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  1. I would be....he looks really loose with the ball and that showed nothing of his passing skills. He could be a great PG but those highlights didn't show PG skills to me. Has a pretty good handle though and i could see him putting in spot minutes at the 1
  2. I've been getting impatient with not having any bigs in this class and with a guy like Caldwell wanting an offer i keep thinking what the hell is the staff waiting for? But your post is likely spot on in regards to why he doesn't have a spot yet.
  3. I'm glad we were able to get in on a couple of good classes with guys from mississippi because with Kiffen and Leach now coaching that state is on lockdown. Hopefully we can still pull a few solid D guys but good luck pulling any decent offensive recruits out of there now.
  4. I am outraged at this simulation which says auburn would have been upset by liberty in the first round.....OUTRAGED I SAY!!!!!
  5. Unless Penny starts doing something soon with all these highly rated guys then he won't be around long to worry about. He likely isn't going to match his recruiting class from last season again and i imagine all those guys are heading to the NBA. So if he has another lack luster year Memphis may decide the experiment a failure and move on.
  6. This is my only hope for sports info so I’m just gonna hang out here
  7. There is no way the world can stay shut down through the fall. There will have to be a vaccine or something that comes out or we will learn to live with the threat of the virus and move on with our lives best we can. Crazy times.....
  8. I'm just going to ignore this thread for a few more days. Not ready to to say goodbye to these guys yet.......hoping against hope they some how bring the tourney back in a couple weeks
  9. I’m sure countries around the world are shutting down to impact the US election.... there may be some hysteria going around but it has zilch to do with politics
  10. People who think these folks in charge are canceling these tourneys and forfeiting millions of dollars for the cities and their organization because of "the media" are really out of touch. Watching the morning news is not what caused them to make these decisions. Advice from health experts are the reason. This is a gut punch for sure and i am disappointed to the extreme but there is a reason this is being taken so seriously.
  11. It really is quite simple All things bama = bad, scary, immoral All things Auburn = good, righteous, wholesome
  12. man i will be so bummed if they cancel the tourney, but i'm afraid thats where we are heading. In the last 48 hours or so this thing has just took off.
  13. This thing is blowing up quick. I think it’s a good thing to be cautious when you have a big unknown staring you down and that’s what this virus is. Really glad they are not flat out canceling the games like the Ivy League has for their conference tourney. At least not yet canceling....
  14. We got 2 games today with UGA and Ol Miss playing and then Arky and Vandy playing. Who you got? I'll go with UGA and Arky as my winners. I imagine Arky has very little shot of making the tourney at this pint but if they make it to the final they could be back in the bubble conversation. I see little hope for an under manned Vandy team beating a desperate arky team. I feel less confident about the uga pick. But i just feel like uga has better players then ol miss. UGA also got beat at home by ol miss by 10 points......i'm starting to questions more why i picked uga haha. Well i think Edwards goes off for uga thinking he can carry them to the NCAAT. He can't and won't but he'll give it a good go and they may tough out a couple wins here in the SECT