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  1. 40 rushing attempts for 80 yards, 59 yards on the first drive.
  2. We will get a weather delay and ESPN will replay the Turds vs UGA title game fir the 1000 time.
  3. Who though the backup QB would have 100 yards rushing by the end of the first half??
  4. Anyone see Sean Shivers get absolutely blasted on a screen pass for Indiana last night? I can’t believe they let him come back in the game.
  5. Defense - sack fumble for a scoop and score
  6. Well AUwent you can face palm all you want but feel free to watch ESPN 30 for 30 entitled “Fantastic Lies” and everthing I said above is true!!
  7. Yeah, the place where the District Attorney fabricated and ignored evidence to ruin the lives of 3 young men and disgraced a program. A DA who also then lost his License.
  8. Why are the White Brothers at Duke and UT so fast to speak out?
  9. There also not ones who like BUll Sh*t
  10. Ahahaha, I told you that you can make fart noise with your armpit….yeah!!!!
  11. I like keeping Turds and Dawgs. I like the idea of UF - we get more recruits from Florida and Louisianna, plus it's a good road trip, not saying Bourbon Street is a bad place to spend an evening, but at my age the beach is easier on my liver.
  12. A kick in the sack to all if they go ASU. If they don’t come to us I hope they go ASU, that would be awesome!!
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