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  1. Man if we land Kessler and Cooper in the same class i'll start a petition to change our basketballs teams name to the "fighting Bruce Pearls"! Cant believe we are in on a 5* uga legacy
  2. This is what happens when you resist change. You lose control of the whole thing and lose any control you could have had over the changes that are bound to come. Players will be getting paid in the near future. The NCAA needs to except that and evolve with it and find a way to still exist in this new world. I think this could be a good thing. I think it will actually level the playing field if done correctly. There has to be some control over what players can make when getting paid by a school. If you set that to a manageable number then i think some of the other smaller schools will be able to manage. Though some will for sure not be able to manage and will go to smaller classifications. I don't have all the answers but i hope someone is getting paid to figure out how we can pay the players and still keep the feel of college football. We can't have millionaires running around playing college football and keep any semblance of the sport we love.....that doesn't mean we can't figure out a way to pay players
  3. 1. Lets rotate RBs a bit. 2. OL get some movement and play mean 3. Nix hitting open receivers consistently 4. Targets to multiple receivers 5. Gatewood playing the majority of the second half and throwing the football 6. Defense to keep doing what they've done the first couple weeks
  4. Fine i'll do one..... AU - 45 Kent State - 0 This game should be the game where AU gets to run over around and through the opponent. If we still struggle to run in this game then there are huge problems on the OL. Kent State doesn't have near the DL that Tulane had. They do have a receiver in McKoy that could give us some problems. Tall kid at 6'3" that could win some jump balls and gain some yards if the secondary lets him loose. They also have our old friend Woody Barrett at QB but he is not the starter. He has played though so i imagine we'll get a chance to see him play. I'll be at the game and its my first of the season so i'm excited to get down to Auburn and take in all the festivities. Hoping for a little cooler weather. The last couple games i have made were scorchers. This one should be better if for no other reason than its at night. Hoping we'll be blessed with a cool breeze Saturday night!
  5. I support all attempts at throwing shade bama's way
  6. these percentages seem pretty reasonable to me based on what i have seen from the teams on the list. AU has a fighting chance in every game with bama and lsu being an uphill battle. That seems pretty reasonable to me. I'm surprised uga isn't favored more but they also have not looked great so far. What gets me is all the people who convinced themselves this AU team was world beaters after a last second pull out of the fire win against Oregon. And are now in melt down mode after we beat Tulane by 18 points. I don't really understand what people were expecting out of this season and what all the fuss is about. This season is going about like every season we have had under Gus.
  7. So nix hasn't made any wrong reads? You think he was making reads at all or just running the play called by the coach? I'm not too sure.... Anyway i'm not trying to say Gatewood is better then Nix or Nix is better then Gatewood. I'm saying Gus does not know how to call an offense if the running game is not working. The only concrete thing i can point out that might help the running game is to have more of a running threat at QB by putting Gatewood in a QB. Saying things like OL has to get better and Gus needs to call better plays is just wishful thinking. I don't think subbing out RBs will do very much. Maybe we can sub out some OL folks with young guys and that would help but i don't have any idea who we have on the OL that is better then who we are playing now. I guess we can just keep on doing what we are doing and maybe things will start to click?? I dunno that seems like more wishful thinking.
  8. I think we need to give it a go with Gatewood at QB. I don't think Nix has done anything particularly poorly.....i just don't think Gus knows how to set up an offense that will work with Nix at QB. Our offense looks completely lost when the running game is not working. We are not going to be able to get the running game going with the OL that we have. The only chance i see to have a decent running game is to make the other team more concerned with the aspect of the QB running the football. We need to go back to running the football 65% of the time. Try and squeeze 10 yards out of 3 plays to move the chains. If we can move the chains then we can go a little faster and maybe tempo will help our simple and redundant offense hit some big plays.
  9. You guys really need to listen to some of the more insightful posters on this board 😙 😁
  10. yeah excellent point....he was certainly tripped up unlike Onterio who was always running into that turf monster when coming around the edge
  11. may the draw play to Worm could have been a huge gainer if he had kept his feet. He had a lot of room to run if he got past the DL who all had a man on them. I hope he doesn't turn into another Ontario where his feet were too fast to stay underneath him lol. Also, on maybe the first or second drive where Nix had to throw it away due to a missed block by Worm there was an underneath drag route happening......we do some intermediate routes its seems! Not trying to pick on Worm here.....just 2 plays that stood out to me. I actually thought the missed block by worm was a big ask from him. He had to go across the LOS to get the blitzing OLB.....tough play for any back much less a smaller one. He did take a bad angle though
  12. yeah i thought 90% of our runs were zone reads.....but they may just look like it if with how they develop kind of slow and how the QB tends to hold the ball in the RBs stomach. But the great debate on if the QB is actually allowed to make a read or if it is an already pre-determined outcome on whether he gives it or not will rage on in glorious fashion until the end of our days. Cause i bet a dollar Gus will never let on (and he shouldn't)
  13. Its an easy fix.....move Auburn to the east and move Mizzou/Vandy/Kentucky to the west. But i know its all cyclical and the east has been on top in previous decades. But we are going on dang near 20 years where the West has been way better than the East. At some point the league has to adjust i'd think
  14. i still expect UF to have a decent team this season but if they can put up a reasonable fight to uga i'm not sure at this point. But yeah the East is really struggling right now. They will have to do something to balance out these divisions if something doesn't change. You can't have 6 of the top 8 teams in one division on a regular basis
  15. umm sure buddy. I mean what else could i be talking about other than poor OL play? 🙄