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  1. He doesn't know who his DC or position coach will be at this point. I'm willing to cut him some slack....
  2. I wonder if we could continue this in the "All Things Linebacker" thread that was created specifically for this endless debate.....
  3. His physical tools and his limitations are glaringly obvious at this stage of development. With the new NFL grading system for underclassmen I'm really intrigued to see how he grades out by the guys who are paid big dollars to make those evaluations.
  4. I have nothing to add. I'm just trying to increase my post count and the page count of this ridiculous thread.
  5. Kirk is a stud. Watch his film. Would be a great get for us if it happened, don't care how many O commits we have.
  6. I'm shocked that Saban was a dick to someone.......not really. What else could he be? He's a 100% dick, there nothing else he could be. I don't care if he wins a natty every year- he's such a c--------r I only want him in Auburn every other year.
  7. There is a difference between lining up in a 3,4, or 5 man front and running a completely different defense. Multiple defenses are very common in college football today, and you will see many teams utilize all of these during one game - even on one drive. Also, the 3-4 is very versatile and actually has it's roots in the 5-2 (OLBs just stand up instead of putting hands down). Also, many "3-4" teams will run four man fronts 30-40% of the time. I'm not saying it's easy for players to learn or execute, but saying "we need to run a 4-3" or "we need to run a 3-4" isn't really relevant anymore. Many teams incorporate all of the above and more, and do so successfully. Exactly. Bammer considered a 3-4 team but they are lining up in 4 and 5 man fronts a lot. They just have outstanding athletes and are very well coached so they transition pretty seamlessly.
  8. Hiring Pellini is a worse suggestion than bringing back Tubby or Chiz. For goodness sake...NO
  9. Double-edged sword. If it works like that, defensive players should stay away in droves.
  10. 55 points given up tonight. I've said we should keep EJ but how can you possibly justify that with what our defense has been second half of this season? Absolutely disgraceful. Firing EJ may not be the answer but I don't know how you can possibly stand pat after this abomination we have witnessed this year.
  11. Learning a new scheme every 2 years is one of the reasons why Yep-that's why I'm not anxious to see EJ leave just yet. Sure would like to see some noticeable improvement next year.
  12. The performance of the defense this year has been very disappointing, particularly given the talent and experience we had coming back on the line. Despite that I think making another coordinator change at this point will probably only set us back further. Hard to understand the poor performance over several years under different coordinators.
  13. The best team almost always wins in this series. Not the betting favorite necessarily but the best team. People love to say "Anything can happen" which is true but big upsets are pretty rare in this AU-UA series. Unfortunately, particularly over the past few weeks, it's obvious that Bammer is the better team.
  14. If anyone has watched our secondary play this year then it shouldn't be a surprise that a top CB doesn't want to come to AU, especially a JUCO guy that wants to play and get noticed from the moment they arrive on campus. I guess we can hope we find some "diamond-in-the -rough" type guys, i.e. Jerraud Powers.
  15. thanks No problem-this was at the beginning of the end for Tuberville, I.e. The Franklin Disaster
  16. We need Jones, Becker, and Walker and need Atkinson to stick. I hope the stars somehow align for that despite the poor product we've put on the field on D in recent weeks.
  17. Deron Furr was a quarterback we signed from there under Tuberville. Moved to safety but left after a fight at a practice, transferred to Memphis. Eventually went to play DII. The details of him leaving were always a little sketchy. Water long under the bridge now.
  18. AFTER AU lost all the star players from 83 and 84, they went 8-4 (?) in 1985. I believe they went 10-2 after the rebuilding year, but I'm sure you'll let me know if I'm wrong :)/> 8-4 in 1985 losing to the #4,#5,#6, and #13 teams in the country. This was the year of the Tiffin field goal in the Iron Bowl.
  19. Man, I hate that I'm being referred to as an older fan now :-\ . I was at AU in that time period and the feel is pretty similar-lots of talent on the '84 and'14 teams but just don't have that "it" factor really great teams do. All the more reason to appreciate those special years and not take them for granted (or necessarily expect them every year like some fan bases).
  20. No he wasn't. The defense was good at Auburn while he was here because of Tuberville. Just like the defense was good when Muschamp was at lsu because of saban. Muschamp just isn't all that, IMO. He rode the coat tails of quality defensive minded head coaches and parlayed that into a head coaching job that he wasn't remotely qualified for. I don't believe for one second that he would ever come back. I don't think he and Jacobs got along very well and from what I read muschamp didn't really like Auburn. I expect Muschamp to stay out of the game for a year and then end up as a head coach at a school in the AAC or Sun Belt. Muschamp's defenses at Texas were very good under Mack Brown who was more of an offense-leaning HC. He is a good DC, maybe because he served under Saban and Tuberville. It's very unlikely he'll return to Auburn, however.
  21. Not sure the issue but does make one wonder if the 0-fer at Southern Miss was a red flag that we chose to overlook. Who knows but the product on the field is not good and EJ is the man overseeing that part of the team. Lots of blame to go around.
  22. "Abortion-an object or undertaking regarded by the speaker as unpleasant or badly made or carried out"-Oxford Dictionary
  23. I would defy someone to defend our defense and EJ after that abortion we put on the field tonight.