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  1. I admit I haven't seen a lot of AU softball , but I've never seen Fagan hit the ball. She always seems to strike out. Don't know how she has a .313 average.
  2. Man, what is this world coming to???
  3. Let the misery end. We don't play defense , we don't run an offense , and Bruce seems to be fine with it( at least during the game). I'm tired of hearing that we're a bunch of freshmen. Supposedly we have tons of talent. Please don't tell me we've gotten better as the year has gone on, because these last 3 or 4 losses have been horrible. There is is no sense of " team" with these guys and they seem not to care if the losses are by 20 points. I think they ( and Bruce) have given up this year. Just like football , we are not getting our money's worth with the coaching staff. Rant over
  4. Are you ever positive? It's always " and you guys" with you! You've gotall the answers, I'm sure!
  5. I swear, if Chip Kelly goes to bammer as OC I'm gonna blow a gasket!!! To think what Kelly could do for AU as head coach would make our rivals shudder!
  6. X 1,000,000. Thinks he has to shoot if he he touches the ball. Does Bruce even coach when the clock starts the game? Serious question and I really like Bruce. Helluva recruiter, meh in-game coach!
  7. They are the least of our problems tonight.
  8. AT HOME?!?!?!
  9. Why is it that in every sport, when we lose its not even competitive most times! Damnit!