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  1. Does anybody remember this cheer?

    I learned in in 2003 in band. Hated it. I don't think my sister ever learned it though. She finished marching last year.
  2. Arik Armstead and his family have arrived**

    I kept hearing something about him being able to play basketball this year... How would he be able to?
  3. ***Patrick Miller has committed to and enrolled at AUBURN!!!

    Justin Hokanson @JHokanson BREAKING NEWS: After being committed to LSU since September, Rivals250 OT Patrick Miller has enrolled at AU and attended his first class.
  4. UK game

    Its listed again now and now on espn3.
  5. UK game

    I called and they said it was a known problem and might have it up within in the hour.
  6. UK game

    Anyone able to pull it up on espn3 yet?
  7. Grimes to be new O-line coach at Arky State.

    JB Grimes that is... Formerly of Kansas...
  8. Others going to Arky St w/ Gus?

    We cant say if he can play next year. Only the NCAA can...
  9. Everything fishing...................

    Always enjoyed to fish, but have no clue as to what I'm doing. Any advice to what to go for and use to get it off the shore down around Panama City. Specifically some of the bay areas down here.
  10. Ted Roof is gone for UCF job

    according to PM.
  11. Arkansas Pine Bluff vs Auburn

    Nice to see someone so excited they are yelling.
  12. Too many bammers...

    Funny because I actually work for Orkin. I'll get on it.
  13. If you are in Auburn tonight

    Come to the basketball game! We should easily sell out this game.
  14. Iron Bowl Roll Call!

    Section 33 with my parents. Leaving today around noon. Make sure if you are in town tonight to go to the basketball game. We should easily be able to sell out this game. Remember they are family too!
  15. karma - it is time

    I say we throw a baby elephant from the upper deck.