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  1. We can have the most elite defense in the history of college football, but if our offense can move the ball that elite defense will tire and wear down and eventually give up enough points that our offense can’t cover. Gotta have that O start pulling it together with 1st game 17 days away. I watched the Ducks vs Stanford from 2018 last night and yeah the lost in the last seconds but almost that whole team comes back and they are going to be tough. And ole Mario is gonna have them ready for us for sure.
  2. For some reason my gut tells me Gus wants Bo to be his QB. But I think Joey starts Oregon for size and time in the system. By the end of the season Bo is at the helm. Just a feeling.
  3. Welcome to my MAN CRUSH #1 in your program #1 in your FACE!!!
  4. That is one heck of a list. Better than Big Cat.
  5. Just hire the guys UNC used to defend their accusations. I know it’s a different situation, but hey worth a shot.
  6. ugh, choice resign or get fired. So he resigns...….then he did not fulfill the contract. Now if he was able to negotiate in his contract the if he resigns and gets paid then I need the name of his agent because that is some powerful negotiating. This does not make a bit of sense. If the BOT bleed OB then WFT are they thinking!!!
  7. Sports Illustrated top 100 players for 2019 Tega at # 98 Marlon at # 58 Coe at # 26 Brown at # 5
  8. Well that did not last long, Julien signed with the Twins for $493,000 a high 4th round signing price.
  9. The real Wolfpack, if you are one then you know. If you don’t understand this, then your not.
  10. aTm just got a commit from the #4 Dual rated QB out of Denton, TX. That could leave us against UT and Duke for Haynes