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  1. I think Ferentz is a good coach. Direct correlation between goober-like appearance and quality as a coach 🤔....?
  2. And his head permanently up his ass crack
  3. Oh well, fail on my part. Not sure why my pic of Kenny Easley looks like it didn't load😔
  4. Maybe one like this guy🤔:
  5. 200 pages is the new 100 pages. 200 or bust!
  6. Serious discussion without some derailments involving goobers, dogs, JJ bashing, etc.? No chance.
  7. I plan for the coaches to realize that, lol.
  8. What a clusterf--- this has been, at least perception-wise. This will end in another Loeffler-like hire.
  9. But easy to determine which one had reason to have a big ego......
  10. Uh, actually I am George Clooney.
  11. Now just figure out a way to incorporate lines from the bowling Jesus into a post and you'll be considered an all-timer. Okay, derailment over.
  12. Props to anybody that can incorporate "The Big Lebowski" into their posts
  13. I can't wait to see our secondary play lights out this year to make us all look like fools for busting on the way Brown looks in the pics. That video clip I saw on him from Mizzou sold me on him being a guy that can coach kids up and that they will play hard for. Hope that's the case. Whatever he does, you can't say the guy hasn't hit the ground running at AU!
  14. Oh hell, goober alert....