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  1. Thanks for the recap, i was out of town so didn't get a chance to watch or even follow the game. I checked once and saw we were down by 10 and was disappointed to see the final score was around 20 i believe. So it is good to hear the team fought back hard from UK runs and kept the game competitive. I'm worried about the ref trend we are seeing. Anyone have an opinion on if Pearle rides the refs any harder than other coaches and maybe the refs are being a little biased against AU? I think it was the ol miss game but it seemed like one ref in particular was calling everything against us. Same guy who called the BS hanging on the rim call on McClemore. Next 2 games are big for the season. We really need to win these next 2 games to keep NIT and outside NCAA hopes alive.
  2. Yeah i would not be surprised Petrino was "encouraging" Grantham to find another spot. Dude seems to wear out his welcome at places pretty quick
  3. Here here on the rotation bit. Well whole thing was good of course but that was something i was thinking on last night as well as the game went along. Seems we have a constant flow of guys going in and out of the game regardless of what is actually happening in the game. I understand BP wants to play a lot of guys and i like that about him but it does seem to me like it could be hard to build that chemistry and team flow when people are constantly moving in and out of the lineup. I'm sure it is a combination of suspensions, injuries, and young team that is the cause of all the shuffling but i'd like to see that rotation trimmed down as well. Smith and Spencer should never be on the floor together and if you are going to play Waddell play him with plenty of scoring options on the floor. I love his effort and I think he brings a lot to the table on D and spacing the O but he is not a scoring threat. Side note of i'm soooo sad Dunans is struggling this year. I agree with everyone on here that he is a bit of a liability at this point. But man when he is going it is impressive and fun to watch. Passing, scoring, blocking shots.....he can do it all. Such a shame that he is playing out of control and forcing things right now.
  4. Dabo is bama to the core and therefore i don't like him, but credit where credit is due. He has Clemson looking like they are set up nicely for years to come. They'll regress without DW for sure but i bet they don't fall off too far. We'll know real quick next year what we have in our OL with them going against that Clemson DL
  5. This seems like a weird move to me. Take away State being in the SEC and what do you have left for reasons to make this move? Seems to me that UL would be a pretty sweet gig for a DC. You know the offense is going to be good with Petrino, assuming no NCAA shenanigans then you have to think Petrino is pretty safe there. UL was way better than Miss St. this past year. I wonder if there are rumblings in UL about Petrino after the cheating thing came out??
  6. We'll have to play a lot better than we did against Mizzou last night to beat LSU or bama. But I agree with the post that those are winnable games if we can play good basketball again. We need to win both those games to give ourselves a shot at a decent (around .500) sec record. I don't expect us to get to .500 in SEC play but we should be able to get close.
  7. Agreed. True colors of Jeff can't be hidden when comments like that are made. The guy put his body on the line about 2 weeks ago on national tv for AU just so we could get a first down....and then a "fan" comes on here and calls him powderpuff? What a sad little person aujeff must be.
  8. Seems to be a lost art for us anyway. I mean i know the coaches practice rebounding (they have to right?) so i'm not sure what the problem is. The ones where we have 3 people standing under the basket and their guy just runs up and takes it from us are the hard ones to take. Maybe rebounding is like blocking for RBs. Maybe it takes some time and experience at this level to get good at it. A lot of rebounding is just toughness and other than McClemore and Heron i don't see a lot of guy on the team i'd call "tough"
  9. Glad the team was able to get their first SEC win. Didn't play a great game but we'll take it.
  10. Props for keeping these going as the season starts to turn sour. Looking at our schedule I would say this game is about as close to a must win as you can get. Lose this one and your looking at starting SEC play at a likely 0-5....yikes. The absence of Lang and Brown's scoring threat from 3 has been a surprise for me this season. I really thought those guys would thrive with all the attention on the new guys.....hasn't happen yet. Perhaps it still can.
  11. Agreed, seen all this before and I agreed with everything in the OP before. I'll do so again today!
  12. I'm going to go ahead and say i don't expect any offensive changes in February unless it is just adding another coach. I think the people we have today will be in the same positions when next season starts. I have seen no indication that Gus believes a change is warranted or needed. We'll see though....
  13. ha! good one. Guess he will fit right in!
  14. Oh i realize AU has never been able to be a consistent power in football. That is the step we have to take to be considered a top tier program. I think AU has the resources and backing to be a top tier football program. We were on the cusp with Tubberville, if he could have ever found an OC that was good and wanted to stick around he would have got us there. And while tubberville is a solid coach he will not go down as one of the sports greats. So i fully believe the right coach can win consistently at AU. I just don't think we have found that coach yet.
  15. I think Kelly to Cal would be a good fit for both parties.