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  1. Bet you can't say that 5 times fast😁
  2. Have a bit of a Buckcherry sound.......1st I've heard and dig it.
  3. Too much Estee Lauder self tanning cream.😁
  4. Sadly I was impatient and preferred a good snap on........thats not to say I didnt enjoy glue and painting a nice 57 older brother was King of all things air plane.
  5. Was in a car audio club many years ago with an LSU alum and he was great......extremely intelligent.......Also attended phantom whistle game with an LSU alum and his wife.........they were treated as poorly as we were......I guess guilt by association. I firmly believe LSU fans in Tiger Stadium are the worst I have ever encountered.
  6. I guess with the popularity of rear window defrost they all but disappeared.............they were great because once they set only a razor blade would take them off and the color didn't fade easy in intense sunlight.
  7. Same was it the one you had to place in plate of water then those were a pain in the arse.
  8. True.......and Frost is doing something special at be honest I hope Nebraska gives Frost a chance to build something.........always hate seeing former players take HC positions at their former school.........never ends well in most cases.
  9. Frost is definitley responsible for Nebraska 's revival
  10. No.......but he was in pretty damn good shape physically.....if based on looks alone then he looked like a good coach😂
  11. Sorry for saying this but Big Yella Fella is the biggest behind the scenes problem at Auburn.......has been for years in my opinion.
  12. Propping 4 year old child on a national stage blows my telling what type of hate this could bring this poor childs way........most rational people will blame the father. However, most rational people wont send death threats,etc..... I really dont think I am over reacting......the father is an idiot.
  13. Piss poor parenting in my opinion or at the very least tasteless.
  14. Gonna be a feeling Hader gonna be good.