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  1. And sometime I just want The Dave Clark 5
  2. I turned 61 this past summer. I don't know if I have enough years left to see another great Auburn team. We have five years tied to coach Malzan. When he is gone back to high school it will take one year to find a replacement another to start rebuilding and four more to have depth. Maybe I can learn to be happy to win any games at all, after all it' just a game. I feel bad for all the younger fans who didn't get to feel as though Auburn had a future under Dye or even Bowden. O well maybe next week won't be as bad as it could be and I,ll always be an Auburn fan.
  3. Is this where Tubby used to move a defencive lineman to offence?
  4. Remember Neil O'Donoghue? 6'6" place kicker in the 70's. If I remember right he could make a 60 yard field goal and was fast enough to make a lot of tackles on the kickoff.
  5. Sorry but i have hear him cry over his man crush.
  6. Forgive me my brothers. LSU Golden Girls can also move me.
  7. It appears to me that our first four choices always turn us down. That brings us down to Les Miles.
  8. Remember last year Franklin III wasn,t coming to Auburn to be a backup, and the year before JJ was going to win the Heisman. Lets be glad Stidham is coming and see where it falls into place.
  9. After watching an unrated Baniko Harley destroy a very good Opelika defence, would we also take a look at an unknown guy.Sorry if this in the wrong place. ..
  10. Why did the offence stop using all the motion and movement before the snap. Chris Todd could set passing records with a little motion in the backfield. when the outside or slot receiver was in motion behind the rb the defense had that one more thing to defend. Now we are set before the snap and the defense is ready for whatever formation we are in. I'm no football expert but we seem to have regressed to the point of Saban =Bear and Malzan = Barfield. I was at every home game for Barfields last season, it was not pretty. I still live in hope and will support our team no matter what.
  11. Stephen was one of the good guys in class. Never a problem, always polite, got descent grades. When Auburn signed him he was a good kid. After two years at Auburn I expect him to be a good young man. Obviously he still has some growing up to do.
  12. Sorry to break it to everyone but my wife is teacher at Opelika High School. She taught both Roberts and Mitchel. In her opinion Mitchel needed some direction and help. Stephen is a good kid, sorry a good young man that needs to mature.
  13. If we only counted every third year we would always be great.