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  1. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    Glavin comes in to close out the 9th. Tigers win 15-7 Double header tomorrow starts 1:00
  2. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    Gave up about 3 or 4 runs on pass balls also.
  3. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    3 runs in bottom of the 8th now 15-7
  4. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    Well the potential is there that down the road if proven schools played with a player deemed ineligible, the games he played could be forfeited and championships vacated! Like Louisville.
  5. Why did Holland leave early?

    I remember when he signed he made the statement he was gonna be here 3 years.
  6. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    Oh yeah, agreed. Does not play like a true freshman.
  7. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    Tigers plate 1 off a Will Hastings RBI bases loaded double play. 12-7 Top 8
  8. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    💩 the kid #12 from Bryant just tatooted the ball. That thing flew so far it gets sky miles. 3 run shot. 11-7 Corey Herndon in now with 2 outs. That was a monster home run it probably landed dam near the athletic dorm.
  9. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    Tigers add one in bottom of the 6th 11-4 Had a runner thrown out at home, he got a late break from third on a thrown home that got past the catcher, but did not go all the way to the wall.
  10. Baseball vs Bryant Game 1

    Huge rally in bottom of the 4th. Tigers put up 8 runs, most with 2 outs. then put up one in the 5th. Top of the 6th AU 10-4 Mize is done Schillece is in
  11. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    I totally agree with this. They have to wait and let the FBI finish the investigation. BUT I think they need to issue a little guidance to the “accused” schools so far, such as “a little CYA now may save you later”!
  12. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    If the meal reported is just based off the two spread sheets shown in the Yahoo article, they are from Feb & Mar of 2016, Sexton was still in High School at that time. He did not sign with Bama until Nov. of 2016 and did not enroll until Aug. of 2017. I know we are not getting all the facts, but does anyone know how eligibility is affected to a high school student meeting with an agent before signing with a College?
  13. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    I will say that I am glad that since we did get caught up in a mess, at least it was before the season started and we went ahead and sat both players. I would hate to be in the Position of some of the schools now trying to decide what to do. Some of these schools are playing for Confetence titles and are usually suspects in the sweet 16 and above. They could be potentially looking at forfeiture of all games played with said player. “SO FAR” it already seems by sitting our guys we are not or have not or will not jeopardize our soon to be SEC Championship and deep run into the tournament.
  14. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    I bet there has been a lot of paper shredding and computer bleaching going on at a lot of other Basketball Agent Companies and Shoe Companies! The other question did Yahoo Sports get their hands on FBI evidence?
  15. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    The whole article is a teaser and leaves a lot out. The balance sheet showing payments to players/families was just from 2015 and 1 agent at ASM named Pina. How many other agents did ASM have? How many other years did they make payments? The spread sheet is from Dawkins and is only for 2 months exspense account in 2016. Is that the only time he ever had expenses, I doubt it. Is he the only agent that ever had exspenses? I doubt that also. The FBI was investigating for 2 years. The other shoe has not dropped yet at all. This was just untying the laces.