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  1. I'm very interested in seeing how the OL performs this year. No question that Hand is an all time great at recruiting OL to come play for him but his abilities to put together a strong and cohesive unit is still in question in my mind. He seems like a really like able and nice guy which allows him to recruit well but i'm afraid that may work against him at game time. Can you be a like-able guy and still instill that mean streak in your players? Its rough in the trenches and you have to want to dominant the guy in front of you or you'll be pushed out of the way all game long. Hope we see a OL group come out in game one and dominant GA So. from the first snap. I want to see that dominating attitude early cause they will need it for Clemson in week 2.
  2. really so just one player would give them that dot? That means there are no active players in the NFL from all the states with no dots. Thats pretty surprising IMO
  3. forget Philly...what the heck is the dot in North Dakota about? Atleast philly has some heat around it as well. That North Dakota spot is by itself by about 300 miles!
  4. Yeah I guess that's one really negative way you could look at it. All I'm saying is that if for some crazy reason white gets named starting QB then I see no reason to expect he'll fail.
  5. Would love to see a romp the first weekend in Sept but not counting on it. Triple options teams can be tricky but it helps that we have all spring to prepare for it. Should be a fun game for the defense to get warmed up with. Play your assignments and we'll be good. Also, didn't they just beat FL a couple years ago? I don't think beating AU would automatically be considered the greatest win in their history
  6. yeah i guess State didn't finish as strong as i recalled. I thought that A&M win was later in the season. Still, ol miss and state have been tough games more often than not the last few years so i'm kinda expecting that to continue. Plus if we are discussing strong vs poor finishes i think we can all agree which category AU fell into at the end of last season. 1.5 months until we know for sure!
  7. especially in September..... i thought i was going to stroke out at the arky game a few years back when we opened with them. Hell it was so hot i didn't even touch the flask of whisky i snuck in!
  8. I'm saying 7 oclock game. And i base this on the fact i am going and would like it to be a night game
  9. and you ask for explanation w h y??? lol
  10. very nice. Love hearing the future continues to look bright! Imagine what Pearl will do if he can start winning some games on the court!
  11. and that folks is where the saying "their are lies, damn lies, and then statistics" comes from. Hope Stat doesnt see this post
  12. man o man the hype is starting to sink in. I know football season is getting close when folks start talking like AU is in a league with LSU and bama all by ourselves. I like the idea of ol miss going back to cupcake status but they haven't been one for several years now and they have a QB that was pretty highly rated last year. Then you have MS St. who finished last year strong as hell and brings a lot of folks back. A&M are going to be able to score on everyone so thats been a toss up since they joined the SEC. I know we beat Arky by 50 last year but that blow out loss isn't going to help us any this year and they will be pissed as hell about that beat down. I'll continue to put an L next to the UGA game until we actually beat them for once in the last half dozen years. We've been the better team in that game for the last 2 years and we see how that went. Debbie downer over here i know but this roller coaster that has been AU football for oh i dont entire life makes it really hard for me to see where all this confidence is coming from.
  13. heck yeah... great news on both but especially for JPIII since he would have been out of time after this year without the redshirt. Really excited about what both these players bring to the team. Malik Miller seems like Peyton Barber 2.0. and i'll take more of those any day!
  14. Really interested to see how he fits with the new offense. I hope CL is smart enough to use a lot of the power running game in the new offense. Not sure how much he has used it in the past but when you have a FB like Cox and a RB like Pettway it would be really sad to not use that combo to impose our will on opposing defenses.