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  1. The AU coaches may have told him to move on, but it still looks bad when they publicly don’t say anything and the kid goes out in front of a crowd or even on TV or the local nightly news and picks the Turds, when everyone knows he has been committed to AU for a long time.
  2. That surely will open recruiting the State of Texas!!
  3. Well if we don’t get him, Jeff Scott O coordinator of Clemson got the USF job. He and Morris were co-O-coordinators together.
  4. Wow Saban’s analysts Staff next is going to be unbelievable, he still has Butch Jones and can add Matt Luke, Chad Morris and Barry Odom, Willie Taggart and Charlie Strong.....😂😂😂
  5. good lord please don't go to the game...😜
  6. Hope it carries over to the field, because CPJF will have the gophers ready for sure. I don’t need to see another UCF performance.
  7. They are and we’re going to start after the IB. I can’t remember how much but somewhere between 3-5 million. Apparently the stadium lights we have they no longer make parts for, so it has become a necessity more than let’s do like Bama situation.
  8. I guess we did not have any Under Armored Socks for him to put on.....
  9. Here are our contractual SEC bowl games winner of SEC Championship goes to playoffs (LSU or Georgia). If LSU wins then Sugar bowl gets first dibs on either Georgia, Bama or UF. If Georgia wins then the Sugar will take LSU. There are no Guarantees the Orange bowl will take an SEC team. The Problem is they have to take an ACC team (most likely UVA, unless they upset Clemson who would then be knocked out of the playoff race and end up here). Notre Dames, Wisconsin and Minnesota could be candidates as an opponent. Now according to the contract the Citrus gets to pick since it is “the next highest bowl” so they will have a choice of either Bama or UF who are both 10-2 ( UGA could be here possible as a candidate). Hard to guess, logic says Florida but their fans don’t travel well and the turds fans do. After the Citrus the remaining bowl games are considered equal and the remaining bowl eligible SEC teams essentially go into a bag, but these bowl games generally go off location and proximity to SEC school for traveling fans. This is really about generating revenue more than the actual match up. That’s why you see 9-3 teams vs 7-5 or 6-6 teams at these bowls.
  10. Interesting that he is not on the visitor list for tomorrow, since he decides today.....
  11. 2021 Unofficials: '21 5* OT Tommy Brockermeyer '21 5* CB GaQuincy McKinstry '21 5* DE Dylan Brooks '21 5* DT Lee Hunter '21 5* OT Amarius Mims ‘21 5* FS James Williams '21 4* DT Tim Keenan '21 4* OC James Brockenmeyer '21 4* WR James Blackstrain '21 4* DE Jeremiah Williams '21 4* DE Hudson Wolfe WOW!!!!