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  1. fredst

    2019 3* OT Justin Osborne (TCU)

    Well, my daughter decided to attend TCU next year so she’s excited about this guy.
  2. And that hair... Like damn Samson or something! War Damn Gordon!
  3. fredst

    The Texas Talent Debate

    Get them all set up with some good looking Lucchese boots before they go out there. That’s got to help our cause...
  4. fredst

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering

    Where is that “Hell No” gif I had in my back pocket 🤔....?
  5. But, did he like PBR🤔....?
  6. I got your joke Loof. Reminded me of a lesser known but perhaps equally apropos saying from Confucius: “He who most often posts like a grumpy a—h— may actually just be a grumpy a—h—“. Confucius was one wise dude....
  7. fredst

    U.S. Open Golf

    Agreed. I thought it could have been ruled either way though.
  8. fredst

    U.S. Open Golf

    I think they could have DQ’ed him by ruling that he “stopped” a moving ball rather than “played” a moving ball (which I think is what he did and I believe is DQ’able). Regardless, the course was silly in the afternoon and the USGA could have/should have prevented it, particularly given the disaster that happened at Shinnecock the last time the US Open was there. I love Mickelson but think he is better than what he showed today (even though I understand and don’t entirely disagree with what he did). JMO...
  9. fredst

    U.S. Open Golf

    Agree. I think Mickelson should withdraw from the tournament (borderline ruling that could have easily been a DQ) after his stunt but use his press conference to blast the USGA for the course setup. The did the same thing at Shinnecock last time the US Open was there: made a historic, beautiful golf course borderline unplayable and, frankly, the tournament not very fun to watch.
  10. If this is true I might give Fitzgerald or Faulkner a run for their money as a great American wordsmith. P.S. Thanks for the link @bigbird- the phrase “—- dumpster” just made it into my repertoire after reading it 😄.
  11. But gifs have some entertainment value I think. I will, however, concede that your command of the written word is nonpareil here at aufamily and, truth be told, almost Shakespearean. I also have no idea what any of this has to do with Auburn football/recruiting so I’ll stop there, lol. P.S. I think you meant to write “use *of* gifs”, lol.
  12. fredst

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Mikey’s gonna be pissed that you did that but it does look like Suddes. Well played...
  13. fredst

    IMG discussion thread

    If not for Jimmy, I would always think of Gene Hackman as the kinda bad Little Bill from “Unforgiven” instead of the good Norman Dale from “Hoosiers”. I’m really thankful for Jimmy.... P.S. Plus, “Hoosiers” is one of my favorite movies of all time. Anybody that doesn’t get a lump in their throat when Coach Dale says “I love you guys”....well, maybe time to go look for a soul...
  14. If you would have used a gif this rebuttal would have had more impact. JMO....
  15. fredst

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I wonder if Mikey is going to be busting Suddes’ balls about using gifs🤔....