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  1. Very sad indeed. Hate these whacky early season schedules.
  2. Dude should go to Oregon if that is where he wants to be. We have a high need to make all our signees count and i would hate to waste a scholly on a guy who will get homesick and leave after a semester.
  3. gravejd

    The U

    Cristobal to Miami has been confirmed. Bold move going from Oregon to Miami. I understand his connections but sure does seem like Oregon is a much better job right now.
  4. Ready for this thing to get finalized. Hoping today is the day
  5. McGee just does not fit in my mind. Never been a OC and has only coached RBs. And we currently have a RB coach who I like and is a good recruiter.
  6. He and Harsin had good offenses together at Boise. He would fit in nicely as the QB coach.
  7. Agreed. A lot of people will dump on the OC hire regardless of who it is. Harsin now has a group of haters that will hate until he starts winning. But i look at it like this..... he tried to go with the big name guy who would bring new ideas and help recruiting in the SEC. That did not work and Bobo was fired after 1 season. So now i expect Harsin to do the opposite and go with a guy who he is familiar with and he knows he can work with. Grimes would be my dream hire but i'm not holding my breath. I'd be fine with Hill but i also don't get enamored by the "big name" guys. All the big nam
  8. Just keep in mind that paying out big money does not = success on the football field. Yes it will be an advantage to certain school who have larger alumni and richer alumni. But you can't write a check and get a good football team. Ask Jerry Jones. Yes we need boosters and sponsors to help out our guys. But the goal should not be to match whatever bama or texas are doing. The goal should be to remain competitive in the terms of NIL so that we can pull in quality players. Then have an unrivaled staff that can develop those players and put them in the NFL. If we can do that we will be successful
  9. My lineup response to this was a little confusing. Yes i agree Flan will play more 3. But having him available to play the 2 against teams with more guard size will be a big help.
  10. Starting lineup by tourney time. Green, KD, Flan, Jabari, Kess Put it in the bank
  11. Really fun game to watch. UCF came to play and we just overwhelmed them. Our defense absolutely shut them down for the second half. We got sloppy and loose with the ball at times but these are college guys and not pros so its expected. Something for Pearl to keep coaching them about. I'd also like to see less celebration by KD after big plays. At least twice they got easy buckets because we were celebrating big plays. Did not matter in this game but in the games coming where every position matters you can't give away easy baskets. But with that said i love the intensity of the team and they ev
  12. This is what i'm expecting. But then again i was not expecting the Bobo hire and i was also expecting Friend to be let go yesterday so i can't say i have a good feel for what Harsin is planning.
  13. Even if it is the WR coach then a new coach will be brought on. My random guess is that Harsin is considering a few different options right now on who that extra coach will be and how he will fit in the current staff makeup. Before making any final decisions. For example if Harsin wants to bring in Hill to be co-oc with Kiesau then Hill has to let AZ State know etc.. Or if Harsin just wants to promote Kiesau and not bring in a co-oc he still has to decide which position Kiesau will coach and based on that who the position coach is that gets brought in.
  14. Surprised the Friend news has not dropped yet? Any chance he could be returning? Having to fire 3 of the 5 offensive hires in the first year is pretty bad.
  15. Having his size at the #2 guard spot is going to be a big help.
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