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  1. gravejd

    2018 Maui Invitational

    You must not travel much or far (as in 10+ hour flight far)....Jet lag is real. And its not a "i couldn't sleep on the plan problem", its a "i'm wide awake at 3am cause my body thinks its noon and i can't hold my head up at 3pm cause my body thinks its midnight" problem. Glad the team is getting there today so they have a few days to adjust. But a few days won't matter to some as some folks really struggle with it.....good thing these guys are young!
  2. gravejd

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    yeah i don't see Stidham as sticking around for long in the NFL unless he gets in a great situation. Dude just has zero pocket presence and panicks under pressure. Some QBs scramble you find yourself waiting for something exciting to happen. When Stidham scrambles you brace yourself for disaster. I don't think QBs that melt under pressure can be successful in the NFL. But maybe he gets on a team when a solid OL and he will flourish. Its a little odd but i don't really care whether he stays or go. I don't see the W/L split changing all that much with or with out him. So good luck which ever you choose Stid
  3. gravejd

    Darrius Garland

    high praise right there. I look forward to seeing him play
  4. gravejd

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    Glad to get the big win in the end. The 11 point lead early in the 2nd half was concerning but it seemed like we could pretty much decide when to let them score and when not too. They got hot and we increased D pressure and they stopped being hot. So that was real good to see. We are going to need that lock down D at times when are shots are not failing like early in this game. I’m really curious to see what our D looks like in Maui. If we are to be a deep tourney run contender we need that shut down D
  5. gravejd

    Darrius Garland

    talent level in the SEC is skyrocketing across the board. AU is rising but we are not alone. Crazy how that can change in just a few years.
  6. gravejd

    Austin Wiley Injured (OP Updated 11/8/18)

    That’s crazy that Mac can go from little known recruit to nba first rounder in 3 years. Talk about a steal
  7. gravejd

    Chuma SEC Player of the Week

    Who was questioning my post the other week about him averaging 20pts and 10 rebounds for us this year? He's off to a great start!! lol
  8. You guys are posting like the zone gave us problems. 🤣 I mean we didn't make every shot i don't guess and didn't break 100. But i didn't see a whole lot that could have gone better against Washington. Samir was a big reason for that in the first half. Him and Wash had no answer to keep Okeke off the glass.
  9. This guy is going to be a huge factor for us this season. Pearl has had some nice transfer come in and contribute Samir may turn out being the most productive of them all.
  10. gravejd

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    Monday or Tuesday huh? Not Sunday or Wednesday?.....i hear Thursday is nice. The vague exactness of this prediction is pretty funny.
  11. gravejd

    Austin Wiley Injured (OP Updated 11/8/18)

    I don’t really see Wiley taking mclemore’s minutes. I think he is more likely to impact spencers minutes. I think we’d see more of mclemore at the 4. We could go super size with Wiley, McLemore, Okeke, Purifoy, and Harper running point. Hell if Doughty can play some point that would be a lot of length on the floor.
  12. gravejd

    Heron Transferring to St. John's

    Glad to hear he is doing well! He opened a lot of eyes when he came to AU and his contributions to helping build this team should not be ignored
  13. gravejd

    Men vs #25 Washington

    Awesome win for the tigers! We are going to be a tough team to play this year if we stay healthy. Love seeing Wiley get out there a looking forward to him getting better and better as the season goes. Bring on the Dukies!!!!
  14. gravejd

    Washington (Preview/Review)

    Did Wash play a lot of zone in the first game? Thats the wild card here. We don't play a lot of zone so if that is their bread and butter like every one expects then that could give us problems. Now if we shoot the 3 like we did in our first game then we'll shot them right out of it but i wouldn't expect us to be that hot again
  15. Well i do agree Gus deserves credit for not losing the team. Argument can be made that AU might have been better off in the long run had the implosion been complete and final. But its his job to win games and to me he is still trying to do his job. I respect him for that regardless of how disappointed i am with this way the season went.