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  1. Love it, my stream has been good all night and the ninth inning is when it starts freezing up...
  2. i believe that's his ninth walk of the season, something like a 12-1 strike out to walk ratio. Where's this coming from?
  3. Apparently this catcher has been relatively easy to steal on. We've just chosen very bad pitches to steal on. Also we suck butt at bunting.
  4. is that fence considered a HR?
  5. Davis was safe on replay in my opinion.
  6. In his defense, jonah should've one hundred and fifty percent been on third base at that moment.
  7. Video feed didn't show the tag, it happened to abruptly to switch i guess.
  8. Jonah missed the ball get away from the catcher on the play at home, Luke saw it and tried to advance to second which was occupied by Jonah. He got in a run down, but the fielder just barely made the throw and tag at third to get Luke advancing. Couldn't tell how close on my screen.
  9. won't be me, watchESPN is still doing the whole pause for 30 seconds and then skip ahead, and then pause again, then play for 20 seconds, then replay the previous 20 seconds then pause again.
  10. Fla hit the ball hard twice right at Auburn Outfielders, Todd and Robert both hit hard balls in their half of the inning. Players look to be seeing the ball well tonight, let's see if any start dropping to the ground as the game goes on.
  11. Baseball vs uat Game 3

    In extra innings the pitcher of record for the loss is the one who put the player on base that ultimately becomes the winning run. The winning pitcher is the last pitcher on the mound for the winning team when the go ahead run was scored. If another pitcher comes in then he gets credited with a save.
  12. Baseball vs uat Game 3

    Here's the real question, is orange tank top still in attendance?
  13. Baseball vs uat Game 3

    Estes has struck out 3 times in a row on curveballs, this guy hasn't thrown anything but a curveball. Law of averages please deliver and get estes a hit.
  14. Baseball vs uat Game 3

    So anthony never touched second from the looks of it on replay.