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  1. And had the nerve to run a tight end sweep
  2. But didn’t their x and o intellect leave when Tony Barbee left them? 😂
  3. Also noted in the article that all assistants cleaned their offices out and the two with the best shot to be retained are Twill and Caddie. Who knows where that source came from....
  4. Maybe it is Bo Nix in the transfer portal 😀
  5. Probably a training plane from the Aviation school doing a cross country training flight
  6. Kind of as reliable as some of the folks on this forum
  7. Someone in the stadium did say it.....It must be true right
  8. No postseason ban and no scholarship reductions, pay a fine and move on.....Seems to be light probation, just don't do anything stupid for 3 years.
  9. Bottom line is that if their defense stops us, they win the game. They did not stop us. They still could have controlled the outcome of the game.
  10. The ball did touch his finger, tough call against them, but they still had the opportunity to stop us from going down the field to score. If they stop us the game is over anyway. Have to make the most of your breaks.
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