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  1. The defense appears to have made more positive progress because they set the bar so low in the first game. There is almost no place to go but 'up' when you are the #117 defense in the country!
  2. Oh, you mean like Rozell Gayden? Joel Bonomolo? True that!
  3. As much as I hate to say it, the comeback win against Utah State was HUGE. If we lose that game I bet we are 1-4 right now.....2-3 at the best.
  4. Anybody know the details of his injury?
  5. While a 4-1 record looks impressive, I think it is more about how the team has actually played vs. our record. Our defense has been HORRIBLE the first 4 games of the season, but showed dramatic improvement in the USCe game. Let's hope they continue to improve, otherwise there may not be many wins left.....the offense has been up and down. The running game looked good against USCe, but the passing game was abismal. Hopefully the offense and defense can both play 60 minutes of football this Saturday and bring home another win! WDE!
  6. Do you think Chizik should cry about $aban stealing CK and BC on signing day....or should we just show up and kick uat's azz in the IB?
  7. Kudos to both of our kickers! They both had great games and contributed to the teams success!
  8. We will have to play our best game of the season (to date) to have a chance to win. Offense must control the clock and score some points. Special teams needs to show up big. Defense must get pressure on the QB while locking down their receivers.
  9. If RW backs up his jawing on Saturday and shuts down Jeffries, he will become a legend.....
  10. Agreed, though my drink of choice is bourbon. I support our players 100% all the time, regardless of what a scoreboard may say. I actually prefer a good bourbon myself, but when things get really bad, only tequila shots work fast enough!
  11. Lots of young players are getting playing time. Heck, our defense has already been on the field for @ 6 games worth of plays, so they should be in 'mid-season' form by now!
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