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  1. I hope he jumps from 6’4” 275 to 6’5” 285 his senior year
  2. AlaskanFAN

    2019 4* SDE/DT Jaren Handy Commits to AU!!!

    What school got his most recent visit? Was it Big Cat?
  3. AlaskanFAN

    2019 4* OT Xavier Truss (UGA)

    That is one hell of a sales job, cause thuga signed one heck of OL class last year.
  4. Well he will be a good example of the new redshirt rule. A player who has had a year of college ball. Now he needs some time to learn a new defense and will be able to provide some fresh legs for amen corner.
  5. AlaskanFAN

    The Texas Talent Debate

    This And this Allen’s Eagle Stadium Is Set To Officially Reopen On Friday The most expensive high school football stadium in the world gets a triumphant return after its embarrassing closure in 2014. BYDAN SOLOMON DATEAUGUST 27, 2015 SHARE NOTES0 COMMENTS Photo By Steven Leggett The story of Allen’s Eagle Stadium has been one of excess and prosperity, disappointment and schadenfreude. The most expensive high school stadium in the world opened in 2012 with no small amount of fanfare. But haters got an opportunity to indulge in some mean-spirited snark when the $60 million facility was forced to close in 2014 due to structural problems and cracks in the foundation. Suddenly, the pride of Allen—with its high-def Jumbotron, upper-deck seating, and Chick-Fil-A and BBQ vendors—was the city’s giant embarrassment.
  6. AlaskanFAN

    The Texas Talent Debate

    Is that the $60 million stadium that also made nation news for being shut down one year after opening for structural cracks? Also what is the Polulation ration of California and players to Georgia and players?
  7. AlaskanFAN

    NCAA Makes 2 Huge Rule Changes

    So my understanding of the redshirt rule is: Player X comes to AU as a Freshman, the staff feels he needs time to develop, put some weight on and learn the playbook. Under the old rules he would be a redshirt, scout-team player. But with the new rule player X mid way through the season has put on some muscle and has grasped the play book. He now can be used as a player in 4 games ( at Gus’s discretion ) without burning his redshirt.
  8. Same can be said for Cadillac is not steering kids from IMG to AU either.
  9. AlaskanFAN

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I hear next year they are reviving the old University of Auburn vs. the Alabama University in the Bowl of Iron game to be played in Birmingham on the Field of Legion. Apparently Tickets are already sold out and the game is only be on the radio.
  10. AlaskanFAN

    Next years pitching rotation

    I think DD could do well with another year under Butch. Knowing he can be part of the weekend rotation, especially after he ended his season against the #1 Gators in game 3 of the supers and he threw a gem, combined with a good off season, who knows.
  11. AlaskanFAN

    Weekend Visitors & Camps (June 14-17)

    Oh please please please please please let this weekend kick arse
  12. AlaskanFAN

    2019 4* LB Trezmen Marshall (UGA 4/27/18)

    My spidy senses tell me he feels he is being wronged by the Georgia staff and has now decided to openly enjoy the recruiting process. I guess his way of getting back at them for looking around at other LB’s. Then again I ain’t spider man.
  13. AlaskanFAN

    2019 4* LB Trezmen Marshall (UGA 4/27/18)

    2 crystal balls for FSU today