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  1. Two words……………. Dematrius Davis.
  2. Student athletes my ass! They’re getting paid now. Fair game in my opinion, just like the guys on Sunday.
  3. Give me this over the last regime all day long. Bobo and Mason, you’re on notice!! Do your job or get fired like the rest of us!!
  4. A coach with the guts to make changes when needed. Refreshing
  5. What he really believes is whatever will get/ keep him elected. He’s shown that for the nearly 50 YEARS he’s been in public office. His stances on issues change whenever he needs a vote. Even Obama said “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f…k things up. I’ll guarantee you he didn’t grow up as a Catholic thinking abortion was morally right. But he changed his mind when he realized he couldn’t get/ stay elected as a Democrat without the female vote. As for the migrants on the border, I have no issue with immigrants coming to the U.S. But even you as a Democrat must agree that there has to be a
  6. I would argue the man is Catholic in name only. As a Catholic, he stands for NOTHING we Catholics believe in. I would respect him a little if he renounced his Catholic faith and really stood on what he really believes. Otherwise, may God have mercy on him for his beliefs
  7. I’m loving this! I don’t miss this clown one bit!!
  8. I see that you identify as an angry old man. And with 44,000 posts, an angry old man with not much to do. Aren’t you special with all your opinions! You must have been an educator in your angry young man days!
  9. Naw, just wanted him/her/they to know that I know he/she/them is a damned idiot
  10. Loved me some Nick Fairley! Played to the whistle( and maybe a little bit beyond!!) Tough as nails!
  11. No Admin gonna call out this classless posting? Don’t agree with this guy and he gets to belittle you. Huh?!?
  12. Typical Gus recruit. Just like Chayil Garnett.
  13. You’re right, big boy. Things will change, we’ll re-adjust and we will like it. Just like how I now never watch the NFL, NBA and MLB. Haven’t missed any of them and love the extra leisure time. If college football goes the way I think it will, and it will, I will have even more leisure time. I know, good riddance to me, but I’ll hang around a little longer just to see how big the clusterf$@&k will be
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