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  1. kevon67

    U.S. Open Golf

    I am all for a challenging course, especially for the pro's.......However, at this rate would be better off playing on concrete.
  2. kevon67

    Holy Cow! Copperhead in Laundry hamper

    Nothing wrong with the wilderness especially if you get snow and good cold winters........Not Devil's Lake winters of course, just good and cold😆
  3. kevon67

    Saluting the boss

    The left needs to pace themselves, 2024 is still a good ways off 🙂
  4. kevon67

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    You know I would have never admitted it in my David Lee Roth Van Halen teen years but I liked that song and a few others from Abba😆 Music has a huge impact in our lives......Ive said before I was never a fan of The Beatles music, however I still remember sitting in my room listening to the Bee Gees album......Spirits Having Flown.......when my mother knocked on my door to tell me John Lennon had been shot.......I remember how sad I felt........While not a fan of their music I had much respect for the artist and his accomplishments.
  5. kevon67

    Trump is going to wing it

    Why not???? The left allows you to identify as such😆 Think I'll be a mug of rootbeer🙂 Far left powers activate....shape of...
  6. kevon67

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    I remember listening to my first was Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock that belonged to my I listened to that song over and over......Mother give me my first record player when I was was like a suitcase just open and play........mother then opened up her Johnny Cash collection for me to listen the time I was 10 that 45 collection grew and included but not limited to The Jackson 5, Elton John, and umm Abba😆
  7. kevon67

    Haley Fagan Arrested for Shoplifting

    Lol....never understood legal speak after 25 plus years of reading pages of Life Insurance policies for families.......Take Liberty National Brown Service Policy 1972 for example.....6 pages to say......We aint honoring this policy cause we done blown all your money😆
  8. kevon67

    Trump is going to wing it

    We definitely have something in common❤ I like my coffee iced.
  9. kevon67

    Trump is going to wing it

    Lol Elle I dont doubt it.....My back surgery and 3 knee surgeries add 20 years😆........It was in jest I hope you know.......The Young Turks/ Old Turks as in you and Homer share their veiws......Any who I would never insult any one here on the forum intentionally and I hope you didnt take as such.......Regardless of our political differences doesnt mean we couldnt share a cup of coffee and enjoy each others company.......I feel that way about anyone they may have differing veiws on politics, religious beliefs etc.......Its in my nature.......I will say that in my beliefs I wont claim to be 100% correct 100% of the time and there are ideas we can learn from both sides of the aisle to make this country a better place for all.
  10. kevon67

    Trump is going to wing it

    High school football number was 82............DOB 1967🙂
  11. kevon67

    Haley Fagan Arrested for Shoplifting

    Yes sir and the F for Felony typed in corner confirms it............that is unless it stands for Female🙂
  12. kevon67

    Trump is going to wing it

    Association with Homer?😆
  13. kevon67

    Trump is going to wing it

    Tell me about it......I was raised by strict Catholic parents who suffeed though the nonsense.........If they were still living they would make me delete the post even though made in jest😆
  14. kevon67

    Trump is going to wing it

    The Old Turks🙂
  15. kevon67

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Bring my friend another round.....he's just gettin warmed up❤👍