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  1. 2025 QB Antwan Hill What a great name!
  2. I thought about looking that up earlier but glad you posted it. I thought as much. I only watched the first half and saw mammoth wide voids in the lane for open layups. It was an early morning at work for me so I said goodnight at the half figuring that it was over.
  3. Since streaks always end, at least is wasn't Bama that ended it.
  4. That would be the icing on the cake. The OM fans I know were all pretty much ready for Kiffin to leave. If they consider keeping him a win then I'll celebrate with them. They are legends in their own minds.
  5. When was Pat Sullivan in the booth? Edit: I had completely forgotten about him being there before joining Dye's staff.
  6. He was my first favorite for sure. I still like how those mesh jerseys looked.
  7. Another logo that is confusing is UCLA. Why are the c, l and a lower case?
  8. That's always been confusing to me too. On a side note I have a new LGM that is a Bama fan. He actually asked the other day what we were, Tigers or Eagles, making fun of course. The utter irony of a Bama fan saying that 🙄.
  9. I wouldn't mind having one myself. I have no Auburn basketball apparel but like this one plus I really like the 1/4 zip style pullover.
  10. Appreciate it. It's so much fun now that we have a basketball program and multiple NBA players. I used to pull for Duke in March but thanks to Bruce I don't have to anymore!!!!!!!
  11. Good gosh Kessler!!!
  12. Not sure why that happens as often as it does but I guess it is The University of the city of Auburn.
  13. True. I was saying to a co worker the other day that when I was in school in the '70s and early '80s if there was a fight you fought with fists and then you both went home. Now, many times, one or both goes to the hospital or morgue and one sometimes goes to prison. There are many ways to deal with arguments but just walking away is considered weak instead of sensible.
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