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  1. If Harper made both free throws the defense of the last play is different. The sequence of the last plays still suck, but how different are things if we just make our free throws?
  2. Effing missed double dribble that cost us the game.
  3. Would like to see McCormick get some playing time as Jared is not totally on par today.
  4. Did one heck of a job defensively today. Tyler Herro did not impact this game. Did not want to have his play go unnoticed
  5. Most Auburn has scored in a tournament game.
  6. And the dump across the state has lost more coaches than we have without a coaching change. What is your point? Coaches come and go all the time, not always because something else is going on behind the scenes. People make it what they want to fit their agenda. We will still field a team with coaches so who cares.
  7. Auburn is an all slogan team and not much else, both football and basketball. How about leave the slogans in the locker room and play some ball.
  8. I have seen enough of Harper this game.
  9. You might as well send this thread to Rivals recruiting, he isn’t coming to Auburn. Probably never had any interest.
  10. Who let Alabama’s kicker on our team.
  11. Amazing so many want Kiffen. He has failed at head coaching at numerous stops. Had a good year in whatever podunk conference he coaches in, but he needs to grow up. I don’t see any of these other open jobs coming after him very hard, should tell you something that they don’t want him to be the face of their programs.
  12. And what has he ever won? Nothing, not an upgrade. Just would bring more entertainment value to press conferences.
  13. Agree, some on here just don’t like Gus and never will. Playing for an SEC Championship and beating your two biggest rivals is a good year. With fans like some of these folks I would not blame him for wanting to leave. Good luck with who you find to replace him that is better. Mike Leach(what has he ever won?) Kiffen( needs to grow up) not much out there that is an upgrade. Gus has had us in the hunt 2 years now, most teams would kill for that.