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  1. I hate Bama as much as anybody but it’s an excellent law school that is highly respected. Tough to get in as well. I know you’re kidding (I think).....
  2. fredst


    Nathan, we continue to pray for you and your family here at my house. Your attitude is such an inspiration to me and so humbling. If Jeremiah 29:11 applies to anyone here I know that it is you. Keep fighting the good fight brother.
  3. I second this. Both Tillman and Weygand underrated because we just didn’t throw the ball enough for the them to get big numbers. I believe it was after an FSU game they quoted a DB about Weygand: “That is one fast white dude”, lol. Tillman gets the nod because he is part of the greatest call of Jim Fyffe’s illustrious career(AU-Ga Tech, 1987:”Tillman, Tillman,Tillman!!!!”)
  4. Unfortunately, this is not entirely correct. The antibody tests have not had the specificity for SARS-CoV2 necessary to imply immunity to the “COVID” virus from a positive antibody test. A conversation worth reading with Mike Saag, a well-known and respected ID doctor at UAB:
  5. Without watching the highlights my 3 faves behind Bo would be Brooks, Fullwood, Irons.
  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one....still makes me laugh out loud and brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it
  7. If Green reads this thread and is any kind of outdoorsman.....AU LOCK!
  8. This is the greatest analogy I have ever seen used. Having trouble typing because of the tears in my eyes over this analogy BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN IN THOSE WOODS BEFORE BROTHER!!!!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! LET’S GGGGGOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  9. I want this to happen so badly just so that I can see the reaction from @GwillMac6
  10. I think the law is covering “under the influence” of things other than alcohol that aren’t measured readily with a breathalyzer, etc. Think Tiger Woods traffic stop.....
  11. He was before my time but based on what I have read and seen (in limited video) Tucker Fredrickson was an all time great. And, as I understand, a great human being as well. Named one of my dogs Tucker to honor him....and he was a great dog, may he rest in peace 😢
  12. Two things watching that: 1) Classic Tubershell- after the first 10 minutes I thought we were going to hang “half a hundred” on them (as Switzer used to say).... and we should have 2)damn I miss having a guy on the edge like we had in Groves and The Predator. Fun to rewatch although I felt sorry for Croyle that day; his line was absolutely atrocious
  13. Not sure who to thank but whoever posted the pic and got me hooked on Ghost In The Machine....I owe you. Damn, I love that beer....
  14. You might even say it was Once in a Lifetime. I hope these dudes are Psycho Killers
  15. Couldn’t be there but watched every second of it on TV. Damn, watching the play calling and seeing Andy Fuller catch about 100 passes that day brings a tear to my eye. Who knew you could utilize a TE and exploit the middle of the field? Tot had many flaws but that sonofagun could coach on game day....
  16. Good story about Jalen and the evolution of the G League in the Wall Street Journal today
  17. Anyone have any insight into how MLB modifying their draft (cutting from 40 rounds to 5, max $20k signing bonus for undrafted players) might impact our roster?
  18. This was the Watusi when I was at AU:
  19. He was a damn good player on those mid-80s teams, including the Elite 8 team the lost to Louisville, I believe
  20. Kid looks good with a mean streak. Man, I’d love to see our OL line recruiting taken up a notch. Maybe Bicknell will do it
  21. That was what threw us off. We’ve never seen that side of you.
  22. Nice. I love a good anejo sipped neat. I love extra anejo but that’s a little spendy for me
  23. Cody has sick hair and great teeth. Hope he signs with AU
  24. That 2006 game may have been the most physical football game I’ve ever seen. That was two team just bludgeoning each other
  25. More recently, Dontavious Russell