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  1. Barkley Statue Unveiling

    Not sure how i feel about a Barkley statue and i really like Charles. Easily the most recognizable bball player to ever play at AU but what did he accomplish at AU to deserve having a statue? I'm cool to open up the statue's to non-football athletes but wondering what the criteria is for getting one. Football is pretty cut a dry....have a heisman or you don't get a statue.
  2. UCLA fires Mora

    Kelley to UCLA seems like a good fit to me. UCLA tends to have good QBs go through there just naturally and Kelley wouldn't need the NIKE backing he had at Oregon to get recruits interested
  3. Auburn might have a back up plan

    I heard Gruden was our backup plan....or was it Kelley?? Hmmm not sure but my info comes from a very connected source in the athletics department so you can take it to the bank
  4. Askew, Troxell, Whitlow, & Jackson

    Whitlow got hurt in spring i think. Never heard much from him since. I don't recall hearing much about the rest. I seem to recall Troxell being injured his senior year in HS so perhaps he was covering this year.
  5. I have no idea why they suspended Frankie since they aren't saying. I really hope they have something to go on cause otherwise this looks like payback for Bruce not cooperating with their investigation to their liking. And if that is the game they are playing then they need to get the f%$# out of AU. Frankie gave a lot to this school and i don't appreciate people going after our boys.
  6. This will go very poorly for those who made the decision to suspend Frankie if there proves to be no connection to Person's crap. The AU family does not take well to going after one of our own for no reason. School administration is looking very poor over the last few months. And it looks to be getting worse with this junk. We have enough real scandals we don't need to add to them by suspending the people who do care about AU without solid proof of wrongdoing.
  7. end the hot seat talk

    So your saying you really believe "sources" at AU have Petrino lined up as a backup plan in case Gus leaves?
  8. 2018 NR P Arryn Siposs

    We definitely need a punter....
  9. So who wants to keep him now?

    look like he compares pretty favorably so far.....
  10. Missouri Coach goes on a rant

    kudos to him for keeping the players in it. I don't care if the east is terrible. Mizzou came a long way to be able to beat terrible teams
  11. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    Can't believe we are here. A chance to beat bama and go to the SEC and national championship. bama is going to give us their best shot. Its going to take a great game plan and great execution to beat this bama team. Hurts ability to scramble is the X factor for me. If we can get pressure and contain at the same time then this game is as good as ours. 24-17 AU. Play like your hair is on fire Tigers!!
  12. he has been all about promoting all things AU since he got here. I think he put on a football helmet in his first espn interview as our BBall coach. He has embraced and never shied away from AU being a football first school
  13. So who wants to keep him now?

    They played less games when dye was coach. So not really apples to apples. Winning percentage would be a better comparison.
  14. AU vs Temple Game Thread

    and 25% from the 2.....
  15. AU vs Temple Game Thread

    down by 1 at half while only shooting 17% from 3......we can come back