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  1. Anyone notice when Texas would kick an extra point or field goal the holder instead of putting his hand out to indicate for the snap would stick his middle finger out. 😆 😂
  2. University of Minnesota using their score board to ice the oppositions kicker!!!
  3. Well lets look at it from so what of a good news stand point. The really bad press coming out of this focuses on the fact Adidas and (soon Nike) got caught actually funneling money to handlers and assistant coaches to get top rated players to come to their school for the sole purpose of playing. In our case we already had the players and our assistant coach got money steer players to a money manager for when they leave school to the NBA. Now I look at that as two separate actions. Can the NCAA look at that as a Level I infraction, sure they could, but I think right now they have bigger fish to fry and are trying to make a point about cleaning up the AAU leagues and recruiting right now.
  4. Ladies beat UK 2-1 in 2nd OT after scoring a late goal at the 81st minute to tie 1-1 in regulation. Now 4-3-1 and 1-0 in SEC play. War Eagle ladies!!
  5. The article is misquoted “They will track students entering and exiting the stadium by scanning the micro chip implanted in their brains at new student orientation”.
  6. Sure it is. They are just not be utilized properly nor being put in the position to let their talent be used.
  7. The problem will be the next game, when our"play caller", calls the same BS he has been calling and it works against a subpar Kent St. team and he then thinks the offense has suddenly has been fixed, and we roll into College Station with this weak run up the middle High School O. We have the talent on both sides of the ball to hang with anyone.
  8. Hell's Yeah. The boys have to be excited to learn from someone with so much time in the majors and is an Alumni. True Family right there.
  9. Hey who would have thought Michigan would have gotten the Fab 5. But a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then and a broke clock is right twice a day, so who knows and it nice to see we even have a chance.
  10. In case u guys missed it, the longest run of the night goes to my man BKB
  11. Is he still counted against our numbers or is on UNC’s?
  12. Just a heads up of who is going to get the 1st sack of the season!