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  1. The Victory Song Thread!

    😳What? Great movie! My wife accuses of being Jeremiah because the whole movie has so little dialogue (I’m a bit of am introvert, lol)
  2. 2018 3* WR Anthony Schwartz

    Love this kids speed and would be thrilled if he ended up AU. Having said that, if AU had to and was able to choose I would take Ross or Williams preferentially to get that big physical receiver (that sadly we might not use like McClain, lol).
  3. So who wants to keep him now?

    Definitely not THE reason but his series of foolish decisions about coaches’ contracts I suspect was a factor that was considered. You’re right, recent developments in multiple sports were far more important though I think.
  4. So who wants to keep him now?

    *Consistent*excellence merits rewards. One year of excellence (maybe) after three of mediocrity? He is more than handsomely rewarded for that already. Automatically raising and extending contracts after one year of success is how we end up paying huge buyouts to people that prove to be average (or less) coaches that we choose to fire. If we are going to give him a raise automatically for great results, why even have the incentives? It’s a foolish employer that makes those kind of decisions. They often get fired themselves- ask Jay Jacobs.
  5. So who wants to keep him now?

    Doesn’t he have built in, substantial financial incentives for those admittedly incredible achievements? You think he should automatically get a raise and an extension on top of that? If I remember correctly those would give him >$1 million in addition to his almost $5 million base. So, no, I wouldn’t extend and raise him just for doing those things- that’s what those incentives are for. ?Mikey= Jimmy Sexton, lol 😂
  6. Dansby had a similar profile coming out of high school, don’t know if he had that speed though (he was a WR as a recruit). That worked out pretty well 😀
  7. We need one or more of these safety commits to sign and come in early so they can go through spring ball. They will play a good bit next year if they do I suspect. Hope QM is one of those guys.
  8. 2018 3* WR Anthony Schwartz

    Shivers is "that guy" but I wouldn't mind another one that runs a 10ish 100m, lol.
  9. So who wants to keep him now?

    I’m a fence straddler as well. Encouraged by the coaching I’ve seen since but the LSU coaching debacle is hard for me to forget. I’m in “constant reassessment” mode, lol.
  10. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    Ok, I was referring to guys that had multiple solid years. Agree that Dee’s 2013 was special 👊🏼
  11. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    Quentin leading the band in Reverse Rammer Jammer after the 2007 game makes him one of my all-time faves whether he was a great player or not, lol
  12. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    I used Rocker as an example of the true standout amongst the crowd- I know that he was a DT and we are talking about DE. If you're talking about one season I agree that you can argue that Ford had the best single season of any DE. Over the course of an entire career I think there are several that are all about equal. We don't have a Derrick Thomas in our history. Heck, at times Stanley McClover was as good as anyone we've had and for one season nobody was as good as Aundray Bruce. I think Dee was a fabulous player and great representative for Auburn.
  13. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    No one stands head and shoulders above like Rocker at DT (he was great from true freshman throughout his career). I think Quentin Groves, Antonio Coleman, and Reggie Torbor were all as good at AU as Ford, Gerald Robinson maybe the best. Love Dee though, the way he represented AU and made himself a great player after being very lightly recruited.
  14. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    Agree to disagree then. Dee was good but not the best I’ve seen at AU. Just my opinion, always fun to have these debates