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  1. Hope not but that's always a possibility.
  2. Wow, I didn't know we were 5-7. Season was worse than we thought. Does anybody proofread anymore?
  3. I'm guessing he is a young man who credits his Creator for the blessings in his life.
  4. gr82be

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    Bowden had issues for sure but somehow I think that if we could blend the best of both Gus and Bowden we'd have a really good coach. Gus would have to handle the recruiting part but Bowden definitely coaches game day.
  5. gr82be

    ***Early Signing Day Primer***

    And in golf a bagman is legal. 😀
  6. gr82be

    Do we need a FB?

    .....or let's convert him to an Offensive Lineman. Just saying.
  7. gr82be

    Ideas for the Program

    Probably in the minority for this but I wouldn't mind the mesh jersey as a throwback for a game. May not be legal now but it's my first memory of an Auburn jersey so it's pretty special to me.
  8. gr82be

    UGA QB Justin Fields Transferring

    How would that be? I read where he played in every game. Not sure how he would present his case on that.
  9. gr82be

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    So without knowing if there are predetermined allocations for the money raised it seems the money could be there. In April it was reported that a total of 1.2 billion had been raised during a record breaking fundraiser. Of that $282 million was allocated for athletics and $203 million for facilities. Simply dividing it equally among the 17 sports programs would allocate $28 million to football which was incidentally the number said to have been the original cost of the recent upgrades. If football received a share more in keeping with the percentage of revenue it creates then it would receive almost $300 million. The lesser non revenue producing sports would be left out in that scenario so it would probably be somewhere in between but there is a heck of a lot of money there and football facilities should be able to benefit greatly from it since they are the bellcow of Auburn athletics. Someone with knowledge of this may shoot holes in this. I just pulled up the April article and went from there.
  10. gr82be

    re-evaluate how unclutch Gus has been

    Agree. I didn't like the hiring of Tuberville either. Bowden resigns under pressure during a terrible season and we hire the one coach that he beat.
  11. gr82be

    re-evaluate how unclutch Gus has been

    Maybe he got to hunt without a license up there if they won.
  12. gr82be

    Ideas for the Program

    Definitely love the Military Appreciation Day alternate idea for Auburn. Long overdue for that and I'm as traditional as you get. As much as I love our road whites I've wanted to try blue pants for an away game for years.
  13. gr82be

    Post a picture

    This is Buddy, a stray who came to us with Parvo. He's now a survivor. Good dog but loves to bark which is a huge difference from our other dog who hardly ever barks.
  14. gr82be

    Post a picture

    My father was on the USS Hornet CV8 that they launched from. He was a CPO and worked below deck but he got a chance to see one of the Raiders take off. The Hornet was later sunk in the battle at Santa Cruz. My dad made it out of the engine room with the help of two guys he never saw before or afterward. The door was jammed from torpedo fire and they had to go through the electrical duct. They abandoned ship and he waited to be picked up in the water. He had an amazing story to tell about that event.
  15. gr82be

    Roster outlook: Quarterback

    I'll clear that up for you. I'm not one who is pulling for Auburn to lose to get rid of Gus and I don't think my comment lends itself to that. My distrust of Gus does not mean I'm not rooting for him to pull out of this nosedive. I stayed in his corner much longer than most on here. That said I'd welcome a change in a heartbeat.