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  1. IMO you can cross Napier, Herman, and Kiffin off that list from the start. No body that has a job or can get a HC job elsewhere is going to touch Tenn until some word from NCAA comes down. If i'm Tenn i go ahead and hire Steele at a huge discount (since AU is paying him the next 2 years) and just live with the fan fallout. Sell hard on him being an alumni and providing a steady hand as the school re-focuses. Save some money and hope you can get an up and comer in 2-4 years when the dust settles.
  2. Yeah i don't think Steele is the reason or had anything at all to do with Pruitt getting fired. But the idea of taking a job from a guy you know is about to be fired and replaced seems disingenuous and kind of sleezy. Maybe Pruitt knew what was going to happen when Steele was hired??
  3. Another thing to keep in mind with these Tennessee recruits is that we want to be sure they will not get caught up in Tennessee mess. Coaches will need to tread carefully here
  4. Wow this is some crazy stuff right here. I didn't buy too much into Steele actually working against Gus and conspiring to get the AU job. Just seemed too dramatic to be true....you know something that would be in a show about a football program and not what really happens in real life. But having the Tenn thing immediately after the Auburn deal sure does make a lot of smoke. Very convenient that he gets hired right before the HC gets fired. And very likely the university knew they were going to fire Pruitt when Steele was hired. If i am a Tenn fan the only good i can see coming out of this is
  5. Pearl is pretty open with info....just need a reporter to ask him!! lol
  6. Its not a forgone conclusion but i think it would be unlikely he would stay for 3 seasons. He just needs to shore up that outside shot to get into lottery discussion. People will mention defense needs work (and it does) but defense is not what will keep him in/out of NBA. Plus assuming no NCAA to keep us out, i expect next years team to make a post season run. And like Harper before him, i don't see Coop having much to come back and prove. He ain't getting any bigger as they say.
  7. Yeah understood....was hoping to hear he was able to get through at least one practice by now.
  8. Any word on if he has been able to practice without having headache problems?
  9. Harsin - A. Most accomplished coach AU has ever hired. Bobo - B. Great recruiter. Known coach in SEC. compliments offensive minded head coach. Friend - A+. We have immediate interest from multiple OT. Fills biggest need of team Bedell - B-. No previous experience coaching TE. But long relationship with coach before and TE is often seen as extension of OL anyway. Caddy - A. Great local connections. Great guy by all reports. He’ll have us in discussion for top backs every year. Williams - C-. Good young coach that is respected by former players. Has exper
  10. I have zero worries about Tennessee and any players that want to go there.
  11. I have no idea what the last coaching staff was doing when it came to OL recruiting. Literally no idea......how we could not sign any HS OTs year after year after year was mind boggling. It made zero sense. I will never understand how we ended up not being able to sign an OTs for multiple years.
  12. Cambridge much like Brown requires someone to get him open looks. Its Coop that is bringing Cambridge to life not coming off the bench. It is a good thing that we have enough talent on the team that we can bring a guy like Cambridge off of the bench though and if we would have had more talent back in Browns day it would have been nice to bring him in for some instant offense. But we didn't and Brown managed to set the record for made 3pt baskets and along with Harper led AU to the final four and what should have been a NC (damn you refs!!) so i've got no complaints about how he was used.
  13. Does anyone know if there is a limit to how far back you can push spring practice? Does it just have to fall sometime during the spring semester? The further back we can push it the more likely we are to have spring football IMO.
  14. You mean we'll actually have someone who can keep count of the number of games a player plays in so we do not accidentally burn a redshirt season. 🤯
  15. I'll believe in a mass exodus of DL players to Tennessee when i see it. I hope Bryant does great up there. He has been trying to catch on at AU for 4 years and it hadn't happened yet. So i hope the change of scenery does him good and he has a monster season next year. Hard to say about our DL next year and how they will do. Talent wise there should not be much drop off from this year, but the scheme change will be interesting. Not sure how much that will even change how we play. I don't think the base Mason defense and the base Steele defense is that much different. The buck position
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