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  1. A couple of things to add to this conversation...I think there will be football this fall come hell or high water. The virus just isn't as bad as we thought originally. What we do know is that it severely effects a small group, those that are elderly and/or those with pre-existing we have them stay at home. For the rest, if you get the virus you'll most likely have pretty mild symptoms and recover. We have good treatments for those who come down with more severe cases (Hydroxychrloquine and Remdesivir). Herd immunity is the only way to knock this virus out and the only way to get herd immunity is to open things back up. If we have a second wave, it will probably be late next fall into winter. JMO.
  2. In the past, maybe but they even get NFL contracts now. Holders, on the other hand, are another thing all together...the glue that holds together a good long snapper and a good kicker!
  3. Its all about the footwork...good footwork leads to accurate passes. Now actually CATCHING the passes is another thing...we need improvement here as well.
  4. It looked like we had the wrong personnel grouping in for the play called...twice. But who knows.
  5. Yeh...he's always been a threat to go turkey hunting...and I'm not talking about the feathered kind. He is still my favorite post-game speechifier..."wrestling with them angels..."
  6. Warbird82

    Matt Luke

    And I heard that the plane that picked him up in Oxford was named "Pine Box"...but who really knows...
  7. Warbird82

    Matt Luke

    Luke was Ole Miss' version of Mike Shula...a place keeper during probation.
  8. Pass the hat at the A-day game...people will gladly give.
  9. Coach, I would add to the scout team practicing holding on our guys with this...I hope our receivers practiced all week with someone hanging all over them. I guess I do not know what pass interference is any more. You would have thought we were playing a game in Central Park in NY with all the mugging going on. This has to be corrected with regards to the refs. The NFL solved it by not allowing the DBs to touch the receivers after 5 we need a rule change to help the refs? SMH...
  10. You obviously have forgotten about the "eye test" method of polling. 🙄
  11. Just Reason #1,945 why I think the SEC refs stink this year...