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  1. Get used to it. As long as BP is at Auburn, MBB will be relevant in March and every so often in April again.
  2. If we run thru Virginia then Duke or Mich State to win the ship it'll be one of the greatest NCAA Tournament runs in history. Every blue blood going down along the way. Every kid in the country will want to come to Auburn to be a part of this.
  3. I wanna see them cutting down the nets. Hopefully they can lift Chuma up so he can cut some net himself.
  4. Yeah I obviously forgot I was an hour or so behind real time on my DVR. But to me it was real time lol. Great win for AU but Chuma's injury takes all the air out of it for me. Just sick about it. I so hope he can get back soon, if not Sunday maybe for the final four after we win. WDE!
  5. JVon with the bucket and we've got the lead at the half. We're in it! Need more of the same and hit more threes in the 2nd half. AU strong on the boards so far.
  6. Ok, but I think the poster was talking about the narrative on JB Grimes' recruiting prowess. He was pointing out that the recruit's comments about JB doesn't fit the narrative. And he was right, it doesn't.
  7. On this board? The hell there's not! All I read on here about JB is that he is not a good recruiter but is a good talent developer.
  8. Yeah, tweeting a photo of the AU scoreboard Sunday night knowing full well by then he would sign with UGly today just shows his lack of character. Trolling Auburn for no good reason. Pick whatever school you want, but don't troll a school that has worked hard to try to get your signature. Total classless individual. One I'm glad to not have wearing O&B. Good riddance to the SOB!
  9. Bell interviewed after FSU visit. Says FSU is up there with Auburn as his top schools post visit. Did not put FSU above AU however.
  10. We were Henry's 3rd OV. He has scheduled FSU next and hasn't decided who will get his 5th and final visit.
  11. He's a preferred walk on. E said we don't typically creat threads for walk ons. Glad to have him for sure. He might be a gem.
  12. He tweeted "War Eagle Official" today. I think he's just announcing that he's on the plains. Do you have more info re a commit?
  13. That early camp hype is what I am referring to. That's when I first heard of Bo, after signing but before his freshman season started. He created quite a stir quickly after arrival on campus.