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  1. Man you think Butch had a hard time with the baseball roster when the NC2A gave the season back, imagine what is gonna happen to Gus with 25 incoming freshman and a group of redshirt seniors and a group of seniors. Talk about the transfer portal being utilized.
  2. Well will see the if the first big domino falls tomorrow!
  3. UA also in contact with Cal and BC about trying to get out of contracts
  4. Well here it is --- They don't know!! despite all that has been said, we got caught with our pants down on this one and have been playing catch up for the past few months. Scientist literally around the world are trying to understand this animal and oh by the way it has mutated a few times to monkey wrench their studies. Information is a mess, one day it is do this the next day it is do that. No wonder a good bit of the populous has said "augh forget it, I will just do my thing". Is that right? Depends who you ask. People have been cooped up for several months, lost jobs, lost business's, lost loved ones and are really fed up at this point and I can understand. When the leader of the free world will not wear a mask a "why should I attitude" is bound to happen. So how does this roll into college football? American needs a sense of normalcy, something that puts everything back into place, when nothing is in place, even for just a few hours and what better than that - football, basketball and baseball (MLB 60 games). But the question comes, does our own desire for entertainment out weigh the cost of athlete's, coaches, trainers and support staff potentially endangering their lives for us. Because that is what it comes down to. We need them now more than they need us. The NCAA can cancel seasons and redshirt all sports if they choose citing overall athlete safety and I think deep down everyone will really truly understand (disappointed, but understand). All it is going to take is for one athlete to to get sick and die and this whole push for sports is going to end.
  5. SMU - kids with lots of $$ and very beautiful girls, I mean campus, what's not to like.
  6. Yawl's debate is similar to the which came first, the Chicken or the Egg - do you get the recruits to win games or do you win game to get the recruits.
  7. That it’s time for conference realignment and the only team that would be upset about it is Georgia.
  8. Morehouse cancels football season due to coronavirus pandemicay Stephen A. expects more schools to cancel fall sports amid pandemi Morehouse, a historically Black college in Atlanta, announced Friday that it is canceling its 2020 football season because of the coronavirus pandemic. Morehouse also will not compete in cross country, its other fall sport, this year. Morehouse president David A. Thomas said the school would continue to honor athletic scholarships. "I know this news will be most disappointing to our scholar-athletes, especially our seniors," Thomas said in an open letter posted on the school website. "I can only ask for your understanding and respect for the fact that the College is prioritizing your health and safety ahead of all else. We are committed to the principle that our athletes are first and foremost students." Morehouse is believed to be the first scholarship football program to cancel its 2020 season. Florida Tech shut down its football program entirely in May due to the pandemic, and at least four games involving historically Black colleges and universities, such as the Southern Heritage Classic between Jackson State and Tennessee State, have been canceled. Thomas said the decision was made with the health and well-being of the students and community in mind and that no decisions have been made on winter or spring sports. "It follows my intention to maintain a safe campus in hopes that our students will be able to return in August," Thomas said. Morehouse, which competes at the NCAA's Division II level, was scheduled to open its season Sept. 5 in Atlanta against Edward Waters College.
  9. Easy to say when its not your child!
  10. They also had Vandergriff's QB comparison as "Bo Nix"
  11. Kentucky loses kicker/punter Grant McKinniss to transfer portal John Taylor 16 hrs ago It’s been a month since the Kentucky football program took a hit from the transfer portal, so they were due. Multiple reports late last week indicated that Grant McKinniss is likely leaving the Wildcats via the NCAA transfer database. A Kentucky football official has since confirmed that the placekicker is indeed listed in Ye Olde Portal. Now, for what’s seemingly becoming a daily disclaimer when it comes to transfers. As we’ve stated myriad times in the past, a player can remove his name from the portal and remain at the same school. At this point, though, other programs are permitted to contact a player without receiving permission from his current football program. NCAA bylaws also permit schools to pull a portal entrant’s scholarship at the end of the semester in which he entered it. McKinniss was a three-star member of the Kentucky football Class of 2016. The Ohio native was rated as the No. 7 punter in the country. As a true freshman, McKinniss averaged 39.2 yards per punt. That number was third among freshmen in the SEC. After taking a redshirt in 2017, McKinniss served as the kickoff specialist for the Wildcats the past two seasons. The kicker/punter would be leaving Lexington a graduate transfer with one year of eligibility remaining.
  12. Coach Flo’s house is for sale if anyone wants to buy it..... just saying...... probably building a bigger one.