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  1. I think its just that AU is struggling very much in recruiting right now. So no commit should be considered a "lock" at this time.
  2. Well thats still a promising young team and he gets to learn behind KAT. Not as cool as playing with Ja but still good spot
  3. I'm seeing where Kessler went to Memphis at 22 and not Minnesota. Which is an excellent landing spot for him. That team will be competing for championships the next few years so if he can get in the rotation and contribute then thats going to be really fun to watch. He also steps right into a team with an top notch PG that can hopefully get him the ball in creative ways around the basket.
  4. Sucks Jabari did not go first but this could be a big help for his career going to the rockets instead of the Magic. Houston will spend money and out a good team together eventually. Hopefully Jabari will be a big part of picking that team off of the floor. We are getting guys to the nba now but having a superstar in the nba from AU will be huge for Pearls recruiting
  5. Shocking...scum bag does another scummy thing 😮 Maybe his money won't get him off a second time.
  6. They will definitely test our guards ability to handle pressure! I've been looking for an excuse to travel up to West Virginia......though Jan would not my first choice with timing.
  7. If the player isn't ready to play and help the team win then yeah you would redshirt the guy. The transfer rules and freedom just ensures that redshirt decisions are for the benefit of the player and not the school. Definitely no more signing a guy and then trying to "save" him for the next season. Though i'm not sure how much of that happened in bball with the tight scholarship limits. Redshirts still make sense for players that need to develop. But that plan needs to be well understood and accepted by both parties if its going to work.
  8. Imma go through and facepalm all of ya'lls post if you don't stop bickering in the recruiting thread 😜
  9. Freeze is the one that made that possible. Malzahn could not develop a QB to save his life.
  10. Well the timing of your switch may not be ideal. But since you have a son at the school you probably did not have a lot of choice anyways. I figure its gotta be easier writing those checks if you are a fan of the school. Not much easier but must help a little lol. Hope he enjoys his time at AU and stays focused at the same time. I loved my time on the plains!! I think Proud gives some good advice. What happens behind the scenes is all hearsay and none of it will ever be verified. You can get 5 different answers from 5 different people that claim to have connections to the program. So best not to get too hung up on what new coaches say or the details to the inner workings of a porgram. Of course there are going to need to be changes or else the new coach would not be here. But to answer your question just from my perspective of following AU football closely for 15+ years. I think you can look at Gus and Harsin's backgrounds and get a pretty good understanding of how their football teams cultures would be different. Harsin is a lifelong football guy and Gus came into it later in life. I think Harsin is all football all the time and Gus while serious about his football could connect with his players on a more personal level. Harsin is looking for more guys that live, eat, and breath football like he does. But other than personalities of the coaches i won't speculate on other culture changes. People say Gus played favorites but i find that a hard position to prove....people point to Bo but Harsin started Bo as well when he was healthy. So hard for me to say Gus played favs versus he just played the best QB as confirmed by the new coaching staff. The new coaching staff was willing to pull Bo when he played poorly and Gus did not.....but thats a flimsy case for playing favorites. Harsin also trotted out Finley for 2 straight games and got next to 0 production from the offense and did not put in a backup.
  11. Pretty cool that AU is now at hat on table status for elite recruits in bball!
  12. I think if next years team is better than this previous one its going to have to be because the sum of the parts are better than the parts individually. Unless Westry and/or Traore just come in way ahead of their ranking i don't expect we are going to have the high level NBA prospect we are use to having the last few season. We'll have some guys in the NBA conversation like Flan, KD, Cardwell, maybe Jaylin but it'll be surprising to see any of them elevate to first round level. So without having that go to star player we are going to have to rely on everyone being able to contribute. I think this can actually help a team because a lot of times when you have 1 or 2 guys way more talented than everyone else. The other players can start to rely on those guys to make plays instead of finding the plays for themselves. But for this to work we are going to have to have great guard play and specifically great PG play. Wendell, Zep, KD, Tre, and Westry are going to have to move the ball around like crazy to find open shooters. Pearl may have to call a few more set plays versus letting the guys do their thing. And i'd also like to see more cuts to the basket that aren't just ally-oops. All our guards are going to have to take a step forward this offseason and the starters may have to take 2/3 steps if we want to be in the championship conversation. I think these guys can make that kind of improvement because last season was the first season in the Pearl system and the first time playing together for pretty much every guard that played meaningful minutes last season.
  13. Oh well can't win them all. I wouldn't mind to see us just eat the scholly and be done with the sanctions. I like the depth of the team we have. A sharpshooter would be nice to have but i think we can have a really good team even if we can't find that guy.
  14. You would not be alone. I'm just not a fan of the guy. He can call a decent offense but i'm not sold on him running a program. He just lost about every assistant coach he had at Ol Miss this offseason and thats after a really good year there. I think he would use AU as a stepping stone to land at a "state" school and anyone that i see like that is a hard no for me on being the coach. With Kiffen you would either live in mediocrity or he would do well and dump you for a better job in a couple seasons.
  15. If I was basing the list of coaches i would want to coach at AU i would rank him higher. But based of results and future outlook i think its probably a good ranking. For example i would rather have Harsin instead of either Kiffin or Leach. But i would probably not rank Harsin ahead of either in terms of results and likely hood of future success at their current schools.
  16. I wonder how the other players on the team would feel if he came in with a better deal than all the rest of them? Seems like a good way to cause locker room issues.
  17. I was surprised by the 6'8" measurement as well.
  18. I don't know if i'm ready to say "we'll be just fine" next year in regards to guard play but i do think its reasonable to expect big improvements in that area. Westry i think fits a big need that we had and thats having a bigger guard who can handle the ball well. He shot around 35% from 3 in highschool so i don't expect him to come in a light it up from 3 initially he should be a threat from deep. I know KD was a liability at times this season but he was also a dynamic player at times as well. He has a lot of areas where he can improve his game but its also true he has a lot of areas where he is already really good. If he can learn to distribute the ball a little more and then be under better control when driving and understand that he won't get many calls by going in and flailing around then he can take a big step forward. Hopefully he can also improve that shooting percentage some more as well. I also expect a big improvement from Wendell in year 2. He took a big step up in competition from his Freshman to Sophmore years and he handled it very well. He was way ahead of what i was expecting of him to start the season. I think having another year in the system and another year of a Div 1 strength and conditioning program will do him wonders. We also have a few more guys this year that can give him a break with Zep, Westry, and Donaldson all able to handle the ball a little bit. Speaking of Zep i want to see him take some more shots on offense. Maybe playing some more 2 guard will allow him to be more assertive on the offensive end. He is a reliable ball handler but the offense seems pretty stagnant when he was running it. Not sure he has the handle and first step to get around people in the SEC. It would be a big help if Westry and Donaldson can give us PG minutes and allow Zep to play off the ball more. Then we have Flan and Moore. These are both wildcards imo. I thought Moore should have gotten more playing time last season so i don't know what the coaches were holding him back for. As such its not clear to me what area of his game he needs to improve. He is a bit of tweener with a PF skill set but a SF body and thats not going to change so i was kind of expecting a transfer here but looks like he is sticking around. Hope the coaches figure out how to use him. Then Flan has been discussed at length so not going deep here. If he can be 100% healthy to start the season and regain his explosiveness then he can be a really great asset. Finally i hope the coaches can do a little more to help out the guards. Last season i was not a fan of how much we shrunk the rotation once we got in SEC play. Our bench was a huge asset to start the season and we went to basically a 7 or 8 man rotation to finish the season. I thought the coaches just expected Flan to get back to normal and we were left scrambling when that did not happen. I'd also like to see better ball movement all the way around. Maybe this year not having Jabari will actually help with that ball movement. I know Pearl likes to let his guys play but i think he can do more to control the play while not stifling his guys.
  19. I expect Calzada just because Harsin brought him in to be the starter. If he fails to grab the job then my hope is that Ashford will have come far enough along to be given a try. And that Harsin will be able to use Ashford's athletic ability to help hide the other weaknesses of the offense. Im in the camp that TJ is not the answer at QB so i'm hoping against hope that the QBs that i have not seen stink it up are actually an improvement.
  20. Other than the illustrious AUBBGuru what are people hearing on Phillips as of late? Is he still radio silent?
  21. This is a great pickup for next years team. Dynamic big man to pare with Cardwell. Looks like next year team isn't going to miss a beat. Freaking amazing how we are just reloading these days.
  22. I saw this story and thought about making a thread about it in the rivals section. The was obviously bound to happen with the deals getting bigger and bigger each year. Existing players were going to start seeing that new players get more money and be unhappy about that....and i think its fair for him to be upset. I know in my work place if i found out a new hire with less experience got paid more money than myself i would have a talk with my boss and if i was not happy with the result i would look for employment elsewhere. But i also hope AU stays out of any bidding wars for players. Offer them a fair package and if they don't like it let them go get paid whatever they think they are worth. There are probably going to be some sob stories in the coming years about players being misled by agents into thinking they could get big bucks in the portal and then that money never materializes. It'll be great lessons for those players on the risks you take in the real world. No one is guaranteed a soft landing spot when you jump!
  23. Word is he stayed longer then originally planned. Also chatter Tenn is upping their NIL offer which means they must be worried if its true.
  24. I’m pretty sure he just transferred twice in high school. Out once and then back to his original school in Kentucky. But yeah 2 transfers in 2 years of college is not a recipe for success.
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