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  1. I see what you did there... I forgot the sarcasm font.....sigh
  2. Got to be licking his chops for a chance to play with JJ.
  3. I agree with auburn4ever. How long is that Cowart guy gonna be here before he finally contributes?
  4. Texas is a dumpster fire right now. Strong was a terrible hire for them- not a bad coach but wrong man at wrong time. With A&M on the rise, non traditional teams (Baylor, TCU) being successful consistently, etc. it is going to take awhile to sort out the mess in Austin. Good for them.
  5. ^This has really cleared the recruiting picture up for me :-\
  6. Been to alot of AU games over the past 40 years. If the atmosphere is ever more electric than it was for this game I'm not sure that I would survive it. Looking back, the game was pretty close but I never had a single doubt once the teams came onto the field that AU was going to win. Amazing day.
  7. That's Bama football. Consistent, methodical, fundamentally sound, takes care of business. Nothing will change over there as long as ns is running the show. Some day folks will realize it is what it is over there....they are the same year after year. You field a team that only loses 7 sec games in 7 years, you've got a pretty good handle on things. ^This. They are very good again. No shame in admitting it. Hopefully it helps us raise our level of recruiting/ play (I think it has already). We can claim ref bias, etc. but the bottom lin is: they are among the 5-10 best teams in CFB this year and have been so for the past 7-8 years.
  8. Haven't read the thread so excuse me if I'm duplicating but I'm thinking two things: Peyton may be earning the starting RB role and maybe we can stop assuming that JJ is going pro after this year.
  9. I'll be very sad if Jackson and EMB end up at OSU.
  10. If it hasn't been said it needs to be: it's freakin' amazing that Davonte Lambert has come back from an ACL injury so late last season to be a starter in the first game this year. I am incredibly impressed by that; that's a big dude to get over that injury in so short a time. Major props to Mr. Lambert.
  11. ^This. The defense on that team was filthy.
  12. That was also the first game I went to. Its been a while, so maybe you've forgotten if you ever did notice, but you don't happen to remeber seeing the USC band have to get up and move in the middle of the game, did you? Or anyone here who may have attended, for that matter. Why did they move? One of those stories no one will probably believe, but it is what it is. They were seated right in the middle of the seats my guest and I had. We were a bit shocked and unsure of what to do, so we grabbed an usher and showed him our stubs. He then got the attention of some university official and asked us if it could be arranged for us to get better seats if that would ameliorate the situation. We took one look at each other, looked back at him,and said "nah, we want our seats." The official said "you got it", pulled aside the USC band director, and informed him they were in the wrong spot. We were too far away to hear, and couldn't read lips, but the band director was none too pleased, probably even more due to the fact that he knew he didn't have a leg to stand on. So the two of us watched in glee as the entire USC band got up and shifted over a section or two to their proper seating arrangements. You gotta enjoy the small victories on a day like that, right? Like I said, I'm sure someone will :bs:/> , as they are welcome to do, but I watched it all go down with my own two eyes, and its a memory I'll happily take to the grave. Id buy you a beer if I could. Why can't you? Sam Adams Porch Rocker or Summer Ale, pleassir. to tell a tale like that you were already drinking weren't you? Since we are on that topic, another reason the NIP is close is because Sam Adams has released Octoberfest. I have found this to be a less and less reliable Nip predictor. Seems like you can find it year 'round anymore.
  13. Mods: This thread is going nowhere and really has nothing to do with AU football at this point. I think it's highly unlikely that anyone is going to change their views on religion, spirituality, separation of church and state, etc. based on this discussion. Any chance we can move this to "Politically Speaking" or something so that its not there to clutter up the AU Football forum any longer?
  14. I think they have MSU overrated but they are right on with TAMU. They have a bunch of studs. I think Kirk will be a monster in that O- I really wish he would have picked us but not sure we ever had a realistic chance with him (his highlight film made me salivate).
  15. At signing them? I don't believe so. As I understand it, Wilson gave the staff plenty of justification to effectively end our relationship, and a lot has to happen for this one to break our way. It's possible, but improbable. Davis is a really good, in-state prospect that's been saying the right things and showing interest, so we have to follow through. While I do think he's legitimately considering us, it's of little consequence because I don't believe we are or will ever be the favorite. It's a joke and a cliche, but on NSD, if you're not first, you're last. WDE! Ricky Bobby and Jessica Alba confirm that we have no realistic chance on this one.
  16. Tim Drinkard. Mark Dorminey was a safety in that same era
  17. ^This. About every AU fan that was paying attention knows that Gus is speaking the truth but sometimes best just to not verbalize tothe media. JMO.
  18. This just in as well: If a frog had wings...........and, you know the rest
  19. Wish this was getting the publicity it deserves. Huge commitment and potentially one that changes the trajectory of our basketball program even further upward. Hope he signs and is the stud for us that he appears to be.
  20. Agreed. Shoes over-the-top as well. If they would have kept the bird off of the helmet and shoes (or maybe stuck with traditional but cartoon bird) it might work. The top picture with the view from the front looks ok to me.
  21. Uh, that's okay. we'll just give you credit and call it a day. I'm not one for the +1 but +1 x 1000! Wow, this hurts. I guess next time I'll sign on with my real name (Jessica Alba) instead of this weird pseudonym.....
  22. A video of the sound being tested? Hmmm :-\/> ...... Yes. Videos can capture sound of i recall correctly. Yes-and in those cases we refer to it as audio