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  1. Dillon Gibbons is committed to Florida State.
  2. Basically he feels they promised him the 2 guard spot and with Jasper and Sills and Green all coming in feels like they have reneged on a promise. In my opinion if you can’t stand competition for playing time good riddance and hope you find somewhere that won’t have any competition for your PT. Glad that’s not the case at Auburn. Bruce is gonna try to get the best 13 he can every year.
  3. Prayers lifted up. Thanks for sharing the interesting back story.
  4. I read that Eason was campaigning for Pegues move to DL since he met him. Not sure why he was moved but Eason maybe had some influence in that.
  5. He knows a little Boda Gedda so sign him up.
  6. The place to stay http://auburn.edu/main/welcome/visitorsguide/hotel.php
  7. True he ran the all a lot. Maybe lined up as RB at times but FB at times too
  8. I like Whataburger the best. Only in Texas I think.
  9. I don’t think so. He had 21 offers as of March 8 according to Keith on Twitter and he wondered if Auburn may be next. The kid has posted his offers on Twitter from 4 or 5 schools since then but no Auburn yet. Must be smart because he has an offer from Princeton.
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