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  1. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Remember when so many fans were poo-pooing the hiring of Coach Steele? What an incredible hire he's turned out to be!
  2. Report: Malzhan staying

    I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum with Gus, even coming here around 6 straight times in various posts to ask if he’s fired yet, and defending him during the JJ fiascos. All things considered, I think it’s time for the auburn family to embrace him completely and celebrate the awesome things he’s accomplished. The bottom line is, very few people could be successful with the schedule he’s given yearly. While the way we’ve lost has definitely been infuriating, I also believe he’s grown as a coach, is a hell of a recruiter, and there’s a lot to be excited about. I hope we get behind him. I for one will be.
  3. After reading @StatTiger‘s post upon further review, it hit me how insanely difficult it is to run through Auburn’s schedule. Looking back at our locked in east rival, THUGA, it is conceivable to believe that they will be consistently good and in the SEC championship more than they’re not in the garbage east. What this means for us is that, more than likely, we will have to play a top 5-10 Georgia team, a top 1-10 Alabama team, and a top 5-10 Georgia team again. Even if it’s not Georgia, it will be another ranked eastern division champ (probably Florida, if history is an indicator). This is just November, to say nothing of if LSU returns to form. Should we make the playoffs, we will consistently have to beat - as we would have this year- a murderer’s row of top opponents that no other team in the country would have to face. The problem is that none of this will change moving forward. I think at the very least if we insist on keeping Georgia as a locked in rival, they should be moved to the front or middle of the schedule. It’s incredibly disheartening looking at this to see all that we have to overcome to even compete for a title. I’m interested to hear any other thoughts regarding this.
  4. God, I’m so sick of this narrative. We had the perfect defense called and two missed tackles of two auburn defenders converging on their receiver resulted in about a 50 yard gain. That’s execution. That’s the biggest reason we lost.
  5. This is the worst showing imaginable. Absolute sh## show
  6. This is an effing disaster
  7. It’s beyond annoying seeing these b#### a## Georgia fans complaining about refs on twitter. It’s laughable. They’re seriously making a run at bammers for the nation’s most ridiculous fan base. They’re seriously some of the very worst.
  8. Really awful 2nd quarter. Worst in recent memory
  9. That whole damn thing was a disaster
  10. This drive is looking awful. Tighten up d!
  11. I didn’t know that illegal touching and attempted murder were offsetting penalties
  12. Nasty defensive line! Key on Holland and forget our entire line is stacked. Nice job!
  13. Can’t let them run
  14. Yes!!! Excellent drive!
  15. Time to get down for the crown. Let’s go AUBURN!!