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  1. Lot of fun seeing what this team is capable of when everyone is clicking. Can we keep it going??
  2. Looks like we got em!! Thats a big time player to pull out of the North East. Curious what his real size is. To get that high rating he is talented regardless but i've seen his height listed everywhere from 5-10 to 6-2. That is quite the range.
  3. This would be a really good one to get. Great talent, good size, and an Alabama kid.
  4. Amazing what a couple years of looking at terrible will do to perceptions.
  5. I'm not as down on Green as others around here. But he has to be the worse last position PG in college basketball. From end of half to end of game I have zero confidence in him making the right decision with the ball. Outside of that i think he is great 90% of the time. But last possession i'm taking him out of the game at this point.
  6. Tough loss after a great comeback. One thing you never do is quit on a Bruce Pearl team. Good chance you’ll look silly later if you do. The team this year has left a lot to be desired but I still see potential in them. They took a step back against A&M and another during the first half today but they bounced back. Maybe that’s a turning point maybe it’s a last gasp I don’t know. But every game is winnable and lose-able from here.
  7. Hope it does not cost use like it did with Powell. Played it super safe with him and he leaves. Though i don't know if holding him out due to that concussion led him to leave. Just hope player, coach, and parents are all on same page with how he is being handled.
  8. Cardwell?? Everyone knows Flan is the problem if it’s not KD 😂
  9. Great win last night! Love seeing the team start to come together and get better. Never give up on a BP team!! Not much to add other than i agree on the KD thoughts above. He made a couple good shots last night from 3 but then that just got him over confident and he started making bad plays on offense. Everyone is going to make bad plays from time to time but KD just does not seem to be improving this year like a lot of the other guys. Hope he starts to come around. I've really enjoyed seeing Zep start to make some shots. Always thought he could be a real x-factor for us if he ever got his shot to start going in. Smart player that one.
  10. Congrats to Waller on the great game! Love seeing AU players thrive at the next level. AU needs some superstar type players in the NBA. We are putting them in the league now consistently now just need our star to market to the young uns
  11. It’s a great stat line and should definitely be celebrated. We’ve lots a LOT of guys earlier than expected to the nba over the last 3 years and to be able to maintain this level of consistency is a remarkable job by the coaching staff. People get lost in the now and it’s good to remind people to step back and look at the big picture. After that uga loss I was sure this streak was coming to an end. But we’ve managed to rally and get a string of wins. I still don’t know what the ceiling and floor for this team is but I’m having a good time watching the team and trying to figure that out!
  12. I think Tshiebwe got a huge NIL deal to come back to Kentucky. I recall that being cited as why he came back more than his evaluation from pro scouts. Though it does look like Kessler's was rated higher by this site https://www.nbadraft.net/players/walker-kessler/ vs Oscar https://www.nbadraft.net/players/oscar-tshiebwe/. Basically Oscar is a center in a power forwards body. He dominates on the boards and inside now but that will likely go away in NBA when the bigs are more filled out than what you typically see in college. He'll lose his strength advantage and then his height will be a real problem.
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