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  1. We’ve been no worse than #19 in the country in scoring defense the last four years. The defense hasn’t been the problem in just about any loss we’ve had. Offensive ineptitude has been the culprit despite this seeming perception that our DBs are mediocre
  2. I have to be careful here because I think my middle daughter will be attending Ole Miss next year. Having said that..... WWWWWOOOOOO!!!!!!!!YOU DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!OLE MISS WOMEN ARE FINE!!!!!WWWWWOOOOOO!!!!!!!LET’S GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! PARTY IN THE GROVE AND STARE AT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ALL DAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! FOOD AND DRINKS ON @GwillMac6!!!!!!!!
  3. Multiple SEC schools sporting a strong coed game. Very few that aren’t honestly. Not sure about Mr. Jackson’s thoughts on this subject🤔
  4. Haven’t read the whole thread so excuse me if it’s redundant (I’m certain it won’t add much value, lol) but.....hiring CM (or anybody for that matter) and letting him actually work as a functioning offensive coordinator would show serious maturity and evolution as a HC by Gus. I keep hoping but my optimism level is extraordinarily low.....
  5. Am I the only one here that finds this one of the most disturbing things ever posted on this board?
  6. Nashville is a very cool town. Weather this time of year can be pretty sketchy the only down side
  7. I remember watching video of that dude during the recruiting process. He is freakin' massive. Didn't realize that he had ended up at Minnesota
  8. Particularly for that position. THE guy almost always gets 90% of the snaps so....
  9. Oh, I know. I liked Britt’s. All this hype for guys that haven’t payed a down of D1 football just seems ridiculous sometimes. Oh well, let them have their moment in the sun.
  10. Are we going to sign George’s cameraman too, lol? Geez, all this silliness for commitment announcements. Hope we sign him though.
  11. Both ESPN predictions have us going Outback vs Minnesota. Not too bad except the deadly (for Auburn) early kick off
  12. THANK YOU. Mitchell was a tough on-ball defender and had a good all-around game. Wish he would have stuck it out and waited on his time at AU but he’s starting for a top 15 team now so I guess it worked out for him.
  13. I really want our guys to reach their potential and be successful. I have to admit though..... I kinda wish Davion Mitchell was still here.
  14. Yeah, as I’ve said here before, I’m conflicted about this. I would love for Auburn to play in a higher tier bowl and get that exposure....but at the price of UGA getting the exposure for making it to the playoffs? Plus, I’ve gotten to where I just hate Smart and UGA. In the end, I guess I’d rather see UGA get shelled on national tv by LSU and accept a slightly lesser bowl assignment; hopefully we win that handily and have a great recruiting/offseason.