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  1. Doubt another year in college would make Coates a good catcher of the ball or a polished route runner. His value is likely as high as it will ever be- he's right to leave while he can potentially earn big dollars through the draft.
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    If The Dude says it, I beieve it.
  3. "Why did God just tell me to leave a six pack and a plate of nachos on the floor before I go to sleep?" This is kind of sacrilegious but pretty funny.
  4. My prediction: If every year we predict UA to begin falling off, eventually we will be right.
  5. This isn't unique to Auburn. It is the nature of coaching at the highest levels. All the coaches and their families understand it and I doubt take it personally. We notice it at Auburn because that's who we cheer for but it happens at every school- just about every year to some extent.
  6. Only the delusional or moronic would think spuat is not a favorite to win the west. wde Agreed. With the way they've recruited it's silly to think they won't be able to sustain their success. Heck, I hate them too but they've lost a total of 11 games in the past 7 years. Until they show a drop-off I'll feel safe assuming they'll be really good
  7. Man, I hate to see facts get in the way of a good argument :-\. However, the timing and quantity of really damaging penalties (PI,personal fouls) sure seemed unusually bad.
  8. What do we possibly lose by continuing to recruit him other than having to say "He chose UA over AU" rather than "We weren't really recruiting him anyway"? Can't believe that his recruiting would be so time-consuming that it would prevent us from putting the time in on other guys. I'm also sure that the coaches have a petty good feel for where we stand with him. *pretty
  9. I made a similar point in another thread. This was not a fun team to watch because of its lack of discipline. That starts at the top and I hope something is done to change it and soon. I love Gus but time for him toreevaluate the whole process after the kind of year we just had.
  10. Lack of discipline was evident with this team preseason and was a problem all year. This team was not very enjoyable to watch. And, the lack of discipline does start at the top. We can make all the snarky comments we want but the culture of discipline and accountability that Saban has created at UA is a big reason for their sustained painful as that is to admit.
  11. Post of the year!! Of course, it is January 1st.......
  12. Forward to the attention of Gus Malzhan. We will see how Gus passes your test. Results are pending. What do you think after the crap you witnessed today on D? Keep in mind we put 31 on the board on and still lost. wde Better than losing after scoring 44......I guess
  13. Yes, he had played in multiple games and had long since forfeited the ability to redshirt
  14. Back to TCU....Glad we didn't get this matchup-I don't think it would have gone well for us.
  15. Glad from a talent standpoint to have him back. Very disappointed to have another suspended player- usually suspensions are for significant misconduct, at least, that's what I thought.
  16. I saw in a post that he is considered a Texas lean. No more information because a mod shut the topic down. I hope we go after this guy. Maybe the mod just hates Mack or something. More stuff gets buried on this site by whim than any other I have seen. It wasn't shut down or buried on a whim, whinebag. The moderator locked it and provided a link to the thread already started for Daylon Mack. If you have a question about a moderator decision, send them a PM or ask of the admins before running your yap and looking ridiculous. Classy and mature response :-\
  17. And this is why he's been so frustrating to watch. Seems like a great kid and definitely a great athlete. Just don't think that he's a great football player at this point. If he gets drafted high it will be because of his athleticism and potential, not because of what he has done on the field.
  18. Wow. Jonesy is in the house. This is a monumental day.
  19. Sounds a lot like Sen'Derrick Marks story. That turned out pretty well. Better odds of success with the higher rated guys but maybe he's worth taking a flyer on. I'll trust the coaching staff to make the right decisions on who we recruit and sign.
  20. Are you serious? If they can get 1st or 2nd round they should go. No failure except that you think it's a failure. Otherwise it's awesome for them. This is a riff on statements made in the 200+ page Muschamp thread. It is not to be taken seriously....but it is funny.
  21. Go read the latest parts of the 200+ page Muschamp thread and you'll understand that "failure" comment.....
  22. I hope you're wrong. Those two are Football Players and will fit in at any LB spot or SS. Losing either would be a big setback, losing both little short of tragic. I'm with Mikey on this! I do think the new DC will have to sell them on their new position though. Hopefully he is a good salesman. MA and ES are both ballers that could play LB (think Travis Williams) or SS. Would be very disappointed to lose either.
  23. Yep. Look back at the mid/late '90s. Same discussions about how the West was weak.