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  1. Hell what more could you want. I got free golf balls, bags, shirts etc etc plus I could eat at Sewell Hall anytime I wanted. Shug took a liking to me cause I was a frat brother and good football recruiter host Love hearing these kinds of stories, seriously. Thanks for sharing. Athletics had already gotten too corporate even by my time at AU for that kind of stuff
  2. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. One of the reasons I didn’t go into a pediatric field was I am not strong enough to deal with ailing children and the family hurt that goes with it( too much of a wimp to handle innocents suffering). Infinitely harder when it is your own I know. Matthew 19:26; Psalm 121
  3. I wish he’d always coach with that chip on his shoulder
  4. In my lifetime (heck, anybody’s): Bo is the clear #1. My #2, because I thought they could take it to the house with any carry, would be a tie between Brooks and Fullwood; to me, their running styles were very similar. Irons would be #1 most underrated
  5. This is good scheming/coaching. All the more reason to be more versatile with play calling without changing personnel. Yet another reason (In addition to the predictability) not to pigeonhole players into certain roles/play calls
  6. Even in Death Valley, CA I have found the elixir of life (but haven’t tasted yet, lol) Add: Despite the excellent name, not my kind of beer. A fresh/wet hop IPA, high IBU that I just don’t care for.
  7. To me this is on point. My main problem with what we’ve got currently is not that we lose (although with our talent level I think we are doing that far too often) but HOW we lose- not competitive, looking unprepared, doing the same thing that isn’t working over and over, etc. And, we’ve been seeing that for going on five years now; any hope that there might be some adaptation/adjustment has been completely quashed. I appreciate some people’s optimism but I just don’t understand it. And, yes, I still cheer hard for Auburn and want Gus to be successful but reality is just too hard to ignore.
  8. I grew up in Lakeland, when it was still a medium-ish/small town. Are they still the Dreadnoughts (seems nobody would even know what that is anymore)?
  9. Man, when Gus has messed up your guac he has really crossed a line. We better fire that sumbitch soon or next thing you know Taco Tuesday will be shot as well.
  10. fredst


    I get it. Trash talk just never was my thing playing and always tried to just grit my teeth and get them back by whipping that a** on the field. All that grabbing face masks/ pushing/shoving just asking for trouble. Just my personal style. Video I saw looked like it was a two-way street to me. Remember a story about Terry Beasley getting trash talked by Bammers during the 1970 game. Towards the end of the game after a catch he just pointed at the scoreboard and laughed at them. That’s the kind of trash talk I like to see.
  11. This. I watched him in high school some and he had some wheels. I guess I’ll never understand exactly what happened with JJ because the physical tools were there.
  12. fredst


    I appreciate his fire but you have to be more disciplined than allowing yourself to be drawn into that kind of crap. Hard to do with emotions running high I understand. Seems like the thing a few stadiums/gassers might address, not sitting a whole game. Who knows what the real issue is, I’ll be damned if I understand our utilization of personnel- this just another example.
  13. Man, I love Auburn and so much wanted Gus to have turned that corner. We’re just destined to have flawed coaches I guess:Tubs and Dye always seemed to lose one that they shouldn’t, Gus just has a couple of “WTH” games every year, Chiz and Tot->enough said. It ain’t easy being an Auburn fan but at least it isn’t boring, lol (and, pedantry isn’t our problem either😜).
  14. This is the same blueprint we’ve seen since 2015, given that a team has equal or superior talent. It shouldn’t surprise or anger anybody at this point. I’m mainly angry with myself for falling for my “Gus has finally changed/turned a corner” mind trick that I’ve played on me for the past five years.
  15. Good gracious, poor #10. Damn I wish we’d land this guy. A big athletic thumper on the back dream come true