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  1. Men vs. South Carolina

    Well damn. We can handle a bad game but not losing mclemore
  2. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    All comes down to if we can get hot and stay hot. We've had multiple games were we haven't played well for a half or the whole game. Luckily we have one hell of a team and they have been able to overcome the rough stretches with great defense, offensive rebounding, and spurts of lights out shooting. But i can't imagine we'll be able to be successfull in the tournament getting down by double digits or by shooting less than 15% for large portions of games. But in that same breath i think this team playing at its best is the best team in the country. We can shoot anybody out of the gym and we can play some lock down defense. It'll be hard for the team not to let the pressure get to them when the tourny comes around. But if they can manage that pressure and stay loose we could have one hell of a run.
  3. Bracket Projections Talk

    Auburn being discussed as a 1 seed! Woot Woot!!!!
  4. Men vs. Kentucky

    Really great win for the team over a team we should have handled (love saying that in regards to Kentucky bball). Look forward to watching the replay soon. Hoping next year we can slide into some earlier game slots next year.... Also big lol to autiger4life and his DA posts about being out coached and one and done. He came back and took his medicine and props for that but i never saw where he actually congratulated the team on the win or was even happy we won.....odd hahahahahaha. Suck it troll!!
  5. I don't see how different blocking scheme would require different talent on the oline. Whether you are blocking the man up, blocking an area, or pulling and blocking you are still blocking. I mean you want to emphasize OG with good footwork if you are doing a lot of pull blocking but its not like you don't want that regardless of blocking scheme. This ain't option vs west coast schemes we are talking here where you need a specific type of talent to run the O. We want big ugglies who eat people and can move end of story. Now you may adjust some things based on what you have (i.e more zone if you have an oline that can't move) but "completely different talent" is a bit much.
  6. If your not first your last!! - Rikki Bobby's Dad
  7. Are we going to sign anyone this year?

    I was thinking/hoping that 5 * PG that committed to uga might reconsider us if Fox gets let go which i think is pretty likely. Hasten might have been his name? Don't know if that ship sailed as well
  8. Men vs. Georgia

    Really great bounce back win right there. Harper especially upped his game to make up for Brown being out of the lineup. Can't say enough how impressed i've been with Harper this year. I knew he could score but man his ability to control and understand what his role needs to be on a game to game basis is really impressive. Hard to believe he is just a sophmore. Going to be a really tough run of games coming up but i have no doubt this team will be up to the challenge. Going to be a fun March for the first time in a very long time...can't wait!!!
  9. Men vs. Ole Miss

    Holy Hell 20 wins before we get to February!! Never in my wildest. Way to go tigers!!
  10. #11 Auburn at Ole Miss

    Thanks again Berry! haha. Going to be another tough one. Kennedy is a good coach and will have an answer for why we ran over them in the second half the last game.
  11. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    This AU team can beat any team in the country if they play like they did against LSU. There is absolutely no question about that. But i'd be hard pressed to say we are a legit final 4 contender. Sure we can get there (which i guess technically makes us a contender) but i don't think anyone would say it is likely. We are playing good basketball but we are still going to struggle against teams that have a lot of height when our shots aren't falling. Horace and McLemore are playing great basketball. If fact i need to give Horace more credit than that. I was ready to say he was never going to be a big contributor at AU earlier this season but he has really brought it the last couple weeks. But they just aren't guys you can pound it in too when you can't hit the outside shots. As great as Murray has been he's going to struggle against and true big man. Its hard to make a deep run in the tourney without a solid inside game. But man we have so many people that can score from outside that more times then not we'll find someone who is feeling it on a given night. I mean pretty much the entire team except for Spencer is a threat to put one up from 3. And have a decent chance for it to go in as well!
  12. Men vs. LSU

    Wow. That boys and girls is what you call an ass whooping.
  13. #19 Auburn vs LSU

    What's up with Brown?
  14. Big 12/SEC Challenge

    Bama got a good one for the sec. never like to see them win but makes it easier when it helps AU. They have a solid team that could get better as the year goes. Never thought Avery would turn out to be a good hire but he's getting it done
  15. #19 Auburn vs LSU

    Another solid SEC team that AU should be able to handle. If the combo of Harper, Brown, and Mitchell can give Waters some problems then i like our chances. I think this is a team we match up well against. They have more size underneath as most team will but i don't think they can overpower us underneath. Spencer and McLemore have to do a better job staying out of foul trouble this game. Beat LSU!!