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  1. I wasn't listening super hard to them so when i first heard ole miss, i thought they were referencing a past game or their current game or something. But then they started calling the play by play and continued to use ole miss. I thought it was a damn mockery. I even tweeted at espn "I'm sure your sponsors love it so much when an entire fan base mutes their tv to not listen to your announcers"
  2. I'd be more worried about 11-1 Louisville than 11-1 bama. If clemson, u-dub, and Michigan go undefeated and we win out. I genuinely don't believe they would rank bama ahead of auburn if auburn won straight up on the road. But Louisville will have destroyed everyone but clemson and a close game AT UVA. Now there's a two loss SEC champion and a team who obliterated everyone and lost only to the team ranked number one in the nation. I could see the final four looking like 1. Clemson 2. Michigan 3. Washington 4. Auburn/Louisville.
  3. Three of the five holding penalties were called on our receivers too. It just seemed odd, and i'm getting sick and tired of watching Lawson get held and nothing is done. Our opponent has not had but maybe 1 and i think its really 0 holding penalties called on them in the last four games.
  4. Anyone else pissed that Daniel is being credited with two misses on blocked kicks? It's a damn shame that counts against him.
  5. preferably after i've eaten a bunch of hotdogs and nachos...
  6. I tweeted at ESPN and ESPNCFB all game about how awful ed cunningham was.
  7. We can't control the QB putting the ball right on the chest of every single wide receiver. We've had decent coverage for the most part.
  8. If these guys never call an auburn game again, it'll be one too many. This is absolutely trash, TRASH. These announcers have no clue what they are doing.
  9. It's funny, I was thinking the same thing about you, that you were only looking at box scores. Guess it goes to show you how two people can look at the same thing and come away thinking something different. Guess that settles this debate
  10. LSU looked freaking ugly in all 3 games prior to playing us and they fired their coach as a result of losing to us. How on earth can you even try to defend and say they weren't trending downward? Arkansas got beat up and lost two starters at Alabama, then played an emotional and inspired game at home against Ole Miss but lost the back up to one of the starters they lost in the Alabama game. Austin Allen had been hit something like 25 times in the two games prior to facing us, that team was beat up and struggling and needed a breather and we didn't give it to them. We beat the breaks off them like we should have, but those teams were no where CLOSE to firing on all cylinders.
  11. Sounds like the SECN is getting their money's worth in hiring him. I've always found McElroy's opinion to be fairly grounded, a little cliche at times, and rarely outlandish. The dude's football IQ and regular IQ are through the roof, even post concussion. But my oh my i'm laughing at how riled up he's gotten some of you guys. I don't think his opinion is terribly off base. Our wins came against teams who were coming in on the struggle bus or a downward trend. In our wins we did what we were suppose to do. We were impressive at times, showed some weaknesses at times, but have found a strong identity and established a team culture of pushing for the win. This team is 100% different than the teams that ran out the tunnel to meet Clemson and TAMU, but as such, we haven't gotten the chance to play another Clemson or TAMU to prove how far we've come since then. He is perfectly within his reason to doubt and be skeptical until november 26th when we take on the Tide. Then he'll either be proven wrong or right. Until then, it's all word games.
  12. So in the past few days i've seen some interesting commentary on TD. These comments seem to indicate that TD is line for a vast ratings boost. Recruiting experts, do you think with a strong finish and a good showing at the all-star game TD could jump into top 50 or even 5 star territory? Barton simmons at 247 has likened him to reuben foster.
  13. He probably meant it as turn down the volume, that "WOW" if you're at max sound or on head phones could hurt your ears.
  14. My belief for the only way to truly stop a passing attack like we saw is play hard press, and knock them off their routes at the line. You have to get hands on the receivers at the line to disrupt timing. The problem with that is if the receiver beats you off the line, All they gotta do is make the safety miss and it's a touchdown. We have good zone and man corners, but they aren't big bodied punch you in the jaw corners. If we tried press man we would've given up several long touchdown passes. The problem with their offense was obvious though. Once you remove the top off the defense (I.e. Get to the redzone) if you don't have a running game the zones get smaller and smaller and the windows tinier and tinier. They get stuffed cause you can now crash on those free release routes cause there's no getting beat over the top.
  15. The fact that they had 18 impact plays and 0 big plays astounds me. Those intermediate passes ate us, they found the gaps and exposed them but our D crashed on them immediately to limit yac from going big. That's gotta be one of the biggest stats in my opinion. Opinion stat? have you ever seen a team give up that many impact plays but none of them turned big?