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  1. Yes Skylark also made an appearance in Varsity Blues❤❤
  2. My youngest likes Harvick(only because we have Hunt's Brothers Pizza at the store) afraid if he knew the past 20 years he may not like him as much..........Truex the most class of the four by a long shot.......with that said more drawn to Harvick.
  3. Well I hate it for Elliott..........tough hill to least there is no Logano, Nascar's equivalent to footballs bammer.
  4. Cant post a pic but my dream car as a kid was a 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS............sadly not so sadly my first car was a 72 Buick Skylark with 18,000 original miles.......put some money into it and made it look had a powerful 350 and left a heck of a burnout mark on the pavement. Wasnt till I was much older that I realized what I had and wish I still had.......very few on the road fixed up at the time so when we hung out on Market St. strip felt I had an original.
  5. First thing I did with my first car, 72 Buick Skylark was put Cragar SS.........Beautiful family❤
  6. Well I imagine when Auburn plays the gumps they will have their great striped equalizers to counter our D.
  7. I hate those lights, makes me think my tv is on the fritz.
  8. Doc's Heisman Trophy resides about 12 miles south at St. Stanislas Catholic School.
  9. Nothing I love more than seeing all those sad bammer faces..........other than seeing Tua's heisman chances going down the drain😂
  10. They should've wired Verne up at the nursing home for his thoughts on the game.
  11. Man my Xgirlfriend in HS drove an 84 Corvette.........personalized tag read BRAT 1...........when I would drive us to the movies it was a pain at 6'5 once I finally got settled felt like I was laying in a casket from the waist down........soon as I stomped the pedal with my size 15 I quickly forgot about the whole casket thing.......major downside it was red....yuk😂
  12. It's so funny cuz it's true😂
  13. That's a feeling that's almost impossible to explain......My parents treated me better than some of my friends biological parents treated them........At 50 plus I still struggle to understand the feeling of abandonment despite knowing the reason I was put up for adoption.
  14. I'm sure you must remember Ed Dyas R.I.P...........great bedside manner he had.
  15. Totally agree, though you have to agree for the most part on the University level you recieve better than a goldtone Seiko for forced retirement. Like you I admire those who have the dedication.......high stress position for sure.