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  1. Context matters - Cam has been throwing to absolute jobbers for the past 6 years. His best receiver in that timeframe has been Christian McCaffrey - a tailback. His best receiver ever was a past-his-prime Steve Smith. I would love to see what he could do with actual talent in the receiving corp.
  2. Super lukewarm on this hire. It feels like we took a decade-sized step back. Hope I’m wrong, but I was also lukewarm on Steele and that worked out to Auburn’s favor. Truly hope this plays out in a similar fashion.
  3. After the post-game presser, I’m beside myself that he still has a job.
  4. This is the text I sent my buddy when that happened: “Gus sucks so much. Look at him “booming” a missed FG. What a jackass.”
  5. I’ve seen that play about 14 times for about 140 yards total. Smh
  6. I can’t believe that there was no review or challenge. That wasn’t a catch. Smfh.
  7. They’re running the same damn play every time. How the hell are you not able to stop that??
  8. Wow we just stopped a run from going over 7 yards for the first time this drive.
  9. I’m getting tired of Seth Williams wasting his talent with poor attitude and lack of fundamentals.
  10. Is ole miss averaging about 9 yards per carry at this point?
  11. “First of all, I want to tip my hat to Rocky. He had a great game plan coming into the fight. We had our chances early and really felt like we did some good things through the early rounds. We were well prepared, and had a tremendous week of practice leading up to the fight, but we just really let it slip through our fingers at the end.” “Yeah, it was tough being in front of our home crowd of Russia and not being able to deliver the win. There’s no one more disappointed in the outcome than the training staff and Drago. I can promise you, that even though this loss hurts right now, we
  12. Worst call of the year so far, and it’s salt in the wound knowing that we have the more talented team and by all rights, should be up by a few TD’s. But you know, coaching and effort...
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