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  1. Steele would be good pick in the short term for sure. Long term hard to say. I love the idea of keeping the D coaches we have intact. The whole staff on D top to bottom are quality guys that i would love to keep on staff. It also saves us some money as we only have to pay Gus and the other offensive coaches to go away. Long term outlook....what offense does he want to run and who would run it? How long does Steele want to keep coaching? EDIT: And does he even want to be the HC of a program at this point in his career? When its all said and done i would prefer going through the short term pain with hopes that we find a long term solution at HC.
  2. The entire top 10 could have been pulled from this game. I don't think i've ever yelled out loud that many times watching an Auburn bball on tv. So many awesome dunks, blocked shots, and cold blooded 3s in this game. Super fun to watch!
  3. I feel ya....i'm as tired of him the coach as 98% of the rest of the fan base. But with the buyout being what it is I just think the board would prefer not to fire him and i think he has given them enough to justify not firing him. I think our best hope is that Gus see's little chance of being any better next season and decides to take a new job while he still can.
  4. They are on something like an 18-3 run and are still down 30. Crazy... we do need to finish this one off though. Keep the good feelings going
  5. So when do we start talking about this team being better then last season?? Holy crap!!
  6. Dang Okoro with the spike!!! This is brutal lol
  7. At the start of the season I probably would have said 8-4 gets him fired. But the way it has played out we lost basically one possession games to 4 top 10 teams with 2 being on the road. And we have a win over top 10 team and likely pac 12 champ. This all assuming an 8-4 record and no big loss to bama of course. I’m not really getting into whether or not I’m happy about it. I just think he has done just enough to keep his job this season.
  8. I'll go on record saying that i do not expect Gus to be fired unless we loss big to bama (14+ pts). If we are competitive in that game then he will be back next season. I think he has enough going for him that the PTB will keep him to see if he can finally get over the hump.
  9. I want to see no let down from the team since they are coming off a butt kicking and are probably looking forward to the trip to NY. Don't come out jacking up crazy 3s just because everything was going in during the last game. This is the game for Wiley to show his worth. He will be going up against a very talented big man who will also step away from the basket and take shots. This is the first team we have faced that generates offense through the big men so lets see how the team handles that. Key to the game will be wearing them down in the second half. Their starters all log 30+ minutes per game so this is a great game to make them work so they have tired legs at the end of the game. 5-0 lets do it!
  10. We'll have some set backs along the way but we are off to a great start so far! Now no let down game against Colgate!!
  11. Being a top 20 type recruit it is certainly possible. Its not a forgone conclusion though like it is with some of the kids. Unless Sharife can show shooting skills like Trae Young then i expect he'll stick around for a couple seasons. From what i have gathered his strengths are ball handling, distributing, and driving the basket more so than shooting. Not that he can't shoot mind is a top 20 recruit for a reason...not a lot of holes in his game.
  12. I guess i shouldn't be but i thought those recordings would have hurt LSUs recruiting some but that does not appear to be the case. Loving how our class is coming together. I hope to see some height added in there soon. We need some 6'8"+ people on the roster