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  1. Its irritating. They’re getting dominated on every down but 3rd.
  2. OMG!!!! WAR EAGLE!!! And how about no PI calls on their defense!?
  3. That line is getting embarrassed. They’re what they were last year - awful.
  4. What is this “slant” you speak of?
  5. Only against Auburn and always in favor of Alabama in my viewing experience.
  6. That looked like a freaking flop.
  7. ...maybe just knock it down? That dB didn’t even try. Sad. Pathetic.
  8. This is an absolute disaster for the defense.
  9. Terrible start. Quick passes out to neutralize the line + a busted play.
  10. I, like everyone in the auburn family, have mourned the tragic loss of Rod Bramblett. I ask this question to the board with great respect for Rod and with hope that this offends no one - has it been announced who will step in for Rod moving forward for the 2019 season? I attempted to google it and found nothing and thought I would ask here. Continued prayers for his family, and it still stings thinking about not having his voice make the calls.
  11. Shocker. They didn’t overturn a call that favored Alabama