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  1. So you’re not a member of either party? Good to know! I’ll disregard you and you’re opinions/delusions from now on. Thanks for letting me know
  2. This coming from a person( Not telling their gender... maybe not sure?) whose party actually booed God at the last Democratic National convention! Pfft. Tell me, as a Christian, how do you justify your party’s stance on abortion and what do you think Chrst thinks of that?
  3. The Republican definition of a Christian must be different than the Democrat definition.
  4. Wow, what a great rally in Dallas! Were you there, Texas Tiger?
  5. Nancy Wallace , professor at Cal- Berkeley ( a flaming liberal) saying “ this kind of stuff is not OK”. Imagine that!
  6. Does it even matter. Kid won’t play a meaningful down for AU if Gus is coach, much less attempt a pass.
  7. Let’s go get Lane Kiffin. Guy can coach and recruit. Bet he wants another shot with a big school now
  8. Needs to become more disciplined mentally and physically
  9. Why in the hell cant our punter punt the damn ball with a spiral!! It’ll go longer. I’ve seen him do it on videos
  10. This is the honest-to- God- truth. The head referee last night(James) was the referee at my son’s rec-center basketball games in Helena 3 years ago. My wife would chew him a new one almost every game. He was clueless then. How he got to be an SEC head referee is beyond me.
  11. I was at the game last night. The game was in hand with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd at 38-10. Why not let Gatewood come in and run our WHOLE offense. That’s what bothers me. I watch Bama,uga,LSU, Ohio state,etc.,etc.,etc. let the #2 Qb come in and THROWthe ball. Hell, I saw Ugado it yesterday to the tune of 9 for 10 and lsu at 8 for 9, both in blowout wins. I would be pissed if I were Gatewood and saw those stats. Says Gus doesn’t trust me even when we’re winning big
  12. It will scare me if Joey doesn’t play at all next week. Game 4 of the schedule and if he don’t play the transfer portal is in play!
  13. Thanks for mentioning the marching band. My son is a freshman in the band and it is HARD work! You have to love it or it wouldn’t be worth the time and effort. He doesn’t weigh a lot as it is but he lost a few pounds Saturday.
  14. I’m calling it now. We will go 6-6. No way we beat any SEC school but Arkansas and Ole Miss with this play calling. Last night proves it’s been Gus calling plays and any OC he’s employed has been a scapegoat
  15. Never fear Aubs, Gus will be gone next year and Bill Clark will be our head coach! Keep hope alive!
  16. Gus is a fricking dumbass! Ban me, mods, I don’t care!
  17. We’re fired up! My daughter was on the dance line from 2010 through 2013. She saw us win a natty👌 and lose one🤬but had a blast the entire time!
  18. My son is an incoming freshman who has been trying out for the marching band this week. Found out yesterday he made it! The wife and I are stoked about the good times the family will have with him being in the band!
  19. All of them would be FAR worse than Trump. Good for you on being well-to-do. Hopefully none of your socialist candidates get into office and take 2/3 of it away from you. Sounds like you may have been in post-secondary education, you’re so much smarter than the rest of us.
  20. Not a “newbie”. Which one of the 20 something socialists vying for Trump’s job do you think would make America better? Maybe you just want the govt to prop you up for the rest of your life?
  21. Just before Gus says” but they’re getting butter everyday”