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  1. Whatever dude. Does mommy know you’re on the computer this late
  2. This. This right here ought to shut CleCoTiger’s mouth(keyboard), but I don’t think it will.
  3. I can guarantee you we will not be in the top 15
  4. The man is an idiot. Says the SAME DAMN THING at the end of EVERY YEAR!!!!!! Wish I could get paid megabucks for being mediocre at my job!!
  5. Then we’re a bunch of fools for buying tickets to watch this crap show. Top 10 talent ( coached up to playoff level), coached to 9-4/8-5. If we pay to watch this, we deserve it. Look at basketball with Pearl. Before him , you couldn’t give away tickets, now you can’t get them without paying a premium.
  6. My son plays in the AU BAND . Busts his ass . If Malzahn was as prepared as Dr. Spurlin is, we wouldn’t have to worry about a team being ready to play! Please, powers that be, get rid of Gus! We are just a head coach away from being an elite propgram!
  7. Yes. A terrible offense that can’t put an extended drive together causes the defense to be in the field too much, get worn out and lose intensity. Out of reactions...yes, @around4ever. @jluvah...defense was an anomaly today. The overworked defense and the insane buyout saved his bacon repeatedly this season. What?
  8. GREAT defense? Did you watch the same game I did?
  9. Gus is calling plays! You happy with what your seeing?
  10. Gus Malzahn’s a damned idiot!,
  11. Shouldn’t you be asking the coaches that question? There’s a guy from Muscle Shoals whose the #6 DT QB in the country committed to Nebraska. This guy is the #23 rated Qb. Sorry, wasted scholarship
  12. Not saying we don’t need QB depth. Just saying by looking at his offer list, can we not do better. Sheesh, c’mon, we’re fighting it out with Bowling Green and Costal Carolina for a Qb?
  13. Agreed. Kid won’t play a meaningful down for Auburn.
  14. Blah,blah,blah. Get over the butthurt, homer. You only have 5 and 1/2 years left to hate on Trump.
  15. Damn,dude. Sure you’re a “dyehardauburnfan”?
  16. Run up the middle for zero yards by the same player that just got winded running for 40 on the play before.
  17. I think we beat them handily. Unfortunately, that makes Gustav look competent. I’ve never pulled against Auburn, but if it helps get rid of the buffoon quicker....................
  18. This literally makes me sick to my stomach . Is Harbert the only person that wants Gus in Auburn? If Gus worked for Harbert in the real world, would Harbert still employ him?
  19. Let’s just go get P J Fleck and but done with this clown show!
  20. Gus an offensive guru? My ass!
  21. So you’re not a member of either party? Good to know! I’ll disregard you and you’re opinions/delusions from now on. Thanks for letting me know
  22. This coming from a person( Not telling their gender... maybe not sure?) whose party actually booed God at the last Democratic National convention! Pfft. Tell me, as a Christian, how do you justify your party’s stance on abortion and what do you think Chrst thinks of that?