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  1. This literally makes me sick to my stomach . Is Harbert the only person that wants Gus in Auburn? If Gus worked for Harbert in the real world, would Harbert still employ him?
  2. Let’s just go get P J Fleck and but done with this clown show!
  3. Gus an offensive guru? My ass!
  4. So you’re not a member of either party? Good to know! I’ll disregard you and you’re opinions/delusions from now on. Thanks for letting me know
  5. This coming from a person( Not telling their gender... maybe not sure?) whose party actually booed God at the last Democratic National convention! Pfft. Tell me, as a Christian, how do you justify your party’s stance on abortion and what do you think Chrst thinks of that?
  6. The Republican definition of a Christian must be different than the Democrat definition.
  7. Wow, what a great rally in Dallas! Were you there, Texas Tiger?
  8. Nancy Wallace , professor at Cal- Berkeley ( a flaming liberal) saying “ this kind of stuff is not OK”. Imagine that!
  9. Does it even matter. Kid won’t play a meaningful down for AU if Gus is coach, much less attempt a pass.
  10. Let’s go get Lane Kiffin. Guy can coach and recruit. Bet he wants another shot with a big school now
  11. Needs to become more disciplined mentally and physically
  12. Why in the hell cant our punter punt the damn ball with a spiral!! It’ll go longer. I’ve seen him do it on videos