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  1. That 3rd down pass hit Shed Jackson in a bad spot. Right in the hands.
  2. For all those betting Auburn would not score, it didn’t take long for you to lose your money.
  3. I can’t see a win here but Auburn covers. Georgia 28 Auburn 14.
  4. Yeah me too. That first Quarter pass defense looked like a madden 22 game.
  5. War Damn Eagle! Great job by Derek Mason and the Defense to totally turn the game around and by Bo Nix and the offense to execute two touchdown drives in the 2nd half to get the W. Well done. Special kudos to Shaun Shivers and Jarquez Hunter for making big plays on the final drive. Eku Leota should get DL of the game for his two big sacks tonight.
  6. 2 ways I think rain benefits Auburn tonight: 1. Wet crowd equals smaller and quieter crowd 2. Auburns running game less affected than LSUs passing game by game time the field could be a mud pit. Bring on the heavy rains.
  7. Light rain from 10am to 11am. Heavy thunderstorms from 11am to 2pm. Light rain from 2pm thru 11pm.
  8. Auburn runs for 250 yards and LSU passes for 300 yards. Auburn wins 24-21.
  9. The more I learn about this the more I’m convinced Corns firing had little if anything to do with Corns performance. Instead looking back I think Harsin wanted to hire Kiesau as his WR Coach back in January but Kiesau wanted to wait to see if he’d be retained at Boise St. Harsin waited awhile but eventually went ahead and hired Corn before any answer on Kiesaus future at Boise. Then when Avalos chose not to retain Kiesau Harsin hires him as an Analyst aka WR Coach in waiting. Planning to have him mentor Corn and then seeing the WR room needs more intense coaching Harsin decides he can’t wa
  10. You are correct. Furthermore, even if the ball did hit the ground that doesn’t make it incomplete necessarily. If he has control of the ball when it hits the ground (while in his hands) it’s a complete pass. I’m not saying he did and that it was a completed pass, but I’m saying from the video you can’t conclusively tell, so therefore the call made on the field stands. It was the right call by the review either way it had been called on the field because it was inconclusive.
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