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  1. How is Kevin steele’s name on any head coaching list? He is a grandpa who hasn’t been a head coach this century
  2. Yeah that stinks. Hope he is not out for long and everything is ok with he and his family.
  3. I wonder if Riley could play MLB? I agree OP should be in space where his speed is an asset. Steiner (#32) also does not look up to the task of playing the middle to my eyes.
  4. There is not enough lipstick in the world to make this pig look pretty. Koy did make some good plays. Ashford runs hard. If Tank has even the smallest of creases he can do some damage. On Defense Hall is good, Leota can make some plays, and a couple of the DBs are pretty good but we don't do a great job of getting our heads around. That may be a coaching deal....never sure there. But man all in all its not a great product. OL is so bad. We don't have a true QB. DL gets blown off the ball. LBs aren't in the right spot (DL issues contribute here i'm sure). I'm expecting something like a 20pt loss to LSU next week. How Mizzou does not win that game by 2 touchdowns i'll never know. I don't want to go around a poo poo on all the threads that are trying to look for some good. But i just don't see how its possible the team has regressed this much since last season. We were competitive last year and flirting with being a good team. And now we are a train wreck. Harsin may be a good coach but NOTHING he has done since arriving at AU has been good.
  5. There’s containing oneself and there is also showing that you give a crap. Mizzou missing the game winning field goal and he doesn’t even crack a smile. He doesn’t even interact with players when they come off the field. Good or bad. I like an under control head coach as well but you cannot convince me Harsin cared at all if he won or lost that game.
  6. I’ve now seen it all. What a way to win the game!
  7. What has happened to Carlson? Last years struggles continue…
  8. Did he just throw it at the mizzou player?
  9. Well maybe he is trying to get fired lol we really need some clause in coaching contracts to account for incompetence. Crazy we have to pay this man to leave
  10. Not sure he is trying to get fired. But I think he is checked out. I hope they fire him before he gets into the locker room. Win or lose
  11. Saddest Auburn team I’ve seen in a long time. Mizzou has looked like the better team for all but the first quarter. This just might be worse than 2012 when it’s all said and done. Both sides of the ball look really weak.
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