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  1. Here’s the path to an iron bowl NC

    This isn't true, ohio state was picked last year over big ten champion penn state.
  2. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    The auburn football team should be offered the COWARD Gus malzahn’s head on a platter. Cause that’s what he is. A coward, through and through. I’ve never seen a man so afraid of losing a game he has a 17 point lead in. A normal person would resign but he’s so much of a coward he won’t do it.
  3. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields so the author of this mentions auburn with regards to Fields but flat out says it's a two team race between UGA and FSU. I love listening to 23 and e but is there a reason we are getting info from our guys but the national message is so different?
  4. Back shoulder\quick outs

    The unsatisfying answer is instinct. You just have to feel that it is coming and play hard press man and watch the receiver's eyes. Even if you are playing any of the multitude of zone alignments you basically have to predict that's what's coming and break on it hoping you can recover if it is a hitch and go. Also back shoulder throws tend to be line drives so having the d-line get their hands up and get in the path of the ball. Otherwise a perfect backshoulder fade is impossible to defend.
  5. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    This is a weak attempt, even by your normal standards.
  6. Love it, my stream has been good all night and the ninth inning is when it starts freezing up...
  7. i believe that's his ninth walk of the season, something like a 12-1 strike out to walk ratio. Where's this coming from?
  8. Apparently this catcher has been relatively easy to steal on. We've just chosen very bad pitches to steal on. Also we suck butt at bunting.
  9. is that fence considered a HR?
  10. Davis was safe on replay in my opinion.
  11. In his defense, jonah should've one hundred and fifty percent been on third base at that moment.
  12. Video feed didn't show the tag, it happened to abruptly to switch i guess.
  13. Jonah missed the ball get away from the catcher on the play at home, Luke saw it and tried to advance to second which was occupied by Jonah. He got in a run down, but the fielder just barely made the throw and tag at third to get Luke advancing. Couldn't tell how close on my screen.
  14. won't be me, watchESPN is still doing the whole pause for 30 seconds and then skip ahead, and then pause again, then play for 20 seconds, then replay the previous 20 seconds then pause again.