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  1. He got along with Gus just fine. Rhett on the other hand...
  2. Me neither, but I hope he transfers out because he’s a 5th round pick to UDA if he declares. It would be a really bad move.
  3. It won’t be very popular but bring me Sark. He’s a name kids know, knows the recruiting area and has relationships, he is an amazing offensive mind, is likely hungry for a second chance, has matured and learned under Saban, likely would pull another coach or two away from Alabama AND it hurts our biggest rival to lose him. That said, I expect them to keep Gus another year. If he were canned I’d expect to be completely underwhelmed by the candidate list. Names would probably be Muschamp, Helton, Lashlee, Lindsay, Neil Brown, Bill Clark and Buffalo HC Leipold
  4. I don’t know about top 10 currently but Auburn would be on any top 15 job list in the country.
  5. Heard the same. But it’s hard to picture. Especially (one of the two) being desperate enough to take a HUGE pay cut to retire or go elsewhere. It’s a bad sign if they do because they know the defense isn’t getting any better next year. I’d understand it more if it were young up and comers trying to escape.
  6. That great Gus offense was 64th in total yards last year BTW. High Octane stuff. He’s ELITE.
  7. If you can’t see that Gus is controlling the options available from the Morris playbook I can’t help you. Keep living under the delusion that Gus is a great play caller. The rules changed and Gus did NOTHING to adapt. Gus looked really awesome as the play caller last year didn’t he? He was smashing records left and right
  8. For one he was unemployed. Perhaps he believed the lie the rest of us did. That Chad Morris was close enough to Gus to actually run his own offense and that things would work out. We were all fools as this clearly isn’t the Chad Morris offense.
  9. Some of you have WAY too much confidence in AD Greene IMO. He’s a smart, charismatic, eloquent man but that’s not all there is to being an effective AD. -Side note, Gus signed his AU coaching death warrant when he brought back JB Grimes a second time. In addition to being a terrible hire it was extremely telling JB was the only option willing to work with Gus.
  10. Talent is definitely lacking on the D line. They may be big enough weight wise but they aren’t tough enough, strong enough and seem to be horribly conditioned compared to other SEC teams. We sub as much or more than any team out there yet were hands on our hips, sucking wind by drive #2. Our linebackers make tackles (10 yards downfield) but can’t get off a block once it gets to them. They are too small to defend the run effectively. Their best efforts still lead to 4-5 yard gains. We are also done no favors by Steele being completely vanilla as a coordinator. We can’t get pressure and when he doesn’t send pressure it’s easily picked up as it’s obvious the blitz is coming and where it is coming from. There is nothing complex about it and it shows. Finally, we have players on both sides of the ball that think they’re NFL ready when few of them will be drafted at all. They celebrate hits on 10 yards gains. They aren’t team players. Basically it reflects a complete lack of discipline. Many problems under Gus’s “leadership”.
  11. Why would any team not continue to pound this AU team with the run. We can’t stop it 3 times in a row.
  12. Sorry but Big Kat isn’t even an average football player. The rest of Steeles defense is pretty embarrassing too.
  13. This Coaching performance is vintage Gus. SCARED, PREDICTABLE, WEAK. These players aren’t any better than when they arrive. They aren’t getting coached up. PERIOD
  14. I’m not sure why I’ve read several posters saying the DL got better after the first quarter. NO they absolutely did not. They got completely manhandled and UT ran it right down our throat. Also Steele did nothing to counter.
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