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  1. If I finish my beer, which is quite often, I have to get one out of the cooler and opened before the next play. May be hard this year if Gus really hurries up!!.
  2. Prayers for both of you and family.
  3. You are right sir! The more time that passes without AU comment the more likely something is up!
  4. Only thing Gus has figured out is how to get to the Waffle House!
  5. Don't let their TEs beat us they always seem to have a big day!
  6. Hell, anyone can coach like this, sorry coach is the wrong term.
  7. You think we would see some improvement by this point in the season and with an off week!
  8. Our offense is rubbing of on our defense!
  9. Watch Gus on the sidelines and then watch Jimbo . He coaches every play!
  10. Yea, I meant Satan, my wife has had me picking out house paint!
  11. Gus will get one more year to right the ship, right or wrong. He has the capability of being a good coach if didn't get in his own way (again and again). He will get a chance because of four things.1. He has held his own against satin as well as anybody. 2. Was the OC on our last NC team. 3. He took us to another NC game. 4. 32 million buy out! I just want consistency!
  12. JS is very good on slants, seams, and crossing routes, which we seldom run!
  13. Haven't changed in 5+ years why start now?
  14. I have been a member of this forum for a long time. I don’t post a lot, but I do give thumbs up occasionally (or down) and never submitted a discussion. I am an Auburn Graduate with two degrees and attend AU sporting events on a regular basis, and have coached high school sports. I even had to endure the Bear Bryant years. I was reading Auburn sports stories as I do every morning and came across an article that struck me funny. There is an AO Sports article titled “’Instant Impact’; Auburn true-freshmen group making big plays, setting stage for bright future”. I just wonder if Gus can take this group and next year’s group, if it holds together and get us to the next level. I use to think he could, but with his inconsistency I don’t know.  He is inconsistent year to year and from the beginning to the end of a season. I don’t know if a true dual threat QB would cure it all. What do you think?

  15. The biggest problem is not S&C it's that the opposing defense knows where the ball is going because of the formation and players in said formation. To predictable!!!