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  1. I would say it’s likely we’ll get a letter of inquiry since we got a letter of allegations. How serious it is and such is anybodies guess. I would think the penalties we’ve already had would cover the known infractions. But one can never tell with the ncaa. It’s been discussed a good bit in the person thread
  2. I'd be curious to know a bit more of the back story on this guy. How did such a talented player with these measurable end up rated so low and not signed until know? He looks to have all the makings of an extremely productive player.
  3. The only reason to ever do a 2 QB system is in the Tebow case. When you have an experienced starter but you also have a dynamic young guy that needs to get touches. Any other time it is a bad idea. I don't even like the 2 skill set argument. Trying to do that just telegraphs plays to the other team.
  4. What is new about this notice? We already knew Wiley and Purifoy got paid by Person. Wiley was suspended for a year, Purifoy for a year and half, and Person was terminated from being an employee at AU. If the NCAA tries to hammer AU for something that has already been dealt with then i think its high time AU gets on board with the California schools and ditches the NCAA.
  5. Well i don't really know if it is a good idea to sign the 2-way contract versus trying to get on with another team....but i do know this is one step closer to him actually making it to the NBA and that is a good thing. Congrats Jared!!!
  6. After reading that article i'm glad he got no jail time. Typical athlete story. Grows up poor, makes millions, gives/wastes it all away on family, friends, hangerons, and an ex wife. Its amazing to us regular folk that you can blow through millions of dollars but i guess it is not that hard to do since it happens all the time repeatedly to pro athletes. I also hope that Person' Auburn comment is meant to be directed more at the fan base and school in general. You know "i hope the Auburn family excepts me back and i'm allowed to go to games without getting booed" kind of thing. And not i hope they let me come back and coach again.
  7. yeah people who actually bring info to the bball board are few and far between. Gene will be missed by this poster though he was awfully childish at times. But no worse or better then about 75% of the people on here
  8. You are missing the point of AU64s argument. Which is he does not and has never liked BP coaching at AU so he will grasp on to any and every thing possible to criticize and cast doubt on the ability of BP to lead the AU bball program.
  9. BP didn't bring Person to AU. AU brought Person to BP. This was one of our own that did this. As an AU alum i think we owe Pearl an apology for staining his record with this
  10. I tend to be skeptical of European football players. I'm sure there have been some good ones come through but the list is short
  11. Over the weekend i had a conversation with my Dad about AU football. And i think that conversation really does sum up where most AU fans are in reference to Gus Malzahn and the state of AU football today. My Dad has been a huge AU fan since he was a little kid and he went to AU in the early 70s so I always talk with him to get a feel of how to feel about where we are as a team. He does not succumb to the up and downs of being an Auburn fan like i do since i have much less experience following AU football only graduating from AU a short 8 years ago. Anyway the conversation went basically like this.....hey Dad, so how are you feeling about the football team this year?? Any good or a disaster waiting to happen?? Dad: "Son, i have no idea what they will do." Me in response: "Yup, me either" We then moved on to other topics. Its the most frustrating thing about being an AU fan right now. I could see us winning anywhere from 5 to 10 games next season. Will we get the team that set a record against Purdue, beat 2 #1s in back to back weeks? or do we get the team that blew leads to LSU 2 years in a row and allowed Tenn to get their first SEC win in about a million years??
  12. that article is about nc state And the violations under gottfried but I thought it was interesting in that there was no mention of AU being under investigation. They mention LSU Arizona uscw and a few other being under investigation but no mention of us. With recent worries I found that a bit comforting and thought I’d share 🙂
  13. What do you think Harper is going to miss about not being at AU for his senior season? I'll give you he may not make it in the NBA....plenty of high round draft picks do not make it so undrafted free agents making it is pretty rare i imagine. IMO Harper accomplished about all he could accomplish at AU. His draft stock was as high as it was going to go. He got to experience an amazing run through the SEC and NCAA tourney. He was a 3 year starter. He has an SEC regular season title and SEC tourney title to show for his time. He helped pull AU out of the gutter of mens bball. So what was left for him to do here? Just enjoy the glory that is Auburn for another season??
  14. Mitchell was more surprising to me than Heron. I think Heron was expecting a quick pit stop at AU on his way to the NBA. However those dreams of the NBA were not coming fast enough. So he tried a change of scenery to try and revive those dreams. From a bball perspective i don't think Heron gained or lost much by transferring. He didn't have to sit out a year and he got to be the #2 option at St Johns. He is still a fringe NBA prospect but he would likely still be a fringe NBA product had he stayed at AU. Maybe he could have improved his NBA stock a bit during the deep tourney run we had?? I dunno, maybe we don't go on that deep run with him on the team. We missed his ability to get to the rim big time but adding talented pieces to a team does not always make said team better. I didn't understand Mitchel transferring when it happened and i don't understand it now. If his ultimate goal is to get to the NBA then there is no way he helped himself by sitting out a year and not playing basketball. But let's see what the future holds. If he balls out a Baylor the next 2 seasons and gets a shot at the NBA it would be hard to argue that he made a bad decision. If he doesn't ball out then he wasted a really good setup he had here. Its all easy to go back later a see how things played out. When Mitchel transferred no one thought Harper would leave early for the NBA. Maybe Mitchel didn't think he had the scoring chops required from the PG position in Pearls offense? Maybe he didn't want to sit behind Harper for what looked like a for sure 2 more seasons at the time. Maybe some cute girl at Baylor friended him on social media and convinced him to transfer lol....
  15. We won’t fire a coach if we are sitting a 2-2. Yeah the seat will be hot but he’ll have a chance to recover. Now 2-3 with a home loss to state. All bets are off