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  1. Well we scored more than 43 pts so it was an improvement. Definitely not saying we don’t need to improve more. We did catch a break with them missing so many free throws. And an at home game against St Louis should not be that close. But I like the scrappiness of this team. They fight and it’s still early in the season so the offense can get figured out. We have some great competition coming up to find out if it will. I’m happy to be 6-0 right now even if we aren’t playing great on offense.
  2. Nice to see the team play better after that stinker against NorthWestern. I really like how Jaylin looks with the ball down low. He has some nice touch and moves down there. Still waiting for Broome to get fully comfortable. Worried about the young guys coming along. Traore and Westry did not play a whole bunch in this one after not seeing much time against NW either. KD and Greene both played really well today.
  3. They were bad but in their defense it would take some elite announcers to make that game interesting
  4. Ugh what a terrible game. Glad we won at least.
  5. Traore had kind of an under the radar good game. No foul trouble and he had some very impressive dunks. Definitely showed the athleticism on those!
  6. Went very cold at end of first half. Was looking pretty good and like we might pull away until that happened. Still a 13pt lead at half is not bad. We will wear them down and extend the lead eventually they have like 2 guys that can score. Hope we can play well early in the second half.
  7. So one article says we are at home and the other says we are in Mexico. The quality of these bball articles leaves a bit to be desired. For the record I think the first one is accurate.
  8. Pretty bad offense in the first half but we played much better in the second. Give TX So some credit they were playing hard and feisty out there. And we have them confidence by letting them keep it close. But we got it together in the second half and finally put them away. Not bad considering Broome was out which left us kind of thin at the 5 spot. Luckily our 4s could act as dives against that team. Nice games by Chris Moore and Jaylin. I think this is just the kind of team where someone new is going to step up every game. Outside of Green and Broome I’ll be surprised if many others average double digit scoring. Johnson probably will but just due to his unwavering confidence lol
  9. Much better intensity this second half. Wearing these guys down!
  10. Hope we can pick it up in the second half. Some pretty sloppy play at times. I think tx so is playing a little harder than our guys expected. A nice run to start the second half would do wonders to take some wind out of them!
  11. I kind of agree if you have one big conference why play the SEC championship? Just award it to best record and increase regular season game count. With top teams making playoffs and playoffs going longer I’m guessing conference championships are a thing of the past. Look forward to seeing how they divvy up these permanent rivals.
  12. I think some people would not want him due to his love of bama and hatred of AU. But i think most of us just don't believe he would seriously consider the job because of said bama love and AU hate. There is a difference there.
  13. I'll believe Dabo is the next AU head coach when i see him in front of the podium wearing orange and blue with AU logos in the background. That dude is as bammer as they come and i see no way he leaves Clemson where he is favored in every game they play every year to come to AU to try and fight for air with the like of Bama, UGA, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Tenn....etc al. I also would not be sold on him being able to compete with the top coaches in the league. He has had some good Clemson teams but being able to compete in the SEC is a different beast.
  14. Outside of maybe 5 mins in the first half this was a MUCH better offensive game. Crazy how just hitting a handful of shots makes such a huge difference. And this team has a lot of potential when they can hit some shots. Our defense has been unrelenting so far. Excited to see how we hold up against more talented teams. Winthrop is no push over but we had them outmatched at several positions. That Telford kid though is a good one. Broome kept stuffing him and he just kept on coming and ending up with some decent stats. With Westry added to the mix we have a LOT of depth at the 1 and 2 position. Going to be a challenge to divy up those minutes. Hoping Westry can give time at the 3 spot as well just so we have more options to get him in the game.
  15. That’s how you start a second half. Keep it up AU!!
  16. Dang 3 fouls! I thought it was only two. But I mean if he knows he’s only playing 10 mins… make the most out of it young man! I also thought KD played really good ball. Green continues to be a threat as well
  17. Still a terrible last possession 😀 But I’ll take a 13 point lead. Great game by Broome and nice to see westry in there. Westry looked pretty good running PG!
  18. Yeah after my post I went and looked them up. They must have lost some talent from last year. Pretty sure I remember last year was a pretty bad shooting night for us at their place. Hopefully we can perform better on our home court
  19. You don't think South Fl is dangerous? I have not look at them this season but i know we major struggled with them last year.
  20. Quite the jump you made there. No i don't expect Jesus himself to descend from heaven and coach our football team. We are all well aware of what freeze has done in the past and how he continues to handle himself today. Some people are ok with all that and some people like myself are not ok with it. And therefore we have the opinion that we don't want Freeze as the head coach of Auburn University.
  21. Cause i don't like the guy and I think he is a sleaze bag of a person. I think he is desperate for a school to give him another chance and i don't want Auburn to be that school. I also question how good of a coach he really is and i don't get why everyone is so head over heels on the guy. I mean i think he would do ok but i'm hoping for more than ok.
  22. I won't leave if Freeze becomes the head coach but i will probably be annoying as hell on here. Really hope you guys don't have to put up with that. lol
  23. Who are you giving his minutes too? If you are going to call into question the integrity of our basketball coaches and program then offer up something of substance. Didn't even watch the game and you come on here spouting mouth garbage. How about you take a step back and actually listen to the people who did watch the game and know what they are talking about? I mean thats what an intelligent person would do. Flan played exactly 4 more minutes than the ONLY other 3 that we have on the roster. Oh the horror of it!!!! Give me a break.
  24. I mean who else you gonna play at his position is one thing. Westry may can take some of those minutes when he comes back but playing 3 could be a tough ask of him. But beside Flan we have Moore who started the game. Moore made some shots but overall not much difference in the 2 based on the GM game. Flan did not finish on some good moves he made but I don't think he was hurting the team or anything. We do need more production from him to take this team to the next level. No argument there. But i would not give up on him after one game.
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