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  1. sportstiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Sorry gang ! Male
  2. sportstiger

    Demographic Curiosity

    Age-58 Alabama 1992 & 2009
  3. sportstiger

    Who here still likes Gus as the head coach?

    Tubs could win the big games but lose one he shouldn't, I would take him back, I would take lucky Les.
  4. sportstiger

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    If we hired God as our HC or OC people still would not be satisfied! !
  5. sportstiger

    Question to all of our regulars

    Played 5 years of High School DE and C. Have a bad knee to prove it. Also Coached HS football for 10 years.
  6. sportstiger

    Tim Horton to AU

    Horton hears a Who?
  7. sportstiger

    It's Gus...

    People would have not been pleased if had hired satan himself!!!!! Chill People!
  8. sportstiger

    Malzahn the likely replacement

    No matter what people think VanGorder is a very good DC. Keep him!
  9. I hope you are wrong also!
  10. I thought The Prez was going to evaulate at end of The season, but a trustee said he has started The eval. ? Does this mean heads are going to roll? Man I hope so. Cut off The head to kill The body. The admin, not The team.
  11. sportstiger

    Inside the trenches

    Thanks StatTiger, Great post! The proof is in the pudding! WDE!
  12. sportstiger

    Why Time is of the Essence on Dr Gogue's Decision.

    You are so right! It`s time to crap get off the pot!!!!!!
  13. sportstiger

    Worried that the silence means Chizik is coming back

    Well said Weegle777!