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  1. As painful as this one is (and others have been), if we are honest with ourselves we should totally understand why the young man would make this decision. We’ll see how it works out, but just like Ross to Clemson....kid probably made a wise decision if Saban really thinks this highly of him.
  2. Another example of the greatness that can come from AU athletics with the right person leading the program. Love that we went and got our guy when we had the chance. Butch has proven to be a great hire and gives me confidence about our baseball program for as long as we can keep him at the helm. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  3. This is the video clip that best exemplifies Frost’s physicality at LB, IMO:
  4. Looks like a great pick up. We’re gonna have a helluva 7-on-7 team by the time this class is done, lol!
  5. The debt we owe to all of our servicemen (yes, including women) cannot be expressed adequately with just words. But those of the “Greatest Generation” that served in WWII are extra special. What the men endured at Omaha Beach, Bastogne, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and all those other horrific places is unfathomable; I truly believe they saved civilization for generations with their heroism. And, when I think of the maturity and bravery they showed at such young ages.....I am ashamed to think of all the knucklehead behavior I engaged in at those same ages. Stephen Ambrose “D-Day” or Cornelius Ryan “The Longest Day” should be required reading for our high school/college students so that some appreciation can be instilled for the patriotism and heroism that has allowed us to enjoy the freedoms of this great country, despite all of its flaws. So proud to have our football stadium named after one of these true heroes, instead of just a gridiron “warrior”. War Damn Shug, forever.
  6. I actually love Carolina blue. But, I am in touch with my feminine side.....
  7. You finished like a year faster than I did, Mr. SpeedReader
  8. Was at that game. Great night to be in JHS. Chanted at Emmitt as he left the field😀
  9. That’s one of my favorite movies of all time....
  10. I was in Legion Field as a student that day. Student section was rocking most of that game. Damn, I loved me some Fullwood and Tillman back in the day.....