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  1. Prayers please

    Consider it done Bird...🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  2. Demographic Curiosity

    57 Male Pell City 1982 (former AU athlete)
  3. New AD

  4. Mods, I don't quite know how best to get this information out so if you need to move it I understand. I've been a long time member of AU Family and before the merger, AE. Its with a heavy heart that I wanted to let the Auburn Family know that my Mom passed on Tuesday. I knew her as Mom, but most of you may have known her as "Patsy from Center Point"...yes, that Patsy, the one who sparred with Paul Finebaum daily when his Birmingham radio show was just beginning and for years to follow. What most don’t know is that she was an antagonist early in Paul’s career at the Birmingham Post-Herald. Paul, for a long time, had a photo of Patsy taped to his computer monitor at the BPH labeled “my favorite Auburn fan”. Mom really enjoyed sparring with him on air and with her pen and Paul was happy to reciprocate. More importantly, her relationship with AU football players from the late 70’s thru the early 2000’s is her greatest AU legacy. She called them all “her boys” and they all greeted her as “Miss Patsy”. She loved them all no matter what happened on the field and mothered them when they were down as a surrogate mom. Mods, I send you this because I know some of "her boys" are members here. We’ll have a memorial service on January 20 in Center Point, was her funeral, just a celebration of Patsy’s life. PM me for details on the service if you want. Thanks from our entire family. War Eagle! --Warbird82
  5. 2018 NR P Arryn Siposs Commits to AU!!!

    My favorite part of the article..."American college football powerhouse Auburn University."
  6. SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    Its easy to see these things from the press box...less so at ground level with 300 lb linemen breathing down your neck...just sayin.
  7. SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    Smart was being petty...that's not smart at all!
  8. Kerryon Johnson updates

    OMG...he only laughed twice in the vid...this is bad folks...BAD!
  9. Kerryon Johnson updates

    And the subterfuge continues...lap it up dawgs!
  10. Holland is out!

    Golf, you're supposed to be controlling this guy!
  11. Kerryon Johnson updates

    This sounds so "Weinstienish"...
  12. SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    I'd like to see us do something similar to what was executed against bammer...RPOs to the outside receivers in stack formation to make their D-line pursue...this will wear them down for the 4th when we unleash the ground and pound.
  13. Gary Danielson

    He needs a good swift kick to the...
  14. Kerryon Johnson updates

    The rib thing is what I heard on Monday...