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  1. The 30 years ago issue had to do with him accusing Illinois of paying for a recruit that he was recruiting to Iowa when he was an assistant there. It was a little messy for Bruce but he actually didn't do anything wrong there either from what I have read.
  2. That's funny, I remember only be interested in watching the players when I was a young boy. It was when I got a little older that I began watching the cheerleaders. ­čśü
  3. Agree. Sullivan to Beasley we're my first and some of my best memories ever of Auburn football. Some of his catches defied logic IMO. My avatar is from the cover of God's Receiver. Great story by the way for anyone who hasn't read it.
  4. During´╗┐ spring camp, Coach Gus Malzahn spoke of running the offense´╗┐ at a high tempo and the need to limit substitution. ´╗┐He´╗┐ ´╗┐noted opposing teams were able to counter ´╗┐AuburnÔÇÖs´╗┐ substitutions with different personnel groupings, which´╗┐ defeated AuburnÔÇÖs intent of substituting´╗┐ spe´╗┐cific´╗┐´╗┐ players to execute individual plays. Please, yes, please! ­čÖĆ
  5. Unless they beat Bama while doing it.
  6. We made some plays in the first half, we liked where we were at halftime scoring in the second half.
  7. Britt made comments afterward that Wooten's injury may not be that serious and that he said he'd be back soon. No sense risking further injury even if he could have come back out.
  8. I really can't see Bo transferring in year one at all regardless. Sure, he wants to start like any QB wants the ball but I just don't think his ego is that big. He's played enough to know that he would be one play away from being the guy if he was number 2. Hopefully whoever wins the job will be successful enough that we don't have the week to week discussion on playing the other. Now all bets are off for me for 2020 if Joey is still starting. Bo may be a legacy but he's going to be a very good QB. If Gus makes it through this year then he obviously made the right choice at QB. Next year will be the year that he could lose one of the two.
  9. Hard to turn it off in their minds but yeah, the non contact jersey has to go both ways.
  10. Gus said he would change some things up in the 2nd half. Maybe that will happen.
  11. Gus does not like being bothered. Poor girl.