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  1. This Coaching performance is vintage Gus. SCARED, PREDICTABLE, WEAK. These players aren’t any better than when they arrive. They aren’t getting coached up. PERIOD
  2. I’m not sure why I’ve read several posters saying the DL got better after the first quarter. NO they absolutely did not. They got completely manhandled and UT ran it right down our throat. Also Steele did nothing to counter.
  3. ...Sure the offense has looked lackluster but is everyone still ignoring our issues on defense?
  4. Would be a great pickup! That said, was it just me or does his vertical never seem to exceed about 12 inches? It seemed shockingly low on those plays round the rim Opposite of the typical Bruce signee. Obviously a super talented player I was just wondering if anyone else noticed?
  5. He may “need to go” but he isn’t going anywhere if he wins the next two. In fact Gus could likely lose to UT again, beat A&M and survive. Might as well prepare yourself. Money talks and 3-4 annual losses with Gus is accepted by TBTB.
  6. I respect our AD but he’s very much learning on the job. He is very much influenced by The Powers That Be (Any AD is honestly) They are the ones providing the $ and paying his salary too. At minimum he will have to win their approval. The same crew that established the “search committee” that brought us Gus would be making the next hire too. I’m sure the next HC search will be limited to finding a Coach with Auburn connections just like the last two (Gene and Gus).
  7. I agree. I feel like some people misunderstand my position. Gus will NEVER give this program consistency. It’s year 8. Gus is what he will ALWAYS be. The reality is nobody wants to throw away money toward a buyout without it being really bad. This is a typical Gus season but it’s happening in a year with many built in excuses. (Reduced practice time, new OC, new OL coach, recruiting-blamed on lack of visits...) Beating the brakes off a bad LSU team still matters. The powers that be don’t have a Bobby Lowder sitting there. They’ve proven themselves content with Gus losing
  8. I’m not sure the best psychologist in the world could fixture Gus out. We observe the pattern but I don’t believe anyone can diagnose Gus.
  9. Say what you will but once pressure is applied after a bad loss or two (every single year) from Boosters, media, and fans Gus turns things around. For whatever reason once Gus is backed into a corner he fights his way out. Have you forgotten all the times Gus has dragged himself from the flames previously by getting timely/job saving wins against LSU, UGA, Texas A&M and Bama. The good game plans and execution only seem to occur once he knows his job is at stake. He’s a survivor, I give him that. I can’t think of another coach like him.
  10. If he handles his business against Miss State and UT he’s going nowhere. I don’t expect to beat Bama this year and neither do any of the folks who’d pony up that buyout money. A potential SEC only record of 7-3 or even 6-4 (if it includes a loss to A&M) doesn’t get Gus fired. I’m not a Gus fan but if he wins the next 2 he’s completely safe.
  11. Seat on fire Gus can’t be defeated. Like clockwork... In any case, it’s great to see. WAR Eagle! A Team win today.
  12. You forgot one part. You then have to go to Instagram and post video clips of you hitting a player after a 15 yard gain or anytime you for a draw with a ball carrier... Small correction but if you wait for contact on offense you’ll end up under someone’s cleats too. There is no room to be timid on either side of the ball in college football. edit* The phrase that I passed down to offensive players I worked with that were timid was “Run in his mouth and out his “butt”hole. You’d be surprised what a difference that elementary advice made for timid players. You can deliver a li
  13. You mean you’re not impressed with the “thank God he dropped it” defensive approach. We are weak on both sides of the ball but I’m beyond tired of people ignoring our inept defense while blaming the offense for everything. It’s good to know I’m not the only one seeing it.
  14. Our recruiting rankings mask another part of the problem. (This year excluded) #1-How many of our highest rated recruits have left the program prior to making an impact. (This is particularly true on the DL) We lost a LOT of beef off the DL #2-Rankings don’t take into effect if you are meeting your roster needs or not. We have a team full of highly rated safeties/nickels and skill players. Only so many of those players can see the field at one time.
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