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  1. UCF tickets sold out

    Did we sell out our allotment?
  2. Peach Bowl tickets for sale pair

    Looks like I am going to have knee surgery tomorrow. Therefore I am concerned about getting around at the Mercedes Benz Dome. I have two tickets in Auburn section number 115, row 26, seats 4 and 5 at face value ($150.00 each). My phone number is 205-563-5500. If contacted soon, I can overnight. or I can meet if fairly close to Birmingham. Email is . Rod Hines
  3. I have 2 standing room only tics for face value ($60.00) plus the $5.00 handling charge. Call me at 205-563-5500.
  4. I have 4 Auburn Georgia tickets at face value. Upper deck 50 yard line. Auburn section. Email me at
  5. problems with the site

    Just went straight through Internet Exployer and it worked out ok. Thanks for the hint.
  6. problems with the site

    Either Internet Exployer or through AOL.
  7. problems with the site

    Any suggestions. when I click on almost anything, it reads up and down the left side of the page.
  8. Birmingham Bowl

    exactly. Agreed. I'll be there.
  9. 1 pair LSU tickets for sale

    LSu tics for sale in Auburn section for face in Bham area. Add shipping if necessary.
  10. Looking for 2 Auburn/LSU tickets in Auburn section...

    I have a pair of LSU tickets in the Auburn sections ( I'm sure that it is in the upper deck) for regular price.
  11. Just in case it has not been noticed, Louisville is selling tickets to the public. I bought some on their portion of the Chic-Fil-A wibsite.
  12. Auburn Family...

    Done. War Eagle!
  13. A question about seats

    No, not in my opinion...anything 10 and below is dicey though. I have been sitting on row 18 on the other side of the stadium for 30 some odd years. I would not give them up for anything.
  14. Auburn vs LSU "This Is War"

    I just want a win, win, win. No matter what, what what.