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  1. Nope, and that is why i would maybe give the hiring a C and not an F. Burt was able to keep Wisconsin going after Alvarez left that is true. So there is some hope he'll find success at Illinois. If i was a betting man i'd say Bert had success cause he was at Wisconsin and not the other way around. But we'll see how he does at Illinois.
  2. I would not rate Burt as a good hire for any team. Just because the guy has a name you recognize does not mean he is a good coach. Absolutely ran Arkansas into the ground but he is somehow a good hire for Illinois? I don't see it. Harsin is the most experienced and successful coach AU has ever hired in the history of our football program and he gets the lowest grade on the list. If you think the ratings are spot on then thats awesome.....i personally do not agree with these arbitrary and reasonless rankings.
  3. This rates the hiring of Bret Bielema over Harsin. Gonna need to see some reason on that to not LOL away this bit of media fodder
  4. You are probably going to find there are not a lot of true NBA fans here on our Auburn Basketball board. There are a few for sure but most of us just cheer for AU players once they are in the NBA versus actually following NBA teams. But if i was a betting man i'd bet on the Nets since the Lakers aren't healthy. Personally i'll be cheering for the Suns but i doubt they can go all the way. I just really like CP3 and how he goes from team to team and immediately makes them way better.
  5. Excellent write up Zeek! This guy is such an amazing athlete and had so much success at QB in HS that it is hard to see him not being able to make an impact here at AU. But there have been plenty of great HS QBs that could not make it at the college level. I don't have any predictions to throw out there on how he will do down the road. I agree that he is not beating out Bo but it is certainly in the realm of possibility that an injury could happen or if Bo struggles then Dee could get thrown into the mix. And if nothing else i really hope this coaching staff actually lets the backup QB play an
  6. Thanks man. So yeah he is a 5th year senior and those guys don't typically sign on unless they have a good chance at starting immediately. Combo that with the fact we don't really have any NT experience on the team and i think there is a very good chance he comes in and starts or becomes a 1a and 1b type lineup with Truesdell. During aday we ran a true 3-4 look from what i saw.....i did not watch the whole game though. But i think its going to be a big change on defensive this coming year.
  7. Likely immediate starter at NT. Huge pickup
  8. Agreed, i did not like the sound of that statement. I DID like that it sounded like Harsin in open to the idea of players getting paid and the admin aren't going to try and discourage it. But our current athletic leadership does not seem to understand the idea of optics and how things can take a life of their own in todays world. It was clear during the coaching search as they let rumors fly around like crazy and it is apparent now with this statement. Steve Jobs once had a saying that sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. That strategy can get you in trouble at times but i think it
  9. I like the sound of a full stadium next season. I really hope to make it down for a couple of games to celebrate the new era of AU football!
  10. Both Okoro and Okeke are playing way better then i expected this season. I thought it would take Okoro a couple years in the league before we started seeing 20 pt games from him. And i figured that would have people who dont understand what brings to a team questioning why he went so high in the draft. But he has settled in nicely on the offensive side. And with okeke it was just going to be a crap shoot on how long it took him to knock off the rust and gain confidence in his knee again. Some guys are just never the same but Okeke seems to be getting back to his old self. Love seeing both thes
  11. He plays with a lot of attitude and does not have a bit of back down in him. He is listed at 5'11" from what i have seen on line. So he is probably closer to 5'9" i would guess. Looks quick and has a great handle. Not a whole lot of videos of him shooting in the highlights posted above. Gotta have that deep shot to make it as a PG at his size. I think it speaks a lot to the respect Pearl has that he would walk on at AU versus going to a lower division school to get his start in the college game. Shows he has a lot of confidence in himself being able to play at the highest levels. Look forward
  12. I'd be interested to hear Harsin's thoughts on players being able to make their own money. This is going to be a tough environment to navigate. You can't have a team with haves and haves not on it. Its not going to work if you have a QB, WR, or RB pulling in 6 figures while the rest of the team can't afford to take a girl to the movie. But i also don't see the UGA law working cause that will eliminate them immediately from most of the top players if they actually take 75% of their earnings to be redistributed. I hope Harsin has his mind open to the new age of college athletics tha
  13. Man i remember being soooo frustrated watching Malik play. He was not allowed to pass and i'm pretty sure his option reads were not really reads at all. How a DI coach can think it is a good idea to not develop a back up QB is so far beyond my ability to understand i literally don't have a guess as to why he did that. Maybe he didn't want the starting QB to feel threatened about losing their job?? That doesn't make sense to me but it is a least a reason. Anyway....water under the bridge now. Glad we have moved on from that staff. And great for Malik that he found a place to thrive and is going
  14. He was a JUCO guy who none of us have ever seen play in a real game. He was on the team for like 3 months. I think you might be overstating the impact. But i do agree that its concerning losing all the backups and i called it out in my post.
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