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  1. Love Auburn. Love CAP. Gurley>CAP.
  2. I really thought Frost had turned the corner at the end of last year but thought he looked bad Saturday. I'm no expert but the plays I really focused on him he looked tentative and out of position. I like him, seems like a good kid, but based off what I saw Saturday I wouldn't be sorry to see him sit. Hoping it was just first game jitters.
  3. Frustrating first half watching the DL & LB run themselves out of plays. Second half looked great- I'm encouraged that our defense may begin to be championship caliber for the first time since 2008. Watched the whole game and just couldn't tell- how did Jeff Whitaker look? Really like that young man, want him to live up to playing expectations finally.
  4. I love Quan but hope he's over come his tendency to run "east-west" rather than "north-south" if he's going to be returning punts. That's what I loved about Davis from the WSU game on, he took punts UPFIELD. It kinda paid off.....
  5. And Mikey takes another unnecessary dig at somebody. Some things never change.....
  6. Why do we start pissing and moaning about Bammer on every thread? I've hated them for close to 50 years but darn......
  7. eat him 3 or 4 times in a row and it will end quick. Lets make this year 2 in a row. Uh...yeah, I guess that would do it
  8. Isn't this the point where some of our faithful post "We'll be fine" ? So far the offensive recruiting looks good if we can keep what we've got and land a top flight receiver. DL and LB need shoring up and the number of players out there at those positions that can "shore up" a class is dwindling. We can hardly expect to flip five or six top prospects. We'll be fine
  9. Bump. What are our chances with Merritt (anyone in the know)? He could be an absolute stud in our offense.
  10. Was that Markeith Cooper? Yes
  11. Good stuff. How lucky was I to be in school to see Bo, Barkley, Person, Frank Thomas? Sigh.... I hope Jovon provides similar memories.
  12. Great example of them not being able rate how much heart and mental toughness an athlete has. Bo had it, Alan didn't. And, Bo, if anything, was seriously underrated as an athletic talent. Heck, he won the state championship for McAdory in track singlehandedly
  13. FSU? They did, unfortunately, beat us you know. They did, but it happened after a 5 week layoff. If the game had been played the week after the SECCG, Auburn wins by 2 TDs. FSU? They did, unfortunately, beat us you know. They did, but it happened after a 5 week layoff. If the game had been played the week after the SECCG, Auburn wins by 2 TDs. My point exactly. I think momentum is very important. Not saying the outcome would have been different for sure but I like our chances if we play them earlier. Your grasp of history is breathtaking, however
  14. Uh.....ok at "QB". Darn auto-correct.......
  15. Hate that we missed on Dre-loved his film first time I saw it, re: mechanics, velocity, poise. He will be a good one I think. That being said.....with NM, JJ, SW,& TQ I think we are ok at Aqaba until the next recruiting "cycle"
  16. He has a valid point but I'd argue that no team was hotter than Auburn after the SECCG
  17. I remember an unheralded guy coming to an AU camp a couple of years ago, posted great numbers, then got an offer that people questioned because of his high school competition, etc. Named Coates I believe......
  18. Well...was Jacobs in touch with numerous other schools and they all turned him down? If so, who were they? No one outside the athletic dept knows for sure. But it's more logical to assume he did contact multiple schools than he only talked to Clemson. They may not have all said no, but Clem was the first to say yes. Others would likely still be in discussion about future years. I like it, but 5 games in 8 years is a little much, unless out is a conference rival. I would love to see us play Nebraska again. We had a home-and-home with them in the early 80s when they were very good and we were very bad. We also played them in the Cotton Bowl a few years ago. We played Neb in 82 and 83. Early Pat Dye years. We weren't too bad in 82 and I think Neb was our only loss in 83. Texas was our loss in '83......but we still should have been national champs
  19. I'll cast a vote for us but I actually think USCe looks the best(or least weird)
  20. I think you might be wrong because he'll be playing CB.
  21. Talk it your friend Mikey. Talk "to" your friend Mikey.
  22. I thought Frost looked (mostly) good that latter 1/2-1/3 of the season last year. His shoulder still looks like it bothers him but I thought he started looking more like the 5-star athlete that he is at the end of the year. I think he's better suited outside and if playing there this year will be a very pleasant surprise- maybe not a Fairley kind of surprise but one that justifies some of the optimism people are expressing here (everyone raise their hand that predicted Nick to dominate and win national awards before the start of 2010). Plus, he seems like a really good kid-I'm really pulling for him.
  23. December 2 1989,UAT- more raw emotion in that stadium than ever before or since. 75,000+ shakers of the paper variety left a haze in the air. There have been many very loud games at JHS and I've been to most of the ones mentioned but none will top that one.