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  1. On 3/28/2020 at 9:34 PM, wareagletk said:

    What’s yalls thoughts on ECBP A120. Once I opened it up for about a week, it really opened up the flavors a little! 


    The “A” and “B” are both very good although B significantly lower proof. I haven’t been able to put my hands on the “C” release. As stated, all things EC are pretty good

  2. 7 minutes ago, beaumak said:

    so which is it. higher mortality rate with less virulency. or lower mortality rate with higher virulency. so far there is no comparison.

    You are right. There is no way to make a comparison. Based on the current epidemiology it appears to be more transmissible with greater virulence. The flu always worries me (the bad years, I’ve seen a lot of really sick people even with a vaccine that likely confers at least partial immunity) but this concerns me a good bit more because of the factors I mentioned. I hope that I’m wrong, that all this uproar is all for naught, that the global and US economies recover quickly, and that you and all here remain healthy and happy. War Eagle for social distancing!

  3. Show of hands, how many healthcare professionals in this here thread?


    ✋🏼 The problem is nobody truly knows what this means. We don’t know the mortality/significant morbidity of this illness because we don’t know who has it and who does not. It is a novel virus for which, presumably, none of the human population has immunity. Until/unless we randomly test everyone we will not know the “n” (denominator) to understand what the real severity of it is. But, bottom line: a virus for which no one has immunity that is readily transmissible that has even a 1% mortality and results in severe illness in 10-20% of those affected.....that is a situation that is very scary if you work in healthcare. If you are young, healthy and can socially distance for awhile maybe it sounds like a bunch of BS. I personally am going to be very concerned for the foreseeable future.

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  4. 37 minutes ago, SuperAUsome09 said:

    Coronavirus kills 5,000 Globally so far according to W.H.O. Meanwhile, over a million died quietly in car accidents globally in 2013 according to W.H.O. The value of human life is only as important as what’s popular at the time it seems. It’s sad.

    Getting a little philosophical here but can’t help but post this from C.S.Lewis (mainly because I love about everything he ever wrote). We’re currently freaking out about an infectious disease but....


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  5. 26 minutes ago, Maverick.AU said:

    Heard from somebody in the healthcare field about half an hour ago that there are 2 cases at UAB

    Oh, it’s here. My wife is an ER doc and saw what was surely a case a couple of days ago but after a strange series of phone calls was assured by the ADPH that the tests were negative (lol). I am hoping that we get through it quickly and that the people affected medically and (maybe even more importantly) economically around the world recover quickly. 

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  6. 47 minutes ago, CleCoTiger said:

    Tell that to the director of the  Director of the  Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  Tell that to Italy with 600 (!!) deaths out of 10,000 diagnosed cases. That's 6 (!!) percent.


    Ok. I work in the healthcare industry and encounter and care for patients at a very busy hospital every day. I really appreciate your deep, nuanced thinking on the subject and the depth of your knowledge of virology, epidemiology, and statistics. Alabama still magically has zero cases thus far. You think that’s real and that we really have a handle on who has the disease and who doesn’t? Keep fighting the good fight,brother.


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  7. 6 minutes ago, CleCoTiger said:

    Based on current stats and reports from medical professionals around the world it is as clear cut as it can be given current knowledge. We go with what we know and what we know is that for those most vulnerable mortality is close to 3 percent, way higher than swine or H1N1...and again, this virus is extremely virulent according to what is now known.  It may turn out otherwise but based on current knowledge it is in fact for now "clear cut." Again, err on the side of safety.

    Not suggesting we shouldn’t err on the side of safety. “Current knowledge” is limited so, no, it isn’t clear cut. If you don’t know how many people actually have the disease you can’t quote a mortality percentage. I also have no problem with the event cancellations, etc. for precisely that reason.

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  8. 6 hours ago, JwgreDeux said:

    When we have bad offensive stretches, it is less about shooting and more about lack of ball movement. Stagnant offense is our worst enemy. We at times really hurt ourselves not getting into any offense until 10 seconds on the shot clock with a high pick and roll. Have to get going earlier in the clock and keep the ball moving whether dribble driving or passing. I have found myself screaming at the tv for somebody to just move.

    I had to highlight/quote this because I liked it so much

  9. I get the arguments for and against Pearl as COTY this year. I personally think that this was his best coaching job at AU and he was very deserving of winning COTY. Cal-, like Saban in football, doesn’t get enough credit for the good coaching that he does because of the talent that he usually has so I don’t have a big problem with him winning it.

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  10. 19 hours ago, GwillMac6 said:


    This is sick. Damn, getting a talent like this or JG or both......I’m getting light-headed thinking about it...

    Also, this highlight reel reminds of the SNL  that Barkley hosted when he played one-on-one with Barney the dinosaur, lol

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