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  1. Plaric

    Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    Auburn needs to curb stomp them....because if they lose a close one.....and get healthy....they will be a nightmare in the CFP when we play again...
  2. Plaric

    Easiest offense to plan for

    All you have to do is call run up the middle and you will be right 70% of the time
  3. Plaric

    Sean White expected to play in Bowl Game

    Lip service to try to position us for the best bowl with the committee IMO.....Slap tear with avascular necrosis doesn't just heal
  4. Plaric

    So, how do we finish?

    The awesome part about the CFP is the human element. We keep destroying people like we have been and the media will keep talking about us and the committee will follow suit...
  5. Plaric

    So, how do we finish?

    Bama secondary is going to get torched. We will run 60% of the time and do slants / deep passes and land some big hits. Bama / Kiffin won't be able to do well against our defense. Jalen just can't throw deep and he makes a lot of mental mistakes that get masked by their defense's quick ability to score on pick sixes etc. That being said....we are going to be in their backfield and as long as we play disciplined like we have this year I'm feeling it will be an awesome game. Also, we keep playing like this and improving on top of it like we have been......Bama may out think themselves a bit.
  6. Plaric

    13.795 million decision...potential buyout.

    Perhaps we had to fight to get a receiver coach to come in.
  7. Plaric

    Beating Clemson

    Their DL is going to be a lot of new faces.....they lost their most experienced guy yesterday to a broken foot
  8. Plaric

    Starting Clemson DE Hurt

    That is rough. Seems like a definite reason to be concerned then. I think the game will be a shoot out somehow.
  9. DE named Bryant got hurt. A lot of guys on TigerNet upgraded their mood from "We are going to stomp Auburn" to "Well things just got Dicey" How good was this guy to cause such a swing in confidence?
  10. Plaric

    2016 Fall Camp - Practice 9 (Scrimmage #2)

    Please tell me you meant to butcher the spelling of Mississippi
  11. Plaric

    2016 Fall Camp - Practice 8

    Both of those QBs were head cases
  12. Plaric

    2016 Fall Camp - Practice 5

    We did it in 2013.
  13. Has been spotted walking around with the team
  14. It isn't everyone's business the reasons why certain people are let go. No ones but the people involved. That's called being professional. That being said. Galloway was a ****. A stubborn one at that which did not adhere to the rules laid out for him. Hence, he was fired with cause. Jay Jacobs runs our 120 million dollar business pretty well. He caters to the crowd (most auburn fans are Jesus freaks that are about the school and faith to a point that they will take the "high road" and accept loss or mediocrity) and he makes the department money normally. Stays close even after major upgrades. I don't agree with what he does 100% of the time but he is better than most. The biggest donors are bible freaks. Want their money? Spout the company line and welcome the wealth. By the way, some of the hardest most ruthless people with some of the highest discipline I have ever known have been Jesus freaks. Your religious beliefs have no effect on how strict and stern you can be in an authoritative role.