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  1. It’s hard to see how he doesn’t just break out and go crazy next season. He showed some real flashes of incredible playmaking ability. And I thought he had some nice plays on defense as well. Very athletic and good hustle is a great combination and he has it. I also expect to see a lot out of flanigan. He surprised me last season with a couple of his good games. Just needed a bit more time to figure out how to fully control his body in the lane. Has a nice shot and plays like a coaches son.
  2. I would not worry too much about space. You can probably expect 2-3 signees is my guess. If they find guys that they think will make us better then we'll sign em.
  3. What an excellent surprise!! I had written him off when he moved AAU teams. Love hearing that it looks like he is still likely to be a tiger. He would be a great addition to the team. I love having multiple guys that can handle the ball and score. You all saw what Pearl did with the combo of Harper and Brown. Imagine how good Coop and Davidson will be 🤤
  4. Oh snap!! I didn't think it worked when i tried on my phone but playing on my comp is working.
  5. I'm going to have to sign up for spotify it seems.....
  6. If you can find someone who knows how and why the NCAA does anything you be sure to send em my way. I got lots of questions!
  7. I always enjoy a good mud fight when i dislike both participants! And this is one where i very much hope to see both parties sling lots and lots of mud back and forth 😂 Still amazed LSU decided to back Wade in this. I guess they figured they would get hammered if they admitted fault and fired him so why not run with it? We'll see how that goes for them
  8. Wow....i had forgotten he is still in the league. Thats an impressive career he has put together.
  9. I never like it when he wrote the book after the natty. Claimed in there that winning the natty was a "god thing" like AU was ordained to win it all or something. He has always came off as very smug to me......not that being smug is unique in that trait among Div 1 football coaches. I agree its not a good look for Bates to be talking now but he is past his playing days and doesn't see himself in the coaching business so he probably doesn't care much about feathers being ruffled.
  10. That is a very nice AU themed nail and hammer
  11. I posted in another thread about having some worries about our misses but you're not going to find many folks sharing that concern. We are recruiting better than ever so I can understand why folks aren't eager to criticize. One thing i would note is that this will probably be a small class compared to the last 2. So I would expect us to be picky on who gets offers and are allowed to commit. We have a lot of underclassmen now on the team due to the recruiting hiatus from the Person troubles. So unless a few transfer after this season we won't have many open spots.
  12. Heck yes he looks like a good one. Great speed, good ball skills and hands, and he likes to hit!
  13. The only players i see as for sure going ahead of Okoro are Edwards, Ball, and Wiseman. After that i think it'll just be what the teams are looking for and what they need. I was reading one draft column and it was interviewing a GM that was picking 4 and he said "at 4 you don't pick for need...you pick best talent". Which seemed really odd to me....and that strategy may be why he is picking so high lol. Maybe that is why you see teams like the Hawks and such that repeatedly pick the same position. I recall an NBA team recently who picked 2 PGs in the first round.......it was the year Fultz wen
  14. Thor could be one heck of a get i agree. But i don't see him playing the 2 spot for us
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