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  1. Nice. Saw Billy in Huntsville last week with less good beer and a bunch of stoned-out-of-their-mind folk. My first time to see him so I’m assuming that’s just Billy’s crowd, lol
  2. I will be there. I hope I am not bad luck😒
  3. Maybe he’ll use it as motivation to emulate Kobe’s competitive nature and his late career/post-NBA demeanor. He could do a lot worse.....
  4. fredst

    NBA Thread

    I loved Kobe as a player and loved watching him grow as a person as he got older (at least what you can tell from someone’s public persona). I guess the rape allegations always left him a little stigmatized in my mind so I couldn’t be a full-on fan but I always appreciated how incredibly talented and CLUTCH he was. Tragic loss of him and, even more so, his daughter.
  5. fredst

    My man!

    Our DBs have been good/very good the last couple of years. Sure, they get beat but who doesn’t with the quality receivers we play regularly? DT was the one guy I got frustrated with semi-regularly being out of position but he was generally solid. Our scheme and, more importantly, the lack of a consistent edge rusher made people think they were worse than they were. Be interesting to see how things go with new players and a new DB coach this year
  6. fredst

    My man!

    But how can that be? We’ve had so many people on here saying how poor our DB playing and coaching has been. No way JD is actually really good.....
  7. fredst

    My man!

    If he would have just had some decent coaching at AU🤔.....
  8. I think we should hire Phil Elliott or Terry Brogan if they are available , even though they played wide receiver. If not Tony D’Amato may still be available. If none of those guys sign up, call Dell McGee ASAP.
  9. 😩😩😩😩😩DDDDDuuuuuudddddeeee!!!!! You just equated AU with Gus to Iowa!!! Now I’m really depressed
  10. Gus has to be top five least-liked long term coach in the history of college football. I wonder what he thinks about that🤔
  11. We used to wrestle them way back when I was in high school. Even then it was very nice and wouldn’t have been a place for someone with behavioral or academic “issues”.
  12. I thought 2013 was really good then not as good until 2017. Just personal preference. They are all very solid just very difficult to find where I am.
  13. Love the Sour Monkey. Sour Pash from Avondale brewery is good as well if you like a sour.
  14. Well done! Man, I really like the OF1920. The 1910 and the Rye are excellent as well. OF doing a great job with their product over the past 8-10 years. The OFBB is usually excellent but impossible to find.
  15. The fact that we have this thread period, much less a thread like it every f'ing year under Malzahn, says every thing that you need to know about our head coach and his offense. But hey, it sets records! WWWWWOOOOOO!!!!! LET'S GGGGGOOOOOOO!!!!! WAR DAMN MORRIS!!!!!!!
  16. Here’s a guy with great lag but I’m not sure he’s available to kick for us
  17. The thing is, this isn't that crazy of a prediction... No, it's a damn CameronCrazy prediction
  18. Extra points for this. Always liked this song and video
  19. Yes. We desperately need one reliable spot up/catch-and-shoot guy and we could be dangerous. I really thought that Purifoy could be that guy- he’s got a good looking stroke when he really sets up correctly but his form is really inconsistent