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  1. Yep. Looks to me like we could use another 7-8 T-Wills as recruiters. That is proving to be a stellar hire.
  2. Maybe we like other people better at this point. I hope our staff realizes they can't relax recruiting against Coach O though- dude is a recruiting machine (I'm sure they do).
  3. Well, The Trashmen told me once but I forgot. I think everybody knows though.
  4. Yeah, but what's the word?
  5. Man, that's fun to watch😄We damn sure had some DBs that made plays on the ball in '93/'94. Where do the years go? Almost 25 of 'em now ....
  6. Sounds like a cool boss😃I listened to the game on a portable radio sitting in a dingy call room at a VA hospital; I'm sure the vets were freaked out by the guy screaming down the hall from them,lol
  7. Unfortunately did not get to see Tucker play as he pre-dated me (but I did name one of my dogs after him). Saw all the others mentioned play and if any were better than Fullwood I don't know who it was; loved Brooks too. Add: Fredrickson also got a shout out in a great movie, "Brian's Song".
  8. Fact checked. JJ did not win but was a finalist for Mr. Basketball ( on a team that made it to final 4) and was Mr. Football. He was plenty athletic such that he could have played another position (and , at 6'5" and ~235lbs had enough size). Whether he had the physicality, mindset, or desire are other issues.
  9. Wasn't JJ Mr. Basketball for AL his senior year. He's pretty athletic (maybe not JG athletic).
  10. I wish I could get back the five minutes of my life I just spent catching up on this thread, lol
  11. Or, if he perceives that he's better than he is. If it's just one guy on the depth chart ahead of someone maybe you can call it favoritism. But 3-4 guys...? Since very few on the board are attending practices, I guess we'll never know for sure. WB certainly seems to have the physical tools but a lot of guys do that never see the field, especially at a position where one guy gets almost all of the PT.
  12. I'm just glad to have an explanation for that glow on my southern horizon this morning🤔...
  13. Desperately need to reverse our recent mojo. Good start 🙏🏼....
  14. Agreed. Anything with bogart is pretty good. "Casablanca" and "Maltese Falcon" his best though. Ahhh....Ingrid Bergman- now that was one beautiful woman 🤗 But, I digress....
  15. I say just go ahead and take Pierce and Teague and call it good at RB.