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  1. I love the burgers I cook on my BGE. I’d invite Powell Gordon over for one if it wouldn’t get us on probation.
  2. I want to know what burger Powell Gordon prefers.....
  3. Except he dropped some potential game-changing interceptions
  4. I had a pretty good Grenache the other day. I’ll try to track down the name, can’t recall at present. Seghesio makes a nice fruit-forward zin that I think is delicious and is very affordable, goes great with a grilled steak. Or, splurge and really treat yourself with an Merry Edwards wine- she makes great pinots but also some other varietals. Had a dinner with tastings of her wines that she actually attended when we were in Montana two summers ago; very interesting lady who has been making great wines for awhile now.
  5. I guess we’ll see how this one goes but... the kid looks quick, fast, uses his hands well, and makes a lot of plays (I know, it’s a highlight film, lol). Would be nice to see some hometown kids actually want to play at AU....
  6. I’ll give that a “love” because that’s one of my favorite gifs of all time
  7. That’s what made it interesting. Otherwise, it totally sucked
  8. Shivers seen pretty prominently in that video🤔....
  9. Interesting- this was my first game of many at JHS as well.
  10. If he’d only have known how to turn and find the ball....
  11. All of this. I feel guilty because I mentioned Chuma and JT in a post comparing them. What I meant was I thought that as freshmen they showed potential to be our best players but at times were excessively deferential to the guys around them. JT I think can be an offensive force and also has shown to be a good shot blocker but less the passer/strong defender/creator that Chuma was. As stated, much better than me, they are completely different players but with potential to be outstanding in their own way.
  12. Wait.... is this sarcasm from @ellitor? WTH? It is really cold outside (10 degrees F at my house right now); has hell actually frozen over?
  13. They did. I found some closed circuit footage from there....
  14. This is good for Gus, yet to be determined for UCF. What I’m most anxious to see is the impact on this board; will all of the Gus apologists willing to die on any Gus hill move to the UCF boards? I feel like it’s Christmas Eve when I was a kid. I’m so excited!!!! WWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! LFG!!!!!!!!!!
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