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  1. screwtape

    Alabama Game Report Card

    Pretty sure it was declined.
  2. screwtape

    Sean White most improved player

    +1. If we catch half of the first half drops we don't go to overtime.
  3. screwtape

    Happy Back to the Future Day!!!

    Serious? Where do you live?
  4. screwtape

    Jay Jacobs

    You do realize that our ladies are kicking butt right? Last year was our best year in the history of the program in softball. Last year was our best year in the history of the program in gymnastics. This year our ladies soccer team is #8 in the nation (best ranking in the history of the program). Equestrian team is currently ranked #4. I think we are doing OK in some sports, not just the "big three".
  5. screwtape

    ***AU 31 Louisville 24 Post Game Thread***

    People keep pointing to this. Yesterday's game and the Washington State game are totally different. 1. Gus was in his first year. 2. Marshall just arrived in the summer (IIRC... was Marshall around for spring practice?) Johnson has been around for two years. He made some really really bad decisions. Those INTs were not forgivable they were very poor choices. Hopefully it was first game nerves and the giant hype machine that got to him. I understand that Louisville is a better team that Washington State, but come on guys. You cannot say that a kid (and a team) that has been in system for two years *SHOULD* play like a guy (and a team) that had been together for a few months
  6. screwtape

    Ratings by offer list

    I *think* they take some of that into account. They keep up with a "Top 25" schools based upon the last three seasons. I think a player gets more "offer points" based upon a top 25 offer.
  7. screwtape

    "View New Content" search feature

    Broken for me. Started this morning.
  8. screwtape

    Evacuating Student Center on Campus

    Sadly, these kind of events are not rare. Last fall I think Haley was evacuated twice.
  9. screwtape

    Erique Florence

    Peoplefinder is a ~real time feed.
  10. screwtape

    Chad Slade has a new tattoo

    I hope you don't wear clothes made of mixed material or cut the hair from the side of your head!
  11. screwtape

    2014 5* DE Rashaan Evans (Alabama signee) Is anybody's feed working yet? Nope, not yet, but soon I hope! Mine worked for a minute now not working.
  12. screwtape

    The Delaware Wing-T

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Look at what Gus did at Arkansas, Tulsa, Auburn (2009), and Auburn (2013). Different offensives for different players. Before this year I thought that Gus was one of the best offensive minds in college football (I thought Petrino was #1). Now I think he is #1. He is way out in front of everyone else.
  13. screwtape

    What will this play be known as.

    OOHhhhh!! I like this one too.