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  1. Might be he got a severe dressing down / ultimatum. Might be he went a little too far emotionally and his ego said "I'm done, been kicked off" even though that isn't what actually happened... Anyone with insider info actually know he's been booted? Might be the coaches are trying to help him get his mind right even now. Social media is a blessing and (mostly) a curse. I'm just thinking of the "tank is leaving" meltdown here. Is there fire behind this smoke, or is it an emotional kid doing what feels natural to him (emoting on social media instead of his family/friends)?
  2. I've been persuaded to do many things in my life that turned out to be some of the best things that ever happened to me. Sometimes what you really want is right under your nose and you don't notice it until someone shows you how much it could mean to you.
  3. This was 100% lack of faith in the defense. He knew he would need to go for two at some point, and that there would be only onsides kicks from now on. Why wait to run the two? The only reason not to go for two is so you could kick it deep and make it a "one score game." But that assumes your defense can make a stop. But lets say you so make the stop. And then score. Now, if you miss, because you kicked it deep instead of onsides before, you have less time to work with. Almost certainly not enough. I liked the call.
  4. Can someone pls give CBS some software that will fix the shadow contrast -everyone, for the last 20 years
  5. You know why Saban isn't doing the same thing? Because he's worth his full salary. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2915800-lsus-ed-orgeron-volunteers-to-take-300k-pay-cut-for-2021-season
  6. https://hasgusmalzahnbeenfiredyet.com/ look at these stats. Gus is ok against Bama (we beat them sometimes i guess), but at what other cost? Time for a change.
  7. Hey enough about basketball, can we talk about the bachelor please? that was my favorite part of the game! Especially when they had that fellow's head on the left side of the screen, just talking about the bachelor, while the boys were playing basketball in a shrunken screen on the right. For those of us who watch basketball games for bachelor talk, this was BY FAR my favorite moment! Need more of this please. /s
  8. You know, I wonder if those LSU boys are going to be looking for ways to fire ole O' once they realize this isn't repeatable without a once-in-a-generation talent. Or maybe that's just an Auburn problem
  9. Insane. Can't wait to see if this magic continues over the next 10 years in the NFL
  10. Not really trying to start an argument, obviously their defense did enough to win every game, but they weren't world beaters. They gave up 36 to Vandy, 41 to Bama, 37 to ole miss... I get the downside to an offense that scores quickly, yada yada, but the LSU offense IS the story of this season. And Joe Burrow IS the story of this offense. So while LSU absolutely could be a contender next year, I see plenty of evidence they might not.
  11. Plus their defense isn't remarkable. An average to good offense with an average defense is middle of the road SEC on any given year.
  12. Big fan of Brady given what he's got to work with (and, arguably, developed) but Gus has proven over and again that coaching is easy when the talent's there...
  13. What a show. The dropoff at LSU next year when they lose Burrow will be dramatic. He is like Cam for them this year. Next year could be surprisingly ugly for them if they don't develop a rushing attack.
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