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  1. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    He has looked good when given time.
  2. We did improve tonight but mizzou is just flat out bad. Terrible tackling and on offense either the QB misses the WRs or they drop the ball. Very poor execution on their part. In summary I doubt we dominate msu
  3. Some thoughts on Mizzou......

    The more i've learned about Mizzou the more worried i've gotten. Just looking at the blowouts by USCe and Purdue will get your guard down. But they're strong points match up well with our week points. They've got some guys that can get after the QB which we have struggled with and they have a QB that knows how to avoid the sacks. Should or running game continue to struggle and their QB and WR get on the same page this could be a game we could easily lose. I'm expecting we'll be able to handle them but its not as sure a thing as i was thinking earlier in the week.
  4. Worth Replacing Gus?

    IMO everyday that Gus is our coach is one day we lose instead of getting closer to the team and program that we want to be. I'd prefer JJ not make the next hire since his last 2 have not worked out well (in the long run). But i would not support keeping Gus around if JJ doesn't get fired. I don't think fear of failure is a good enough reason to stand pat. There are 1000s of great coaches out there. The trick is finding the one that fits your needs. So yeah we could fire Gus and things get worse but then we'll still be unhappy and wanting change like we are now so i don't see a lot to lose. My biggest fear is Gus doing just enough once again to make the PTB not make a move and then we have another year of uninspired football to watch.
  5. Player Development

    i always like going back and seeing these names. This was back when i followed recruiting as well (now i just check every so often to see what commits we have) and don't watch a single highlight video until after Feb) so its fun to see names that i was pumped we got (Thomas, Bessent, Duke, Moncrief...etc) that didn't pan out and then we have guys like Davis and Pettway who have turned out to be way better then i ever expected. I'd say overall it looks like more didn't pan out from that list then did. Which is no surprise since we aren't over flowing with seniors on this team. We have some really good ones here and there for sure
  6. Sean White dismissed

    Hope Sean finds a good landing spot and kills it there. Really think he can be a great QB for a team that will play to his talents. He should have left AU after spring training though....wasted some valuable time sticking around.
  7. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    I'll go 32-14. They can throw the ball a bit but otherwise mizzou is pretty bad.
  8. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    Why should we have won against Clemson? We were dominated by there D from about the first quarter onward. We didn't make stupid mistakes like turnovers or miss half a dozen field goals. We got whipped beaten and cast away by the Clemson defense. Our d made it possible for us to win the game but I don't understand the statement we should have beaten them
  9. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    I haven't watched the mercer game but this is quite the bold statement. We'll know where we stand soon. We are not a top 10 team. No way no how. We can be a top 25 team. If we get through the next 3 games without a loss. We are a top 25 team. But I highly doubt we get through those 3 games with 1 RB. But we shall see. Either 23 will be laughed at for the rest of the season as we loss 5-7 games or he is right and he can serve crown to the rest of the board all season. Personally I'm hoping I get some nice crow.
  10. Malzahn's radio show tonight

    the day this guy gets ran out of AU can't come fast enough. Every day i get more angry that this team will be wasted this year. Such a shame.
  11. Prediction for Game 3

    i'll throw out 67 - 9. Time for Gus to pad those offensive stats!
  12. *** Nick Marshall Appreciation Thread***

    Cam Newton..but that was with Gus as OC not HC+OC Though i would agree that Todd and White have found limited success under Gus.
  13. Re-Watch the Game to temper your analysis

    Ah i get you now. And totally agree. Anyone who is calling for player A to replace player B is missing the big picture.
  14. *** Nick Marshall Appreciation Thread***

    He is one of only 2 QBs to have success at AU under Gus. Quite the achievement!
  15. Re-Watch the Game to temper your analysis

    Our coaches couldn't game plan or adjust to account for us having problems with their awesome DL. That is why stones are being thrown. We go into a game with a game plan and stick to it regardless of results. We'll never regularly beat teams we don't out talent with Gus as our head coach.