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  1. I'm sure they couldn't have done it without you.
  2. I don't see it as courageous in leaving his wife and changing the lives of his children either. What I'm thinking is that it could be considered courageous to come forth at this point in his life to admit what his true feelings are. It can't be an easy thing to go against what your family expects from you. I've seen it in my family and it's life altering for everyone in some way. I just know that, in what I've witnessed, hurt is not intentional for sure but mom's and dad's have dreams too about their children's lives. Adjusting is not easy. You can say all the right things but your beliefs are
  3. If this were the media lookalike thread...
  4. Definitely the standard in Louisiana. Strong @ss offers are actually the norm there from what we hear.
  5. Just in- Bill Clark has turned them down.
  6. Sorry to hear that fifty. Prayers for all involved.
  7. gr82be


    No selling souls is needed. A good game plan is all, just execute the plan in the book and it will work. If not then they might feel some heat and sixty minutes might feel more like an eternity.
  8. Love that song. Getting run over by Bo probably felt like getting run over by a damned ole train.
  9. On a side note, how on earth did it become appealing to smoke something that leaves everything around you smelling like a skunk? Lucky me, my neighbors behind me decided that Pepe le Pew could live with them. We no longer worry about rain forecast to plan outdoor activities. We just look to see if the black Tahoe is in the driveway or not. 🙄
  10. sAUnter Hmmm, I think I like that word.
  11. After all these years and today we find out the one thing Bo doesn't know.
  12. NIL deal literally written all over it.
  13. R*E*S*P*E*C*T, take care, TCB. Sorry, drifted there for a minute. Marshall was so special and as said before, we didn't know how special when we were watching at the time. He had to be respected by defenses. One of the few seasons where we had a player capable of making something special happen on any given play. By the way, whatever happened to the coach of this team? He had what seemed to be such a bright future at the time.
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