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  1. We'll stated. You speak the...
  2. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Saban is probably only in his twenties. You have to multiply a donkeys age times 3 to get the human equivalent.
  3. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Agree. The arguments made about age will last forever but it really depends on the individual, not a preconceived expiration date of a person. He has battled cancer and survived so if the Lord's not finished with him then why should anyone else be.
  4. Can we just let him come in and start working before we start being critical of the hire?
  5. Men vs. uat

    Calling ticky tac stuff and then they let a player just run through another one and call nothing.
  6. Men vs. uat

    I'm thinking she's not on salary, she must get paid by the word.
  7. Men vs. uat

    Yep, the SEC Network could go video only for a lot of games and I'd be fine with it.
  8. Men vs. uat

    Very sloppy.
  9. Men vs. uat

    Best name in the SEC. Seinfield had an episode about how he liked saying "salsa" . I think he would have had one about how much he likes saying "Chuma Okeke"
  10. #17 Auburn at Alabama

    I like your confidence, hope it doesn't backfire on you. I think Auburn wins but strange things happen. On a side note everytime I see your posts it makes me think of the TV show from the seventies , The Night Stalker. The guy's name was Kolchak. (The dad from the Christmas Story movie). If things go wrong tonight just go into work like this guy and you'll be safe.
  11. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Or Hand let Gus know he was wanting to leave and Gus contacted Grimes to line everything up. You're right though, it was quick.
  12. Herb Hand to Texas

    A pretty reliable sauce
  13. 2018 O Line Recruiting

    I see where Texas was recruiting him at least at one time. Any chance they will be a player with Hand going there?
  14. Herb Hand to Texas

    Dear Coach Hand, This is hard for me to say but I feel it's time for us to break it off. First of all I want you to know, it's not you, it's me (depends on who you talk to). I just think that we feel differently about the direction we want this relationship to go. We've had some good times and we've had some bad times. I know I said some things after the Clemson and LSU game that I shouldn't have. I felt it, I just shouldn't have said it. Of course it couldn't have been any better than the Georgia and Bama games leading to the Western Division Championship. That's where the good times ended though. Those two dates we had in Atlanta were the worst and I couldn't help but think that we would be better off going our separate ways. Signed Me. Seriously, I do wish Herb Hand much success at Texas. Sometimes things just don't work out but hopefully everyone will be better for it with the change. Just thought I'd have a little fun with a Dear John letter.
  15. My thoughts from the 2017 season

    Thanks @abw0004. I'm not able to attend many games in Auburn, usually one every two to three years. Your comments on game day experience and the marching band are welcomed. We don't see much if any of that on TV. I appreciate your optimism. I hoping for brighter days ahead and consistency. I think Auburn is gaining momentum but it is critical that we sustain it. Never a dull moment being an Auburn fan but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. It's special indeed.