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  1. AlaskanFAN

    LSU QB Lowell Narcisse Transferring

    2 QB’s transferring out on the same day. I could understand one, but 2, is very odd.
  2. AlaskanFAN

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    I bet Meyer is happy Durkin at Maryland is now in the hot seat.
  3. AlaskanFAN

    Georgia Recruiting

    Curious if it has an effect with young Haselwood?
  4. AlaskanFAN

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    Well the good news is that if CA does not get the RG spot or AT does not get the RT spot or even if Driscoll does not get the RT spot, the 6Th lineman TE this year is gonna be a good one.
  5. AlaskanFAN

    RB order taking shape

    Seems C.J. Tolbert is getting the Spring game curse.
  6. AlaskanFAN

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Good lord he almost pops his head off at the end of that. Watch him roll over and watch his head. Outch...
  7. AlaskanFAN

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    The CA injury is concerning. I am glad he is ok. The problem is how long will he held out of contact? Did the coaches get enough film on him before the injury to make a decision about him playing/starting at RG? If he is out even a week how does that affect Horton and his position work at center? To many questions left to be answered on the OL.
  8. AlaskanFAN

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

  9. Are those the new University of North Carolina cleats?
  10. AlaskanFAN

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    Any reason to get excited about him when he schedules his OV?
  11. AlaskanFAN

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    It seems that through the spring and with summer workouts Grimes has had a positive influence. Apparently Tega is improving on his deficiencies from last year. Harrell is stepping up as the OL leader. Horton was a starter last year until he got hurt and Harrell took over and never looked back. So we know Horton has the goods. Horton switching to center I believe is more of a byproduct having your best 5 OL on the field. If you look at it from that standpoint CA is better than KK, but CA does not play C. Since LT and LG are solid Horton becomes the movable pawn for C. This scenario puts CA with a solid C to his L and an experienced RT in Driscoll on other side. Now having Tega, Harrell and Horton is a real solid side of the line. What would become concerning is if Trox beats out Driscoll. That would creat 2 RSFR on the RT side of the line. Under that scenario it could be possible Grimes goes back with Kim at C, Horton at RG and CA or AT at RT.
  12. AlaskanFAN

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Haha, good one, snagged a Marlin, now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are.....😂
  13. AlaskanFAN

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Defense wins championships, and this guy will take us to the promised land!
  14. AlaskanFAN

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    I guess when all else fails and it looks like your a souless D-bag, throw your employer under the bus and when dust settles, expect them to welcome you back with open arms and a knee groveling huge apology. or In this case, set your self up to walk away with the rest of you contract $$ and claim you did everything by the book and your morals are intact. Life is funny how some people can step in it time after time and keep coming out smelling like roses.