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  1. So...does Wade Christopher have any eligibility left? Bird, you should be in the know about this!
  2. Have watched him play the last two years and I think he's actually better than the guy going to uat. This guy gets open and catches everything!
  3. I agree...one way to show that direction is to make a splash hire like Stoops. The negative reaction to the money to pay off GM and to pay BS would be short lived in my opinion knowing that you actually have a proven commodity AND a direction! The recruiting would take care of itself. If we stay with the status quo we are doomed for years...it will take that long to recover from the damage. Almost like being on probation...
  4. Y'all are young...of course everyone is compared to Golf...just sayin.
  5. Honestly, when the powers go out and hire someone, its not my money that pays them...its theirs. So if they want to "invest" that kind of money to get rid of and hire a new coach, then let them. Ain't no greenbacks coming out of my wallet...just sayin.
  6. I think bringing in HF couldn't hurt at all...but he only gets a landline...NO CELL PHONES!
  7. We are the home team but are choosing to wear our road whites in this game...according to sources.
  8. Now we all know how bammer really gets all these 5-star players...?
  9. I thought he moved on to take over ESPN...along with Wade Christopher...just sayin.
  10. Wrestling helps these big guys with quickness, agility, balance, hand-fighting...and most importantly, how to be physical. If you are not physical in wrestling you get your arse kicked really bad...NC kicked a lot of folks arses in high school. Now he's doing it in the big leagues...
  11. Does anyone know NC’s secret weapon? I do...he wrestled in high school and was damn good at it. I wish all of our linemen on both side of the line had wrestled...really helps in so many ways for football.