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  1. “Only hope now is Auburn baseball gets the shaft so basketball has a good set of refs” @auburntiger1987 needs to step up to the plate, lol Add: see that @auburntiger1987 is owning it. Props, lol
  2. I agree with this 💯. I usually give the refs plenty of latitude because their job is so hard....but I made that call from my couch
  3. Dude, I called the double dribble from my couch. Missing that then the soft call on the three.......tough to swallow, particularly after I thought we had won and had acted out in front of my wife and kids, lol
  4. Whoever said the crappy calls in baseball last night might help us tonight needs to be shot. Calling @GwillMac6......
  5. Ha! Jokes on you! Actually that’s what’s very interesting about the book; many CEOs and prominent people that you’d never guess were introverts that are. Introverts just recharge their batteries differently(time alone in some fashion, doesn’t mean they don’t like people). Of course, what any of this has to do withJoey G I have no idea 🤷🏻‍♂️. I bet he’d tell us but maybe he’s too introverted.
  6. I’m a lot more interesting on a message board than in person, lol. As for the question about chance
  7. There is a great book called "Quiet" that nicely explains us introverts- what makes them tick, why they aren't "anti-social", etc. I gave it to my extroverted Dad so that he might understand me after all of these years....he never read it, lol (probably too busy talking to people).
  8. Look at the big brain on @AUDevil, lol
  9. I should have added this because I totally agree. I think we could really be well-positioned for sustained success in both b-balls. There was a great article on ESPN (surprise, right) recently about Gene Banks going to Duke in mid/late 70s as their first McDonalds All-American. Follow that with Coach K taking over and that’s how Duke became the Duke that everybody knows today. So, like I said: right guy at right time and you never know what can happen.
  10. Me too, Golf (although I think I’m a little younger than you, lol). Always knew that somehow we’d win it in football..... but basketball? Just goes to show what the right guy at the right time can do for a program.
  11. BP is the prime example of what the right guy at the right time can do. One guy has completely changed the culture of AU basketball and I believe has the chops to have sustained success. He absolutely needs to be paid top dollar for doing what almost shouldn’t have been possible. Add to his on court success the way he reps the university in such a positive the man what he deserves.
  12. Just looked at his video in the 2020 thread. Looks very smooth, strong arm, moves well in the pocket. Not sure his level of competition but looks pretty damn good to me and maybe underrated.
  13. The difference is BP, when hired, had a proven track record of being very successful as a head coach at a major D1 school(and at a lesser school)....and, would have been the coach there for a long time but for a spate of dishonesty for a relatively minor issue (for which he was punished much more severely than he deserved- and, yes, I thought that before he was ever named AU basketball coach). Auburn, hopefully, has an opportunity to lock in an elite coach for a long tenure if we play our cards right. I hope like hell AG does what is,IMO, best for the program's long-term success.
  14. Looks like we were exact contemporaries at AU! What a great time to be a student (as if there is ever a bad time)! And, I was WAY too far into college sports but still managed to keep up with my academics. Can't believe how fortunate I was to be at Auburn during that time period (and, man, were my parents mad that I didn't go to Vandy and some others,lol)!
  15. Absolutely this. And Pearl is the perfect guy to capitalize on this success. His charisma and enthusiasm are so apparent on TV, I imagine they are equally apparent in a living room. I am hopeful we can build on and sustain the success (something we just haven’t pulled off in football, much to my chagrin).