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  1. Love that one. The blue one not well shown is an Eastman semi-hollow, also a nice little guitar. Hell, who am I kidding? I love all of them lol
  2. Lol. Buddy sent me a pic from a store in GA that had it at the low low price of $300
  3. Nice. What are y'all charging for that in the store if I can ask? I miss the days when I bought Weller 12 for $35 but those days aint coming back
  4. Different sport but one of the great sports movies and sports coaches of all time so I’ll go: Norman Dale from “Hoosiers”. If this scene doesn’t give you a lump in your throat, man, I don’t know….
  5. Kirby’s days of doing this are coming to an end. He loved doing it to beta Gus especially but those kinds of stunts are about to be history.
  6. Two things: 1) brevity makes for a better title 2)you can come play disc golf at my house anytime, I would add: @cbo- “Most likely to present a reasoned argument without snark (despite the avi)
  7. This. I think people are forgetting a trip to Tampa last year that we were *very* fortunate to come out of with a win
  8. I think that SOTL is one of the greatest movies of all time; what Anthony Hopkins was able to accomplish with his limited screen time…..well, there’s a reason he won the Oscar for best actor that year. I think this is a great Halloween-ish movie (I know I’m late to the game); if you can do subtitles the Swedish version is better than the US, last 5-10 minutes make the movie IMO.
  9. Love Judkins. Wanted badly for us to sign him after watching his HS film and seemingly we never gave him the time of day. If he looks at our OL roster and film he won’t come to Auburn though
  10. Yeah as good as that glow in the dark brew is it can't quite compete with Ten Fidy. Not much can in a stout category. Cheers to you. Enjoy! Damn you both. Now I have to go find some Ten Fidy tomorrow. I trend to sours and IPAs in warmer weather and have totally lost track of beer time. I love stouts as the weather cools. I really miss Yeti since Great Divide stopped their distribution here
  11. Just a hunch. But I think I’m on to something…..
  12. I’m starting to think that Harsin may not work out long-term….
  13. In homage to one of my all time favorite movies, this is what I envision Harsin doing right to our football program now, sadly:
  14. fredst


    Man, I hate to involve myself in yet another Gus argument but….honestly the highly ranked classes were such a mirage. Highly ranked mostly because of skill players, weak in the trenches. The poor development and utilization, especially of some highly ranked WRs, is the prime example. And, many of those highly ranked players were “athletes” that never really found a position. Ricardo Louis I think could have been a really good safety but ended up a mediocre WR- just one example I can think of off of the top of my head
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