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  1. oh dear for the Safety position....
  2. I don't think its all doom and gloom for the future like some are saying. A team like AU is never going to get a team full of guys who leave early after 1 or 2 years so what we'll need to do is mix and match the guys who do with those who will stay likely stay longer. Recent signees like Heron and Wiley will leave early yeah....but more will stay for extended amounts of time. Think of guys like Harper and McClemore, both are talented guys that will likely stay for some time. So yeah the best guys will leave early and we hope we get a few of those from year to year. But that certainly won't be the norm at least not any time soon. Though i will say that i would like to see us get away from taking these type transfers. Unless you are adding 1 guy who is a missing piece then i think you are better off getting HS guys. But if you can't find what you need in the HS ranks you gotta do what you gotta do i guess
  3. You are dead on with that one AU64. No way it will happen. Though i wouldn't mind it one bit
  4. You think realigning the divisions would impact SEC teams getting to the NC game?
  5. I haven't picked through how you have everything aligned so i'm not necessarily agreeing with these divisions as is but i agree that blowing the thing up and starting over would be the best option. I'm also on board with just straight up moving AU to the EAST and moving Mizzou to the WEST. I could care less if we keep the bama rivalry game. The fun of that rivalry died with the oak trees IMO.
  6. i like hearing good things. I love seeing good things. Hope we see lots of good things this fall!
  7. Good luck to you Woody! Hope you find a solid landing spot!!
  8. Count me as excited about the LB group. During the a-day game i noticed that when our LBs went to make tackles the guy with the ball actually went backwards occasionally. Meaning the LBs were actually coming up and playing with bad intensions. I think what we have lacked the last couple years has been a combo of talent and attitude at the LB position. Frost had all the talent in the world but he just didn't have the mind set to fill a hole and punish the RB. Others have had the mindset but couldn't quite make the plays like Cass (who i think would have been pretty good had he had some more help). I really think twill knows the attitude you have to have to be a successful LB and he is instilling that in his players. LB depth is a little questionable and we'll need young guys to fill spots and especially if we have injuries. But Davis and Williams make a formidable starting duo and i'm excited to see how the rest develop. LB is the heart of a defense and I think AU defense is about to have its heart back.
  9. i'll agree i don't like having the #1 or #2 RB working special teams. But i also don't want any DBs doing it either since we are so thin there. SO my pick would be one of our bigger WR or a RB a little lower on the depth chart.
  10. History shows that if Garner wants a big DL class he'll get it. DL recruiting has been out of this world since he's been here. He may not be allowed to get 5 but 4 should be a given since we only got 3 this past class. But have we ever consistently signed top DL players like this before? It seems like every year we have pulled in at least 1 top 10 (at their position) type guy and some years we have gotten a couple. And the not top 10 guys have all been really good as well. Garner has done a flat out excellent job since he has been here, best decision Gus made was hiring him and then retaining him when he did the Muschamp reboot
  11. The rule is retro-active?? That seems pretty crazy if that is true.
  12. I'll take his input on offense any day of the week. Just don't put him in a position where he is responsible for getting kids to AU! lol Welcome back Coach!
  13. Really hope we can keep KJ and KP healthy at the same time. Extremely talented duo right there. I hope KJ doesn't turn into another Mario Fannin (sp?) Looks like an all world running back but can't put it together for whatever reason. Mario's problem was funbles and KJ's has been health. Hope he can kick that trend this year and get his first 1000yd season!
  14. Thats some pretty big stuff being the top player in GA. I'm betting these 2 players will give next years team a nice boost talent wise. Hopefully integrating fewer freshmen at the same time will also mean these guys will be able to gradually fill a roll instead of being thrown in the deep end from the start of the season. Really hoping Okeke can be the missing piece at 4 and allow others to slide into their more natural positions.
  15. Sounds like he'll fit in nicely here at AU