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  1. And you didn’t see this coming?🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Yeah, big “ freedoms” guy here. Also big on getting into college if you’ve earned it. We’ve already dumbed down college entrance acceptance for athletes. Let’s pay them for it now. Not like a free education isn’t worth anything. I’d bet you’re a socialist where everybody gets a share of the pie whether they work for it or not
  3. You act like the players have no choice but to play football. They have/had a lot of choices besides growing up to play football. Don’t give me the crap about a lot of theses kids come from underprivileged backgrounds. College should be for an education FIRST. Look up Ben Carson’s background and get back with me. If you can’t cut it in college, maybe you didn’t do the work in high school and don’t need to be at college. A G- league would make a ton of sense for a LOT of kids. Nothing wrong with that
  4. Yeah, not like it’s coming out of your pocket. You said a mouthful there. Why don’t you pony up some cash for the team? We don’t want to get left behind, do we?
  5. Man, If Jimmy Rane and Tim Cook and Lloyd Austin would just come off of a few oftheir hard earned millions, we could have a good football team! Bwahahaha
  6. Y’all took longer than I expected.
  7. You are absolutely correct, sir. And don’t worry about McGoofus and his ilk. They’ll try to shame you if you don’t think exactly like they do on this. And believe me, they won’t pony up a penny themselves but want someone else to
  8. Wow! College players going to the highest bidder! That stuff used to make people fall up the stairs and die! Now it’s the norm. If you don’t mind, I’ll keep my $100 bucks.
  9. Why not? Livelihood and everything! #allaboutthatmoney
  10. I get all that. Let’s take a look at Bryce Young, or Jameson Williams, or Will Anderson. The have NOTHING to prove that would improve their draft status( I realize Young is a Soph.). What’s to keep them from saying “ sorry Coach Saban, I can’t afford to risk it this week. I’m opting out” . So they’re playing for a ring. That ring won’t pay the bills or feed the kids if they get a career-ending injury. But I bet they would get CRUCIFIED by their fan base and the press if they did opt out. Please don’t tell there is a difference. We’re talking about their future livelihood . What if Cam had done that in 2010. He would have gone from hero to villain for most Auburn fans
  11. Lol. I’m not angry at the players, if you’re talking about me. I’m angry at the idiots in charge who are allowing this to happen. It has turned a college sport into a professional one. That’s ok with me, but don’t call it college football anymore. It’s not. For that matter, I would go so far as to say to hell with the players having to go to class. It’s to hard , obviously, to do that and practice and play the game. As for the fat old men getting rich and doing nothing, who are you referencing? Professional owners? Corporate businessmen who have climbed the ladder to success? Please help me understand. Believe me, I wasn’t one saying “ yay, Bo go get that money! ( we know you don’t like that kid, Cole. You don’t have to bring him up again. We get it)
  12. Completely their choice to play this game. If they don’t like it, get student loans and pay them back like other “regular” students and just be a student. If not, appreciate the scholarship, and all the hard work it entails. Kids have been doing this for 75 years. Why is it so egregious to them now, all of a sudden?
  13. They ARE getting paid. They’re getting their education, food and housing, and a stipend every month. Comes to over $100,000 easy for 4 years . If they don’t take advantage of that, it’s on them. And that includes the 99% that don’t get drafted! If that’s not enough, tell that to the kids having to pay back student loans for 20 years after graduating who weren’t blessed to be athletic enough to get that “ nothing” scholarship
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