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  1. SMU meet was cancelled AU vs aTm - AU wins 14-6 The streak is at 38 and still ranked #1
  2. Concussions are no joke. I have had multiple concussions in my life from sports and the Army. One of the first ones I had was so bad from playing #8 in rugby I ended up in the hospital for several days and it felt like an AX spilt my head open. Yes they are cumulative and the more you get the easier it is to get the next one. To this day I have issues with bright lights and memory lose. Since he has been out this long, I do not see him coming back this year. I was also surprised Grant Calcaterra from OU decided to come back to football after sitting out from concussions.
  3. player avg is 87.98 on 247, which puts us at 20th if you go by that.
  4. 1. Larry Johnson, Ohio State — $900,000 2. Rodney Garner, Auburn — $700,000 3. Joe Salave’a, Oregon — $650,000 4. Brick Haley, Missouri — $625,000 5. Odell Haggins, Florida State — $525,000 5. Tracy Rocker, South Carolina — $525,000 7. Todd Bates, Clemson — $515,000 8. Terry Price, Texas A&M — $508,000 9. Lemanski Hall, Clemson — $500,000 9. Freddie Roach, Alabama — $500,000
  5. 91 to 97 - yup took me 6 years to get out of College. Lol
  6. I remember “Dodge Ball” before he left for UNT in Denton. I grew up in Grapevine which is next to Southlake, where we had our farm.
  7. After road football games the alumni would meet in the hotel bar. When the players got off the buses and would head into the hotel, several of our “stars” would wander into the bar. I personally witnessed several $100+ handshakes. (This was not at Auburn - small school in East Texas). It happens at all levels. If the amounts are small, who’s to know. McDonalds bags get you caught.
  8. He may be shady but he still has a few more millions $ than I do.
  9. Maybe CBH was going to hire the LB’s coach from UTk and now he is calling T-Will and eating crow, I guy can hope right?
  10. Me either, but a mans gotta pay the bills somehow and if he is not being retained...
  11. Well maybe since UGA got 5* BV this year and the fact JTD is not entering the draft, he will just give them a cursory look.
  12. Unless he goes for the immediate eligibility due to a hard ship of JP being his head coach.
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