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  1. I am not an evaluator of basketball talent so I am not the one to say whether the talent level is good or bad. Other posters were commenting on the fact that the talent level was not great so expect these struggles. It would appear by the classes that we are bringing in that the talent should be good, other more “knowledgeable” posters said it was not. I was just asking the question as to who was accountable for that. It appears in some sports it is the head coach and in others, it is not, to some. In any event I am quite pleased at what Pearl is doing for Auburn. I enjoy Auburn sports whether
  2. Just asked a question. I honestly love what Pearl has done for Auburn basketball and he could have an open ended contract as far as I am concerned, but he is still accountable for the talent level of his program. Same with any other sport and head coach. folks can blame Chuck but Pearl is still in charge.
  3. And who is responsible for this lack of talent?
  4. If this was a football game, there would be three threads on why we should fire the coach for this kinda garbage
  5. edited post/title since we have more than one player with the last name McClain. Auburn receiver Marquis McClain has entered the NCAA's transfer portal. The junior will have one year of eligibility remaining at his new school, should he choose to leave the Tigers and remain in the portal. McClain had only one catch this season and three catches during his career at Auburn. McClain was rated a 3-star prospect in the class of 2016, according to the 247Sports Composite.
  6. I heard the interview and I believe he was talking about why Chizik was fired only 2 years removed from the national title. He said he was too loyal to a couple of coaches and he took the dagger for them. Stated that there was other stuff gong on behind the scenes but that he needed to make some suggested changes but would not. I did not hear any f that related to Malzahn.
  7. Need the crying jordon face on little Nicky
  8. I thought it was number 5 in there on the next play, not number 15 who had his helmet knocked off. But 15 could have been in there aLso
  9. Surprised we did not get called for targeting. 😂
  10. Well, Saban is not going to let Trump come back for a game because he left early.....Wants his ticket privileges revoked.
  11. That is because he got a second hand copy of Gus’ book and two of the three pages were missing. He can’t gameplay as well.
  12. Anyone else having issues with ESPN on direct tv today?
  13. they signal the called plays in from the sideline, not actually "calling" them per se. Choice of words are important.
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