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  1. Don't know for sure but maybe he is where he is supposed to be at the time he is supposed to be there and catches it when they throw it. That's my guess.
  2. Well, there you have it. It's either chicken pox or measles and Gus is just trying to keep the rest of the team away from a breakout epidemic.
  3. It should also matter when you beat a ranked opponent. Every year there are several teams which were ranked in October and had no business being in the conversation in November.
  4. Quality vs Quantity
  5. Thanks. I never heard it until the past year or so.
  6. Never been to a game there but I've heard that about their seat width being more narrow than typical seating. Maybe they think that hideous shade of orange makes you look thinner so they figured why not.
  7. I actually really like Duke. They are my second favorite basketball team. Love to watch them play, especially against the Tar Heels. They give me a reason to get excited about the NCAA tournament when I wouldn't normally have one. I miss the Sonny Smith days in the 80s.
  8. Can someone please explain how the phrase "it's been a minute" became popular? I take it that it means it's been a while. Sorry, I'm older and just don't get why some phrases catch on like they do. Maybe George Costanza's opposite theory is a factor.
  9. Not surprised by anything I read there except that some people are asking a kid questions about his great grandfather. No disrespect intended but he had been dead 20 years when the kid was born. I doubt he can tell them anything they haven't heard or read already.
  10. Actually it's not that different. We lost to a lesser UGA football team and a much lesser Mizzou basketball team. It can happen to anyone but it sure seems to happen to Auburn more. I know those are different level teams.
  11. My thoughts exactly. We have enough trouble beating the teams in our conference. Then you add Oregon. Believe me, you want 3 very winnable games in there somewhere. I like the game.
  12. Maybe this is how Kentucky football fans feel. Constantly near or at the bottom of the league every year.
  13. Thanks Fifty. Obviously preseason polls are meaningless but until we actually beat UGA I wouldn't rank us over them. 14 sounds about right though.
  14. I definitely think "hurling" on the field should be illegal 😁. jk Doc. Autocorrect is aggravating sometimes. On hurdling, I don't really care that much whether it is allowed or not. To me it's one of those things where if my team does it then it's awesome but if the opponent does it then not so much. I don't like guys flipping into the endzone from the two yard line but when Tre Smith did it against Florida I was loving it.