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  1. Those were pooch punts trying to pin it down inside the 20. Not a good barometer of leg strength.
  2. Upset of the week ruins the game of the century. Auburn. 38 LSU. 35
  3. All you people dissing Gus, Kevin Steele, Bo Nix and OL throughout this game can go find another team to criticize because we don't need you at Auburn! War Damn Eagle!
  4. Stan White was a four year starter at AU 1990-1993 starting all 45 games over those 4 years. What I don't know is whether he redshirted before that 4 year run.
  5. Gus said Jay Jay stood out today, said he wants the ball and was attackng the ball. I guess that's Gus-speak for the boy is a dog!
  6. The rest of the SEC are going to find out how hard it is to bring down a tank! Or how it feels to be run over by one.