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  1. But they know every kid gets a one star bump when they commit to uat
  2. That recording was probably before the BLM movement.
  3. Yes, each 2020 Senior that returns for another Sr. year is an exemption (Grant Loy, Tyrone Truesdale, etc.) so we can go at least to 87 if not more.
  4. This is good by you can always expect attrition at QB every year
  5. I guess since trips to Waffle House are now out we have nothing to counter the new Chargers offered by uat.
  6. I agree. Kablooey is not a term for excitement. It’s more a negative or Batman fighting crime.
  7. Is Christian Tutt not returning? When he removed himself from the portal I had assumed he was coming back.
  8. We’ve got 5 spots left and one will be a RB and hopefully we get Miller the WVA CB so that would leave 3 spots open.
  9. There was no spring last year but at least we have one this year at least one planned
  10. Unlike Gus who never went good on good Harsin said iron sharpens iron so expect O ones to go against D ones in scrimmages and in A day. We should learn more about the players’ readiness than under Gus with his crappy A game format and matchups.
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