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  1. Where’s the juicy tidbit about how y’all are doing 🤷🏻‍♂️?
  2. Now up to 26. Disappointing that we don’t have a red header that reads “Unpopular Post”
  3. I think that your definition of “successful” is appropriate and realistic for Auburn. One of the most frustrating things to me with the last regime was losing winnable games and often not even appearing competitive or well-prepared in those games. Anybody expecting a run like Bama has had or like it appears UGA may be starting *is* being unrealistic but what you lay out is really where we should be. Just give me some hope man…..
  4. Exactly. Haven’t gotten far enough into the book to know all of the details but they went from relatively unknown to biggest selling band in the world to broken up in a fairly short time period- I think mostly due to John’s control “issues”. He really screwed them up financially by insisting on being the contract negotiator with record companies
  5. Love CCR. Reading a recently released book called “A Song For Everyone” about the band. Fascinating and sad story about a great band. John Fogerty an unbelievably talented guy but just couldn’t *not* be a dictator, even as the younger brother….
  6. @augolf1716 was there cheering for Cumberland. Maybe he can comment….
  7. Harsin may be Ash from “Alien” resurrected
  8. Oh, I totally get it. I’ve read a bunch of that stuff. Bundy especially fascinates me
  9. What is it about those really extreme serial killers that makes you want to learn about them? Like what makes Hannibal Lecter a favorite movie character I guess 🤔
  10. Says the dude watching the Dahmer series😬
  11. Man, you don’t want to know. All of those guys are a**holes. @augolf1716and @bigbird= the worst
  12. He looks good. Agree with @bigbird, those three can make some noise
  13. It never ends lol. Just don’t want it to escalate
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