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  1. They were the first to cancel bball and others followed suit. Will history repeat itself for football?? I hope not but it sure does not look good to me
  2. There are other options out there for how War Eagle originated. We should just start pushing those.....haha
  3. To me getting rid of Gator bait because black babies happened to be used for catching gators. Is like saying we are no longer going to have clothes be made of cotton because black slaves were used to pick cotton.
  4. This is an unfortunate reaction to the problems in the world right now. I should say over-reaction. I used to be against all this whitewashing (probably a racist term now) but if we have to over-react to get things the way they should be then so be it. I don't understand how the gator bait chant is racist but getting rid of it (and maybe even war eagle) some how gets us to where we need to be as a society then so be it. I work in the tech industry and there are people in my company pushing to remove the "master" "slave" terminology from our company documents. I have to force myself to not roll my eyes at that kind of stuff but at the same time if there is someone out there that doesn't like the terminology then i bet it would suck to see it casually referenced in tech docs.
  5. Good luck in the minor leagues Kuminga!
  6. If our DL can give the LBs some space then this will be a fun year to watch these guys play. I love the talent and experience we are returning at this position. Britt, Wooten, McClain, and Pappoe are all extremely talented players with lots of experience. I do wonder what the rotation will be. Britt is a straight up thumper in the middle. But i have thought as the other 3 as more outside guys. Wonder who will be the second in line in the middle? I know Pappoe played the middle by himself when we went nickel so maybe he would be the guy?
  7. There are few things in life i am certain of, but one thing i am certain of..... is that if one SEC schools start paying players in the open then we'll all join along very quickly!! πŸ˜†
  8. I know it was stupid for Gundy to be wearing a shirt for a news agency that is highly critical of the BLM movement. His job relies on him convincing black kids with black families to come play ball for him. Good luck with that while supporting OAN. I'm not sure if OK St should fire him for wearing a shirt but they should fire him for torpedoing any shot at recruiting a decent player again.
  9. I think King is going to be much bigger and stronger than Canella. I was never overly impressed with Canella, though i will give you he didn't get a whole lot of chances. In the right offense he could have been effective. Gus' offense does not really have a spot for bigger receivers unless we are within 20 yards of the goal line.
  10. Thanks for sharing the article. Lot of fun to see those Kansas highlights again ! I would immediately become a huge Boston Celtics fan if they called up Brown for the playoff run. I certainly see the benefit having a guy that can get hot like he can from deep when you are in the playoffs. He has some stiff competition with guys like Waters and Tako also on the g-league team. I hope he gets a shot! One of my all time favorite AU bball players. Watching him and Harper work off each other was a thing of beauty 😍
  11. We haven't had a guy like this since Uzomah was roaming the sidelines. Love these offensive players we've pulled in so. Having the TE be a threat catching the ball is going to do wonders for opening up the rest of the offense! Welcome to AU Mr. King!!!
  12. I'll just say I hope the coaches do not plan to actually enter the season with our starting QB being the starting Punter. I don't care if Bo can boom 70 some point there will be a return and your starting QB will get creamed trying to cover the punt. Its fine if you want him to pooch punt it but that is it.
  13. I'll be shocked if they do not hit us with a postseason ban after they hit Okie St. with one for the same infractions. You can talk until you are blue in the face about everything we did to make it right but i don't know that cooperation with NCAA has ever worked out well for a school. The NCAA says it does but i think that is just lip service to make their job easier when investigating other schools. But given the lay of the land where the NCAA is ran by Saban's buddy, Pearl has a past show cause, and a history of AU getting hammered over pretty minor stuff by the NCAA and you do not have a recipe of AU getting off easy. Also the long delay on the investigation also points to me that NCAA is dragging this out unnecessarily and the reason to do that is to hurt the school under investigation. The whole dark cloud deal. We've known and admitted for what 3 years now what happened with Chuck so there really is not anything to investigate at this point and hasn't been since Person went to Prison. Fingers crossed but i'd advise all AU basketball fans to prepare themselves for bad news coming down the road. One thing that could help us though is Okie St. going through arbitration on their penalties and getting them reduced. If that happens before AU hears our penalties then NCAA may pull back a bit to avoid the expense of arbitration and having their ruling over turned.