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  1. Damn, I hope Joey, Bo, and the team are taking this announcement better than is the football forum. I was hoping JG would be the guy just those physical skills. I’m thrilled that Bo is the guy because he must be really good to beat out JG. I didn’t care what race, creed, or color the winner of the QB competition was because, well, I’m an Old English Sheepdog. WDE!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! LET’S GO!!!!
  2. I would say this is only the rare, really elite athlete that meets that description. Ideally that would be the case but it ain’t many, even at the pro level
  3. This, IMO. Situational substitution that telegraphs our play calls has been part of the problem with Gus, especially in the RZ. Pick your guy and give him the whole play book (whichever position it is).
  4. Man, you're milking this for all its worth. I'd leave it alone if it was low hanging, but, to each his own.
  5. If they’re numb does it even matter if they get shot🤔? Asking for a friend....
  6. We will be renovating JH, scheduling Oklahoma/Notre Dame/Michigan for home and home next year, and firing Gus’ sorry a** as soon as this season is over. Probably going to have orange face masks next season too but that’s not 100%.......
  7. What was the first thing? Remember, this is a family forum.....
  8. Yikes. I made the mistake of serving Laphroaig 18 to a single malt novice......thought he was going to spit it out. It is definitely an acquired taste but is the quintessential Islay
  9. I can’t drink that smoke all of the time but....sitting by my outdoor fireplace when it’s about 45 with a pour of the Uigedail is hard to beat
  10. I haven't had any Rauchbier but I love me some Ardbeg/Lagavulin/Laphraoig, especially when the weather turns cold (Ardbeg Uigeadail=yum) so will have to try.
  11. Agree. I like a regular Belgian Wit but that lemongrass note is really nice in the White Thai.
  12. Haven’t had the others but I really like that White Thai as a summer beer. Interested to hear what you think.
  13. @ellitor, you're bringing your good news "A" game the last 24 hours! Thanks for all of the updates!