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  1. 4 players in the 1st round, 3 players in the 2nd round and 2 players in the 3rd round before we had our first player drafted. They then had another player drafted in the 4th round. They had 10 players drafted before Carl was drafted. Recruits see SEC championship trophies, National Championship rings, draft picks and win totals and want to be a part of that. Until we beat them on the field, nothing will change.
  2. Last pick in the NFL draft "Mr. Irrelevant" Chad Kelly lol
  3. Well we will see how much Bama did for him as far as film study, coverages and calling defensive alignments. He won't be able to fake it in the Not For Long league. You either understand it or you dont.
  4. AUBURN, Ala. – The Auburn softball team, in unison with Team IMPACT, have announced the signing of 12-year old An-Mei Ellisor.“An-Mei is a great addition to our team because of her athleticism, willingness to do anything asked of her, and of course her fearlessness and grit in her approach to athletics and in life,” said head coach Clint Myers. “We’re ready for her to lead us to the Women’s College World Series and our first national championship.”An-Mei was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma in July of 2016. Two days after her diagnosis, she started chemotherapy and is now in the remission phase of her diagnosis.An-Mei lives in Auburn, Ala. with her parents, their two cats, two dogs and three fish. She was joined at her official signing day by her family and new Tiger teammates.Team IMPACT is a national organization, based in Boston, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the power of team. Team IMPACT children are drafted on to college athletic teams, local to where they live and, in effect, become official members of the team from signing day through to graduation.
  5. I think it really depends on if CGM choose to go offense or defense with the 10th assistant. Then we see which position he picks where we need the extra coach at. If offense at TE we could go after FSU - Tim Brewster he makes $370,00 and he kills it year on the recruiting trail. If defense at corner we could go after OSU - Kerry Coombs he makes $305,000 and has brought in most of OSU's big names the last several years. Plus OSU has had several high draft picks over his tenure.
  6. You nailed it with the CM point. There is the AU policy and then the CM policy. Each coach has their own policy for their respective team. He is older and has done this longer than anyone at Auburn. Some coaches change their policy based upon the player and the position of the team with respect to conference championship, playoffs and national championships. We will see what he does...... Not necessarily, someone could have called in a noise complaint or a fight.
  7. What was that stuff, Deer Antler Spray or something.
  8. I find it funny he says drinking water diluted the test. Pouring water into a piss sample yes, but then the temperature tape would show the wrong temperature. This could also lead to a altercation with a medical staff member and result into being sent home.
  9. So Reuben Foster had his first NFL drug test at the NFL combine and it came back diluted, which is considered positive.
  10. I could not say it any better than you did well said!!!!!! All this KD talk was discussed to death as spring ball was about to start when CGM made the original announcement. Lock this up and let the kid be.
  11. Your time here is not done. Keep the faith. Stay strong. War Eagle.
  12. Speaking of home runs starting fights, looks like #9 may have started one of the best baseball arss woopns by the best pitcher of all time.
  13. Interesting the article references height as a barrier for being a RB. Eddie George - Heisman and let's not forget Brandon Jacobs.
  14. He will get off. Remember he works really hard sweeting in the sun, while we sit in A/C offices.
  15. News flash, this just in - "Malzhan directs Coach Chip Lindsey to create a Daniel Carlson whirly Bird fake punt play" story at 10:00.