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  1. fredst

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    Agree, with the first sentence at least. Brohm does look like he’s pretty good, however.
  2. fredst

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    That didn’t take long in this thread, lol
  3. fredst

    Song title that sums up season

    F*** You- CeeLo Green
  4. fredst

    Gus is like

    Did you have to use that analogy? Now I can say that Gus has ruined both AU football and one of my favorite movies for me.....
  5. fredst

    Gus is like

    It's ok, Hugh. People have mentioned you as a potential hire. You can finish your post....
  6. Regarding this: if we’re going to think a little outside the box....let’s hire Aranda as HC and convince him to hire K Briles as OC. Not sure how they’d mesh but that sounds like good stuff on both sides of the ball to me. On a side note, the only threads I feel like posting in are the ones where we speculate about who’s coaching instead of Gus. My interest in AU football is at an all-time low with Gus at the helm😞
  7. fredst

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Tennessee)

    Nice. Redfish on a fly rod for me Saturday instead of that debacle. Hard to beat. Tight lines!
  8. fredst

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    He’s not at Hoover. Also don’t think he should be our OC though
  9. Sorry if I hurt your feelings James, lol
  10. All of this is true and Gus deserves most every bit of 💩dished his way for the dumpster fire he has created of our program with Chizikesque speed. But... what a tool Crepea is to point it out when he has no association with AU any longer. Somebody needs to pound that dude’s face in just out of general principle
  11. fredst

    Gus Just Doesn't Hate to Lose

    And this is why a lot of us on here argued how foolish it was to cave and give Gus the extension/raise last year instead of calling his bluff. Anybody that was paying attention could see Gus’ limitations as a head coach, it didn’t take great insight. What we heard and what led to the final decision was the mumbo-jumbo about stability and “what the market is”. Now we have the same mediocre coach but with a financial package that makes it exponentially harder to pull the trigger on making a change. But, if the predictions in the score-prediction thread come to pass....Gus’ seat is gonna be justifiably incinerator-hot through next year and I could see him being gone after 2019 if the trajectory continues. I will not lament him leaving if that’s the case.
  12. I think if we fans will just shut our pie holes Pickens and the other recruits will never figure out that we have problems on O or the coaching staff
  13. fredst

    Oklahoma Fires Defensive Coordinator

    That's the beauty. You type "It's only" then just add the month, no matter what time of the year. I forgot to add: "We had a good week of practice, the guys were really focused and got after it"
  14. fredst

    Oklahoma Fires Defensive Coordinator

    You forgot: It's only October