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  1. gravejd

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    You know i've been thinking a lot about the topic over the last week. And i just can't make my mind up on Gus and his ability to coach. There is no denying from a statistical standpoint that he is one of the most successful coaches in AU history. But with that no one can deny the absolute head scratching decisions that are made at times. But when all is said and done i expect Gus to fall about dead even with ol Tubs in the history of AU coaches and that would put him in the top 5. Not bad if you ask me. Like Tubs, Gus will be more appreciated after he leaves. They're both good for some unexpected wins every year and some gut wrenching loses. Tubs will always have 6 in a row over bama and no AU coach is likely to match that feat. But Gus has kept us pretty close to one of the greatest dynasties college football has ever seen. Not many coaches can claim multiple wins against Saban. As much as i hate losing games we should win like last weekend, i wish AU fans would chill out on all the Gus bashing. He's not my favorite person in the world either but he isn't the worst coach college football. And if nothing else he is our coach for at the very least the next 2 years so sit back and try to enjoy the ride.
  2. gravejd

    Coaching Staff Approval Ratings

    He is Special teams/TE coach. But your point is validated by Hortons 67% rating.
  3. gravejd

    Coaching Staff Approval Ratings

    Wonder what is up with Larry Porter's 73% approval rating? We seem ok in special teams this year and his position group doesn't get used. Guess he gets a lot of recruiting credit?
  4. gravejd

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    i'm going 48 - 16 AU. If the hogs are smart they will take about 20 shots down field just to see what sticks. Secondary and lack of a sack master is proving to be achillies heel of D.
  5. gravejd

    Still in top 10

    From a personal standpoint AU still being ranked in the top ten does nothing to help with another disappointing loss to LSU. Hopefully they rally again and its not another 8-5 kind of year. It sure looks like its going to be right now.
  6. gravejd

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Doesn't take a football expert to point out the OL is our weakest link and with that the position to give us problems down the road. However, I think we have the pieces to put together a decent OL. If we can hold up to LSUs pass rush i'll feel pretty good going forward.
  7. gravejd

    2018 Auburn vs. LSU Score Prediction

    i'll go 26 -13 AU. I'm really hoping we can create a couple touchdowns somewhere somehow. But i don't expect to generate those in the redzone. I expect run game will continue to struggle and therefore so will redzone offense. Afraid we'll need a big play to get us in the endzone but hopefully we find a couple of those. Our D will give them all kinds of problems. Just don't give the game away on special teams on with turnovers and we'll shut them down.
  8. gravejd

    Auburn 63 ASU 9 - Postgame Thread

    Really fun game to watch and exactly what we need out of playing a team like al st. Loved seeing all the freshmen play. The new redshirt rules were so badly needed. This will do wonders for these young guys down the road. Lots of things to be happy about. Shivers does look like the real deal at RB. Curious to see how he does against bigger Ds but man you can’t deny the skill and just determination to not go down. You can’t teach that. Daniel made some great plays on the ball. Britt looked to be flying around out there. Sherwood looks to have great ball skills. Beautiful watching him track the ball on his interception. Played that perfectly. Cord also looks like he can still play a little football (thank goodness) Not good things would be sloppy first quarter, ball security, kick return for TD, and Willis looking to have regressed so much. Some one needs to sit him down for a long talk. He has got to slow down and not try to make every play himself. Right now he is a liability and just can’t have that at QB. I do like that the coaches choose to kick short for must of the game so they could work in kick coverage. Hopefully Carlson can put most through the back of the end zone. On to LSU! Will be at the game and really excited to see the plains rocking! Crowd looked good early. Can’t blame folks for leaving early on a blow out with such a late start
  9. 48 - 0 AU i agree we’ll use this game to work on the run. So scoring won’t be as high as it could be. I also don’t think we will just run over them so probably be some punts and field goals instead of touchdowns. Hopefully our young DBs don’t give up any long gainers and d can get a shutout
  10. Going out on a limb here and say it was a good week of practice.
  11. gravejd

    Washington Game Report Card

    THanks! Enjoyed the read! 6 yard average on first down is high ask. Surpised that’s the expectation. I’d say if you average 5 yards in first down your doing well. Also strange to see the O actually grades out higher than the D.
  12. gravejd

    Purifoy returns to lineup against UAB

    Looking forward to seeing Purifoy go. Its been a long time since AU fans have seen him play. I bet his game has grown by leap and bounds since we last saw him. And man 6'7" 230 lbs!? Hope he learned how to go to the rim during his time off. Be a shame to see someone with those measurables sit at the 3 point line jacking up shots
  13. gravejd

    2019 4* SF Isaac Okoro Commits to AU!!!

    He looks like a heck of a ball player. Very smooth with the ball. Gets to the rim effortlessly and is able to get shots off while staying under control.
  14. gravejd

    Official Depth Chart is Out

    Pretty concerned about Sal being listed as a starting WR. He did not look good at all in his opportunities last year. This is one of listing that makes you worry about coaches playing favorites and not playing the best 11. But hopefully he has improved a whole whole bunch over the offseason and we see the magic against UW. Thats awful about McBride. Fall camp has been so quite with injuries i've been really nervous news would start trickling out the closer we got
  15. gravejd

    Season Tickets sold out

    Good job AU people! Glad to see people supporting the team. Now to the season ticket holders. Show up or sell your tickets to AU fans who will!!!!