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  1. Some of those they lost to the portal were walk-ons though.
  2. If Christian Robinson, his LB Coach at UF has a good relationship with him and AU wants him, you’d think we’d have a good shot to get him.
  3. I took this as a commitment. Hopefully it is just announcing his visit. Would make sense because he just arrived on campus there today. Hope that’s all it was. We’ll know soon I suppose.
  4. Yes, this one hurts. AU was the favorite to land him before his LSU visit this weekend. He must have secretly preferred LSU all along to recommit to them on the first day of his visit.
  5. Yes, you are correct. Someone posted the ncaa ruling on here which states clearly the overall scholarship limit remains at 85.
  6. The way I recall it, the spin from some Auburn bloggers back prior to ENSD was that Auburn convinced Farmer to hold off on signing with Florida to take a deeper look at Auburn first. Since he wasn’t going to be an EE he decided to wait to be sure. I hear Napiers staff has been pressing hard to keep him in the fold, so if true that wouldn’t fit the narrative of them backing off. I don’t know what the true situation is, but it would appear with his impending visit Auburn still has a shot for whatever reason.
  7. No, but I googled it and one of the hits was a link to an Oregon message board where one poster explained it to another poster but also quoted the NCAA text as his source. I assumed he was correct but you never know with the internet.
  8. This year, 2022-2023 season, the NCAA allows a roster waiver of up to 7 transfers to replace 7 or more lost to transfer. These 7 do not count against the 25 or 85 limits, so as long as you lose 7 or more in the portal you can have as many as 92 this one year only.
  9. We’ll probably also hold a spot for edge Jack Pyburn, or at least I hope we do. I also wonder with Hunter and Pegues leaving if we might need to add another DT in addition to Sledge and Jones. Plus could probably use 2 more WRs so maybe take 3-4 OL rather than 5 or 6, as at our rate we’ll be lucky to get more OL than that anyway.
  10. Not a bad trade. Time will tell how it turns out for both sides.
  11. Has Jaxson Dart picked a school yet? I had him penciled in at Ole Miss but if not then it would be a good landing spot for Daniels.
  12. Wow this hurts, and we are out of the running for O’Cyrus Torrence too.
  13. We’ve got Shed Jackson, Javarrius Johnson, Malcolm Johnson, Zevian Capers, Tavarish Dawson, J J Evans plus signees Camden Brown, Jay Fair, and Omari Kelly, plus walk ons as of now as far as I can tell.
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