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  1. Well it finally happened. Bama played a better a tougher game than us and we could not match it. I've posted often about what the ceiling of this team is and i'm afraid it may be considerably lower than last years team, but i need to see how they respond to this loss. I'm hoping this was just a bad game and not what we should expect when a team of similar level talent really buckles down and gets after us. Both offense and defense had issues that will need to get addressed fast since a tough game with FL is on the horizon. Fl certainly has the players to do what bama did and then some. Gut check time!
  2. Kept it at single digits. Gotta play a lot better in second half.
  3. Terrible night to not be able to buy a basket
  4. I'm pretty nervous about this game. We are going to have to play outstanding perimeter defense to keep them from getting open shots from 3. And if Petty goes off it may not matter how well we are guarding him. This is also a big game to see if Javon can handle Kira....he could not handle Lee that almost cost us a bad loss to Vandy. Its going to be very hard to keep bama below 75 pts so our offense is going to have to show up as well as our defense. I don't think we can go could for 5+ minutes in this one and expect to get the W. Looking forward to seeing how our guys handle this game on the road. State was rocking when we played there so i know we can handle it. Get the win Tigers!!
  5. Wow this is super cool news. Having someone with his reputation and experience has to be a huge drawing point for potential pitching recruits. Welcome back to AU Coach Hudson!!
  6. I'm not saying i expect us to have this good of record in the SEC but i think with the team we have its possible. We have a team that can have a bad night shooting or have a couple players have a bad night and it doesn't seem to impact us that much. We win with great Defense, rebounding, and relentless effort and with that kind of play you don't have the let downs that a lot of teams have. Comparing to last years team for example if they were not hitting their shots they could lose to teams not as talented as they were....for example getting swept by Ol Miss last season. Teams could take us out of our game at times. I don't know that this team as susceptible to having off nights. We've been down early in every SEC game this year and ended up grinding out wins. We shoot 25% from 3 and still win games. We have our leading scorer go cold for a month and other guys step up. Last years team could beat any team in the country and i don't know that this years version has that same ceiling.....but i think this year's team can be more resilient and consistent in their play week to week.
  7. What an OK way to cap a very OK season!!
  8. I like this hire. Welcome coach Bicknell!
  9. The free throw shooting was the one bummer about the game. We shot 46% from the line 🤢
  10. Doughty was the only starter in double digits scoring and we score 82 and have a 20 pt win. That is pretty cool. TEAM WIN
  11. I'm going to go ahead and claim him as my breakout player of the year next season. He looks ready right now. He just has too many guys in front of him.
  12. Excellent excellent second half. We absolutely smothered uga and never gave them a chance. We will beat A LOT of teams this season if we continue to play like that. So many players had a great game today. Both Wiley and Mac gave us huge points in the second half! Love beating the dawgs!!! WAR EAGLE
  13. Great first half! We'd be up by 15 if the refs had not decided to get uga back in the game. Terrible terrible calls there at the end. But we closed the half great with locking them down and just playing a bit tougher than they were. Come out and keep the hammer down Tigers! And don't give Edwards nothing! He will get some points but keep him and hammond in check and we got this!
  14. Too bad it is at same time as bama kentucky game....gonna have to DVR that one now
  15. I have no idea who they will be...but i fully expect Pearl to add some very good big men option for us prior to next season. I see potential for a rebuild year but i'm expecting a re-load year as of right now