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  1. One year he had a top three class and got like 25/28 recruits from FL (don't remember the exact numbers). The advantage for a good recruiter at UF is unreal.....
  2. Maybe Porter as one of the recruiters 🤔....
  3. He didn't even have an unregistered weapon with him. Why are we hearing about this?
  4. Might have been injuries but DDs (relative) lack of speed looked more problematic late in the year. He and Neal were both a half step late on a bunch of plays.
  5. Second this. I have spent some loooooonnnnngggg days watching my girls compete there but it's a great facility. Have seen some impressive athletes there as well, Iggy included.
  6. Saw him jump last weekend at Crossplex. Dude can fly and is explosive. Now, if he can catch🤔.......
  7. It was sarcasm I'm pretty sure
  8. My opinion on the lockdown: KS is a very good recruiter having learned from the best, tricks and all. Ultimately though you have to back it up on the field and I'm not convinced he's a good enough coach to do that. I'm hoping we can weather the storm for the next couple of years and KS will prove to be the mediocre HC that I think he is.
  9. DT, safety, CB, WR would be my top four positions of need, in order
  10. I think it's a bunch of quality players that obviously wanted to be at Auburn. If we can keep signing classes with this caliber, high-character guys AND coach them up/put them in a position to succeed on game day Auburn will be fine.
  11. Is he set to qualify (hopefully)?
  12. And, sometimes even that doesn't apply
  13. Bet the Maryland folks are sitting in stunned silence....