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  1. @augolf1716 was the man today! Thanks for leading that comeback! Who needs Okoro anyway? WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN GOLF!!!!!!!!
  2. I brought him up early in the pre-conference schedule as somebody that would have really helped this roster if he’d have stuck with AU. Was told that his numbers were meh and he wouldn’t have made a difference. Not sure what his motivation for leaving was although I think he (like the coaches) expected Harper to still be at AU this year which would have limited his minutes
  3. I’m fired up about watching you! What is the strength of your game at this point? They finally offered enough PBR to lure you into the lineup? This is gonna be the best damn basketball-watching Saturday I can remember: Golf torches UT in an AU win then Baylor-Kansas later on. WWWWWOOOO!!!!! LET’S GGGGOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The quality of this content is why I love AUF! WWWWOOOOOOO!!!!!!LET’S GGGOOOOOOO!!!!!
  5. James Williams makes me a good way
  6. Loof doesn’t get that Velma. He gets the cartoon one that was almost certainly a hermaphrodite
  7. This should be the easiest recruitment ever. Offer unlimited Scooby Snacks, pick him up in the Mystery Machine.......we’re golden. And, for goodness sake, bring Daphne but leave damn Velma at home.
  8. The problem develops when pissing in Cheerios is what makes some people happy
  9. That and a reliable catch-and-shoot guy. Even with this team’s obvious limitations, one reliable outside shooter would take this current team to the next level. I’m thrilled and surprised by what they’ve accomplished record-wise thus far but I’ll be more surprised if they make it to the second weekend of the NCAA tourney. And, if they don’t they have nothing to hang their head about.
  10. Wondering if we are going to get LED lights for JHS. Anyone? Asking for a friend..... @augolf1716, any info....?
  11. Absolutely. He looks like a great player. Hope we end up in his Top 1 ! War Damn Barrett Carter!!!!
  12. Top 11!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. We all recognize the poor historical results for a recruit when a thread reaches 100 pages. What happens if a thread reaches 100 pages of silly arguments for an exciting prospect that has signed with Auburn? I’m worried for Mr. Frazier’s future here....
  14. Damn, we're going to miss that recruiting heavy lifting.
  15. Somebody is going to dispute the validity of this article because it can’t be completely corroborated. Won’t name names but it may rhyme with Pikey.....
  16. This whole thread reminds of the great Oscar Wilde quote: “Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience”. Substitute “Gus” for “Second marriage” and it seems like a nice summation of Gus’ tenure.
  17. AT4L= Pat Dye🤷‍♂️?
  18. Dude named Coarch. Keep talking about him and he’ll be meeting you in a parking lot to kick your a**, lol
  19. I loved your post but let’s be honest. He came because he knew Bill Taylor would be protecting his blind side
  20. Serviceable but not irreplaceable. Lots of talent in the RB room. Seems likely addition by subtraction to me. Moving on....
  21. It was Louisville with Pervis Ellison that they lost to that year. Louisville went on to win it all