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  1. Agree, to some extent. Was mainly referring to recent QBs (specifically thinking of FInley) who “couldn’t start” at their first schools but went on to be elite/first round drafts at their transfer schools. Nick and Cam not entirely in that mold as they left the schools where they signed for “issues” and came through JUCO.
  2. This. “Unrecruited” doesn’t mean nobody talked to or recruited the kid. If that was the definition then the only place a school would find a “blue shirt” would be stumbling around in the wilds of sub-Saharan Africa looking for potential players (or maybe looking at Australian rules football videos).
  3. Man, I am so jealous. Have yet to see Sturgill live....
  4. Agree with this generally but you never know. Joe Burrow and Justin Fields both were transfers
  5. Very disappointed in the Harsin hire for AU. Not even a B- as judged by Fox dude in the other thread. If he was any good he would have Mikey on staff telling him how to recruit LB and for roster management
  6. I said this very thing to my brothers. Stature and arm strength, hopefully not “purple drank”
  7. I always liked this one: Raylan Givens Justified
  8. Tru dat. Hard to recognize sometimes in text or on a message board (and I think I’m pretty good being a hardcore smarta** myself)
  9. Ok. I mistook “sarcasm” for “a**hole”, lol
  10. Lol at people complaining about folks posting stuff for them but not doing it in the thread they wanted
  11. I think Bo has shown a lot of ability at times and has made me reminisce about another Bo.... Unfortunately, that Bo would be Bo Wallace of Ole Miss and not Bo Jackson. Nix has shown tons of talent and grit at times but has also shown the ability to make the same knucklehead mistakes repeatedly. I’m hoping that with good coaching and accountability he can reach his considerable potential. Another talented quarterback to push him in that direction wouldn’t be a bad thing IMO
  12. Did you know Stidham was from Texas? My tongue was planted firmly in cheek...
  13. I don’t know what the interest is on either side here but the little I saw him last year he looked like he had serious potential, just a true freshman making those kind of mistakes. Looked like he had a rocket when I saw him throw. Would not be sad to see him at AU...
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