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  1. I'm beginning to seriously doubt our ability to develop any position, especially qb. Haven't seen good player development for several years now. Do you have an idea why about a dozen coaches that have been successful at player development throughout their careers have suddenly forgotten how to teach football? I don't'. I've followed AU football for about 50 years. I was excited when I saw the caliber of players we started recruiting 6-7 years ago thinking we were entering a new era of AU football. Then, a National Championship in 2010 gave me hope for sustained excellence. I loved 2013 but other than that I've seen miserable quality football and mediocre effort that looks worse than 1998 under Bowden and maybe even the Barfield years. Since you're so f-----g smart about Auburn football and football in general why don't you give me your insight as to the "issues". I'll hang up and wait for your response.
  2. I'm beginning to seriously doubt our ability to develop any position, especially qb. Haven't seen good player development for several years now.
  3. Can you summarize what we've had so far this season? Bad Succinct, accurate, and funny. Excellent post
  4. The two football coaches he hired haven't been homerun hires? One won the first national championship AU has had in 50 years, plus an SEC championship. The second won an SEC champiponship and played in the NC game in his first year. If that ain't home run, WTH could possibly be? About the "Bring in an outsider" idea, here's a quote for y'all: "If they think an Auburn Man can't do the job they should shut the damn place down."~~~Coach Shug Jordan, upon being told that the main obstacle to him getting the AU head coaching job in 1951 was that he was an Auburn man. Is JJ perfect? No. Here's a other AD is either. Thanks for that insight. I guess the Chiz hire was a different kind of home run than I'm used to. The jury is still out on Gus. Do I appreciate what those guys did for AU by bringing home a national championship and almost a second? Hell yes. I think the fact that one was fired after his 4th season and we are now having this discussion about the second says all you need to know about those hires. You can believe what you want and we can agree to disagree.
  5. JJ is out of his depth as AD and has been since day one. I think he got fortunate on the timing of the Myers and Pearl hires. Hopefully Gus can right the ship but let's face it- the two football HC hires JJ has made haven't been home run type moves.
  6. Solid post. I have no idea what the hell it means but it's definitely solid. very solid post 2 more losses what else could it mean Sorry. I mistook it for English instead of the Jabberwocky that it is.....
  7. Solid post. I have no idea what the hell it means but it's definitely solid.
  8. I agree. Maybe we'll get lucky and get the death penalty from the NCAA.
  9. I hate to "lose" a good player (although we've all seen what "commitment" means) but I'd rather have guys for four years unless there is an immediate need. With all the young guys playing, maybe Muschamp is signaling that a JUCO guy isn't as necessary in the secondary going forward. Probably, what it really is though is that we are going to lose all of our commitments and not even have a signing class.
  10. Not a witch hunt. A flaming a--hole that finally got what was inevitable (and almost happened a year ago). Wish Casey Dunn would come to AU......
  11. Hate to pile on to the host of other similar comments (in other threads) but this emphasizes the problems our play-calling is creating. Hard to know if it's the coaches' poor decisions, coaches' lack of confidence in our players, or the players' inability to execute a more complex/nuanced playbook. If it doesn't change it is going to be a long year with few reasons to celebrate.
  12. Even if he got some D1 interest almost guaranteed that back problems will derail him at some point. Nothing to see here.
  13. Hoping Sean (or JJ or someone) shows some passing chops so we can attract Mr.Davis. He looks like a stud.
  14. I feel bad for JJ but he was looking like the So/Jr Jason Campbell x100. I'm hoping Sean can make some good things happen and that JJ keeps his head up and karma rewards him appropriately in the near future.
  15. This play by Ford sums up the kind of bulls--- effort we've seen far too often over the past 7 years or so at Auburn. I can handle seeing AU lose but seeing half-ass play from multiple players on both sides of the ball is nauseating. Not sure what the fix is But I wish we could find it.
  16. I think this pretty well sums up our offensive problems for the first two weeks. It is going to be a very long year if this trend doesn't reverse itself.
  17. I watched that AHS vs. Carver game to see our awesome commit Reuben Foster. I came away thinking how great it would be if we could sign JJ, much of it to due to his running ability. Not sure what has happened to that but it's hard to believe that it can't be tapped....
  18. After the performance I saw from our LBs, especially Trey Williams when he came in for Cass, I'm on the Mikey-train. Sign 5 good ones if possible.
  19. I see what you did there... I forgot the sarcasm font.....sigh
  20. Got to be licking his chops for a chance to play with JJ.