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  1. Are people really sad about the demise of the NCAA?! That corrupt organization can’t burn in flames fast enough for my taste. So excited AU won’t be sacrificed while other programs can do whatever the hell they want. NIL won’t change the sport other than open up opportunities for the players and new schools to compete. Maybe it’ll mean a few guys staying in school longer and that is a good thing. But if it pisses you off seeing a college kid make more money than you then I guess that’s a personal problem to sort out. Im not sure about the realignment. The constant flux is a
  2. Thanks for providing some feedback on why you think 6-6 is a crazy thing to say. I think you are higher on what we have returning on the offensive side of the ball than most people on this site. I look at offense and see only RB as anything to be excited about and that position is thin. Other positions may and probably will step up but based on performance of last season i'm not overly high on QB, OL, or the WR position. We have lots of TEs but they haven't done anything yet. The offense also did not look very good on Aday either and i think that has me tempering my expectations that we are go
  3. Geez I hope AU can survive if it does go the super conference route. We have the fan support and we are located well relative to the recruits. But i don't know that we have the administration in place that would commit to spending the money required to stay competitive in that world.
  4. Multiple people have listed out each game and the reasons they could see this team going 6-6. Is there something in those posts you disagree with? Like are they over stating how much improved they expect the schools in year 2 of new coaches to be? Are they looking too deeply into the fact that AU has not won at LSU this century? Has the fact that AU has only won 2 of the last 10 games against uga got them over-estimating the dogs? What games do you see as for sure wins? Your position seems to be that we have a new coach and therefore we will win more games. Its a happy thought but a pret
  5. Not a good draft night for either Thor or Coop. Both fell to the second round though i think most would say second round was expected. I know there was some chatter about them going higher but i always figured it was a long shot. Thor definitely would have benefitted from coming back....i don't know about Coop. Showing a jump shot during actual games in college would have helped him but coming back would have also exposed his poor defense even more. I'm on the fence about if the Hawks are as terrible landing spot as they seem on the surface. He has zero change to start there as long
  6. Congrats Suni!! Way to represent Auburn and the USA!!!! War Eagle girl!!!
  7. Why do you guys keep bringing up OL recruiting! Keep this depressing crap in the recruiting forum where it belongs 😭
  8. I debated on where to put Miss ST., i think they are the hardest team in the SEC to predict. I'm going to assume that the offense will be MUCH better in Leach's second season. He has found ways to make that offense work everywhere he has been so i think he'll put up some big numbers in the SEC as well. But can they put together a good enough defense to stay competitive in the SEC?? I also think that weird air raid offense they run could give our new defensive scheme problems. If we have any holes in coverage Leach will find it and exploit it.
  9. Loved watching Braden play on the OL. Best one we've had in years. Congrats!!
  10. No way if we start 4-0 do we end up 6-6. But with that said i do see 6-6 as a possibility. We went 6-4 last season but that could have just as easily been 4-6. We weren't a good team last year on either side of the ball. Kudos to the players and coaching staff for gutting out the wins they did. But no guarantees we'll get the same lucky bounces/calls. I figure you can pencil in all 3 of Miss St, Arkansas, and Ol Miss as programs that will be better than they were last season. I think we'll be better as well but they are in second year of new coaches and we are in first. Probably win: Geo
  11. I don't like it either but this keeps the SEC as the premier conf in college football. I'll go ahead and assume that Texas and OK were leaving the big 12 regardless. So if SEC turns them down that means that go to Big10 or PAC12 with it most likely being the Big10. Add those 2 schools to the Big10 and i think you have an argument that is a better conf than the SEC. It will be interesting to see where the dust settles in all this. We'll either go super conferences or a couple big names will move around and we'll settle with a couple 16 team conf and probably a new conference gets created.
  12. He'll be at some major college very soon.....
  13. This whole Texas and OK to SEC is just blowing my mind for some reason. NIL.....playoff expansion and now conferences being blown up is one heck of an offseason!
  14. How does that work? Does home team get first pick or do they need us to agree not to wear white?
  15. The ultimate dichotomy. The same man that put together the 2013 offense which may be the greatest offense in the history of AU is also the man that gave us the whirly bird, played 5 QBs in a game, and ran a dive play on first down 15 drives in a row. He was truly his own worst enemy.
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