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  1. Need to change the name from Auburn University to Kumbaya University for a bunch of fans
  2. Lincoln Riley ain’t leaving Oklahoma, then “the real” USC, to come to Auburn. 😂😂😂
  3. Gene Chizik was is an upright man, and he got booed on the tarmac getting off the plane by “ Auburn” people
  4. Are you saying the Auburn football program is a bordello?
  5. won’t happen. I think of Bruce like I do Saban. Helluva recruiter; mediocre in-game coach
  6. That’s coaching. Pearl needs to crawl their asses
  7. TERRIBLE shooting team. My gosh! Run some damn plays. Coach some, Pearl!!
  8. From talking to Roger Mitchell, Coach Jordan had good guys like Mitchell keep close tabs on Langner to keep him from getting into too much trouble. Props to you, golf, if you could hold your own with David!!
  9. Langner had a really good last 9 minutes that game. Took both blocked punts in for touchdowns and intercepted bama’s last pass to seal the win.
  10. Played golf with Roger a couple of years ago. He looked good enough to suit up for us still!
  11. Dart is a liability for Ole Miss. His decision making lost their game vs Bammer
  12. Ahahaha. Old 8 win Gus!! Damn, that’s funny
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