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  1. Ha! You’re at least 10 years behind the times, friend. This hasn’t been about “ student” athletes in a looong time. Or future leaders. This is about nothing but winning for the universities, and getting to the NFL for the,cough,cough, “ student athletes”. We should forget about character and hire the best damn coach money can buy. For that matter, we should buy the best damn players we can afford as well. Welcome to the new reality of “ college” football. Don’t forget to send in your NIL donation. Can’t get this done if we’re not all-in
  2. No chance in hell we win that game. Georgia can and will name the score on us. Good news for me is the golf course should be wide open to get 36 holes in next Saturday. Can’t bear to watch the beat down
  3. Hunter is better than Tank. I’m sorry , but he just gives more effort. Leave him in and feed him the ball
  4. Let’s go get Freeze and be done with it. I just don’t think our holier-than-thou boosters have the cajones to hire him
  5. That would be the biggest upset in Auburn history. But it ain’t happening
  6. Agreed!! His calling of the games are as comical as the games themselves
  7. Was at the game. Will remember this one as long as I live. Instant classic!!!!! 🤮
  8. When we (rarely) get the 5* recruit, they regress to 3* by the time they’re a senior😡
  9. Really good post, here. My question is, What constitutes the RIGHT guy and why have we been so bad at finding him the past 15-20 years?
  10. Yeah, and you bitched about it last year. But not this year?
  11. The opposite of Gus. It was the second half that he was not prepared for
  12. Knowing Auburn , we’ll go after Marcus Freeman when we fire Harsin😂. I hear he’s a great recruiter
  13. Looks no different than Mason’s . No worse, no better
  14. Got it right he wouldn’t play for the Tide. Comprendo?🤡
  15. Got this one right, too! 😂😂😂
  16. You are this board’s Nostradamus, at least according to you. Any thread you’re in seems to have that same sentence in it. Self righteous,any?
  17. Good Lord!! Nobody’s crying for Calzada to be the starter.
  18. I understand your point but can’t see that as the case, or we ( Auburn) are just too nice as a team. I remember all too well Tua coming in early in his career against Vandy, I think, and throwing it all over the place when they were way up. We have to stop this if it’s the case, because other teams don’t give a rats a$$ what the score is. They let their QB2 get REAL reps. We should too. It’s the other team’s responsibility to stop us, as Spurrier used to say
  19. I go back to the Shug years. I truly can’t remember a quarterback being held responsible ( by the coach, that is). Running back, yes. Quarterback, no. Someone correct me if I’m wrong
  20. How refreshing to see a coach have enough faith in QB2 to allow him to run the offense, even to the point of, gasp, throwing the ball downfield!! And, holding QB1 responsible when he makes unforced mistakes. I thought TJ did a good job overall and should remain the starter. But now he knows he’s got to protect the ball or there will be consequences. What a novel idea by our coach! Can’t remember an Auburn coach using this approach on our quarterbacks ever, and I’m old
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