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  1. tbon986

    Deshaun Davis pregame routine

    College football, that's what it's all about..
  2. tbon986

    Maybe it's a good thing Will Muschamp left

    Deshaun Davis says Hi..
  3. tbon986

    Kyle Davis

    And Hastings using his quick.
  4. tbon986

    Rhett Lashlee Speaks (09/07/16)

    I rewatched the game for the first time last night. When JFIII was in the game, I assume for his zone read ability, he never even faked running. Just handed off.????
  5. tbon986

    The UL win was bigger than most realize

    Petrino, I think, had never lost an opening game.
  6. tbon986

    How are we one dimensional?

    How very true.. The camera crews can't even figure out who has the ball, then "BAM" we pass..WDE
  7. tbon986

    Still think bama beats Auburn??

    Look at 2012 at aTm and uga, and what happened this year, then look at bama in the same light. As 21 says lets tee it up and see what happens!! WDE
  8. tbon986

    When are we going to have a defense again?

    Especially with our freshman, Daniels, Adams, and Lawson. Also the rest of this class and early enrollees.
  9. I think when we got up by 20, we started thinking about bama.
  10. It' nice to see AU getting some of those this year. WDE
  11. I would think RB coach Horton an arky lifer was the most thrilled. Especially considering the game plan.
  12. tbon986

    Plan going forward, qbs

    I think JJ should play the whole game next week to protect Nick's health..
  13. tbon986

    QB Play

    I think JJ should start next week to keep Nick healthy, and get JJ more experience..
  14. tbon986

    Justin Garrett Injury

    Rivals says his ankle got rolled up in practice yesterday and reinjured.
  15. tbon986

    Auburn-LSU score predictions

    If we are within a touchdown of a win in fourth qtr, we win..WDE