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  1. Missouri Florida State Alabama Georgia Clemson Kentucky LSU Tennessee Ole Miss Texas Kansas State Washington North Carolina Cincinnati Ohio State Oregon USC 54
  2. Alabama Mississippi State Texas A&M Auburn Missouri LSU Florida Ole Miss Tennessee Georgia Michigan Oklahoma TCU NC State Clemson Oregon USC 70
  3. Yes this defense is smothering. Their QB is just chucking the ball anywhere to avoid a sack. And we are snuffing out any attempts they make to run the ball. Hope this domination continues for another 1 1/2 Quarters.
  4. Kiffin worships Saban like the media does. Freeze doesn’t.
  5. If Ashford could put ANY touch on the ball, Jarquez could have walked in with the touchdown. That’s not coaching that’s a QB that doesn’t use his brain.
  6. Ole Miss given a TD by the refs on a phantom PI call against Puckett. Terrible call.
  7. Rhule would be in my top 10, about 7th. I’d put Freeze, Kiffin, M Stoops, Deion, Grimes and Aranda ahead of him. He’d lead over Muschamp, Meyer, Lashlee, Mullin, O’Brien, and others. I have no idea which candidates would consider Auburn, but I’m hoping for Freeze, Kiffin or M Stoops.
  8. Auburn’s best effort this year. Auburn outgained em by a wide margin but the turnovers did us in.
  9. UGA will give over 30 points on the Betting lines. Maybe over 40.
  10. I voted Bob Stoops by mistake. Meant to vote Mark Stoops. It won’t let me change my vote. Bob Stoops would have been my last choice.
  11. I’m most looking forward to seeing Auburn’s 12th touchdown of the game.
  12. I’m hoping it’s Randy Campbell. He’s been a successful business owner, AU fundraiser, and knows football. Since he’s an Auburn man I think he’d get more autonomy in running the AD than an outsider, at least I hope so.
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