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  1. To be fair, many have been calling for Gus to be fired for quite a while. I joined that chorus after the Florida and LSU games. The sample size is plenty - we underperform regularly with a timely win sprinkled here and there against bama with their backup QB at home. The offense, his bread and butter that he wrote the book on and calls the plays for, has been an inconsistent atrocity that wastes consistent defensive performances and costs us games. I see the whole picture quite clearly and didn’t throw my hat into the circle of “fire gus” supporters until this year - year 7, after I’ve seen quite enough.
  2. When I watch Gus win big games, I flashback to Toy Story when Buzz “flew” and I hear Woody say, “that’s not flying. That’s falling with style.” He’s not a good coach. He gets really lucky and at times performs to the best of his abilities as a coach and it works out. But after 7 years, we are a perennial 8 win team. Today was embarrassing as it most always is when it comes to Gus. The product on the field does not match the talent of the players. He makes us worse than we are. I can’t wait for him to be fired. It can’t happen soon enough. I’m glad we won a couple of iron bowls, but this level of inconsistency is unacceptable. I’m sick of watching auburn games and being pissed off the entire time because of his poor level of performance as a coach.
  3. 2 runs up the middle, incompletion, punt, TD. Gus seriously sucks. Iron bowl or not.
  4. Trash call and absolutely pass interference
  5. Such f****** bull**** officiating and play calling and overall run defense.
  6. They march down the field....DB comes back, they run 5 plays and kick a field goal. Maybe let’s put him in before they march down the field next time? Idk
  7. From Facebook: bammer: You know who storms the field when they beat auburn...I’ll wait. response: But will you wait 1 second?
  8. Please just once, Gus, don’t gus it up.
  9. Is it possible for our defense and offense to play well in the same game? Just once?
  10. Please someone tell me what the hell “JABA” means
  11. It’s going to be that kind of day....🙄
  12. I knew it was garbage when I opened it.