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  1. As I read on another board, it looks like we’ll be riding mopeds this year.
  2. According to Bryan Harsin, Wright requested the move. He said he felt that was where he is best suited. Harsin added that Brumbaugh is looking forward to working with him.
  3. Ditto for me. I was close but backed away for the same reason you did. I don’t like auto renewals anyway.
  4. Seriously, there was an LSU player years ago that was an elite sprinter who was fleeing cops on foot. The big surprise to me was that he was caught on foot on campus by a campus cop. Incidentally, hIs crime was breaking into a girls on campus apartment and groping her in her sleep.
  5. Recruits can see that the players are buying in to what the coaches are asking.
  6. Yes, it looks that way. I trust their judgment as to whom they recruit. We will see how it works out.
  7. The best of the G5 talent are high NFL draft picks that were either overlooked by power 5 schools or developed more than expected while in school. If you don’t succeed in getting the top prospects you still need to sign the best players you can get and hope to develop them. You still might not be competitive with the top half of the SEC, but you won’t without them either.
  8. We’ll, there’s always talented players at the group of 5 level drafted highly into the NFL. If he can find the best of those shunned 3* players and our coaches can reel them in, we might be able to make up some slack from our failure to compete with top schools for highly rated talent.
  9. Jelani Thurman to Ohio State https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/2022/07/131728/four-star-2023-tight-end-jelani-thurman-commits-to-ohio-state
  10. Both Eddie George and Jeremiah Cobb were/are running backs so they have that much in common.
  11. I read that J Lee (Auburn Live On3) said it’s Clemson, and J Lee is a sunshine pumping Auburn homer.
  12. So did Brock Glenn commit to Ohio State? Haven’t seen it reported.
  13. Ok thanks. I was just guessing.
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