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  1. Also, a rare hat tip to ESPN on the Stones all night during the game. Possibly the most iconic guitar riff, all time. I don't care when I hear it, it changes my mood
  2. I think this is likely. Saban looked like a tool the whole game and bama looked like a one trick pony whose trick didn't work. I know this well because this is how I feel as an Auburn fan a lot under gus. The gig is up. The pinstripes aren't as impressive as they used to be. The unbeatable got whipped. Tide's a turnin
  3. eww the fingerprints on that trophy
  4. Yeah after his 2011 bs I didn't like him at all but the truth is now I would really want him as Auburn's coach. Bummer it'll never happen. Oh well maybe Gus will win a few next year.
  5. This guy is pretty good at football
  6. I have a standing bet with my friends. If I'm watching bama and holding is called against them I will give my nearest friend $100. I've never had to do it
  7. This has bugged me all year. Not emojis lol, I guess I'm old but at my office the bammers every week just have had an air about them like this whole season has been a foregone conclusion, so boring, let's get to the trophy already. Hell I know tons of people at this game that aren't there to watch football, they're there for a damn trophy. I hope someone gives them one so no one gets hurt
  8. Yeah this is what I noticed going back and looking. I have noticed that on NSD (or now the early version) we tend to be lower than the other big schools we recruit against but by the time it's done we have near the 25 number. I assume this is because we miss out on some big name guys we were hoping for and fill them in later with some lesser recruited guys, grad transfers, etc. Someone commented about Clemson, I'm a little surprised that Gus doesn't find a few more special gems in the 3-star group. For his offense I could see a lot of guys that don't rate a highly as others in their position might have something special he could use.
  9. So I ordered by "Average" (stars) and compared this to actual team recruiting rankings, and there are some striking differences: I noticed that PSU and AU are in the top 4 in terms of "average recruited talent level" (if that's fair to call it) but because the number of total commits is lower than say Georgia's, their overall points score is lower. This actually seems true most years. AU takes less kids than bama for example pretty much every year but the star power is there for the kids we do get. So my question is this: Is there a reason why Alabama signs so many every time compared to AU? Is it because they're processing more players out? And is this why it's considered "better" to recruit that many? You have more to choose from before the processing is complete? Or are we low on numbers as a result of low recruiting and normal processing/attrition? And why is AU lagging behind in this way? Are we just unwilling to process players at a higher rate, or are we just unable to acquire more talent - we miss on the guys we want that we saved spots for? I don't follow recruiting as much as some on here so I'm hoping there are simple answers to this because I've been curious for years. I'll hang up and listen. Thanks in advance! Edit To Add: I went back and looked, it seems like most years Auburn adds to its numbers after NSD so I was not correct that AU tends to finish with lower numbers substantially than other schools but still the questions as it pertains to NSD in general are still valid I guess. Thanks
  10. Yeah, my comment as a joke about storming the field twice. (2 wins). Swing and a miss I guess
  11. we get to win twice in the same game not bad. Now we're 7-3?