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  1. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    Yeah I agree with all that. I think he’ll go overseas. But getting back to dominating again is the only logical reason to move schools that I could think of outside of he didn’t like AU for some reason.
  2. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    If he transfers to a smaller school or one of the minor conferences then that would be somewhat understandable. Get to a league where he can dominant again might be his goal? Not sure but i certainly didn't see him leaving. It makes one wonder if the players aren't happy at AU and if so why is that? They certainly have plenty of reasons to be unhappy with AU with several coaches getting let go or put on paid leave. The great season helped us all forget what a cluster **** AU basketball appeared to be sliding into with admin speaking publicly about coaches not cooperating and coaches saying they were being put on leave without any explanation. I wondering if there are still some lingering hurt feelings with the players on how all that went down
  3. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    well i'm bummed to see Murray go. I do see where his time would have gone down with Mac, Wiley, Spencer, and Chuma getting a lot of the minutes at the 4 and 5. But i really felt like Murray brought another level of work ethic to the team. His willingness to do the dirty work as an upper classmen set a great precedent for young guys. I really hope we don't loss that with Murray moving on. In other notes best of luck to you Murray. I really enjoyed watching you play this past year and appreciate what you brought to this team.
  4. Next Years Team

    I'm personally a big fan of AU having players that are good enough to consider the NBA. While the lack of draft worries over the last decade was nice.....i much prefer to have a team that can win a few games.
  5. Malik Willis starter?

    I recall some folks thinking we might be better with JJ playing. You know with a more accurate QB who could better read defenses and improve our passing game
  6. And especially true at Center. You don't have to be a great athlete to be a really good center. This is certainly a position you can "work" your way to success at.
  7. Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    You don't know that....he could have stayed next year and been in the same boat at the end of the season. Or got hurt and been in a worse position.....or who knows what. I get you don't agree with the decision and thats fine but to say it is a bad or good one is just a wild ass guess
  8. Way Too Early Top 25

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say losing Heron isn't a back breaker for us next season. He is a great player and might have been or best individual player but i don't think his contributions are irreplaceable. I for sure wish he would have stayed and we now have a hole to fill but i think we have the players to do it.
  9. Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    Best of luck Heron. You made quite the statement by coming to play for AU and i appreciate you doing that. This was Pearls first huge recruit to get that wasn't associated with AU in some way like Wiley. Getting Heron put a whole new perspective on AU basketball. The kid came to AU and said from the get go that he expected to be here a max of 2 years and that is what he did. There are a lot of options out there on playing basketball and getting paid. He likely won't be drafted but could get in on the G-league or go over seas to play. There is nothing wrong with him trying that as a way to make it to the NBA.
  10. Way Too Early Top 25

    No doubt.....i used to be like GWILL and hate the underdog attitude but its a fact in my mind at this point. AU does not do well when expected to do well. But if we are expected to suck then better watch out! Love the excitement we have going into next season. We really need Wiley to come back for me to get on board with top 10 team idea. I think we can be a top 25 team without him but you have to be pretty elite to be considered top 10 to me. We'll have to find a way to capture that chemistry this team had through the first 20ish games of the year. Don't know if i've ever seen an AU team gel quite like they did.
  11. kid has the size...if not a little tall for a center but with most DL being 6'5"+ leverage shouldn't be a problem. Hope he comes in ready to work and become a great story in the years to come as a walk on who made it on the field.
  12. Pearl named National Coach of the Year

    Well deserved. Congrats coach Pearl!
  13. Davion Mitchell Transferring

    well this stinks. Really enjoyed watching him play D. Loved how'd he get in the ball handlers face. Seemed to play with an extra level intensity. So this takes us from set at the PG position for next year to we really really really need to sign a PG in this class. I hope Pearl can find one at this point that can step in and give minutes next year.
  14. Men's Roster Breakdown Through 2020.

    I don't think it matters if Wiley gets to use the redshirt cause he won't be around long enough to use it...but i'd be pretty surprised if NCAA allowed the use of a red-shirt year with a player is suspended. That seems like a loop hole they would have shut already
  15. 5 questions this offseason

    I'm glad we can all agree that crepea sucks! haha But with AD coming out with support of Pearl this offseason looks a LOT clearer. Hopefully a quite offseason followed by another successful year next year on the court will translate to a HUGE recruiting haul in 2019. The train is in motion now we just gotta keep it going!