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  1. trout54

    Chad Kelly Banned from Combine

    this is true, but the NFL is trying to protect themselves from looking like morons with decisions like Johnny Football again. I imagine the league feels like they know better than individual ownership. Knowing that a team is going to take a chance on the kid, and many others after him, the league just doesn't want to do anything to facilitate it. that's purely my opinion of the matter. no facts to back it up.
  2. trout54

    Chad Kelly Banned from Combine

    I haven't read everything here, but correct me if I am wrong, didn't Kelly also storm the field of a high school football game not too long ago? I wouldn't say he has stayed on the straight and narrow since the bar brawl. he has a history of bad decision making. not really what you want in a qb. mixon is garbage. he shouldn't be allowed in the league..............period.
  3. trout54

    Dameyune Craig fired

    maybe he can go work with kiffin. it was said that he needs a hype man.................
  4. trout54

    Last AU player from your High School

    Terry is a great guy. Chose him to play on several of my golf teams in the years following his playing days. He can drive a ball just as strongly as he could kick one. Really nice, and humble kid too. It's to bad the NFL wouldn't give him a waiver. He outkicked everyone for a couple of years at the combine, but his injuries sustained before his time at Auburn wasn't overlooked by the league......
  5. trout54

    2017 4* LB Markail Benton (Bama 6/10/16)

    As for TJ picking UAB over us, he was being recruited at a position he had never played before in HB. He has/had the opportunity to play with/room with his older brother at UAB, who signed last year as a QB. If not mistaken, his brother was Alabama's Mr. Football last year. There were more motivating factors for him to play for UAB than just position. I hate we didn't give him the chance at LB, but I hope he has all the success in the world at UAB. WDE
  6. trout54

    2017 4* LB Markail Benton (Bama 6/10/16)

    "I like cooking my family and my pets."...................................... See how important commas can be? lol. I'm just picking with you, Plainsman. ;-)
  7. trout54

    Wow. May have dodged a bullet on Kendal Briles

    I say none of this in support of CKB, and Baylor is clearly a crap storm that everyone needs to stay away from anyone that was involved. I was never in support of this potential hire. Honestly, I thought it was going to happen anyway, but thought it was a terrible idea deep in my mind.That said, the statement made doesn't necessarily say the coach created this culture. For those of you that aren't aware (captain obvious alert), MANY college football players are attracted to attractive white women. Oh the horror! Saying this, I will admit that I know very little of the other details involved in this case, but merely suggesting there are a lot of pretty white girls at Baylor that like college athletes is not so damning in and of itself in my mind. I can't imagine he ever said anything like "there are tons of pretty white girls at Baylor that you can get away with raping, and we will help cover it up". Frankly, every coach, at every level (with exception to the toothless masses of course), can and probably do make the same claim of having pretty girls at their school when recruiting kids to play for them. We all know that coaches make promises they know they can't keep, and brag about their school to lure a key recruit to their school. This is just another point of the ugly side of recruiting. That said, we all know the lawyers are going to use this (and I am certain thousands of other statements) as damning evidence to get their clients as much settlement money as possible. that is their job. this is all coming out to sway the court of public opinion. Yet another legal tactic to appall folks into broadening the agreed upon settlement. Having said al of this, the things I have heard/read about Baylor leading up to this sickens me, and I hope they get the death penalty. No woman should ever have to suffer the garbage these young ladies did, and to have any of it brushed under a table in the name of a football game is unfathomable.
  8. trout54

    Last AU player from your High School

    Tre Williams
  9. trout54

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Dante Culpepper? I remember watching him gash our tigers in the late 90's(?). helluva a player
  10. trout54

    Auburn fans: Lets Unite Against

    I only visit the site to see the results of the annual mullet toss, and alligator hunts. everything else is just garbage. it is humorous though to see how a lot of the "journalists" write in bam-speak. do these outlets not get reviewed before publication anymore? lol
  11. trout54

    how much better will our d be in 17?

    a lot is going to depend on how much time our offense gives them to rest between series on the field. if the O can generate first downs, the D will remain fresh. as a result, I think we will see a dominant D. if not, they will be gassed, and will give up a LOT of yards.
  12. trout54

    Woody should play Saturday

    for what it is worth, I believe this team has far exceeded everyone's expectations to this point. now we have a qb that is injured, and a bruiser rb that is bruised (go figure). everyone one of the talking heads had auburn finishing last in the division (if memory serves). 8-4/9-3 is a huge surprise. honestly, I was not nearly as torn up about Saturday's loss as I normally would be. kind of expected a let down to a degree. that said, I would love to see them pull another rabbit, and win the last two and the bowl. long shot, but still within the realm of possibility. wde
  13. trout54

    I have been a critic of Pat Dye,

    I don't follow uga, at all. however, on gameday I heard them say take away two plays this season and they, too, would have been 7-2 coming in to the game. sounds to me as though the luck hasn't been on their side until last night with the pick six. that said, the similarities are there. decent (for them) defense with an offense that finds it difficult to put up points at times......jmo wde
  14. trout54

    2017 3* HB Thomas Johnston

    that really is too bad. this kid is a stud.
  15. trout54

    Here's a fun stat

    I think it is usually because they are playing from way behind. not the case last night, but glad or the win regardless! WDE