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  1. Just a point of contention, but it was not exactly the same. Yeldon went out of bounds. They had a stopped clock. They did not have to quick snap. Hell gus even called a timeout to put Chris Davis back. We benefited immensely from an unusual situation. It was neither dirty or shady as I have seen some bama fans post, but it absolutely was a crazy lucky scenario that if the clock had operated appropriately we would not have gotten a field goal off.
  2. Can’t believe they called that third strike on julien. The baseball gods corrected the call with Connor Davis, but julien should’ve had a literal walk off. That ball was at the shins and inside, wasn’t even close. No shame in him looking at that. The umpire screwed up.
  3. A couple of rivals analysts both said they think Pickens sticks with Auburn barring a major change like taking an official visit to Ohio state. It’s a free article I saw on twitter but I’m on mobile and can’t link.
  4. Am I the only one who thought there should’ve been a PF on the bama defender throwing Schwartz to the ground five yards deep in the end zone?
  5. And then we followed it up with a coxcat flare pass... /sigh
  6. I'm really confused, no site other than ours is talking about JC decommitting, where is it?
  7. It was a light hearted remark on how he actually turned out to be right, that is all.
  8. Free article on rivals said Jakai originally told the staff he wasn’t going to make it cause owen’s car was full and he wasn’t going to Tennessee. Morris, his best friend, offered him a chance to go to Tennessee with him instead of just staying home all weekend and jakai made a last second decision to do it but forgot to tell the coaches. He said the coaches scolded him not for his decision to go, but for his communication. And that he’s looking forward to the first home game so he can sit down with the coaches and apologize in person even though he’s already cleared the air for the most part.
  9. University of Auburn misses out on another good one!
  10. I’ve been seething with this coverage. A really controversial foul occurred earlier. And instead of a replay they put the camera on a assistant coach for Arkansas and talk about a story from 24 years ago. A controversial foul on heron, ref BLATANTLY showing him up, and no replay or even discussion. No talk about the blown charges that miraculously turn into blocking fouls. This is so bad.
  11. Been watching this game since tip off. This is awful. The refs are bad, we are shooting tired shots, playing tired defense, forcing mental errors, and just getting beat with size. It’s infuriating. This team is so good, but they are so tired.
  12. This isn't true, ohio state was picked last year over big ten champion penn state.
  13. The auburn football team should be offered the COWARD Gus malzahn’s head on a platter. Cause that’s what he is. A coward, through and through. I’ve never seen a man so afraid of losing a game he has a 17 point lead in. A normal person would resign but he’s so much of a coward he won’t do it.
  14. so the author of this mentions auburn with regards to Fields but flat out says it's a two team race between UGA and FSU. I love listening to 23 and e but is there a reason we are getting info from our guys but the national message is so different?