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  1. I love the idea of beating Kansas, UNC, Kentucky, Virginia, and Duke on our way to claiming the title. I know its not likely but man that is one hell of a gauntlet
  2. We'll have to play like we did against Tennessee in the title game and Kansas in the first half. Be lights out from 3 and play unrelenting defense. Front the big mans down low and hope we can keep them from throwing over the top. Everyone off the ball get in passing lanes and have active hands. Constant pressure on the ball and be ok if they get around us a few times for some easy layups. If they are a little off shooting the ball that would be great. But i fully believe our best game can be stacked up against their best game so i don't want it to sounds like they have to have an off night. Just be cool if they did.....also i hope they look at our roster and see Auburn on the uniform and underestimate us. Not likely with our 10 game winning streak but maybe. We have a lot of blue pelts to collect if we wanna make the title game.
  3. That first half was some beautiful b-ball. I mean we did absolutely everything right and hit all our shots. BB started off the game 5/5 from 3 or something crazy like that. But really the entire team as nothing but net on every thing we through at the basket. Harper has some great drives and lay ins. And that dunk by Harper.....savage. I was waiting for the block from behind but Harper threw that down with authority. I knew with that play that we came to take of business. Love it!! second half showed that Kansas was the way better half court team. They also beat us up pretty good inside. That’s going to be a problem going forward. We were tenacious denying the entry pass in the first half but slacked off in the second. It happens with big leads. Sweet 16 baby! So proud and happy for our players. They’ve come so far this season. I didn’t know if it was going to come together but it has and this bunch is a joy to watch play.
  4. Another 5 goes down with State losing to liberty. State lead almost the entire game but couldnt hold off the rally at the end.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Thats a great find and great article on our boy. I'm not sure why any one would be mad about that article. I think everyone wants and hopes to see chuma playing for many years in the NBA draft. I think at this point Chuma only stays if he wants to stay.
  6. They appear to be one upping us on how to end a great breakout season in very disappointing fashion
  7. Here is one i hope Bama doesn't go after. Vandy was looking really stuff until they lost the PG and season started snowballing on them post at least a portion of the article and not just a link
  8. Altitude can definitely impact people. I also don't blame playing stupid at the end of the game on the altitude. Just flat out mental errors. It players like Harper do stupid things like foul up by 2 with 14 seconds left in the game. No one or anything to blame other then Harper for making the dumb error. We move on and hope they don't do it again
  9. I'm more worried about our guys getting tense waiting all day on the game to get started. Kansas players have a lot more experience dealing with the situation. Plus with the way MNST ended i think our guys will be ready to get out there and play well to prove that ending was a fluke. Hope they don't get to antsy
  10. Oh we have discussed that. Sorry let me remove program changing from the equation. I think he was expected to be a sure fire pro prospect and not the fringe pro prospect he has turned out to be. That is why i think was a bit overrated out of HS. I don't know that he has improved his game that much from his Freshmen season. I think he peaked on his abilities a little sooner than people expected. But maybe he goes on to have a long productive pro career and i am wrong here. Time will tell
  11. With the amount they'll pay and the SEC on rise look for a good name hire. But remember Barbee was a good name hire a few years ago and he turned out to be the worst coach in AU history.....which is saying something for bball
  12. If he did help his pro prospects i don't know how he did it. I think its safe to say Heron was a little over rated coming out of HS. Solid player for sure but he is not the 5* program changing player he was billed to be. I wish he would have stayed at AU cause we could certainly have used him this season but at the same time....i don't know we would in any better position then we currently are had he stayed. His ability to drive would have fit in really well with the shooters we have on the team. In other news my bracket is currently ranked 11 out of 13 people who filled one out. But i think today i am making my run 😂 Nevada losing has messed me up. I did not expect UF to be able to D them up like that
  13. That was my first thought but if we do that we may have trouble matching up their bigs. Maybe Dunbar and Samir can give it a go? Or we play a bigger lineup with Okeke and 2 bigs in the game? Will be interesting to see how pearl handles it. Maybe more zone as well since they don’t shoot great from outside
  14. UF up 6 with 47 sec to go. Whats the worst that can happen? 😈
  15. Floridas dreaded dry spells kicking in at bad time