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  1. Pat Dye Shug Jordan Tommy Tuberville Gus Malzahn Gene Chizik Terry Bowden Doug Barfield
  2. Arkansas score predictions.

    Auburn 27-24
  3. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama LSU Mississippi State Missouri Florida State Miami Penn State Notre Dame Texas51
  4. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    Auburn 34-13
  5. Score Prediction- Ole Miss

    Auburn rolls 45-14.
  6. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    Auburn's defense dominates. The offense does enough. AU 24 Moo State 7.
  7. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Auburn 38 Mizzou 13
  8. Ole Miss Post Game

    Bruce Pearl just showed again that there's more to coaching than recruiting and cheerleading. Totally different team in the 2nd half....again can't hold a lead. Out hustled and out coached again.
  9. Saban considering Chip Kelley or Helfrich for OC vacancy

    Now that would be interesting, C Kelly on Saban's staff. There's not a room big enough for those two egos. I just can't see Kelly taking orders from the little one.
  10. Sark to falcons as their new OC

    If so he got a better gig.
  11. 2017 4* DE Ryan Johnson

    Yeah I read an article not long ago that Obamanu is at UAT Law School and proudly wearing burnt orange and blue all over T-Town. He represents AU very well from what I recall.
  12. Move him to the Rivals forum. Not only de committed, but AU is not on his list. Down to Tenn., Kansas and Purdue. Hope that means we've opened a spot for someone we wanted more. Best of luck to him wherever he chooses to go.
  13. What bothers me most about the updykes is they act as though they had something to do with the success of a team at a school where most of them didn't even attend.
  14. Auburn-uat Score Predictions

    AU 17, uat 14
  15. Auburn-Alabama A&M Score Predictions

    AU 36, A&M 6.