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  1. I admit i've only been following recently, i just saw after the loss to troy and the loss in game one we dropped to 30 on the nolanwarren site, didn't see us making up 11 spots even with the two wins. Thought we would've been in the 21-22 range, but vandy, south florida, and long beach state all dropped a game today which seemed to do the trick for us and get us over the 20 hump. But like I said the weekend isn't over yet. RPI is ever changing, especially with Bama now dropping to the low 200's
  2. Did that take into a count the fact that george washington's rpi moved up into top 200 so we no longer have a loss against a >200 team.
  3. Auburn Jumped up to 19 in the RPI, that's higher than i was expecting. We'll still have games tomorrow so that's not a final position on the weekend but anywhere 18-20 with three series to go is a good position.
  4. War damn!!!!! Big huge series win! lets keep this rolling next we against the bummers!
  5. He's made some strong picks in previous games, but he's been lack luster tonight. I agree with the announcer 2 out of 3 of those balls should been picked up.
  6. Tough situation there for Johnson, i think he could've gotten more of a lead and still been safe to get back to second if it was caught. Tough break and great play by center fielder.
  7. State fans are definitely justified in being frustrated on those calls, but i don't give a crap! Way to come back fighting coker!
  8. Estes has been getting eaten up at second tonight. Just tough balls in tough positions.
  9. There must be some magnets in our hitters and the baseball, what's that 7-8 hit batters today?
  10. DOUBLE PLAY!!!!! To the 6th we go.
  11. Brent Rooker is a man amongst boys right now. That was a soft curveball below the strike zone and he ground rule double's it to dead away center.
  12. For real. I thought he got it off the bat, but i think he just got just a hair too much underneath it. Caught at the warning track in left center to end the inning. Did anyone hear the State fan on a hot mic? Ingram takes a ball off the tricep/elbow and the fan goes "It his his bat that's a foul ball!!"
  13. He's probably been showing out in practice and with Daniel Robert hurting it came down to him and bo decker.
  14. I thought he beat that by a half step at least. terrible call
  15. No problem, those are some rough numbers. And since RPI is based on the rating of who you play and who they play, it can always change. Both Troy and Samford are now RPI top 100 teams, if they continue to win our loss to them isn't as bad. But if the teams we lost to continue to lose, like hooks they'll pull us down too.