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  1. Not quite. No “ we were flying around out there”, or “ so and so has that “ it” factor”
  2. How many more coaches will we go through til we figure out it’s really not the coach
  3. How’s this NIL thing going for all you Auburn fans that thought it was such a great thing for these kids to get “ paid” for playing college football? We’re not quite in the same league as the Bamas, UGA’s, Ohio States, are we? You can kiss those “ lightning in a bottle” years we used to have goodbye too. Get back with me if this thing ever goes back to “ college” ball again, but I ain’t holding my breath
  4. Haha. How you liking amateur athletics now? Auburn will continue to get out-bid by other schools( even the Tennessee’s of the world). So, get used to disappointment. Not even the mighty Bruce, who I love, by the way, can out-recruit the almighty dollar. But hey, that’s what we wanted for these high school stars, right!
  5. Got any real examples you can share? Really would like to know just exactly how much of the pie they are sharing.
  6. Are they gonna help him pay the taxes on it?
  7. You and I predicted this and got ridiculed by some on here
  8. I sure hope we can out- bid the other school for this guy’s services! Man , I love “ college” sports🤮🤮🤮
  9. Ok, let’s critique production. 22.1% from 3 point line this year for a guard who hardly ever attempted a 2 point shot if it wasn’t a dunk. Sadly, that 22.1% wasn’t the worst 3 point shooting from one of our guards. Bruce actually started a guard for most of the year who shot 20% from behind the line. And sat a guy who before he got hurt shot 47% from three!! A division 1 college guard should be able to shoot 33% minimum from 3 . Love Bruce but that’s poor player management and bad player production.( Not a single player’s name called)
  10. These guys get paid to play and produce now. I think we can say what we think about their production, even if it hurts their, or anybody else’s, feelings. Thanks, NIL
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