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  1. Thorpe was chasing every receiver he “ tried” to cover while at Auburn. Go back and look at film. I know you think you know it all , but you’re dead wrong here
  2. Christian Tutt is the Nieko Thorpe of this team.
  3. Please tell me this isn’t true. This should be a fireable offense in itself!!
  4. Ok big shot, who’s your choice to replace him, or do you want to keep him?
  5. Please tell me who was open for him to throw to. O-lineman couldn’t even do a good job of holding on that play
  6. Feel bad for Bo. No help from O-line. Can’t even hold well!
  7. We specialize in making third stringers look like all pros.
  8. Can’t we find a punter that takes two steps forward and kicks it 40 yards? Damn
  9. Grant Loy 4/9! Ha! Gus won’t let him throw that many passes all year!
  10. Whatever dude. Does mommy know you’re on the computer this late
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