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  1. fredst

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    Relax, we're in good hands. All positions are well stocked with depth and talent , except maybe LB. I don't know why y'all keep pointing at the numbers at OL. We're fine there....
  2. fredst

    2020 Recruiting Thread

    He and Monty Antkinson and Charles Moore should start a club
  3. fredst

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    I was discussing Ross since he had been mentioned.
  4. fredst

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    Ross made at least 2 spectacular catches in the national championship game and was huge in the national semi-final game as well. He knew exactly what he was doing going to Clemson. His momma’s input may have been part of it but nobody can argue that he didn’t make a clear-eyed decision about what was best for him football-wise. And, he chose wisely.
  5. There aren’t any. After all of the reassurance we’ve received about Gus’ roster management, JB’s recruiting and coaching ability, our offensive scheme/play calling, etc. I am totally relaxed about next year and thereafter. We’re in great hands, man! Just sit back and wait for the championships to roll in brother! WDE!
  6. Looks like it’s going to be a long month
  7. Agree. He loves the hell out of some Campbell’s soup too....
  8. Does anybody know what Robert Duvall and Campbell’s soup have to do with football recruiting? Asking for a friend.....
  9. I have to admit I didn’t like that movie much😔
  10. Damn, I almost forgot that one. Love all of Pat Conroy’s stuff. “Tender Mercies” one of Duvall’s best roles....
  11. No doubt one of the greatest actors of my lifetime. "Godfather, Part 1" greatest movie of all time
  12. But worthwhile for such a great movie. Watched Robert Duvall on an outdoors shows once- he's a strange dude.....
  13. Great, seems like an excellent get! What the heck is his real first name?