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  1. and the rich get richer, they also that cat from Ohio St.
  2. I am all for a 16 team playoff. Each round can still be sponsored as a "Bowl Game". Those that don't make the 16 then go to a bowl game as usual. Look do you realize at any level ( High School, Juco, Div III, DIV II) all play 16 total games to include the playoffs, heck the pros just added 1 regular season game to make it 17 and that does not even include the playoffs. The argument of that's to many games is BS because the NCAA has been doing it for DECADES at the lower levels of collegiate football. The fact of the matter is that bowl sponsors and TV rights drive the NCAA playoff format
  3. ESPN has JT at #15 for his position and #67 overall ( Coop is #4 at position and #19 overall).
  4. Amazing he has Kansas, Arizona and LSU in his top 6, if we were in as much trouble as them we would be treated like the black plague.
  5. I bet we see him on the O-side for 2 point conversions either as a blocker or delayed release for a pass or both.
  6. Having a great game against the zags in a blow out and some bling ring.
  7. They dominated the tide. bama scored their goal with 15 seconds left in the game and it was their only shot on goal, whereas AU had 18 shots on goal.
  8. It is a catch and release issue...
  9. Ok so the former President of LSU, the former AD of LSU and the former Football Coach at LSU - all at other Universities - have either resigned or were fired because of the LSU Husch Blackwell report. Now the current interim President of LSU what has he done, he put 2 AD staffers on administrative leave without pay for one 21 days and the other 30 days. ...........Something does not add up here.
  10. Looks like some people have been angry typing.....
  11. HC Greg Williams 2002 to Present 2020 - 2021 = 6 - 0 so far 2019 - 2020 = 15 - 0 2018 - 2019 = 18 - 0 SEC & National Champions + National Champions in 2 of 4 individual events 2017 - 2018 = 13 - 4 National Champions + National Champions in all 4 Individual Events (Lost to UGA in SEC Championship but beat UGA for National Championship). 2016 - 2017 = 10 - 5 Lost to UGA in SEC & National Championship 2015 - 2016 = 16 - 1 SEC & National Champions 3 x Southern Champions : 2003-04 , 2009-10, 2010-11 (Southern Championship was prior
  12. #1 AU Defeated #8 USCe 13-5 to finish regular season 6-0. This is the third consecutive undefeated regular season. The win streak is at 40 matches. Next is the SEC Championship in 2 weeks ( 26th/27th March).
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