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  1. This is only true for us. If was true for everyone then Bama and Georgia would not have a stable of 4* and 5* backs sitting on the bench patiently waiting their turn. If he does get cold feet it’s because of our play. If he were to decommit he would end up like Bama or Georgia and be sitting on the bench.
  2. The victory also extends the team's winning streak to 35 matches, dating back to April 19, 2018.
  3. Someone who can go head to head in recruiting with Saban, Smart, Pruitt, Ogeron, and Mullins....find that coach and I will take him. Good Luck not many out there, Christobal is about the only one because he is from the Saban tree, but him leaving Oregon would be super difficult.
  4. 0-2 wins Ole Miss - no to much offense LSU - 25% chance Miss St. - 50/50 UT - 25% chance Turds - No chance aTm - no
  5. Any chance on a time bump with other games being canceled?
  6. Yup, all Tank did was solidify himself as the starter. But that’s what happens when people get injured, next man up and look what happens. He had some amazing runs, speed, power, elusive, great vision and a ton of heart.
  7. I think Chad needs a bigger play calling sheet, the one he had on the sideline just didn’t cut it.🤪
  8. Ok slow down, first of all somebody has to want him.
  9. This just shows how thin our recruiting margin is. One lose and we are now on the outs for a couple of recruits we all felt fairly confident in getting. As compared to our main rivals when they sustain a lose its business as usual.
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