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  1. DUUUUUUUDE....that’s was one of the highlights of my adolescence, the first time I saw that scene
  2. Love your man Smoke but I have to admit Sherwood is my alpha. As I’ve said before, my niece was his ‘recruiter girl” (forget what they call them these days) so, in addition to him being an outstanding player, I feel personal allegiance to him. War Damn Smoke and Sherwood!
  3. This. I guess, like all seminal events if you were alive on this day, and old enough to be aware, you will never forget what that day and the next several days felt like. I was fortunate to not be directly touched by those events but, like everyone in the country, felt the ground shift beneath my feet that day. I remember incredible pride seeing our country rally together early after and incredible disappointment as the aftermath quickly became politicized. Watched some of these “live” recordings today and was surprised at how emotional I became. Hope this day never loses its relevance but I’m
  4. So....he’s going to prove that he has nothing to prove🤔.....
  5. Sounds like I should just take my chances with the grizzly
  6. Awesome. Kings long gone. Will be hoping for silvers and huge trout that have been gorging on those salmon and their roe. All on the fly. Hoping for a safe productive trip. Even if I don’t catch a fish I know the surroundings will make for great memories. Now, I just need a negative COVID test, lol
  7. Last I looked they still had space for 3 rods at the lodge where I am fishing😜. I’ll meet you at the Anchorage airport Sunday. Gonna be a great week fishing with my big yellow friend! Plus, that big yellow target for the grizzly will make me feel a lot better about my chances(don’t have to outrun the grizzly, just the folks you’re with). Can’t wait to see you there! Do big yellow birds eat trout and salmon? Asking for a friend.....
  8. Going to fish the Kvichak River area for a week. Cannot wait
  9. I’m headed to Alaska and have to have in hand a negative test result from within 72 hours of arrival when I land or get quarantined or put on plane back home. I’ve had a bunch of exposures but no symptoms other than what could be attributable to seasonal allergies. Hoping I’m negative so that I can enjoy my trip but will not be at all surprised if the test is positive. Of course, this has nothing to do with Auburn football whatsoever🤔
  10. Thanks for all of your hard work and allowing us to benefit from it. I have to admit I bring nothing to the board except uninformed opinions and stupid gifs and have enjoyed all of the information you've provided us through the years. And, I've enjoyed watching the evolution of @ellitor, from uptight nit-picker to informative gif poster. Good luck with all that you do, please drop in from time-to-time....if you can stand to post at my level. War Damn Eagle, brother.......
  11. Man, our RB group is sick. Now, if we can just utilize them effectively.....
  12. Saw this same dynamic with Kerryon and Malik at MA. Can’t wait to see AG in orange and blue. If we can get all these TBs to play to their talent levels we should be good at RB for awhile
  13. I love me som CS&N(could take or leave the Y- Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow). Stephen Stills incredibly talented.
  14. I liked what they were putting out but would rank them a notch below these guys:
  15. Great stuff @Dukesthescoop. Love hearing the stuff about the ‘04 team. Thanks for being here!
  16. On podcast Jboy and a Dukes were singing Troxell’s praises. Sounds like he’ll be manning a tackle spot (LT) if what they said is true
  17. So sorry for your loss. I have lost both of my parents in the past 5 years and (it’s hard to describe the void to folks) I understand. Hope you find comfort in your memories of her. Blessings to you and your family. Psalm 121
  18. I’ve enjoyed all of the Little Book releases, especially Chapter 3. I actually like the McKenna, lol. Really want that toasted....
  19. Just watched his (Thor) film that was posted yesterday. His skill set is sick. He may be here one year, he may stay for four...hell nobody knows.His potential looks unlimited really as that body fills out. A guy that height that’s handles the ball and shoots that way? Hell to the yes!
  20. These numbers are totally expected and Auburn isn’t unique. No way college students were going to isolate, socially distance, wear masks, not gather, etc. when they are on campus and around their peers. And, as PTB stated, the vast majority are barely going to get ill with it. It may be irresponsible but it’s probably exactly what I would have done at their age. Mine are at TCU and Ole Miss and the same trajectory of cases is occurring on those campuses. My Ole Miss daughter was there less than a week and they started quarantining whole sorority houses and dorm floors, lol
  21. I guess maybe it didn’t after all, lol:
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