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  1. I am sure the meeting went like this: "With stats like that we need to run the ball more, Rhett, make it happen."
  2. Ruh roh shaggy
  3. Where did Tucker Brown come from. Today at practice running left guard on 2nd team? Harrell?
  4. Can't say that I'm surprised. Wish him the best of luck.
  5. 1) Whats our love fest with Iowa State? 2) Sounds like we need to teach him how to fly again before giving him access to the jet! 3) I do like the fact he is a land grant guy, but how much of his "Stategic Initiative" did he accomplish at ISU?
  6. Just want to add there were 3300+ people at the stadium today. At the end of the game you could tell the players really appreciated the crowd and stood out front for while signing autographs afterwards also. They were definitely excited. Weather was awesome, high was like 70. No clouds and I even got a little red on the arms and face.
  7. As far as JJ goes, sometimes players get the yips. When the do some players recover some don't. That is why there are sports psychologists, MLB players use them all the time. He got the yips
  8. So where is he doing all this work at. I am guessing it is extra work over spring break?
  9. Yup, getting old real fast
  10. Mabel a common bond of Nigeria with the Princes might help the situation?
  11. The newly NCEA #1 ranked Auburn Equestrian team will be hosting the SEC championship tournament March 24-25, only cost gas money. March 7, 2017 AUBURN, Ala. – The Auburn equestrian team moved up to No. 1 in the latest National Collegiate Equestrian Association rankings released Tuesday following a successful weekend on the road last week. “The team is starting to run much more in sync now and riding much more on the level we see in practices,” head coach Greg Williams said. “I'm very proud of the team and coaches and love how we continue to get better weekly. We will be hitting full stride perfectly in the postseason.” Auburn (7-3, 4-2) put together solid performances in Texas this past weekend, opening with a tiebreak win over then-No. 1 Baylor Friday afternoon. The two teams rode to a 9-9 tie and the Tigers came away victorious with a 1495-1481 raw score win. The squad moved on to College Station Saturday, facing then-No. 2 Texas A&M in the regular season finale. Auburn picked up a solid 12-7 victory over the Aggies following solid showings from Equitation on the Flat and Horsemanship. Sophomore Caitlin Boyle earned back-to-back MOP honors in Equitation Over Fences on the weekend, while junior Alexa Rivard picked up her first MOP nod of the season in Reining Friday afternoon. Sophomores Ashton Alexander (Flat) and Lauren Diaz (Horsemanship) were also recognized for their outstanding rides against the Aggies. Auburn will be the No. 2 seed in the upcoming SEC Championships. The two-day tournament will be held at the Auburn University Equestrian Center, March 24-25, and admission is free. Georgia will be the No. 1 seed, while Texas A&M and South Carolina come in at Nos. 3 and 4.
  12. Lost Sunday to #13 Georgia. Next match will be March 17th at #17 aTm.
  13. I would have stuck around but the kids would not listen when I said put on warmer clothes. What can you do, but let them learn the hard way sometimes. Sucks to cause today was sit anywhere you want in the stadium day.
  14. Sorry folks I am out. Kids are cold and have had enough. War Eagle.
  15. 9 Pitches and we're up to bat