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  1. Yeah I don't get the notion AU is somehow to good or should be too proud to play in any tournament or game anywhere. Since cliff elis was the coach it can be argued that AU was one of the worse basketball teams in the nation. That is beginning to change this year but right now you take what you can get imo.
  2. No way Gus is the coach at AU in 2018 if he wins 7 games and loses to uga and bama again. If a coach can lose 4 straight years to both of them and still be the coach then AU has really sunken to a low I haven't seen in my lifetime
  3. I wonder why they choose these 3 coaches to discuss? I mean I would think Mullen, Freeze, Bert, Stoopes, and McElwain would all be considered on at least warm seats. But can't say that I disagree with anything in that article. Oh and how does the team ranked 5 have a coach on the hot seat? By losing 5 games the year before that’s how….
  4. I think this is a solid pickup. We needed some reliable depth at C at this moves gives us that at the very least. If it opens opportunity to move guys around to get a better overall line then all the better. The question I have is "was playing at AU this kids dream" if so then its possible he was brought in for depth. If the answer to that question is no then that means he could have gone a number of places and came to AU with the expectation of playing.
  5. Sounds like a good one. Hope we stay on top!
  6. Glad the team was able to go out there and get this win. They've accomplished a lot this year so i'd would have hate to see it all go for naught by having a losing streak to finish this season. They played really good basketball tonight with just about everyone contributing a little something to the win. Lets get a few more of these W's so we can finish this season with some post season action and some positive momentum to take the team through the offseason
  7. All i'm saying is that if fans are expecting their team to lose then it is more likely they won't show up. I think the majority of fans expected this team to lose against UF. I totally agree the program is in the best position it has been since that last NCAA appearance. The last NIT team was a good team but it was all seniors. This team is about equal to those guys and they are all younguns
  8. I think having a team the fans trust will help. AU has been bad at home this year. And i don't think there is a lot of stomach at AU for watching losing basketball. We've seen it for way too long and prefer to look away. I expect attendance to tick upward next year as people will be hoping for better results. However if better results don't follow expect attendance to go downward. I have no idea why we have struggled so much at home. Maybe players are putting too much pressure on themselves to perform well in front of the home crowd and that results in pressing too much. But that is just a guess. I'm at a loss on how a team can play so badly in the second half for this many games and the players/coaches not figure out a way to correct it. Not mentally tough, too emotional, selfish play, lazy play, not the right mix of players, youth.....take your pick on what the problem is.
  9. As soon as Auburn lives up to high expectations i'll join you guys. But i don't think AU has actually been good when they were predicted to be good in my life time. So until they prove to me they can handle the high rankings, i'll continue to cringe every time I see AU ranked highly heading into a season.
  10. Hope Rhett rocks it hard at UCONN!
  11. ok, the first is QB. The second is what kind offense will we even run (new OC). Third is how will OL play out and most importantly the OT spots. Fourth is who will step up at WR. The most important question on D is who is going to get after the QB? Other than that D looks good but if you can't rush the passer without blitzing then you cannot have a good defense in the SEC. Questions about depth on D but very few teams don't have questions when talking about second line players so not point in worrying about that.
  12. AU ranked top ten?? Oh dear. Way too high IMO. Questions marks all over the place on this team. Those folks at ESPN have really bought into the Stidham hype
  13. oh i totally agree. I've been hoping all year that it would eventually click for this team and they would be able to play really good ball. I no longer hold out much hope of getting more than a game here and there of good ball play from this team. Its just not in them to play well consistently. We took a step forward this year regardless of what happens the rest of the season (assuming we don't implode and loss out). We can take another step forward by making the NIT. But Pearl needs to start figuring out how to get these talented guys to play consistently good basketball next season or questions will start rolling in on the direction of this program. Pearl has proven he can get the players he needs at AU. Now he has to prove he can make a team out of these players.
  14. And pop goes that bubble. Hopefully the team holds it together, shows some improvement to end the year, and gets a chance at the NIT. AU has a long way to go to get ready for next year and that preparation needs to start now.
  15. Seems like a really solid hire. Welcome to the plains coach Porter!