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  1. It has to be a splash. Venerables is primed for a HC gig. I think he would relish the opportunity to go head to head with Saban and Smart. Now if you want somebody completely non Auburn and really piss Saban off get Kiffin, offensive genius and he may keep Steele.
  2. AlaskanFAN

    Butch Jones on Alabama Sideline

    We have grad assistants and programs like the turds and Ohio St. have former head coaches, no wonder preparation is better for them.
  3. AlaskanFAN

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    3 games in a row with a blocked FG, unbelievable. My man crush, Marlon has heated up lately.
  4. AlaskanFAN

    Staff Changes

    So I guess we are all going over to Georgia to buy lotto tickets......winner makes the donation?
  5. AlaskanFAN

    No practice today

  6. No good assistant is going to come to this sinking ship as long as Gus is here. Face it folks as long as his buy out looms over our head, which it will for at least 4 more years at minimum, we are stuck with him and his assistants. Now he may fire a coordinator or position coach to sooth the AD and fan base, but don’t expect a top notch one in return. Just get used to cheap tickets outside the gate for sale and increase your Tailgatedness .
  7. AlaskanFAN

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Great, I bet the recruits are all taking notice!!!
  8. AlaskanFAN

    Turnover prop

    I would like it if they bring the opponents ball back to the sideline and give it to a Sushi chef who pulls out the John Belushi samurai sword and chops it up into little pieces and the whole defense eats a piece!!! Now that is entertainment!!!!
  9. AlaskanFAN

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Well 6 games into the season and my boy, Needs to eat. Now he has been healthy this year. It also can be noted that although the stats don’t show it, he has really set the edge forcing a lot of plays back inside and allowed the LB’s and others to make the tackles. He also has been double teamed ALOT. I feel though that this week he will feast!!
  10. AlaskanFAN

    A Positive Note

    LSU loses to UGA and aTm (3 losses) but beats Bama aTm loses to AU (2 losses) MSU loses to LSU, aTm and Bama (5 losses) Bama loses to LSU and AU (2 losses) Auburn runs the table to SEC Championship Its all fairly simple if you just put on paper. 😂 😂
  11. AlaskanFAN

    Collin Sexton got paid

    Per ESPN - Meanwhile, former Alabama guard Collin Sexton, the No. 8 pick in June's NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, also was dragged back into the mess on Wednesday, the second day of the trial at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan federal courthouse in Manhattan. In a text message that Dawkins sent to Sood and others in 2017, which was introduced into evidence by the federal government on Wednesday, Dawkins wrote that he gave $5,000 to Sexton and $2,000 to Brian Bowen, a freshman at Louisville last year. In an email that Dawkins sent to Sood and others on Sept. 5, 2017, Dawkins proposed a business plan for their new sports agency. He suggested paying Sexton $1,500 per month and also providing $21,000 for travel expenses for his family. Dawkins also wanted to give Sexton's brother a job, paying him $170,000 over four years. Alabama officials investigated Sexton's relationship with Dawkins last year; Sexton was suspended one game for a violation of NCAA rules before returning to the court. PRETY MUCH SUMS IT ALL UP....move along.
  12. AlaskanFAN

    Missing OL

    Sad but true...funny video though.
  13. AlaskanFAN

    Former West Virginia player sues NCAA

    Apparently football and basketball players have been getting stipends since August of 2015. A few quotes - “For the first time, the NCAA this year (2015) is allowing schools to give cash stipends to cover the cost of things like late-night snacks, student fees, laundry money and movies.” “Scholarships cover the core expenses of college such as tuition and room and board. The new stipends are supposed to close the gap between scholarship money and what it actually costs to attend school.” “The stipends are going to football and basketball players. But they are also available to athletes in the "non revenue" sports such as soccer, lacrosse, baseball and volleyball.” SEC Stipends - Auburn is 2nd with $5,586