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  1. Why doesn't he post on here anymore?
  2. Is it just me , or was that piece hard to read? Seemed poorly written.
  3. This baseball team has been just as frustrating as the football team was.
  4. Wash,rinse, repeat. Same thing every weekend. Getting old. This team has no inner fortitude.
  5. For the past month, every baseball thread could be the same as the last one. Can anybody on this team hit a damn baseball?
  6. Please! I’d be mad if he hadn’t done it!
  7. Sadly, fast Eddie is doing prison time now. Boy, was he good back in the day!
  8. Street ball. Bruce has lost this team and doesn't seem to care. Looks a lot like the football team. Big lead and play not to lose. So sick of this
  9. Didn't get to see the game. How did Wiley play?
  10. Most good teams have a good big man. We don't. Need to recruit to that need badly!
  11. Whatever, dude. You don't find it hard at all to disagree with others but can't take it yourself. Maybe you're the one that needs a hug. Oh, and the word you're looking for is "guest". I'm done with you.
  12. Maybe if he hadn't gotten 3 fouls he would have played more than 3 minutes. But what do I know, you're the (insert any sport) guru.