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  1. This sounds an awful lot like another Auburn coach who was recently fired.
  2. Has Pearl turned into Gus? Seems there’s no ramification for messing up.
  3. This one’s on Bruce. Seemed more of a spectator than coach.
  4. Do not want him back. Didn’t get the answers he was hoping for. Now wants back. Team sport, me player. Come and get me.
  5. I remember watching this game on pins and needles! Huge win for the good guys. Didn’t your dad catch a ball to the groin and go down for a few minutes in this game, only to hit the winner later? Dang, I was a young man then.
  6. Auburn sports are dis-GUS-ting to watch right now.
  7. But guys, we’re just lucky they opted to play in this meaningless bowl game. I mean, they could’ve gotten hurt and ruined they’re chances of the big bucks in the NFL! Am I doing this right?
  8. Fine. Let’s pay em all. Let’s not hold them accountable as teammates. See how that works out for “college” football. I’ve got a sinking suspicion you’re not much on loyalty. You need to quit this crap about being an Auburn University football fan
  9. Then go pro and stop pretending (1) you’re a college student and (2) you give a damn about your teammates and the university that gave you the opportunity to show your talents
  10. I need to take a hard look at what I’m spending my time and money on. Why should I invest so much of either on this sport when the very ones who get the most out of it don’t really care for the “team” they are representing. It’s become more of an individual sport. Sadly, the NFL is starting to feel more team- oriented to me than college football. I think in 5 years “college” football will little resemble what it looks like today
  11. Did Phillip Marshall get to ask Coach Harsin a question?
  12. Why should we coddle this Benedict Arnold one more year! Hell, he’s making close to 2 million a year! And he needs to max out on his retirement pension?
  13. Guess I’m ok with this hire............ until he says Steele/Garner are retained.
  14. If it’s Steele, I’m out... and I have a son in the band and another one heading there next year
  15. If we don’t then we deserve the next 15 years of mediocre to bad football we’re gonna have
  16. I keep hearing this, but access to what exactly? I mean, they have enough money to have access to whatever they want down there
  17. If Auburn hires Steele we fans should revolt like Tennessee fans did when they were about to hire Schiano.
  18. If it’s Steele, Auburn will never contend for anything in football for the (long) foreseeable future! Mark my words, it would be a disaster.
  19. I’ll be getting kicked outta here too if that happens. I’ve got 2 kids that graduated from Auburn and 2 there now but I would consider having them transfer if the PTBs are that stupid
  20. We’re gonna see a lot of the back of Tutt’s jersey trying to chase down his receiver!
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