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  1. "So we won't know who our starting QB will be until week four of the college football season? What?" I'm not so sure that sometime in the fall is not the more accurate timetable.
  2. Committed and SIGNED are two different things. We've had our share of commits that never signed, unfortunately!!
  3. We have all heard that Lashlee is our play caller - at least that is what CGM tells us. I would have been much happier if Briles son had come and spent time with Lashlee. I agree with all of the above comments but Briles son's help with play calling could really be beneficial.
  4. While I only got to see the game on TV, it didn't look like an uncontrollable STORMING the floor. At first it looked like the fans were kind of hesitant, then they started surrounding the AU players. Then more fans came onto the court - I didn't see STORMING.
  5. When CWM left uf he had restrictions on who he could/couldn't recruit due to previous uf contact. No such restrictions placed on him from AU??
  6. Will this have any positive effect on Byron Cowart? I know that he didn't have a great year last year but will CL coming back help in his development? Can CL be his mentor? Not even sure if they play same roles in new? defense. CL is more of a hybrid LB/speed rusher whereas BC is a large DE.
  7. Tough call for CGM. He has heaped so much praise on crl that it would seem deceitful to then go and fire him. Maybe all the praise was to help crl get another job and let CGM save face and not have to make a tough decision either this year or next.
  8. With all the talk about who our next DC should be, who are the top targets of uat and uga. Both big name schools, both need DC's, and both are right in our own backyard. Any chance that any of the candidates we are discussing are just sitting back to see who offers who, and who has the pick of several jobs? I realize that it may be hard for a DC to work under ns but the name looks good on a resume. Would not put it past the midget to try to steal our target at the 12th hour just like in recruiting. Not a black helicopter guy but cns has a history of this. This is why CGM is/should play this very secretively.
  9. Have 73,74,and 75 Gloms that need good home. BHM area. PM me if interested
  10. I don't think that logic helped us with the Evans family last year.
  11. My point of view only ------ after watching how fired up and how explosive cwm is on the sidelines and while he may be a positive for his players, his outbursts may be a negative as far as the persona he portrays to the "upper management" (ad). His temperament is better fit for a dc than a hc at this time imho.
  12. Agree with most of the issues presented. I don't have the "Facts" or "Stats" but just an observation. We have suffered at every position group this year at some time or other save one - place kicking. Many of the issues compound on each other and are not just isolated. INCONSISTENCY!!! QB play has been woeful at best looking at entire season and results. Too many throws into double coverage, missed/overthrow open wr's. Wr's can't get open and drop passes, ol can't block consistently with some of our main guys getting run over at times, rb's produce but can not stay healthy, h-backs inconsistent, dl one or two good plays then totally out of the play the next - although they appear to be getting better and showing improvement, lb's where are they, de's not to be found until Lawson back, db's play hard but injuries have hurt talent/experience pool, punter is inconsistent. Play calling has been questionable. Why run HUNH on a first down only to run straight up the middle and get crunched which puts us behind the chains on second down. Play calling in red-zone not understood. Not a troll but just calling it like I see it. I bet most of you see and feel the same way but just say it differently.
  13. Prior to this play (first half I think) the a&m qb scrambled to his left out of the pocket. Our DE or LB got caught inside and had to reverse field to give chase. He was blind-sided by an a&m player and it appeared to be helmet -to - helmet or at least an above the shoulder hit. CGM went ballistic on the sidelines and was screaming at the officials. No one has mentioned this but if you go back and look in slow motion, this was targeting in my opinion. We very well could have had duel targeting penalties on the goal line play (if we use Countess as an example). Wonder if there has ever been multiple targeting penalties on the same play?
  14. CTF definitely did not belong to the $1 Shave Club.
  15. If he wasn't a backup and a walk-on, I doubt that he would have been suspended. Just a few leisurely walks around the track should suffice.