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  1. gravejd

    Wiley out against UK

    Yeah this stinks big time for Wiley. Hope he can get back in action soon. It’s a big injury but it’s not losing Mac last year big
  2. gravejd

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Woah...that’s one heck of a stat line
  3. gravejd

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    Curious why you think Purifoy is better then then the guys that are ahead of him? Measurables.....old tape......word from been playing pick up games with him? Honest question. I personally haven't seen anything to get excited about with his play but i also will fully give you that he has not gotten enough opportunity in games to actually show whether he can or cannot play. So at this point i'm assuming Pearl is playing who he feels gives us the best chance to win. If there is one thing i count on its that coaches play who they THINK is the best players or makes the team the best. Because their livelihood depends on them player who they think gives them the best chance to win. At least at the college level.....probably more politics play into it at the AAU and high school level.
  4. gravejd

    A warning about SEC Play

    Looks like the usual Kentucky team to me.
  5. gravejd

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Surprised we haven't heard anything on the RB coach search or made a hire by now. Me thinks the beat writers have been cut off since the Gus contract nonsense
  6. gravejd

    A warning about SEC Play

    Can't wait for the Kentucky game. Glad we have them at home! I personally love our less talented harder working guys beating their NBA first rounders
  7. gravejd

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    i'm picking whoever the grad transfer turns out to be
  8. gravejd

    The starting lineup

    And its amazing that he makes some of them.....
  9. gravejd

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Horton was running the offense?
  10. gravejd

    The starting lineup

    My starting lineup: McCormick Harper Doughty Okeke Mac/Wiley depending on matchups and who played well the game before. I was on the Wiley train this year up until the uga game. Then Mac reminded me why i fell in love with him last season. If we get that Mac for the rest of the year then opposing teams better strap in. But that was just one game and Wiley had some good ones prior to struggling the last few. I tend to think Wiley is going to struggle a bit against quality big men. We'll see how that goes but that is what i'm seeing so far. Mac just does such an awesome job on the offensive glass. When he flies in to corral a miss a jam it home it just electrifies the team. I also see that my starting lineup leaves us with no backup point guard. I don't think this is a huge problem as i expect Brown would play as much if not more than Javon throughout the game. I just dont think that Doughty can guard too many 2s in the SEC. I don't know if he has the quicks and i also don't know if he has the handle we need at the 2. But one thing i noticed when i thought about the lineup is how close all our players are in skill level. I almost subbed Dunbar in the starting lineup for either Okeke or Doughty. I almost did the same with Spencer as well cause he has played good minutes the last few games. I hope Pearl keeps doing like he did with Mac and Wiley against uga and plays the hot hand. If Brown is having an off night or anyone else just sit them and let the backups get in there for long stretches. Harper is the only one on the team that i think has to play 30+ minutes per game for us to be succesfull.
  11. gravejd

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    I wonder what the timeline will be on getting the hire made? In situations like this where a coach is fired or reassigned i expect it to move pretty fast since Gus was likely thinking about this for some time and hopefully had a list of replacements ready.
  12. gravejd

    Auburn drops to 14

    14 sounds fair to me. And maybe a little higher then i was expecting.....but looking at scores a lot of the lower half of top 25 got beat last week. We do need to get a couple road wins in the next few games. Both A&M and eUSC coming up on the road. They will be lower half of SEC at years end so should be some of our better changes to get a couple road wins
  13. gravejd

    DeShaun Davis accepts NFL Combine Invite!

    Congrats to Deshaun!! I like his chances to have a long and productive pro career. Best AU LB since.....well lets just say Best AU LB in a long time!
  14. gravejd

    Men vs. Georgia game thread

    Really glad to get the win. Highlight of the game for me was McLemore’s play. He looked like Mac from last season and that was awesome to see. Harper also had a really good game. Brown was good and bad. I think I’ll take it as long as his good and bad are about equal. If we can get 12 from him every night I’d bet we don’t lose many more games. The complete defensive breakdowns are concerning. I was counting on us having lock down defense and we are no where close right now. Uga had way too many wide open 3s. Following this with a win at a&m would have me feeling a lot better about how the rest of the season will play out. I still think we can be an elite team if we get everyone going and working together consistently. Right now I think we look like maybe 5/6 best team in sec.
  15. gravejd

    Georgia at Auburn -men

    I think Georgia about to get the beat down. Hope to see our guys come out with high energy and get our first sec win!