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  1. Had a pour of the EC 18 last pm. That is a very nice whiskey- nice vanilla, toffee kind of notes with a long smooth finish. Highly recommended....
  2. fredst

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Great movie. You know Charlize Theron is hot when she looks good with a shaved head and a prosthetic arm😛
  3. fredst

    Alabama-Mississippi All Star Game

    That's too bad with Dean. For some reason I thought that we had become a legitimate player with him.
  4. fredst

    Alabama-Mississippi All Star Game

    Was just about to ask what our status is with either Cox or Dean. Do we have a chance with either? I'm assuming we are still hoping for one or both?
  5. fredst

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    Maybe he's that edge rusher we need. Hope we land him.....
  6. Echoing @Grumps: I knew there was a new Loof but had missed this post. Congratulations! I can get frustrated with them but I adore my 3 girls. I have many blessings but them and my wife are truly more than I deserve. Love them hard, they grow too fast (sent my first to college this year and it was HARD)!
  7. Yes, Huntsville a little different than the stereotype of Alabama. Educated and reasonably affluent. Still a bunch of practical engineers so chain restaurants thrive and fine dining options remain limited. Sigh....
  8. The McKenna 10 is a damn fine affordable whiskey. I still think single barrel 4 Roses is pretty good. But you’re right, it’s creeping up to $50 in today’s market. On another note, this is a great “club”, the best club I’ve ever joined where I didn’t know the people’s names or what they looked like, lol.
  9. It was Wall Street Journal. I had just bought that bunch then opened the Saturday WSJ to a full page pic of a bottle of Pappy with a title something like “The Bourbon Revolution”. I told my wife that day- “I guess I won’t be getting Pappy anymore”. I had tasted the 15 for the first time about 3-4 years prior which was my “Eureka” moment for bourbon. And, you’re right, that Boss Hog is the bomb. And, a good anejo or superanejo is as good as a fine bourbon any day.
  10. We have some places brewing (I think) some pretty good stuff here in Huntsville. Pretty decent craft scene, but I think you’re much more of an aficionado than me
  11. Come by the house and I'll share a flight with you (hurry though, to much left, lol). I've enjoyed sharing it with people that might appreciate it. It's like wine though: you know you can get really good stuff if you pay a fortune for it but it's more fun to look for really good stuff that you don't have to mortgage your house for.
  12. Nah. You just look at that as the sun smiling on a dog’s a**. I knew about Pappy before everybody and their damn brother was looking for it but still had (obviously) a hard time finding it. Walked into a store and they had a bunch of 12 and 15 on the shelf, selling at I bought every bottle they had and never looked back, lol. Finally about to run out of that, didn’t resell but got to share with many friends. True story.....
  13. I had a Pappy connection for awhile that would sell it near standard MSRP but you had to agree to let him break the seal on it, ending that secondary market resell BS. What is the name of your store in Memphis? I’m in AL and the ABC restricts the liquor market enough that I just can’t get a lot of the stuff I want without traveling😔
  14. Good pointers. Where are you located? What if I come in and accidentally act like a dick, lol?