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  1. Yep, pretty cool to have my own personal amphitheater so I can invite a few thousand of my good friends Lol- Huntsville AL. Opening weekend for the venue. Called The Orion. Have tickets to see Chris Stapleton there in July
  2. Jason last night at our new amphitheater. Tight band, always a good show; also a cool new venue
  3. Not much activity in the ol’ club recently and I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time on the board lately. Thought I’d share this one. Had seen but never tried but bought a bottle when I saw it on the shelf recently while buying a gift bottle for a friend. Always thought that the “105” was the proof point but in fact the whisky is 120 proof (cask strength, kind of like the bottle says lol). This is a *really* good whiskey, very full-bodied but doesn’t taste hot despite the high proof. Very highly recommend:
  4. Man, I loved The Cure back in the day. Listening to them is like a soundtrack of my time at Auburn. This one in particular brings back so many good memories and such a catchy melody and rhythm
  5. Can never go wrong with Westbrook IMO. I knew I would like it when wife-st made a face after tasting (she’s not a beer girl btw)
  6. The EC barrel proofs are almost all solid, some really good. Have had a hard time finding around here over the last year but I would definitely buy each version every year if I could find. Shame about the Blanton’s. I had a friend lose the majority of an “orphan barrel” several years back to the same situation- felt bad for him but I was glad to learn the lesson from his mistake.
  7. *Really* need @Tiger Refugeto weigh in on this…..
  9. I’m not sure that the NCAA has been more dysfunctional or corrupt under Emmett that it was long before he became president. Under his watch it just more directly (and openly) benefited our main rival. Still, not sad to see him gone. The NCAA, particularly with regard to football and mens basketball, is on the fast track to irrelevance IMO
  10. I love sitting and listening to what I refer to as “cocktail music”. I think I was born in the wrong era because I still wish that I could go to a club, drink a martini, and listen to just about anything from this genre. Anything that Ella Fitzgerald is singing out of Cole Porter’s songbook (what a great pairing of singing and songwriting talent!) is great. This, however, might be my personal favorite of that type music:
  11. No apology necessary to me. My philosophy: you can never have too much good whiskey or too much Led Zeppelin
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