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  1. One last more recent song for the same vibe (then I’ll stop before we all need a therapist):
  2. The highfalutin word I use to describe that song is “elegiac”. Can’t help but be a little wistful when I hear the song, just because of the memories it invokes
  3. Bruce Hornsby is some of that “bad” 80s music that plays from my iPod that they roll their eyes at, lol. Bruce is a very talented dude that has usually been behind the scenes but that was a great album. Really liked “Every Little Kiss” and “The River Runs Low” on that album
  4. I love good music but isn’t this what a lot of music is about? Half of what are in my playlists are tunes to take me back to great times, help me reminisce about that girl I was certain I couldn’t live without, or other such things. Much of what plays on my music player at work I know folks are rolling their eyes about (“bad” 80s music) but it is the memories associated as much as the music that I like. And, what the hell….I’m in charge so they don’t have a choice, lol. Example: I still think this is an incredible song and was a great video but the younger folks….not sure they agree (can only
  5. Good song and, by golly, that is one glorious mullet
  6. I think that it’s helpful for us all to rehash this but, man, it’s hard typing while curled up in the fetal position
  7. Dude ought to have some special area of recognition for his service…
  8. He coached at Carver in Columbus for quite awhile
  9. There were plenty of baffling and nauseating ones. That 2017 LSU though…absolutely destroying them then just quit playing. 17 straight first down inside zone runs🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. I was in Durham visiting Duke with my oldest daughter that weekend. I watched that horror unfold sitting in a hotel room trying not to get into the bourbon in front of her. Can’t remember a game that left me feeling more sick at the end, honestly
  11. That 2014 record is almost criminal….
  12. Mind boggling how big of a recruiting black hole Columbus is for us…
  13. Crushed when I was not able to go to Rage Against The Machine at Sloss. Talk about perfect venue for a band….
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