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  1. The “A” and “B” are both very good although B significantly lower proof. I haven’t been able to put my hands on the “C” release. As stated, all things EC are pretty good
  2. I think he’s saying that the NCAA “issues” are the only reason our roster has the holes that it does, ie not recruiting much for ~ 2 years
  3. I want you to perfect social distancing brother. War Eagle!
  4. You are right. There is no way to make a comparison. Based on the current epidemiology it appears to be more transmissible with greater virulence. The flu always worries me (the bad years, I’ve seen a lot of really sick people even with a vaccine that likely confers at least partial immunity) but this concerns me a good bit more because of the factors I mentioned. I hope that I’m wrong, that all this uproar is all for naught, that the global and US economies recover quickly, and that you and all here remain healthy and happy. War Eagle for social distancing!
  5. Show of hands, how many healthcare professionals in this here thread? ✋🏼 The problem is nobody truly knows what this means. We don’t know the mortality/significant morbidity of this illness because we don’t know who has it and who does not. It is a novel virus for which, presumably, none of the human population has immunity. Until/unless we randomly test everyone we will not know the “n” (denominator) to understand what the real severity of it is. But, bottom line: a virus for which no one has immunity that is readily transmissible that has even a 1% mortality and results in severe illness in 10-20% of those affected.....that is a situation that is very scary if you work in healthcare. If you are young, healthy and can socially distance for awhile maybe it sounds like a bunch of BS. I personally am going to be very concerned for the foreseeable future.
  7. It would be JABA on steroids to somehow miss out on recruits because of a pandemic, lol
  8. Getting a little philosophical here but can’t help but post this from C.S.Lewis (mainly because I love about everything he ever wrote). We’re currently freaking out about an infectious disease but....
  9. She’s also beautiful, a great mom, a great cook, and an overall wonderful person. I have no idea why God blessed me with her, lol
  10. Oh, it’s here. My wife is an ER doc and saw what was surely a case a couple of days ago but after a strange series of phone calls was assured by the ADPH that the tests were negative (lol). I am hoping that we get through it quickly and that the people affected medically and (maybe even more importantly) economically around the world recover quickly.
  11. Ok. I work in the healthcare industry and encounter and care for patients at a very busy hospital every day. I really appreciate your deep, nuanced thinking on the subject and the depth of your knowledge of virology, epidemiology, and statistics. Alabama still magically has zero cases thus far. You think that’s real and that we really have a handle on who has the disease and who doesn’t? Keep fighting the good fight,brother.
  12. Not suggesting we shouldn’t err on the side of safety. “Current knowledge” is limited so, no, it isn’t clear cut. If you don’t know how many people actually have the disease you can’t quote a mortality percentage. I also have no problem with the event cancellations, etc. for precisely that reason.
  13. That isn’t so clear cut. Without testing nobody knows what the “n”/denominator is to truly assess what the percentage of cases resulting in significant morbidity/mortality truly is. Lot of unknowns still.....
  14. CDC claiming PBR confers immunity so he’s golden