorry, I'm a big old (not ole) kid.
  4. It could also just have been a conversation had several times between friends saying they'd like to work together at some point if the opportunity arose. It does seem like someone was sitting on ready for sure.
  5. You should always be very careful when you look up to a bird, just in case.
  6. My thoughts exactly. I was going to say almost the same thing. Let's see, if we say it in days it makes it seem so long ago... Derrick Brown is Auburn's first SEC Player of the Year in 730 days!!!
  7. Wow, what a treasure. I still wish Auburn would claim some of those championships. It's not like we would be the only ones doing it. The players on those teams deserve the recognition as well. Not holding my breath however.
  8. OC vs DC? Which one is Steele coaching?
  9. With you 64 because Tampa is a better destination than Dallas imo. I can see Orlando being attractive too. If I was going I'd be happy to go to Tampa. For some reason all football fields look the same on TV so... I'm really just hoping the team gets to work and gets ready to beat Minnesota. We could use the momentum of a 10 win season.
  10. I listened to Chris Hodges this morning. We were members there when we lived in Bham and still watch the services online often. Chris mentioned that golf outing and how he and Pat sat in the car for about 45 minutes with the AC running on a hot summer day while they talked about God. He spoke very highly of Pat and how he lived. He mentioned that Bo and Steve Spurrier were there and I'm sure many others that were not mentioned. He spoke of what kind of legacy will we leave when we die. Certainly will make you think about how you go about your everyday life.
  11. But he wouldn't have needed to buy a ticket, he could watch from a skybox.
  12. Now you're just being ridiculous. No way Steele gets as much credit as the guy from Selma.
  13. Well he can go then. We only need to recruit OL every four years.
  14. Might he want Dilly? He's doing a decent job recruiting isn't he?