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  1. dizzard42

    TJ Yeldon

    He's talking about his gf. I'm naming my kid tj trust me we are fine!
  2. dizzard42

    Pray for Gus Malzahn

    Gus's dad just passed away
  3. dizzard42

    Michael Flint

    Is the commitment of Michael Flint for next year gonna help us out with Kwon Alexander and Trae Elston? Has anyone heard where those 2 are looking and if their high on Auburn?
  4. dizzard42

    Sigler commits!

    why does it say on rivals that he is second commit of the day along with florence? Did enrique commit today?
  5. dizzard42

    National championship ticket

    Does anyone have or know of anyone with an extra BCS ticket? If so I would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks and WAR EAGLE!!!