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  1. Good stuff. Chevy 6 always played that second set when I was in school.....
  2. This was a cool thing when an up-and coming FSU in the late 70s/early 80s was taking turf from the stadiums where they beat ranked big-time teams. This....not so much. I guess if they can't copy us they have to find somebody😒
  3. This is disappointing and encouraging all at the same time. Hate that it (might) have cost us a solid prospect that seemed like a good kid.
  4. And it started with Tiger Walk. Atmosphere in town that day was unreal. The fog over the stadium from 75,000+ paper shakers. Anybody that was there knew there was no way Bammer was going to win that game or will ever forget that day.
  5. I could see Franklin returning kickoffs with his straight line speed but, honestly, have a hard time envisioning him getting PT anywhere else. And, given his frame, I'm not sure how long he'd survive returning KOs, lol.
  6. I was only 8 years old when I watched that play and even I recognized that we got screwed.
  7. "Violent" is the word that comes to mind when I watch that film. Good gracious!
  8. One year he had a top three class and got like 25/28 recruits from FL (don't remember the exact numbers). The advantage for a good recruiter at UF is unreal.....
  9. Maybe Porter as one of the recruiters 🤔....
  10. He didn't even have an unregistered weapon with him. Why are we hearing about this?
  11. Might have been injuries but DDs (relative) lack of speed looked more problematic late in the year. He and Neal were both a half step late on a bunch of plays.
  12. Second this. I have spent some loooooonnnnngggg days watching my girls compete there but it's a great facility. Have seen some impressive athletes there as well, Iggy included.
  13. Saw him jump last weekend at Crossplex. Dude can fly and is explosive. Now, if he can catch🤔.......
  14. It was sarcasm I'm pretty sure