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  1. "Gus is back on that stuff!" favorite comment! This guy is good...
  2. For me, I was on the hops and barley diet at really well!
  3. Are we officially paying property taxes in Texas yet...I mean we own a part of College Station.
  4. Dude made some bank on Saturday...will be a rich man next year.
  5. Rumbling...bumbling...stumbling down the field! 50-50 he makes it all the way with Monde still upright, but you never know!
  6. Side rant response: Bo gets blamed for everything else wrong with the offense...Seth doesn't. Comes with the territory if you're a QB. Second rant response: Are you seriously comparing the Sean White Experiment to Bo Nix? Sean White was having these issues in year 1, 2 and 3!
  7. I think you are on to something...eyes get big when you see someone wide open behind the defense.
  8. Was in Section 16, Row 48. During the storm event I went down on the concourse in one of the stairwells and met recruits coming and going (Mike Dyer for one). I loved that all the students stayed in the stands during the rain including my freshman son. So he sees me after the game and said his phone got wet and crapped out along with a lot of his friends phones. All kaput! The next week I think we played Ball State...rained again in that game! So Section 16 is next to the student section and I'm thinking "there are going to be a lot of phones not working again", when low and behold I see all the students with their phones out...but inside of zip-lock bags! I was convinced then and there that Auburn University was indeed a place of higher learning!
  9. Could have been dehydrated and took to locker room to administer fluids...decided in the end they didn't need him...kept him out as a precaution.
  10. I hope he's helping Stan with his English...drives my wife and mother-in-law crazy (both former teachers and AU alums). 😀
  11. But we're not having any holding calls on the left its a wash. 😉