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  1. come on guys

    Did you see the crowd for the Georgia / Vandy game. It was a Vandy home game but you would have thought it was in Athens. That place was all red. The announcers even commented on how the dog fans are traveling well this year.
  2. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    5 plays cost us 14 points - TD #1 1) Jet sweep for 70+ yards. then 2) Holland missed tackle on 4th and 1 TD #2 3) C. Davis missing the ball and the reliever goes for 39 yards. then 4) D. Thomas drops the interception. next play 5) Etling in the grasp of a sack throws a knuckle ball to the TE for a first down.
  3. 2017 Volleyball

    lsu wins 3-0
  4. 2017 Volleyball

    lsu takes the second set 25-23. Rallied twice to actually go up 23-22. lsu is NOT a better team, we are beating our selves. I do not know how many unforced errors we have but, I bet we we would be up 2-0 and the concessions stand would be closing up if all of them were our points instead of theirs!
  5. 2017 Volleyball

    lsu takes the first set 25-23 after we were up 23 - 20.
  6. 2017 Volleyball

    After a disappointing loss to Kentucky, the 11-4 (4-2 SEC) Lady Tigers are taking on lsu tonight.
  7. Girls 1st & 2nd Fall Game info

    Popped back in for the 2nd game. Up 3-0 in bottom of the 6th, playing Enterprise State Community College . I have seen Ashley Swindel pitch one inning and a #4, but I can't find a current roster Shea is catching Veech at 1st, Mcrakin at SS Interesting that after the Tigers get out of an inning ALL pitchers and catchers meet with the HC and ALL infields meet with one of the assistant coaches. Also when the tigers take the field all non starters go to the 3rd base line outfield and play catch.
  8. Girls 1st & 2nd Fall Game info

    Crap, sorry can't stay.
  9. Girls 1st & 2nd Fall Game info

    Carlson strikes out the sides in the top of the 3rd.
  10. Girls 1st & 2nd Fall Game info

    Rivera with a two run jack over the right field wall with plenty of room to spare. Now 8-0 Auburn
  11. Girls 1st & 2nd Fall Game info

    Veech is catching and batting 3rd. For all those in that great debate.
  12. Highlights so far At the end of the first inning AU 6 North West Florida State 0 Carlson on the Mound Rivera had a 3 run double Top of the second - Carlson gives up a double Mcraken (3rd base) with a beautiful diving catch
  13. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill

    I guess we will find out at senior night, a-la-Carl Lawson?
  14. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    Sounds just like the situation at free shoe u, during 2013. We have a topic on it in the Rivals section, here is the article. They also did an internal investigation, found no problem and moved on. NCAA said it was a school issue not theirs. The tutor had tons of evidence and emails. Bottom line is, if they can do it as blatantly obvious as that and get away with it, then the precedence has been set and we will be fine.