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  1. I must add that I have never seen the field look that bad this early in the season. After warm ups there was turned up grass everywhere. Did we get a new sod company? Yes the BOO birds were out for Nix near the end of the second on a few throws and in the third they got louder on several throws. But I will say I think some of the BOOs were also on play calling especially in the red zone. The place also erupted when TJ can in and that Nix had to hear. If it were not for the blocked punt, I think the fans might have start to leave, but that Single play woke the crowd up for the r
  2. It is not all doom and gloom, we did use or face to break there hands!!
  3. Good thing special teams is keeping us in the game.
  4. Not true, people who have taken the vaccine can still get the virus. My mother is one.
  5. Any reason Lee Hunter did not play. I figured he would get PT in the first 2 games at least.
  6. Dang, now I got to come up with something else to do this week.
  7. The only thing I ask for this years football season is to not get blown out in any game. Either we have a heck of a defense and they will keep us in games or our offense is really really bad and it is fabricating hype about out D. Guess we find out both answers Sept. 18th.
  8. Maybe he really really likes Oranges.
  9. FYI, All Blacks play USA October 23rd at the Washington Football Club in DC for a Test match first time since 2016.
  10. Clemson, FSU and ND don’t want to give up their cup cake schedules to play on the SEC where we, week in week out are bashing our heads in so at the end of the season we have to play a SEC championship game then a playoff semi final game and a National Title game. Do any of you think a Dabo team could honestly go undefeated in the SEC East or West year and year out like he has theses last few year. No way. He won’t Leave the ACC because he owns it and will for the next decade and when some one actually challenges him consistently for dominance he will retire. If anything the ACC will try and ad
  11. You know it’s not just football to look at: UT Men’s sports: Track and Field got 1st at B12 indoor & Outdoor and 6th at NCAA outdoor Championship Baseball 50-17 went to semifinals in Omaha Basketball 19-8 won the B12 basketball tournament but lost 1st round of NCAA tournament Golf 3rd in B12 & 25th at NCAA Swimming and diving 1st in B12 and 1st at NCAA Championships Tennis 24-6 had a few make it NCAA tournament UT Women’s Sports: Volleyball 27-2 record lost in National Championship to Kentucky. Track & Field got 1st at B12 indoor
  12. Pod 1 is good UGA vs UF battle every year. Pod 2 is AU vs UA until UT gets there act together. Pod 3 is all LSU and Pod 4 is the toughest IMO between OU, UT and aTm (poor Mizzo)
  13. Look the guy has not even coached a game yet and fans/media are on him. Give him time, if he succeeds and has a good, competitive product, amen, if not then jump on him. But till that first game the guy has to set the tone of the team. If his tone is telling young men to listen to medical staff of the pro’s and con’s of the virus and make a big boy decision, then that is direction he takes it. Sounds like he is telling them your men make a decision and move on, we got a game to get ready for.
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