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  1. Anyone know if there’s anywhere in Florence Italy that will put on football? I’ve heard of watch parties in the major cities at certain bars for major games (usually bowl season), but would love to know if any fans on her have found a bar that consistently plays real football for students and expats
  2. Head coach is responsible for making sure his people get the job done. They don't do all the work themselves which is why I said fire Lashlee and if Gus still can't get someone who can get the job done fire Gus. But everyone laying all the blame at Gus are not looking at the full picture. And I you want me to leave you alone don't post. Last time I checked this is a public board and I have not been rude to anyone.
  3. It's usually not the HC identifying talent. That's primarily on the OC/QBC. So what's your point?
  4. Maybe you're forgetting him breaking AU offensive records with limp noodle of an arm Chris Todd. He's broke. Records every year he's had a decent QB and has been able to run his system. Not much you can do with his system if you don't have a serviceable QB and it's Lashlee's responsibility to ensure that's in place.
  5. Not much you can do without a QB. Lashlee may be able to coach when he has a decent QB playing but he is HORRIBLE as a QB coach/evaluator. Need to fire Lashlee, and see what Gus can do with a little depth at QB and decent coaching at the position. If he still can't get it done fire Gus.
  6. At this point I'm almost to the point of hoping that we lose every SEC game just to ensure we get rid of Gus. Sunshine pumper to burn it all in one season SMDH.
  7. I am done with Gus. I defended him the last year and a half but this has consistently been the worst offensive play calling I've lived through with AU.
  8. I agree and updated my post when I realized I hadn't addressed that. My point was more we aren't going to be able to do jack in this game unless we light a fire under the line during halftime.
  9. How can we when the O line can't open a hole? I don't care what O Gus tries to run or what QB he decides to use, nothing is going to work with this O line play. You could throw Cam in there and he wouldn't be able to do anything behind that line. Also fwiw I agree that making sure the O line issues ultimately fall to Gus. If he can't find someone to fix the problem he needs to go.
  10. Tomorrow we'll hear Gus has been given a 3yr extension and million a year raise
  11. Now that man can coach............. I was hoping that it was Clark Kent... Wade Christopher's alter ego...would be a hell of a get. We'd win every game and be given credit for a few of Bama's just for the hell of it.
  12. you should be punished for having a bammer wife She's better than me in that she will truly cheer for AU as long as they aren't playing Bama. I can't bring myself to do it.
  13. My wife is a major Bama fan and even she said she hopes the University President punishes them.
  14. He's not the boogiman, he's the anit-Christ. Get it right