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  1. USCw, Penn State, Alabama, OU, Texas, tOSU, just to name a few of the old school traditional powers have never changed uniforms into "the flash" and have been doing fine in plenty of sports and not just football. If the program is strong then the uniforms don't matter. Kids want to be on TV, go to bowl games, win championships and get to the pro's in their respective sports.
  2. If the state of Alabama had no elite programs to create swimmers, how did we win all those titles. We recruited. Bringing in someone who has won titles and knows how to recruit and has access to a hot bed of elite swimming program areas. We gotta start somewhere. We also go back overseas, Australia, Brazil, Europe. I know Texas and Stanford do that a lot due to their quality education. Didn't we just get done redoing the aquatics diving area and are working on the pool?
  3. I think you could have used a little Spartan 300 in your delivery. Something more like - Choose your next words wisely Mr. Freak, because here in the the Forum, every Poster is responsible for their words.
  4. It's 50 - 50 gents. He will or he won't and that is the best % you will get from anyone regardless of who they are, I don't care what they say. Lol and War Eagle!
  5. You know what they say about Big Cat Weekend - 40% of the time, it works all the time.
  6. For the men the last three teams to win titles have been Texas (10, 15, 16, 17), Cal (11, 12, 14), Michigan (13). For the women the last four teams to win titles have been Cal (09, 11, 12, 15), Georgia (13, 14, 16), Florida (10), Stanford (17). I think we might think about hitting up one of these programs, possible Cal about a new swim coach.
  7. I know it would take A LOT of shuffling, but I think all the visitors need to sit right under the big board and the in the upper deck seats in the SEZ, just so they are the ones straining their necks for the whole game to see replays and stats.
  8. I would hope at the end of the season when CCM had the exit interviews, she spoke up and they had a coach / future senior team leader discusion. If she did not, how can CCM get a true pulse of the team and change things. If she did, she did not like what she heard back or she thought things should go in a different direction. Sad to see her leave with a year left. But when you got to go, you got to go.
  9. Rams trade former #2 overall pick and Auburn player Greg Robinson to the Detroit Lions for a 6th round draft pick.
  10. Well he might see some against Ga S. and most definatly against Mercer. Possibly some 3rd and 4th quarter action against Mizz and Ole Miss. After Ole Miss, if he has grasped some fair knowledge of the D, then I think he helps spell some LB's for the brutal LSU, aTm, Arky away games stretch. Home after Arky, if he has played well in those games, I think he is a go for some quality time against GA, lots of time against ULM and situationaly against bama.
  11. I have waited 43 years to go to an Iron Bowl and this year I finally got tickets. There is a reason for that, it is because the winner will go to the SEC Championship game and I firmly believe that!!!
  12. I wonder if the guys on campus are finding out quick that he has all intentions of coming to take their spots!!
  13. She really works that ...........left arm for balance.
  14. Glass half empty - we lost Teague and with Pierce, turds have a stable of top backs, Teague is not decommiting from tOSU, so his options power house schools are slowly dwindling. Glass half full - Petway is NFL bound, Johnson (tweeter back) returns, Miller (power), Martin (speed), Barret (combo), Worm (speed), PIERCE - plenty of room and plaing time.
  15. I still think the gem is Dunn. The guy showed up at playing weight. He had a good FCS career. At WORST he is a leader among the lineman, starter or not. I know people say he is undersized and playing FCS and SEC is like The original Dream Team playing in the Olympics, but let's just wait and see what happens in the August.