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  1. Understand completely. Kind of like watching your dog get put down.
  2. I only get to watch about 1/2 to 2/3 of Auburn games due to work anyway but even then sometimes life just happens even when I plan to watch. If it's a big game then I do my best to watch every minute and usually the arm of the sofa pays for every mistake on the field. I still use a radio or my CBS sports app to keep me updated. I'm never too far from the action.
  3. So maybe it should be called a contingent offer instead of a non-commitable offer and that way the smoke clears for everyone concerned.
  4. Does Big Cat Weekend need a shift in focus or is it effective as it stands now? I don't do any research in recruiting news. I basically get all my info here and anything from outside of the opinions of several members here is garnered from the articles that are posted here. With no commitments from this year's BCW, it seems that some posters are getting restless. I've read some of the comments from players who attend from each year and they seem to always say that it's a break from what other schools do. It's more relaxed and fun and about building relationships. One in particular said the another school was more business and that was what he really liked better. It got me wondering if Auburn coaches should rethink their approach to Big Cat or is it better to leave it as it is? If it's laid back and then the recruits see us go 8-5 then maybe enough of them start thinking and hearing that everything is too laid back and Auburn isn't as serious about football as it needs to be. Thoughts?
  5. And maybe he'll score touchdowns in pairs.
  6. Average pay for a three month season is around $4000-5000. It's strictly a part time job, labor of love for these ladies. There are a few exceptions that make more.
  7. I would definitely vote him for best named receiver. Always thought how he must have caught heck in school during roll call. Teachers saying last name first and all.
  8. Good read and great advice. There are too many hours required by too many employers for many men who would give almost anything to be able to do what Gene Chizik has done. Thank you coach for your contribution to the "memory tattoos" Auburn fans now have from 2010. There are quite a few to choose from.
  9. Frank Sanders but I also have to give a mention to Freddy Weygand. Old schoolers like me will remember him. His yards per reception (99 total) were higher than some of the names mentioned, just under 20 yards per catch. I thought he was the second coming of Beasley back then. I had to look up the numbers but he was as good as I remember.
  10. I have not listened to Finebaum in about 4 years but I do know he seemed to show disrespect to Dye when he was on his show so I have no idea why he would continue to go on. Finebaum baits him badly. Finebaum hates Auburn and used to call Tuberville "wing nut". I mean, has the guy looked in the mirror ever? Nobody has bigger ears than Finebaum. The guy has zero class and kisses up to Saban. Can't stand him.
  11. Her play and leadership will definitely be missed not only by the team but every fan. Carlee is a sparkplug. This gives a whole new meaning to catch and release. Wishing her the best and like others, very tired of the exodus of players no matter the sport.
  12. Good post. If this was in the form of a multiple choice question then the answer would be all of the above. I do wish Dye would say less though. I choose the remember his best years at Auburn. He was definitely the best man for the job during the 80's. He should have won 2 NC's during his time.
  13. If Auburn counted National Championships like UAT does the tradition wouldn't be as far apart as some think.
  14. This is not a new development. They have been in trouble for several years. Filed bankruptcy in 2015. They have been irrelevant in electronics for a long time. You can buy cell phones and RC cars at Walmart with your groceries. Why make a separate trip to Radio Shack?