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  1. I brought him up early in the pre-conference schedule as somebody that would have really helped this roster if he’d have stuck with AU. Was told that his numbers were meh and he wouldn’t have made a difference. Not sure what his motivation for leaving was although I think he (like the coaches) expected Harper to still be at AU this year which would have limited his minutes

  2. 2 hours ago, augolf1716 said:

    Hearing good thinks about being able to play. We shall see

    I’m fired up about watching you! What is the strength of your game at this point? They finally offered enough PBR to lure you into the lineup? This is gonna be the best damn basketball-watching Saturday I can remember: Golf torches UT in an AU win then Baylor-Kansas later on. WWWWWOOOO!!!!! LET’S GGGGOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. 7 hours ago, slyinsocal said:

    Agreed. As many capable ball handlers, as we can get. Today, we have 3 competent ball handling threats. 2 senior guards with a freshman 3 position player likely gone. Cooper is a great start. Green would be oh so terrific, as a guy with a much needed scorer's mentality. Both of them high level. One more would be necessary for backup and rotation purposes. If it exists on the roster now, I haven't seen it.

    That and a reliable catch-and-shoot guy. Even with this team’s obvious limitations, one reliable outside shooter would take this current team to the next level. I’m thrilled and surprised by what they’ve accomplished record-wise thus far but I’ll be more surprised if they make it to the second weekend of the NCAA tourney. And, if they don’t they have nothing to hang their head about.

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  4. On 2/5/2020 at 5:26 PM, GwillMac6 said:

    Dude. Do everyone a favor and just STFU. I'm so sick of your condescending attitude. Not just towards me but everyone. This board is a lot better when you are not around talking down to people thinking you are God with your opinions.

    O and excuse me the talent level is not as good as the past 2 years!!! Muhhhhh bad. I guess I could of worded it different since I guess I always got to worry about upsetting you.... But no one else seemed to have a problem with what I said.

    Yah no ish Sherlock the talent level during the Pearl years is more talented than almost any era in AU bball history. But this year specifically? Yah. I still don't think we are that talented. I don't think that's a big secret. What we lack in overall talent we obviously make up for in other areas. Okoro will be a lottery pick but other than that we are a very flawed team who struggles periodically on the offensive end of the floor where we can be very limited. Jared Harper and Bryce Brown were a elite college backcourt. It's a huge step down from them to j'von and Samir. But guess what??? I still love em!!!! They are solid! Samir has been en Fuego past 2 games. They compete their tail off and absolutely bring max effort, intensity and grit N grind every game!!! I don't think though it's this big secret we all are suprised at the roster makeup of this team that we are 20 freaking and 2!!! And if we slay another giant Saturday *fingers crossed* we are in a good position to win some kind of SEC title for the third straight year. 

    But nahhhhhh your right!!!! Never seen a AU bball game........ 🤬🙄



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  5. 23 hours ago, Viper said:

    I watched him put Auburn on his back and carry them to the Elite Eight and damn near knock off North Carolina to reach the Final Four. Until last year’s Final Four, it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen happen for Auburn hoops. And it happened after Barkley. Regardless of what he did, that accomplishment is etched in my memories forever. 

    It was Louisville with Pervis Ellison that they lost to that year. Louisville went on to win it all