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  1. When does basketball season start at least we have a coach for basketball
  2. Tiger belle I love your positive attitude but the pandemic has really little to do with how unprepared this team is for this game or Georgia game. Gus has failed to recruit quality offensive lineman and his inability to coach the quarterback position is costing this team. Not to even mention his play calling.
  3. Are you referring to guy on the line that can catch a pass. Nah that’s a work in progress. We prefer to throw a swing pass and kick a field goal.
  4. What was that on third and goal. Still playing for a field goal.
  5. Even my wife hates that helemet. T.hinks we would look like a bunch of pansies. Leave our helemet alone its fine
  6. This coaching staff is beyond belief. Your biggest rival and no fire or heart from this team.
  7. play calling the same old sorry crap
  8. even with the angle Holland still got beat imagine that
  9. Why is Jake Holland still on the team
  10. Granted Blake dropped the pass however, Milner held him and also wrapped his arm around his left hip which is interference.
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