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  1. Really hope we can keep KJ and KP healthy at the same time. Extremely talented duo right there. I hope KJ doesn't turn into another Mario Fannin (sp?) Looks like an all world running back but can't put it together for whatever reason. Mario's problem was funbles and KJ's has been health. Hope he can kick that trend this year and get his first 1000yd season!
  2. Thats some pretty big stuff being the top player in GA. I'm betting these 2 players will give next years team a nice boost talent wise. Hopefully integrating fewer freshmen at the same time will also mean these guys will be able to gradually fill a roll instead of being thrown in the deep end from the start of the season. Really hoping Okeke can be the missing piece at 4 and allow others to slide into their more natural positions.
  3. Sounds like he'll fit in nicely here at AU
  4. Good luck to you TJ! Can't say i'm surprised by this. You could tell based on his body language and how he carried himself that he wasn't happy this past year. Which would be expected form and upper classman that doesn't get a lot of playing time.
  5. Was the press conference to say the season is over?
  6. just me being paranoid
  7. oh man...going to be nervous now. please don't be leaving....please don't be leaving
  8. Unless you were to give this team to another coach and see how he fared with this group of players then i don't know how you can really answer and quantify this. Players like Heron and McLemore exceeded my expectations. RJ and Harper probably met expectations. Brown had a terrible start to the year but got better. Wiley did about as good as i would think a kid in his shoes could do. Spencer missed most of the year for various reasons. Purifoy was underwhelming most of the year.....Dunans was alternating between exceeding meeting and falling short of my expectations so not sure how to gauge that one. If I was going to fault Pearl for something it would probably be his inability to find a leader on this team and being unable to prevent the multiple meltdowns the team had as a result of not having a leader. Looking back on the season the only guy i could see taking that role would be RJ. He just has that demeanor about him. I wish Pearl would have leaned on him more throughout the season. And let Harper be the spark plug off the bench. But there is no denying that the minutes Harper played this year will help us down the road and that at times Harper took over and won us some games. Coaches have to balance looking at the future and getting the most out of the present. Not easy to do with our current roster make up. And plus that is hindsight and everything is obvious in hindsight. In the end the team did not meet my expectations for the season. So that means Pearl didn't either. My expectations were an NIT bid. We were close but didn't quite make it. Were another coach have got us there with these players? maybe/maybe not....would another coach have even gotten us in this position? maybe/maybe not. Were my expectations for this team too high because i have seen such awful basketball at AU for so long that the smallest bit of hope has my eyes to the sky? probably. Nothing to do now but sit back and see what we have for next year and hope we continue our path of improvement. The good news is that if we improve just a bit we are guaranteed the post season next year.
  9. Yeah I personally didn't want Harper being the one to handle the ball at the end and shooting those free throws. Would have loved to see RJ in there at the end. No one guy loses a game but Harper just about did that last night. Missed multiple free throws. Gave up the open 3 to their hot shooter and turned the ball over to allow the tieing 3. Bad last 2 minutes for the young man
  10. Very nice honor for Heron. And well deserved. Hard to find guys that you can count on to go get double digits every night. Hopefully next year we see 25 point games instead of 15 point games
  11. yeah i currently live in Georgia so this subject is a touchy one for me. Not sure what kind of poster i am but i TRY and post with facts most of the time. No one hates to admit we have a uga problem more than me, but i call it like i see it. And this is how i see the numbers....last 10 years UGA-8 wins AU - 2 wins. That right there is a damn shame of a record. I understand we have had the upper hand in the past but they do now and i would really like to reverse that trend and soon. The last 2 years have been rough to take......
  12. ANything more to that then what we see on the court? In regards to Dunans
  13. Yup we've held our own the last 100+ years......the last decade not so much
  14. UGAs ownership of AU goes back further than 2 years my friend. But i'm sure if you try hard you can find an excuse for each loss we've had against them and still convince yourself they were "lucky"
  15. Just going to comment on the SEC teams.....i'm ok with AUs ranking here. Probably a bit high but its not crazy like the top 5 power ranking thing that came out. I would put UGA ahead of us. They consistently beat us about every year except for an AU win here and there. Returning rosters are probably pretty close so they should get the nod. I also don't get the LSU hype. I think coach O could be a huge success there but he has to prove it too me first after his debacle at ol miss. Plus no proven QB. The East of the conference is a crap shoot IMO. I could see both UF and Tenn being good teams or laying complete eggs and letting UGA walk into the SEC champ game.