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  1. Maybe it is all a sham and the guys that got beat out this year are actually better than the starters and the coach doesn’t recognize it.
  2. We connect on any of the three long misses an the game is over much sooner
  3. Is 49million greater than 75 million
  4. Can someone point me to the Fire Gus thread? I know there has to be one around here cause there is every week.
  5. We could be undefeated at the end of the year and some of you keyboard wannabe coaches would still be complaining.
  6. Who cares? We won the game so it really doesn’t matter. Whether he did or didn’t. Seems he made the right calls at the right time. People just like to start crap because they jus don’t like Gus. I guess it will be this way until he leaves. Support the team it sure seems like the players support his m as their coach. The question is irrelevant in my opinion if you win the game.
  7. Can someone go ahead and start a thread for folks to start bashing Gus now, for next week’s game? Maybe by the game they will give it a rest and actually enjoy an Auburn game instead of bashing him the whole time.
  8. Who cares? Play ball already!
  9. If Harper made both free throws the defense of the last play is different. The sequence of the last plays still suck, but how different are things if we just make our free throws?
  10. Effing missed double dribble that cost us the game.
  11. Would like to see McCormick get some playing time as Jared is not totally on par today.
  12. Did one heck of a job defensively today. Tyler Herro did not impact this game. Did not want to have his play go unnoticed
  13. Most Auburn has scored in a tournament game.
  14. And the dump across the state has lost more coaches than we have without a coaching change. What is your point? Coaches come and go all the time, not always because something else is going on behind the scenes. People make it what they want to fit their agenda. We will still field a team with coaches so who cares.