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  1. Next thing you know Auburn is going to do something really asinine like hire an ex-Vandy coach to be one of our coordinators. Like, WTH? If somebody suggests something moronic like “Auburn could possibly lose to Northwestern or UCF in football” they might as well be banned from this board. I mean we’re Auburn for goodness sake- we’d never hire a coach pitiful enough to let something like that happen…
  2. Just like it is possible to be really good at your job and a really 💩y human being. I have no personal knowledge of this but have heard that can happen😏
  3. Well, the internet in general and sports message boards in particular are known for their unerring accuracy. I don’t know why you guys are complaining for getting called out….
  4. Wait. A. Minute. Need a mod to mark this day down. Unlikely to happen again.
  5. Fulfilling needs is high on my list. The unbalanced classes and poor roster management are hopefully things of the past
  6. The in-season silliness is less entertaining and often more angry but at least we have football actually going on
  7. Understatement. The recent string of WRs they can point to is just sick
  8. If we are talking about HS players it seems like their *college* potential would be the way to rate them since very few period are going to make it to the NFL. A lot of really good, highly productive college players never move on to the next level, especially kickers. But, ultimately as long as everyone understands why players get rated the way they do what does it matter? Another reason to not obsess over player rankings so much IMO
  9. That was mainly Golloway. Once Butch got hired he strongly considered AU but was already committed to MSU. AU facilities in comparison a big factor when going against MSU for a kid.
  10. Good to see. Maybe got hyperfocused on a business-like approach after the loosey-goosey stuff they witnessed at the bowl and overdid it. Glad to see the positive vibes from BCW and recent commits
  11. Love that movie. That take is perfect
  12. Second this. My youngest is about to start her senior year in high school and my oldest is about to start her senior year in college (middle about to be a sophomore). They were babies just yesterday…what the hell happened?
  13. I enjoy the banter (and y’all’s indulgence) talking about those things. Parenthood the greatest thing that ever happened to me but it is difficult to come up for air when they are really young. My wife has been so supportive through the years allowing me to do those things (I also kept the kids solo myself for a few two week mission trips she took so I feel like I have helped as well). Here’s a pic of one of the fish if the video won’t play (forgive the ugly one, the fish at least is beautiful 😀). Damn, I love catching tarpon on a fly rod…
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