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  1. I have a stash still of the Antique from way back when Antique and 12 year Weller were actually findable and affordable. That “Full” is at a proof point that’s right up my alley
  2. @AUBwins my new best friend btw. All you other guys on here with all this bourbon and beer knowledge......y’all are out...that’s right @McLoofus, @ShocksMyBrain, @Tiger Refuge, I’m looking at y’all
  3. Would not attend and would discourage participation....mainly to set a public health example. SARS-CoV-2 is with us for the foreseeable future ( at least until an effective vaccine is present) but we should be doing what we can to obviate/mitigate its spread and consequences for now. Playing sports like this or gathering in large crowds is not part of that equation
  4. Damn. Didn’t watch it all but first 2.5 minutes every block ended up with his guy on his back. After the past 2-3 seasons, watching our center going in reverse half of the plays, I would love to see that kind of play
  5. I know evaluations and needs differ but just, damn.... you know you are recruiting at an elite level when 5* are just being put in the queue. Oh well, hopefully it works in our favor (despite the 66% chance of catastrophe, lol- love that line)
  6. What happened to Clemson ? I haven’t been keeping up I guess......
  7. @GwillMac6 already scoping out his place in the woods in case Green commits to AU. I hope that it is a serene place, maybe next to a stream and definitely free of poison oak/ivy. I’m pulling for you, bruh.....
  8. I guess we’ll see about the season. Two of my daughters are at schools with a big football presence. Both have gone to totally on-line classes (for the start of the academic year at least). I love football as much as anyone and understand the financial impact if there is no season. I have no idea how you can rationalize any kind of sports with athletes in close proximity, even with limited or no crowds, if we are saying the environment is so unsafe that classes can’t meet in person. Not arguing for or against (although I do have my personal bias) but not sure how you can have one but not the other. It seems completely contradictory to me. JMTC.....
  9. Y’all just keep having to bring up that damn game.....I’ve been around some great Auburn wins and some terrible Auburn losses but that game......that is where Gus lost me completely for life. I was pretty jaded before that with Gus but that game left me convinced of our being cemented in mediocrity as long as Gus was at the helm. That’s why the end of that year didn’t scar me, I was already too far gone
  10. I hate Bama as much as anybody but it’s an excellent law school that is highly respected. Tough to get in as well. I know you’re kidding (I think).....
  11. fredst


    Nathan, we continue to pray for you and your family here at my house. Your attitude is such an inspiration to me and so humbling. If Jeremiah 29:11 applies to anyone here I know that it is you. Keep fighting the good fight brother.
  12. I second this. Both Tillman and Weygand underrated because we just didn’t throw the ball enough for the them to get big numbers. I believe it was after an FSU game they quoted a DB about Weygand: “That is one fast white dude”, lol. Tillman gets the nod because he is part of the greatest call of Jim Fyffe’s illustrious career(AU-Ga Tech, 1987:”Tillman, Tillman,Tillman!!!!”)
  13. Unfortunately, this is not entirely correct. The antibody tests have not had the specificity for SARS-CoV2 necessary to imply immunity to the “COVID” virus from a positive antibody test. A conversation worth reading with Mike Saag, a well-known and respected ID doctor at UAB: